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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 28, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now on kpax 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, more monkeypox vaccine will come to our area. good afternoon, i'm amanda starrantino. the federal government is sending out 800,000, that is way more than the last month but san francisco doses are staying around the same level. the federal government is sending out more than 4200 vaccines this week. but it is unclear when those doses will arrive. san francisco received a little more 4200 last week.ficialhis f of health request for 35,0 doses. pple all o are t it to get the monkeypox shot. lines went down blocks in berkeley yesterday only for
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health departments to say they are waiting for more doses from the federal allotment. santa clara county just held a clinic yesterday but officials say they do not have enough doses. high concentration of confirmed cases in san francisco and california, the russia is on. >> we'll get another little over 700 doses additionally coming into the county. we don't know when those will arrive. >> it is spread through skin to skin contact for extends periods of time and in most cases have turned up among gay, bisexual or trans people who have sex with men. frank stranna is from the san francisco department of public health. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. thank you for asking me. >> i want to start with the allocation strategy. the number of vaccines is staying about the same. so what does this mean, what does that mean for what you guys
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need to do? >> well, luckily for each of our allotments that we've been able to get, we've been able to turn them around significantly quick and get them out. so of the 7800 doses we've already received, we've been able to put dosages into people's arms well -- just under 6800 when we anticipate the next allotment we'll do the same thing, rolling it out and administering it as quickly and efficiently as we can. >> so far there have been about 261 reports of monkeypox cases in san francisco. what should people do if they can't get an appointment which is happening to so many people? >> i think it is really important to understand that this is a dance. it really is about self-assessing where you put yourself and at risk. if you are find you have symptoms, see your medical providers, that the most important thing to stop the spread. any time you have a soar or a rash, you could potentially expose it to somebody else.
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so be cognizant f. you are looking to get vaccinated, look at where your community health department is. we do have where people could visit and we're updating as that as we know what is available for resources. we are our walk-in clinic established when we have doses. right now we've run out of doses earlier in the week, so there are none available for walk-in access. once the doses have arrived and e ablisib them, we will update via social media and the website which i'm suggesting is the best place to co y provider cations you could or walk-in clinic at zuckerberg general. >> good to know. so we know most cases have been reporting among gay and trans men having sex with men. but we are also seeing more cases among the latin x community. is there say specific out reach going on there? >> yes, there is. san francisco has a long
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experience with embracing all of our communities, including people who are experiencing huge deficits in access, which are including people of color. so we have a specific team that we'v we'v we've initiated to reach out to offer a -- a vaccine appointment system with local cbo's and we're doing the same thing with other men of color programs. so that we could enhance the disparity and reduce it in fact by offering appointments that will collaborate with their easy access places and get them scheduled. this is built on some of the best case scenario and experiences that we walked away from with covid and how we've reached as many people as we were able to. >> we definitely learned a lot from our experience with that. >> it will be busy, thanks for
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having us. re and online at u let's get to jessica burch with a look outside. and it is still foggy. >> it is still foggy. but when you drive home today off in the east hin land hills, it is sunny as could be. we're dealing with dry conditions in our microclimates into the east and north. that is not the case here in san francisco. sts still a gloomy cool day for us today. typical july weather, right. well that is what our microclimates are always do doing -- during the summer. in the 80s this afternoon. that is still below average. 87 today. for the coast and the bay, more 60s in insight. we've been keeping such an eye on air quality index, dealing with an significant onshore flow and i'll break that down in just a bit.
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amanda. >> thank you jess. six people were wounded in a rio vista car crash east of somerset drive when a large suv and a sedan collided around 8:00 p.m. last night. rio vista police said a family of seven was inside of the suv and three people were inside of the sedan. they added alcohol conra still under investigation. and happening today, b.a.r.t.'s board of director will decide whether to reinstate the mask mandate or not. jocelyn moran is at san francisco with how riders are feeling about all of this. >> well it is a back and forth when it comes to masks on b.a.r.t. there have been several changes in the last few months. as of this morning masks were not required but we're seeing a lot of people choosing to wear the masks as they're heading on to the trains. now this here is a person speaking as they were ready to get to work.
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he's choosing to wear his mark on b.a.r.t. he said it doesn't bother him to do so and ultimately it is about safety. >> because you don't know where anybody else has been and some people have gotten to the point where they're just more liberal with how they move around even if they have symptoms. >> and you just don't know who is riding b.a.r.t. he told us he hasn't paid attention to whether masks are required because he sees people continuing to wear them on the trains and he's going to continue to do so himself. there are a few things that the board could consider. the covid positivity rate in the state has come down slightly, but it is still high. covid hospitalizations in san francisco and in other bay area counties have risen in the last couple of months. now it is unclear whether the majority of board will supreme court reinstating that mask mandate, the meeting is expected to underway at 4:00 p.m. with a closed session followed by the public portion of it. of course we'll keep you updated. amanda. >> jocelyn, thank you.
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and the u.s. economy shank for the second quarter with gdp contracting at a pace of .9% annually. gdp is sort of the broadest brush you could paint the overall economic picture with. it also fell in the first quarter. two straight quarters of negative gdp would signal a recession. but the federal reserve said there are too many areas of the economy performing well for the u.s. to be in one. the white house is also taking a similar stance. >> we know that many families are worried about the state of the economy. and the cost of living. >> well the white house points to the strong job market helping us keep our heads above water. but the fed said some people could end up losing jobs in the future during the fight against inflation. >> higher prices, ones that we've not seen in decades are going to be with us probably at least for six, maybe nine months. it will feel better but it will not feel good.
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>> so we mentioned inflation. the fed raised interest rates yet by three quarters of a percentage point to fight inflation. short-term the struggle could continue. just listen to. this the ceo of a debt relief nonprofit talking about what they've seen so far this year. >> we have seen a dramatic increase almost double the number of new people calling our office looking for help with credit card debt an that is just in the past two months. >> well let's take a look at how stocks are doing. dow is up in the green. 360 points. and facebook's parent company meta, profits were down 36% from last year numbers. mark zuckerberg said to expect peta to do more with less resources. a day after -- in alameda it has nothing to do with
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you go by lots of titles.
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veteran, dad, hair stylist. so adding a student title might feel daunting. national university is here to support all your titles. national university. suppting wle you. new at noon, san francisco has a new addition to its postal service. a venus couplear was the new post master overseeing the san francisco post office. he began his employment in 2004. climbing up the management ranks he now finds himself as the 32nd post master of one of the largest cities and retail
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operations in the u.s. >> growing up, back in the islands, we would look and see all of the tall buildings on tv. and never realizing that one day i would become part of this city. >> couplear is looking forward to interacting with the city and its communities. and mutual trust between c maintaining public satisfy. alameda police officers are working to build that trust with that fifth grader you're about to meet. here is justin andrews. >> fishing in the bay. there is nothing like it for leo. >> this is my first time fishing in alameda. >> in less than an hour, this 10-year-old caught something. this roughly 22 inch halibut. >> it takes a while to catch fish. >> but it didn't take him too long. when he achd a couple of other kiddos were casting with cops. no, they didn't cast a fishing net but they sure did have some fishing poles. casting with cops is a new program the alameda police
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department just started for 6 to 15-year-olds. captain matthew mcmullan said it is all about building bonds. >> it is a great lat form to spend quality time with kids. >> with the bay area back drop, the quality time was spent with officers teaching kids how to bait, cast and hook and even giving water safety tips. >> they experience something new with a police officer that is not in the immediate chaos. >> a day on the water catching some fish. >> it is super fun. >> fun, but building relationships, something leo may not fully understand now. >> i think it is a great way for alameda to have people out on boats with kids just teaching them how to fish and stuff like that. >> but i'm pretty sure he will never forget. >> how we could have that experience is just great. >> i'm justin andrews, kpix 5. and leo was there with his father and they said they are incredibly grateful for that day
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on the bay. captain mcmullen said when kids or adults are in trouble they want to be the ones people to go to and trust. so always a good thing. jessica, when we could see the relationships really working. >> that is so true. one of my favorite parts of being a kid is soing so many people to be inspired by. let's look at our atmosphere. it is foggy up there. close to the golden gate bridge. we're still seeing the marine layer in the san francisco area alone. but that is not the case for inland and that is all thanks to high winds as it kicks up this afternoon. we're still dealing with very gusty conditions in our inland areas. it is consistent along the coast but like i said, consistency, we've been seeing it over and over again this whole week. really it is just starting to pick up inland. that fog is starting to roll back along the coastline. however just around 5:00 tonight it is going to start pushing back into the bay, fill it up and push into sacramento eventually and in the overnight hours and then left with the exact same setup as today.
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well happy friday eve, by the way. by friday, we're expecting monsoonal moisture pushing in just as we extend all the way in friday and saturday. so just keep that in mind. relative humidity will be higher. we'll see a little bit of clouds but the forecast is looking nice for us. 90s in our inland areas. 70s and 80s just off in the tri-valley with 80s up near nap yu for our friends up there. once we extend along the coastline, it is chilly and brisk and jacket weather in my opinion. after living here for so long, nonetheless, as we head into this weekend, there is a lot of events going on. chinatown summer festival in oakland. it is in the 70s. partly cloudy skies. mostly sunny. so wear sunscreen. and if you're heading out to the benicia water front festival, same trend. lower 80s. make sure you're wearing the sunscreen. and let's look at the next seven days. mild nor us. notice how temperatures don't change today and tomorrow and
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into the weekend and into next week. we're expecting upper 80s in the forecast next week in our inland east bay and 70s and 80s in the north bay near napa and sonoma. >> it is going to be a nice weekend. >> beautiful, thank you. >> >> tens of thousands inform bay area have access to quality health care thanks to one man's nonprofit and in this week's jefferson award, see how farm worke grew into sometngfolo
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for more than 36 years he's led an effort to expand health care for some of thest this week's bay area jefferson award winner. >> this room looks new. >> we just refurbished them. >> long before he opened new doors to quality community health care, raimondo had some tough times growing up in coachella valley. his dad a farm worker, one of six children. >> my mom when i was ten was in a mental institution and my sister became any mom and she died as 20 as a result of toxemia. my younger brother died of a heart attack the 34 and my dad
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died at 56 from a stroke. >> that shaped his future. >> it took me a lot to understand, the challenges that i went through so that i could convert that anger into something positive. >> he transformed anger to hope. a stanford and cal grad became ceo of gardner health services in san jose in 1986. >> health care is a means to another end which is keeping you healthy, so that you could fulfill your dreams. >> reporter: gardner started in none. when raimondo took over. he grew the small nonprofit into 10 cites in santa clara and san mateo counties. today gardner's two mobile clinics and community help centers provide one stop affordable services to more than 43,000 low income folks who are insured and uninsured. board members say the impact is
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immeasurable. >> he's been able to make decisions under uncertainty and i think that for me is a mark of a true leader. >> that strength was evident during covid when gardner offered free testing and vairks to thousands of patients. carmen gonzalez said they helped get her diabetes under control. she doesn't know where else they would have turned for preventative, medical, dental and mental health care. and now she's supporting raimondo's vision. >> he has a kind heart. always there for everybody. for the community. >> do you feel that with gardner, you're giving other people a chance to have what your family didn't have. >> i hoping. i'm glad we're giving hope. wish we could do more. >> so expanding health care so the underserve cod live healthy lives, this week's neverson
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award goes to raimondo espinosa. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> and they are going to college and seeing how people are healthy and pursuing dreams. to nominate a hero for a jefferson award, go to bringing pieces of mars back to earth. a new nasa mission and
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a big merger could be coming in the airline business. coming up at 3:00, what it means for the overall industry and for travelers. let's check in with jessica burch and a look at our forecast. >> it is looking nice for us today. still foggy conditions near san francisco. san rafael dealing with a little bit of a marine layer. but once we extend into our inland areas, we're heating up into the 80s and 90s this afternoon. and those winds will start kicking on. just around 5:00 tonight. take a look at your local area. no matter where you live it is breezy for us and that stays the case in the overnight hours, too. >> well nasa wants to bring mars rocks back to earth. the agency said the mission will requirers t to retrieve samples. so before you get any early ideas for holiday shopping, this is going to take a while. launches will happen in 2027 and
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2028. samples are supposed to arrive back on earth in 2033. nasa said the rocks are the best bet at finding evident about possible ancient martian life. >> that is cool. >> that is incredible. i can't believe how long it takes for that whole process to happen. >> seriously,ib was thinking the same thing. that is great to talk about. >> we'll follow up in 2033. >> if we're still here. >> that does it for kpix 5 news at noon. we're streaming on have a great day.
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♪♪ ♪♪ >> bill: you really are alive. you're safe now. [li sighs with relief] ♪♪ >> finn: mom? >> li: finn, thank god. finn. >> finn: mom. >> li: finn! thank god. >> finn: mom. >> li: ah. finn. >> liam: i promise you, he's going to want to take this call. liam spencer. no, i can't hold. be-- because i have information about where
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