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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 23, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now at 11:00, a plane crash has renewed calls for a san jose airport to shut down. neighbors worried about the safety of themselves and their families. and the latest efforts to try to curb aapi hate in the bay area, as local leaders meet with the community. >> and after a long two years, people are out celebrating art and soul downtown. the message a local rapper and activist has for people in town. >> we'll have more on all of that in a moment. but we want to go to yosemite
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where a wildfire is burning. >> governor gavin newsom declare add s declareed a state of emergency. >> it has burned 12,000 acres and remains 0% contained. more than 2,000 homes and businesses have had their power shut off as evacuation orders remain in effect for some 6,000 people in the area. more than 400 fighters are out working that blaze. officials say ten buildings have been destroyed so far. thousands more remain in danger. and with that fire come as huge plume of smoke. that's the picture showing the smoke from the airplane. you can see how much ash and toxic smoke is being spit up into the atmosphere. some of it could eventually come our way. for more on the smoke, here's darren. >> best thing to do is put a
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perspective on where this is in relation to us at home. you can see the plume of smoke showing up there. here's home. you see the bay area with the beautiful marine layer off the coast. there's that plume of smoke. now we're going to switch and put it into the future cast. deeper the sheds of red and purple, the higher concentration of smoke. there's some concern that by monday the atmosphere starts pulling some of that smoke back our way. but we've got to look at this two different ways. that's the entire smoke column. this is the kind of thing we might see the haze increasing in the distance. but what we care about somewhat gets into our lungs. and to do that, we're going to look at smoke down at the lower level. most of that stays confined to the sierra. that covers the smoke aspect of this. there's more context that i want to lend to this fire and i'll do that coming up with a complete forecast. for now, back to you.
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>> for the state of the conditions, we've got all the latest for you on our website, now to a developing story out of the south bay where a small plane crashed right outsi outside an airport in san jose. the pilot was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, and while it didn't damage any homes or hurt anyone else, it has prompted people to call for it to be shut down. the people say it's a hazard to the east san jose community. >> workers removed the airplane wreckage from this elementary school fence. neighbors say this crash is another reminder why the county needs to shut down the airport. >> shut it down now! >> reporter: neighbors angry over another plane crash. >> number seven. >> number seven. there are others i don't know about. >> reporter: a day after the friday evening trash a few dozen
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neighbors demonstrated against the airport. >> i went to get a little nap, and everything in my house kept saying a plane fell, a plane fell. >> report >> reporter: she has lived across from the airport for years. she worries about the effect on her granddaughter. >> this is making me angry, you know? poor little kid, you know? >> reporter: she limits her granddaughter's outside playtime. >> feel sad. >> the children who live within a mile and a half of this airport have a high rate of lead in their blood. >> reporter: after santa clara county officials released the air pollution report, the airport switched from lead to
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unleaded fooul. fuel. >> the reaction is understandable. >> reporter: he says it is an asset. >> we train lots of airline pilot candidate,s if you will. >> reporter: the airport provides about 300 good-paying jobs. >> search and rescue operations. air patrol is an auxiliary unit. >> reporter: opponents have tried to shut down the airport for decades, saying the risks outweigh the benefits. >> we have 52,000 people who live here. that is not true for most vo regional airports in the country. >> reporter: the airport has
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contract to operate until 2031, but some want it shut down much sooner. on thursday, south bay congressman ro khanna will hold a hearing on how leaded aviation fuel is affecting people who live near airports of the an oakland ice cream shop became the target of thieves, and this time the robberies are just getting worse. surveillance video shows the moment a car rammed into the front window of a business. it happened at flavor brigade in oakland's diamond district. the atm was dragged off and thieves left the shop ransacked. they caused $100,000 worth of damage, and the owner says it's not the first time they've been hit in their 12 years of business. >> the first one was a rock through the window. second time they shot a gun through the window, stole a little bit of change out of
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register, and this time, obviously, it progressively got worse and they drove a car through it. a battle is brewing over a plan to turn a native-american spiritual site into an open pit sand and gravel mine. just off highway 101 south of gilroy is an area called sargent. native-americans and activists have joined together in a fight to keep the sacred land from becoming an industrial operation. the santa clara county planning commission skrconsidering a proposal. >> we have no protection for our sacred sites. whether it was a catholic, mormon or jewish or any other, it would have protection. but because it's
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native-american, it has no protection. it is shameful. >> it slwill soon be consideredy the commission. >> it's considered one of the most important areas for wildlife. >> several, including santa clara county, santa cruz and morgan hill have announced opposition to the plan. if the proposal is approved by the planning commission it could be sent to the board of supervisors for a final vote. >> we work as a community to get there, we can get there together. >> us stepping up, us condemning hate. >> san francisco's chinatown, hard hit by the covid pandemic and recent crime. but today was all about celebrating unity between the asian a asian and the black community. >> reporter: here in chinatown there's more work to be done when it comes to the ongoing
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concerns of the pandemic as well as issues regarding safety and pride. it's one way to address all of those challenges at the same time. >> me, i'm a people person, so i'm going to meet everybody. >> reporter: carolyn pollard has lived in chinatown for 13 year. some are surprised when they find she's a resident. >> shrike like the older people have to look out for them. >> reporter: thrworking to impr the bond between black and asian families is something she does week by week. >> if we work together as a community we can get there together. vr this event hopes to be part
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of the solution. rap music and chinese dance shared the same stage on saturday. this is a development predominantly made up of chinese americans but also home to many black residents. >> us stepping up, us coming together, us condemning hate. and to provide resources to our small businesses. >> reporter: mayor london breed acknowledged the difficulty of covid on local businesses and the fears of violence on aapi committee members. her newly-appointed d.a. promised the neighborhood she would do more for them. >> our office is dedicated to keeping everyone in san francisco safe. no longer will we just allow people to walk around feeling they will be targeted because of who they are. >> reporter: for those who have called this place home for years they have found a way to share
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this neighborhood. >> we all try to get along and live with one another. >> reporter: kpix 5. this is the oakland that we love. this is the oakland we remember growing up. next at 11, a rapper joined the festival. then monkeypox is a global health emergency and are working to diseas and growi around it. >> human rights and dignity of our affected communities. stigma and dis
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today the world health organization declared monkeypox a global health emergency. this comes as cases have been rising worldwide in the recent weeks. the disease has expanded to more than 16,000 cases from more than 75 country and territories. the last global health emergency issued by the world health organization was in response to the covid-19 outbreak in january 2020. there has been a lot of controversy over the response of the lack of response by the federal government to monkeypox. added h vce tham. >>lees se of the neglect had something to do with the fact that it really was mostly
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targeting the lgbt community, and it's not as if we haven't been here before, during the aids crisis, san francisco was completely left on our own to try and figure out solutions. >> san francisco department of public health says it will be prioritizing first dose monkeypox vaccines for at-risk people. city has expanded eligibility to sex workers of any orientation or gender. the department will be holding off on second dose appointments while they wait pour more vac for more vaccine to come in. to date, only 7700 doses have been distributed compared to the 35,000 requests for doses. art . people are enjoying themselves. it returned after two years off
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due to the pandemic. >> and we were there soaking in the food and the music and the community. >> reporter: chauncey jackson has memories of visiting art and soul as a festival goer. this year she's making her debut as a vendor. she recently opened her first store in the town. >> it essentially started off as a clothing line. for us to voice, basically, our stance. there was a lot of things going on. discrimination. and i wanted to find a way to say something about it. >> reporter: jackson said her clothes give people a chance to show their oakland pride. >> there's a big population in oakland. and this is my way of paying homage. >> reporter: by day, jackson works as a technical program
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manager at salesforce. in her off time she pours her passion into oakland don't play. >> i only have a couple opportunities to eat and drinkwater. >> reporter: thousands turned out to browse local goods, enjoy the music and sample the food and drink. >> my community is there, the arts are here, everything's here. >> reporter: and how are the fries? >> so good. really i really love it. >> reporter: we also caught up with a rapper as he strolled the streets of his hometown. >> a lot of companies and businesses suffered. so to see some of these people given a chance to have their product move and watching some of the friends that i know and local vendors get a chance to sell merchandise, that's amazing. nothing like seeing the empowerment of your family and friends throughout love.
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>> reporter: in oakland, betty yu, kpix 5. >> let's focus on the air quality and the smoke burning our way. >> and a little bit understanding on how fast this fire grew and what it's threatening right now. first, there's your view again, right? it's always good to get oriented. oak fire burning just outside of yoe sim yosemite. we looked at the possibility of smoke coming here monday. it doesn't look like a major possibility. the fire's likely to go for a while. we do need to watch that for smoke here at home. i'll have it on tomorrow morning. but one of the other things that i want to point out here is just how quickly this fire took off. if you take a look at the map on here, see the outprint, the footprint for the oak fire is over here. that's the washburn fire. that's the one we've been tracking over the last several
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weeks. that one grew to about 5,000 acres, and it took a solid week to do that. the oak fire is now at about 11,000 acres one day. big difference is a lot of it has to do with how hot the weather spins. a lot of it has to do with the fact that this is burning in territory that hasn't seen much fire in a long time. it's also different fuel down there. you've got finer fuels which were able to catch fire a little faster. one thing i want to do is switch the perspective. and we're going to switch the map and bring in the structure. you'll see a whole lot of little dots on here. it's not like you've got a major city here like paradise. but you have communities. you have structures that have already burned. and jersey dale is right in the direction of the winds. there's still a watch on that fire, and it's likely to go for the next few days if not more.
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back here at home, that's the scene from the salesforce tower. the marine layer sbildiis build back in. we wake up with the gray skies for sunday morning. the san francisco marathon will have gray for the first part of it. by the time we get to the late morning, early afternoon, only the west side of the city is looking at low clouds. it should be low sun. we'll bottom out in the mid-50s, and we warm up to daytime highs pretty much the same exact numbers today. no real change. low 90s inland. mid-80s for the south bay and a range along the bay shoreline. seven-day forecast, we don't change. we're going to stay right here. mid-80s for san jose. low 70s for oakland. and the seven-day forecast for
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our inland valleys, we'll keep it mostly in the mid-80s for much of the week. charlie over to you. two blocks of sports beginning with baseball. a series of late-night drama in the city of angels. more of the same today. could the giants pull it check out this time space wormhole i creat how's it work? let me see your togo, and i'll show you. "poof" burt, you have my lunch. introducing togo's new pastrami cheese ste
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for adults 21 and over, we can protect tribal sovereignty and finally do something about homelessness in california. vote yes on prop 27. giants won three straight entering the all-star break. the second half has been a more humbling time. how about today 's game? you can smile, dodgers fans. full inning. full counts were hitters counts. mookie betts takes alex wood
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deep. a solo shot for mookie. wood only needed one more strike to get out of the inning. he knew that was a mistake pitch. next batter, another full count, another blast trey turner's 15th of the season. so many hitters can make you pay. they have three former mvps in their lineup. there's one of them. freddie freeman. giants got going. joey joey bart, the plopper to score a run. this is how it ended. eh austin slater looked inside. and questionable strike three call, slater didn't like it. doesn't matter. it's the dodgers who win it 4-2. the giants are 0-5.
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bucket hat give away night at the oakland coliseum. a's had the bases loaded in the sixth and took advantage. seth brown looked like an easy routine play, and yeah, instead, confusion, a run saved. marcus simeon flares one into right field. run comes in, rangers cut the lead to one. bottom seven. a runner on third. check this out. a beautiful catch from josh smith, although not a smart catch. it cost his team a run on the tag up. the a's won it for the first time since may. they'll look to sweep the rangers tomorrow. the quakes are hitting their stride, how about tonight against the timbers. plus the shot of the day
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did you say yes? the new xfinity supersonic bundle. it's kind of a big deal. quakes are hot. could they keep the momentum going if portland against the timbers? quakes in the road blues up at providence park. scoreless in the 42nd minute.
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here comes the pressure at the net from san jose. and it's the hometown kid sneaking it past the keeper. 1-0 quakes early. 71st minute we go. take a look at this goal. the header to give portland the lead that was never relinquished. timbers win 1-0. they will host real salt lake next. the approach on number 11 from charley hull. a great name and a great shot. takes the perfect bounce for the eagle. tied at 6 for 11 under. canadian brooke henderson made this putt for one of her four birdies of the day. she has the lead heading into the final round. that
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a san francisco pastry chef is saying good-bye with a unique celebration. the creme brulee man traded in his signature dessert for a far farewell party. he's been serving up desserts for more than 20 year. >> he's moving cross country to be with his wife's father. he was recently diagnosed with a severe illness. as he makes his journey to the east coast he will be putting cakes on the griddle. >> something tells me he will be carrying on the tradition wherever he goes. >> along with d ren and
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