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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 28, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the same over the discussions of leaded fuels. for decades, neighbors of reed hill airport have been complaining of the dangers that the airport poses from crashing planes to airborne lead. today one of those neighbors got to tell to it congress. >> the plains from the reid hillview airport have used lead-boysed fuel, poisoning our neighborhood. >> reporter: w congressional hearing in to why general aviation airports across the country continue to use leaded airport fuel. it was led by ro khanna. >> there are 20,000 such airports across the country, mostly cited in communities of color and low wealth communities. not only is this historic injustice, but worse, it's still ongoing. >> reporter: last year a study commissioned by santa clara county found elevated levels of lead in the blood of children living within a mile half of reid hillview. in 2018, the board of supervisors stopped receiving airport improvement grants,
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setting the stage for the airport to close in 2031. >> we know it's poisonous. we know we have to stop it. the way i know we know that is we stopped it for trucks and cars. >> reporter: reed hillview pilot said it phased out leaded aircraft last year. some aircraft use leaded fuel obtained elsewhere, most do not. >> approximately 90% of all the flight operations at reid hillview airport are conducted using unleaded fuel. >> reporter: the faa issued this statement in santa clara county, california. the faa has outlined a path that would allow airports to safely and expeditiously move to lead-free operations. we continue to work with the county in efforts to reach a mutually acceptable implementation timeline to make this happen. but the faa and epa did not go to today's hear, prompting a strong response from congresswoman zoe lofgren. >> it's shocking and unacceptable that the administration would refuse to engage in the serious health
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issue. >> in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> and yes getting new details on a deadly crash in solano county. it involved a family visiting from mexico. the crash happened along highway 12 at somerset drive and rio vista. anne makovec has the latest on this investigation. >> and police now looking into whether drunk driving may have played a role. alcohol was found at the crash site where four people died six t hospital. it happened last night at around 8:15. three people around the age of 20 were in a honda accord going westbound. police say it veered off the roadway, overcorrected, and hit an eastbound suburban head-on. nobody in that honda survived. in the suv, a family of seven visiting from mexico for a week. one family, a woman in her 70s died, and the six others, including two young girls were all taken to the hospital. rio vista police say crashes in this area happen often. >> stretch of highway has been
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notorious for decades. i've been working in this county for 26 years, and that is probably the worst crash that i've seen on this stretch of road. >> the chief says they did find open alcoholic beverage containers around the honda, but it is not yet clear if that's what caused the crash since they don't yet know the driver's blood alcohol levels. liz? >> anne, thank you. san francisco just declared a local state of emergency related to monkeypox. the move is meant to streamline resources to respond faster. bay area counties are still waiting to receive more doses of the monkeypox vaccine from the federal government. santa clara county is expecting a little over 700 dose, but they don't know when they will actually get them. san francisco is expecting 4200 doses. that's a lot less than the 35,000 they originally asked for. still, the health department says it's ready to vaccinate people once those doses arrive. this is a live picture at san francisco mayor london breed and
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health officials are about to talk about the monkeypox health emergency any moment now. we will monitor this press conference when it begins, and also want to let you know we have important monkeypox resources on our website,, including more on the emergency declaration in san francisco and information on the state's vaccine tracker. santa clara county is expecting a little over 700 doses, but it's not clear exactly when they will get here. as for the national picture, the u.s. has more monkeypox cases than any other country in the world. the cdc says there are now more than 4600 confirmed cases in the u.s. with more than a quarter of the cases in new york and 17% in california. the health and human services secretary has announced that the department will distribute 786,000 newly available doses of the vaccine. >> bottom line is we need to stay ahead of this and be able to end this outbreak. >> the biden administration is
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still weighing in on whether to declare monkeypox a federal public health emergency, which would then open up more resources to fight it. right now, the bart board is meeting to discuss reintroducing a mask mandate for passengers. the meeting started around 4:00. the bart board will hear public comments before any decision is made. this new mandate would last until october 1. the vote comes about two weeks after bart lifted their last mandate. meanwhile, l.a. county has decided not to impose a universal indoor mask mandate. the director of of the county health department said today that they dodged a bullet, and infections didn't get as bad as they previously feared. there was also pushback from residents and businesses worried about the impact on the economy. let's go back to this live picture as san francisco mayor london breed and health officials addressing the monkeypox emergency here in san francisco. let's listen in. >> -- involving monkeypox. and more clearly, we want to
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make it known that san francisco has one of the highest case rates already of monkeypox of any other major city in the country. and just to put that into perspective, we saw over the past couple of weeks the numbers begin to rapidly increase. at one point there was 60 and then there was 80 and then there was 140. and when there was 140 on july 20th, i sent a letter to the secretary of the department of health and human services, xavier becerra expressing significant concern and urgency for the need for vaccines in san francisco, and that we are at a very scary place. and we don't want to be ignored by the federal government in our need. so many leaders of the lgbtq community have also weeks ago
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asked for additional help and support and assistance. and this was july 20th. and now here we are, july 28th. and we're double that number at 281 cases of monkeypox. and in desperate need of vaccines. and to also put that into perspective in terms of the numbers, we've received about 12,000 vaccines to date. we really need 70,000. we sent in a letter as well asking for about 35,000. because what we want to do is we want to prevent the numbers from increasing. we have a solution in the vaccines. and we want to make sure that everyone who is requesting a vaccine gets one. we have five sites identified in san francisco and have to close
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many of those sites because we've run out of vaccines. so we're all here today because we know the importance of this. we nope the challenges of what happens in san francisco when we put public health on the back burner. we've seen this happen before in history. >> all right. news conference there with mayor london breed talking about the latest on the monkeypox health emergency, also saying that there are 281 cases of monkeypox in san francisco, talking about the desperate need of vaccine. we'll continue to follow this and have more for you throughout our newscast and also on meanwhile, stocks rallying for the second straight day. investors feeling more confident that the fed may not be as aggressive with future interest rates as previously thought. the dow closed up 332 points. the nasdaq was up 130. and the s&p gained 48. it comes as a new report on the economy has people wondering are
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we on the brink of a recession? cbs reporter debra alfarone break it all down. >> reporter: president biden met with a group of corporate executives as signals flashed of an economic downturn. >> there is going to be a lot of chatter today on wall street and among pundits about whether we are in a recession. >> reporter: the commerce department reported the gross domestic product shank from june at an annual rate of 0.9%. the broadest measure of the economy economist has now declined for two straight quarters, traditionally a sign of recession. but president biden says the slowdown is necessary to tackle rising prices. >> there is no doubt we expect growth to be slower lasted than last year. for the rapid clip we had. but that's consistent with the transition to a stable, steady growth and lower inflation. >> reporter: with the midterm elections approaching, the biden administration is pushing back on the idea that the u.s. economy is sliding into a
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recession, pointing to areas of strength in the economy. . >> job creation is continuing. household finances remain strong. consumers are spending and businesses are growing. >> reporter: even so, americans are struggling with both higher borrowing rates and stubborn inflation. >> i suspect prices are going to keep coming down, but they're going remain uncomfortably high for a longer period of time than any of us would like. >> reporter: the economy's last recession lasted almost two months in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. debra alfarone, cbs news, washington. senate democrats are saying their new spending will fight inflation. they've even renamed it the inflation reduction act, and it aims to combat climate change and lower prescription drugs costs. >> i think we've hit a balance. this is not a democrat bill. this is not a republican bill. this is an american bill. >> the measure would invest nearly $370 billion in energy and climate programs over the
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next ten years, and it includes incentives like a $7500 tax credit for those who buy electric vehicles. the bill would also allow medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices and would cap out of pocket costs for seniors to $2,000 a year. republicans say it's bad medicine for the u.s. economy. >> i think it's really bad for america right now as we're trying to climb out of this spiral we have, which is low economic growth and high inflation. >> the $433 billion bill is expected to go before the full senate as early as next week. governor newsom isn't waiting for the feds to act, and coming up at 5:30, a cbs news exclusive interview with the governor on his unprecedented investment to make california a leader in the fight against climate change. and still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on "cbs news bay area," a major airline merger. it's in the works. what that could mean for all of the travelers. plus, a number of people on
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the streets is soaring in one bay area suburb. we put a face to fremont's homeless crisis. and hear from some of the 49er faithful who came out to get an early taste of the team this season at an open practice. the fog and low cloud cover was impossible to change in san francisco and really over the bay in general today. while farther inland, it felt a little muggy. those who are related to each other. we'll talk about how things might change a little bit as we head through the next fe
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it's a sign of the homeless crisis spreading into bay area suburbs. fremont has seen a huge spike of people living on the streets. the homeless population has skyrocketed nearly 69% in the last three years. that's compared to growing 26% between 2017 and 2019. city leaders put a lot of blame on the pandemic, which led to losses of many service and entertainment jobs, as well as a shortage in affordable housing options in the bay area.
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66% of fremont's homeless population lives in cars and rvs. kpix 5's andria borba has one of those stories, a woman facing hard times after losing her job during the pandemic. >> we're going have cube steak, fried potatoes and eggs over easy. >> reporter: judith borden is cooking breakfast for her newfound family in the parking lot of niles discovery church in fremont. >> i cook every chance i get. >> reporter: judith and her dog nickel have been homeless since july 5th, and are part of fremont's growing unhoused community. her story from roof overhead to sleeping in her car is incredibly common. it started when the covid-19 pandemicwell, when it hit, i go go from my job that i love very much. and i was supposed to be hired back, and unfortunately, they hired other people back before me. so then i went to work at a couple of places. and they just didn't work out. it wasn't for me. so then i just -- and then the
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unemployment didn't come through. >> reporter: encampments are tucked everywhere around the city, to this one at vallejo mill historic park. >> it was really scary for the first few days for me. because i was sleeping on the street. and then i got accepted into this program. >> reporter: the program is fremont safe streaming which registers people's cars and gives them safe places to park at area churches. and the churches also offer assistance, like judith's camp stove. >> i got it from the st. vincent de paul salvation store down there. i got a voucher from corpus christi church over here in niles to a $25 voucher. and it was $30. and i happened to have $5 and i got it. >> reporter: judith says the situation obviously isn't ideal, but she has found community until she can get back on her feet. >> it's scary, but i just, you know, i got to do it for myself. this is my new start, and i'm going to run with it. >> reporter: in fremont, andria borba, kpix 5. two airlines are joining
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forces in a merger that could shake up the travel industry. the question now, what will it mean for the prices we pay. >> reporter: jetblue is bringing a new airline on board. the carrier is buying spirit air for $3.8 billion, which would create the nation's fifth largest airline. the deal comes just one day after a potential merger between spirit and frontier airlines fell apart. >> we've known for weeks that spirit shareholders were favoring jetblue's offer over a competing one from frontier. >> reporter: david slotnick from the points guy says if the deal holds, spirit will fall under the jetblue brand. >> by acquiring spirit, they can basically double in size overnight. they're going the take on all of spirit's airplanes, all of their staff, convert everything to the jetblue style. >> reporter: under jetblue, the rock bottom prices could go away. the airline is known for low rates and often leads to market when it comes to customer complaint. >> i hope it makes it better.
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from my experience, i've never had a good flight with spirit. so hopefully they make a lot of good changes to that. >> reporter: but this deal is likely to space scrutiny, and it must clear several hurdles before becoming a reality. >> the department of justice is going to have to approve this merger. and this doj has stated that it is concerned about approving mergers in highly concentrated industries. >> the argument here and the one that jetblue needs to make to regulators is by combining with spirit, they'll be able to compete with the other big four. that's american, delta, united, southwest. >> that process will take time. even if regulators and shareholders approve this merger, the airlines do not expect to opete single carrier until 2025. strong iphone sales help apple beat expectations with the third quarter earnings report. the tech giant reported a revenue of $83 billion, up 2% from the same period last year. the iphone was the biggest driver of that with a revenue topping $40 billion.
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still, apple's profits fell nearly 11% as the company struggles with the economic downturn supply chain disruptions in china. meanwhile, investors were encouraged by the results. apple stock jumped more than 3% in after-hours trading. a $28 billion package boosting the semiconductor industry is heading for president biden's desk to be signed. the bipartisan bill increases semiconductor production here in the u.s. and is expected to create more high-tech jobs as well as boost national security. all right. first alert chief meteorologist paul heggen is here. paul, you and i both commute from the east bay. we definitely get the taste of what it's like. >> we get sunshine. >> you get real summer. >> oh my goodness. and you come on in here, all right. >> it's 60. >> i was in a parka. the fog was so thick, i told paul, i'm never seeing the sun today. it's not going to happen. >> you're not going to see it through the weekend either. the same weather pattern is going to be locked in place for the next several days.
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the fog was definitely stubborn over the bay and especially along the coast. the overall weather pattern isn't going to shift a whole lot. let's take a look at the big picture pattern. monsoonal moisture has been sent our way. this big stretched out area of high pressure in the upper-levels of the atmosphere, i usually refer to these as a hill of air. basically, this is a mountain range of air, these different hilltop, but all conspiring to spend some of that monsoonal moisture to the bay area. we're not getting all of it, but we're getting enough to boost humidity levels. it felt a little muggy from time to time. we measure that with a statistic called the dew point. anything above 55 is noticeable when itom the dew point. ea i right now.e the entireay and that's where we' goingo main for the next several days, because that monsoonal moisture is going to continue otoi climb into flight o m rlm on the muggy meter and we never get up towards the top. but it's just going to feel like this as we head through weekend and into early next week with the overall pattern kind of stuck in place. we get the fog because the cool pacific air runs into the muggy air that's farther inland and
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condenses, and the moisture in that marine layer condenses to form the fog that is still out there and is in fact dropping closer and closer to ground level already. upper 50s in san francisco. only mid 60s in oakland. inland temperatures are fine. mid 70s in san jose and santa rosa. around 80 in livermore and 84 degrees in concord. so another day of near normal temperature, even though it has been a bit cool near the water. it's going to be cool for the giants game against the cubs. say that in the right order. the temperatures are going the wobble around a little bit. but hovering around 60 degrees. dropping down farther into the 50s as we head through the rest of the evening. the fog is going to make a big sh the inland valleys by early tomorrow michael jordan. but it's going to retreat out of those inland valleys as we head through the morning. but like today, the fog is going to be reallyal along the coast. no sky july. full effect as we finish off the month and head into early august, early next week. temperatures tonight dropping down to what's normal for this time of year. a muggier air mass doesn't cool down quite as much, but it's not
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that humid that it keeps us from falling into the 50s, which is where we're supposed to be. high temperatures tomorrow, a few degrees below normal in san francisco and oakland. right around average farther inland. right around 60 along the coast. mostly 70s down the peninsula, and around the south end of the bay. a little farther into the 80s as you go inland in the santa clara valley. up to 82 in san jose. mid to upper 80s for most spots inland in the east bay. around 90 the farther inland you go. a noticeable level of humidity might make that feel a degree or two warmer. low 60s in san francisco. upper 60s for oakland and the east bay. napa a little cooler because i think the fog is going to be a bit more stubborn there. as you go farther north, here is how close the extreme heat is to us. inland mendocino county and lake county likely to see widespread triple-digit heat over the next couple of days. ed h campecirt all week. temperatures aren't going to change much for the bay area. 60s in san francisco. near 70 for oakland. right around 80 degrees for san jose. just that additional cloud cover. but in terms of any chance of
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pop-up showers or thunderstorms with the monsoonal moisture, that remains unlikely for the bay area, which is fine. a shower sounds nice. but we don't need any cloud-to-ground lightning threat. we'll take a look at 5:30. >> thank you. still ahead, a closer look at the changing snow patterns in the sierra, and what it means for our water supply. and it's not just any dog meet-up in the park. these four-legged friends are professionals. we caught up with a group of people in the east b
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we are counting down to 49ers football. just 15 days until the first preseason game against the green bay packers on august 12th at levi's stadium. we will bring you that game right here on kpix 5. and the team is already hard
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work at training camp. >> today was the second open practice, and fans have been coming out in force to watch them. and really, it's the best way to get an early look at what to expect for the new season with the team going through some major transitions, especially with trey lance taking over as quarterback. but despite the unknowns, fans we spoke to are pretty excited for the 2022 season. >> we're really excited about trey lance. >> it's great. they looked great. i'm excited. >> of course we will be there for you, covering it all as we count down to kickoff. we have posted the full list of open practices on the special 49ers section of our website, meanwhile, the giants are set to host another jerry's night coming up tuesday at oracle park. this year's celebration of the late grateful dead guitarist and singer comes a day after what would have been garcia's 80th birthday. the yankees and red sox are also hosting their own jerry's nights
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on august 1 and 9 respectively. all three will include a charity auction with the proceeds going to the rex foundation, a group founded by the grateful dead back in 1984. and coming up, new at 5:30, california going all in on the fight against climate change. cbs news talks exclusively with governor gavin newsom. how the state is hoping to be a blueprint for the rest of the country. and how otters could be returning to the san francisco bay for the first time in a century. plus, how one bay area police seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes. it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations. a tiny share goes
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to the homeless, and even less to tribes. and a big loophole says, costs to promote betting reduce money for the tribes, so they get less. hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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you're watching kpix 5 at 5:30. >> we in california hope to change the game with unprecedented investments so it's not just ambition, but we're realizing that ambition. >> now at 5:30, governor newsom pouring billions of dollars into the fight against climate change, hoping to get the rest of the country to follow california's lead. >> we're already seeing the devastating impact of climate change in our state. the explosive oak fire near yosemite national park is california's largest wildfire this year. and crews say they hope to have it fully under control by the weekend. but is just one of many that have burned across the west, partly due to heat and drought conditions brought on by climate change. >> we reported earlier that federal action on climate change may be on the way, with a surprise deal between the
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president and senate democrats. governor gavin new


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