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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 25, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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last friday. containment sits at 10%. the oak fire is burning in mariposa county just west of yosemite. highway 140 leading into yosemite valley remains closed because of the fire. and as the blaze continues to grow, many residents are being forced to leave their homes. the explosive oak fire near yosemite national park tripled in size over the weekend. >> we're getting in more resources. we're the top priority fire in the state right now. >> reporter: more than 2,500 firefighters are attacking the flames from the air and on the ground. at least 15 structures have been damaged or destroyed. about 6,000 people forced to evacuate. >> this is fst time ever in my life being evacuated, so this is kind of different. you know, a lot of anxiety. >> reporter: scorching temperatures, low humidity, bone-dry vegetation, and dead trees are fueling the flames. the fire started friday near the mariposa county town of mid
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pines. >> w to have to rename our town. the pines probably aren't going to make it. >> reporter: in 2021, a usda aerial survey found 9.5 million trees were standing dead in the state. more than 200,000 in mariposa county alone. scientists say most were killed by the western drought and beetle infestation linked to climate change. cal fire says crews made good headway sunday night, but the forecast calls for triple digits again today. smoke from the fire can be seen from the international space station. now, smoke from the oak fire is posing unhealthy air qualities for yosemite and the sierra. some is also expected to make its way to parts of the bay area. kpix 5's andria borba spoke to people who are definitely watching the skies. >> reporter: they have a standing date every monday morning to watch the shell ridge open space in walnut creek with
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one caveat, wildfire smoke. >> we wouldn't be out here if we could smell it in the air. >> i smell the dry summer vegetation. >> i don't smell anything. you have a better smeller than i do. >> reporter: they were surprised to learn of an air quality advisory about the smoke from the oak fire some 120 mieles a wa, especially with the marine layer,ak kof tskylin po bay area air quality management district says they do expect smoke from the oak fire to creep in. >> we do expect smoke from the oak fire to drift into the bay area over the next couple of days. the good news is we expect that smoke to stay mostly aloft and not impact air quality at ground level. >> reporter: and aloft means 4,000 feet and above, near the tops of mount diablo, mount st. helena and atlas peak. a meteorologist with the national weather service says
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the reason for the bright blue skies and good air quality amidst the smoke is wind direction. >> the winds up higher are blowing from east to west but everything down below is blowing west to east. we're going to keep pushing that out of our area so we won't get that full column of intense smoke, and the fire outputting smoke would have to increase substantially and blow in our direction. >> reporter: meaning a repeat of the infamous orange day on september 9th, 2020, is unlikely. garcia says that was the perfect confluence of events, starting with intense smoke from the bear and august fires in far northern california, and a north wind that parked them in the bay and into the marine layer, tinting the sky a mucky tangerine color. >> i hope we don't get that. that's really terrible when we have an orange sky and can't go outside because it smells so bad. but it's nothing comparedin r i. so as long as we don't live in
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it, i guess we're the lucky ones. >> reporter: garcia's said today's advisory is a good reminder to prepare for the tainted air quality days that are yet to come this summer and fall. >> now is the time. so if you need to go out and purchase an air filtration system, if you need to go out and buy some kind of n95 masks. >> reporter: air quality management officials don't expect the level of the air quality to reach unhealthy for sensitive groups from this fire. in walnut creek, andria borba, kpix 5. let's talk about the weather conditions around the site of the oak fire. we'll start with the large perspective so you can see where the fire is in relation to the bay area and zoom in for a closer look. the temperature there stands at 90 degrees. the good news is the humidity isn't as dry as it was when the fire broke out on friday. then it was down around 10%. now the humidity levels are just over 20%, and the winds aren't that strong, out of the southwest at 6 miles an hour, only gusting to about 12 miles an hour. but the dryness of the vegetation combined with the
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steepness of the terrain and just the size of the fire already, the major factors that are working against the fire crews trying to boost those containment levels. and the fire is still producing plenty of smoke. this is the view, and this looks very reminiscent of september 2020 in the bay area. this is one of the wildfire alert cameras from yosemite. you can see all of that smoke that at surface level is being blown mostly to the north. but some of that elevated smoke is going to drift towards the bay area. i think the worst our air quality is going to get is in the moderate category for the north bay, inland, and the east through tomorrow and the rest of the week. very little of that smoke making that way down to ground level even as gravity tries to drag it down because the onshore breeze is going to keep that pushed away from us. so things could be a lot worse for us. they're obviously very dire around the site of the fire. we'll keep a close eye on that. we'll have a look at the rest of the forecast for the bay area which includes the chance for a couple dry thunderstorms tonight. >> we'll have much more on the oak fire smoke impact on our website. you can find links to real-time
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air quality monitoring and updated info on evacuations on crews are working to knock down a warehouse fire burning on west ranger avenue by pan am way in alameda. video from chopper 5 shows firefighters using a ladder to tackle the flames peeking out from the roof. you can see fire crews. they're hosing down the blaze through the building's doors. no word on the cause of the fire or any injuries. in other news now, san jose police and chp are investigating a deadly crash on a south bay freeway. this vehicle looks to have smashed into part of the freeway overpass. this happened on northbound highway 87 at taylor street. the front of the car completely smashed. a witness tells us she saw the car driving over the speed limit before crashing. scary moments inside a dallas airport. a woman with a gun opened fire near a ticket counter. police say a woman was dropped off at dallas' love field
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airport. they say she went to the restroom, changed clothes, and then pulled out a gun and fired it into the ceiling near the southwest airlines ticketing counter. an emergency alarm went off, causing panic and confusion among passengers. social media video shows people hiding out in a restaurant inside the airport. >> we want to make sure our community knows there are no other passengers, family members, or people in the airport that are victims. >> the police chief says an officer shot and wounded the 37-year-old woman. she was arrested, then taken to the hospital. no word on a motive for the shooting. >> we heard people running. >> then we saw people running. >> yeah. they were running. they were heading down the gates. >> the incident led the federal aviation administration to issue a ground stop. some passengers with connecting flights decided to skip their flights. the world health
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organization has declared the monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency of global concern. there are now more than 16,000 cases worldwide. the cdc reports here in the u.s., there are nearly 3,000 confirmed monkeypox cases, and that includes two new cases in children, likely the result of household transmission. a live look at the white house now where lawmakers are calling on the biden administration to step up its response. 50 house democrats want the president to declare a public health emergency to accelerate vaccine delivery. and here in the bay area, a shortage of monkeypox vaccines is forcing san francisco general to cancel its upcoming vaccine clinics. kpix 5's shawn chitnis shows us how local agencies are working to get more doses to those who need it most. >> reporter: public health agencies are starting another week unsure how much of the monkeypox vaccine they will receive from the federal government. here at sf general, the san
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francisco department of public health announced it is closing the vaccine clinic for monkeypox on tuesday because they don't have enough doses. >> so just to be clear, we're in a bad spot. >> reporter: low supply is the struggle for clinics again this week just as the world health organization declared monkeypox a global emergency over the weekend. >> if we can have adequate supply in two or three months instead of six or nine months, that's a big benefit. >> reporter: state senator scott wiener says he knows there will not be be enough vaccine in the near future but still thinks the process can be sped up, sharing the license for the vaccine so other companies can manufacture it will be crucial. >> this is not a gay disease. in africa, everyone was impacted by monkeypox. >> reporter: he says there still isn't enough public awareness about this disease, so the senator wants emergency funding from the state legislature approved by next month to improve testing and education.
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>> folks who essentially by nature have to encounter anonymous people and have to, you know, do these sort of things in order to survive. >> reporter: strut in san francisco's castro neighborhood will get 200 doses to use this weekend, but its wait list remains at 6,500 people. and aids project of the east bay will get its first shipment of the vaccine this weekend, only 50 doses at first, scheduling clinics at lgbtq businesses where they can find those most in need, which includes men having sex with men and sex workers. >> if you're doing sex worker, it's nine times out of ten for survival. so people are doing this because this is their means of feeding themselves or finding shelter. >> reporter: this approach hopes to help slow down the spread among certain demographics now so that it doesn't have to be a larger public health crisis later. >> if we don't control this, this will spread into the general community, and it will be an issue for everyone. >> reporter: shawn chitnis, kpix
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5. >> you can also find the latest monkeypox updates online at and streaming on cbs news bay area. well, there's a good medical report on president biden as he deals with covid. his doctors say the president's symptoms are easing up. he has some congestion and a little hoarseness, but otherwise we are told his covid-19 symptoms have, quote, almost completely resolved. the president remains in isolation at the white house where he took calls today and attended virtual events with labor leaders. >> i'm feeling great. you know, i've had two full nights of sleep all the way ro og h to wake me up this morning. >> the physician's letter also stated that the president's lungs are clear and not showing any breathing complications. >> once he has a negative test after day five, he can end his isolation. cdc guidance suggests that he wear a mask when he's around others. >> the president is finishing up a five-day course of the
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antiviral drug paxlovid while taking low-dose aspirin. senators lisa murkowski and joe manchin were just the latest politicians to test positive as covid numbers are spiking once again. vice president kamala harris is making abortion rights a key issue in indiana. she met with democratic state lawmakers ahead of a special session to consider a bill banning abortions. and outside the indiana statehouse, a massive crowd of abortion rights activistses they say a woman's decision to have an abortion should remain a private one. >> it's so important that we respect the women's right to make their own decisions based on their own personal beliefs and circumstances. they are the best ones to make this decision, not some outsider. >> reporter: indiana is the first state to hold a special session to restrict abortions since last month's high court ruling ending the federal right to abortion. still ahead on kpix 5 and
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streaming on cbs news bay area, it's the silicon in silicon valley. a japanese chipmaker's major expansion that's bringing new jobs to san jose. and the pope makes a personal apology for a school policy in canada and how he hopes it's a step toward healing a dark part of history in the church. and the sighting of a confederate flag sparks pain and outrage at the sonoma raceway. the questions a
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vote yes on prop 27. the port of oakland is back up and running today after truckers disrupted operations for a week. the truckers blocked the port's gates to protest the state's gig worker law, ab-5. the law requires trucking companies to classify their drivers as employees, shutting out the independent operators who own their own rigs. the port says truckers are now using designated free speech zones and it's working to clear the backlog of ships and boxes. so far, there's no sign the governor plans to make an exception in ab-5 for the truckers.
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he worry for tca chch's ed alog. forcthil theirhomes. thousands were abused in boarding schools run by the church. >> reporter: in the canadian city, pope francis appeared before thousands of indigenous people, including survivors of canada's residential christian schools. speaking in spanish, he told them this was a disastrous error incom pat be with the doctrine of jesus christ. he went on to ask their forgiveness for the evil committed against them by so many christians from the 1870s through the 1990s. more than 150,000 native children were forcibly taken from their families to attend residential schools designed to wipe out their cultural traditions and language. the canadian government says the schools were rampant with physical a it home.
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the ceremony began with a sacred drum song and dance for healing. volunteers moved through the audience carrying a long banner with victims' names. for some, the pope's visit is a step toward healing. >> we wish to acknowledge with deep appreciation and gratitude the great personal effort you have made to travel to our land. >> reporter: but some indigenous leaders say it's too little, too late. >> we don't feel that it has been about survivors. it has been more about the church. >> reporter: at the end of the pope's address, he returned a pair of moccasins given to him by native leaders who urged this visit. the pope says the moccasins left him feeling sorrowful but determined to begin a journey of healing. chris livesay, cbs news, canada. >> pope francis will be in canada the rest of the week to hold public and private meetings in what he's calling the penitential pilgrimage. a dangerous heat wave continues to weigh down the u.s.
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from coast to coast. an estimated 85 million people across the country are suffering from dangerous heat. cities like new york and boston saw record-breaking temperatures. at least two heat-related deaths were reported over the weekend. it's just awful in other places. you feel so fortunate to be here. >> absolutely. we've had nice temperatures. i guess the main focus is the air quality here, right? >> right. you're going to see some smoke overhead. you're not going to likely experience it at ground level. i don't think you're going to smell it. i don't think anybody is going to have any big problems with health effects from the smoke because it's going to be off of ground level, even though you are going to see that smoke. that's why the bay area air quality management district issued that advisory letting you know you're going to see it, but you don't have to be overly worried. the smoke that you're going to see in the atmosphere is a few miles off of ground level. the bulk of that ground level smoke is in the vicinity of oak fire being blown up over yosemite and towards tahoe. that's going to remain the case over the next few days.
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the onshore wind really helping out the bay area. let's wind the clock forward. we're going to see those onshore winds kicking in tonight, helping to push the marine layer into the inland valleys. but it's that process that keeps that surface level smoke pushed farther off to the east. it tries to approach every once in a while but it doesn't look like we're going to experience that through much of the bay area. the big picture weather pattern isn't going to change a whole lot. there are some complicating factors, though, as we look at the big picture pattern otherwise. some monsoonal moisture trying to sneak up the south. whenever that happens, we have to be on the lookout for the possibility of a couple of dry thunderstorms. let's check out futurecast in terms of the rain chances, which are going to be very, very slight. but it's tried to pop up a couple of showers at least over inland parts of the east bay as we head torts midnight tonight. there are other forecast models that are leaving things entirely
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rain-free or storm-free. we're going to be rain-free because anything that falls out of these clouds will evaporate before it hits the ground. the problem is whenever you have those elevated thunderstorms developing, there's always a potential of a couple of dry lightning strikes. it is lower than a 10% chance but even a singlening strik uldse big problems in terms of new fire st.thateat is us as we head through tonight into early tomorrow. the greatest potential for those dry lightning strikes is going to be through the central valley and into the high yesierra. what you're going to notice is quite a bit of fog making a push into the inland valleys. that's going to back up towards the coast as we head towards midday tomorrow. right now looking outside, you can see the fog hanging out behind downtown san francisco. temperature downtown is in the low 60s. upper 60s in oakland. inland temperatures are in the 70s and 80s. not bad at all with so much of the country experiencing extreme, even record-setting heat. it's nice we're still in that pattern that is bringing us normal july temperatures.
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temperature through the a's game this evening is going to be right around 65 degrees. temperatures coasting down through the 60s, maybe even into the upper 50s if the game against the astros goes long enough. just typical late july weather on the east side of the bay. temperatures tonight dropping down to the mid to upper 50s to around 60 degrees. that's where we should be this time of year. high temperatures tomorrow not bad. 60s along the coast. 60s and 70s around the bay. mostly 80s inland but there are going to be some spots inland in the north bay that stay in the upper 70s. that's a little below for this time of year. the very hottest spots will reach up to around 90 degrees. there's not much change to the day to day temperature pattern as we go through the next several days. some more cloud cover is in the forecast by friday, over the weekend, into early next week. that's another push of monsoonal moisture making its way up from the south. but it doesn't look like any trigger nearby to spark the development of any dry thunderstorms. but it's something we'll keep an eye on. even a 5% to 10% chance is
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higher than we want to see considering how dry all the fire fuels around the bay area are. >> seems like we've been talking about the same story for months. it's such an issue here. >> but this will not be a repeat of august of 2020 with all of those dry thunderstorms. we're talking about one or two, but that's one or two too many. >> thank you. still ahead, endangered ice cream? how climate change could have an impact on some of our favorite fls. a ohe e of training camp, why a 49ers legend says fans need to be patient with the team's new starting quarterback. and don't forget to join us for our new 7:00 a.m. weekday newscast streaming live on cbs news bay area. find us on pluto tv channel 3350 and on any platform using t s
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. we are counting down to 49 football. tomorrow the team reports to training camp in santa clara, and we're just 18 days from the team's first preseason game. can you believe it? against the packers right here
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on kpix 5. >> i believe it because there's the countdown clock. the team's biggest story line heading into preseason. >> we had an unexpected story line with the deebo samuel trade demand in the off-season. the focus for now is on that qb position. all eyes are on trey lance as the 49ers enter camp. he takes over for jimmy garoppolo after starting just two games last season. today the athletic ranked lance 29th out of 35 on a list of team's qbs. former 49er and hall of famer steve young preaches patience with trey. >> if you're going to watch the first two games and go, i'm going to make a decision about trey lance, that's a mistake, right? this is going to be a process, and even if he comes out gangbusters, it's going to -- this is a couple years. you got to relax and just ride along and try not to judge it throw to throw.
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>> as for deebo, he has been seen working out in the bay area and is expected to report to camp tomorrow. no deal has been announced with the 49ers yet, but it could be coming very soon. >> we'll wait. we'll wait. thank you. and we have got a special section for the 49ers on our website. you can find the full schedule of open practices during training camp on with the preseason less than a month away, the nfl is breaking into the streaming world at the perfect time. nfl+ debuted in app stores today for $4.99 a month. fans get to access live, local, and prime-time games in addition to national audio. nfl network shows and more lightning content. there's also a premium option at $9.99 a month which allows full-game replays and more exclusive content. bad news for those wanting to watch it on the big screen, the service is strictly for mobile devices. a major japanese semiconductor company has its
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eyes on silicon valley. the big plans for expansion in san jose. the high-tech jobs that could be created. and the concerns about the display of the confederate flag at sonoma raceway and why it wasn't taken down sooner. and the pushback over a controversial plan to control the geese population in one bay area city. how protesters are
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, more local news at 5:30. a photo of a confederate flag raising questions and concern. the calls for accountability at the sonoma raceway. and we are hearing new accounts of the devastation from the oak fire, including the story of a newlywed couple who found out they lost their home on social media. but first, our top story at 5:30. silicon valley returning to its roots as a semiconductor business is set to open. we'll tell you where. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm juliette goodrich in for ryan and sarah. a major semiconductor company has big plans to expand in the south bay, and it includes a high-tech campus and thousands of new jobs. but here's the twist. that campus is located on silver creek valley road in south san jose. >> as len ramirez reports, it's expected to bring thousands of more high-tech jobs to the area. len. >> reporter: semiconductor companies were really what put
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the silicon in silicon valley many decades ago. now thanks to a


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