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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 29, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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emergency. what does that mean and will it actually help? the response here at home is being compared to the a.i.d.s. crisis. we are hours away from the massive billion-dollar megamillions drawing. we have everything you need to know if you have that lucky ticket. good evening. >> we start with a brazen daylight robbery in oakland which has a lot of neighbors questioning if there is a point to calling the police. >> if it's not bolted down, it will likely be taken, but the fence being stolen in this vio wabodo thatpemad and if that wasn't bad enough, witnesses are questioning the response from pd. neighbors are sickened. >> reporter: is steve removes a fence panel. witnesses saw three men stealing the panels and a woman
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serving as a lookout. this was tuesday afternoon under the freeway in oakland, not far from the boulevard. >> we were talking. we started to hear these claims. >> reporter: this was in front of this business. the owner immediately called the police as his son started recording. surveillance camera shows, 20 minutes later, an officer responded, stopped, and drove off. the lookout is standing right here. oakland police tommy the officer did not see any thieves read once they left, the thieves went right back to removing the panels. he had no idea a cop even showed up. no one called. he kept waiting for the police. an hour later, they got these photos of the thieves loading the panels into a truck. >> it's sad. it's getting to that level where they are stealing things that are supposed to be welded on. it's the wild wild west. it's a free-for-all. it should not be that way. >> he says they have no fear
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for anyone, not even the police, because it feels like there are no consequences. thieves stole at least 10 panels, including panels from two large gate. they put in the wrought iron fence to keep the homeless out after multiple campfires. they say each panel cost $400. they say it's not a new problem and it's happening repeatedly in alameda county. they say instead of bolting the panels, they are welding the panels to slow down the thieves. >> we are frustrated. as a small business owner, i struggle every day to make ends meet. >> he says thieves have targeted his business. i used to respond for water and fire. i can't do that. i've had employees quit. >> reporter: they want the
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police to do better. >> hopeless. i feel hopeless. >> if you recognize those thieves i would tell you to call oakland police, but in this case, it's unclear if they are investigating the theft. it is considered a low priority crime. that is part of why people are so frustrated. in oakland, kpix 5. >> it's unclear what the thieves are doing with the fence panels but neighbors suspect that they are reselling them. new information on a deadly officer involved shooting in sonoma county. it was early this morning north of healdsburg. multiple people called police about a man throwing rocks at the house and asking people inside to shoot him. he took off in a truck. deputies went looking for him and when they found him, they
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say he appeared to be holding a weapon and refused to listen to them. a deputy fired the taser but that did not stop the man. another deputy shot him. sheriff's office says an investigation into the shooting is ongoing. in the east bay, oakland police need your help identifying the people they say are involved in the shooting death of this man, on may 12, on foothill boulevard. investigators say armored men tried to rob him and three others. they say that one of the men turned and shot him. if you recognize any of the people in these pictures, please call oakland police. police have another suspect in custody following the violent attack of a nonprofit director this month. after a brief struggle, authorities arrested a 21-year- old man by the name of andrew, in connection with a july 15th attack. it is booked with the previous assault and other charges incurred today. a new report from the state attorney general shows police across the state stopped transgender people at a much higher rate. reports show that
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when a transgender person is stopped by police, there is a 50-50 chance it's not for a traffic stop or any other immediate or apparent reason. instead, police list reasonable so suspicion for half of all stops of transgender individuals. that's nearly four times more often than reasonable suspicion is listed for other people. during the stops, transgender men and women were searched twice as often. it was four times more often than cis gendered women. despite the increase, the report shows that transgender people are much less likely to be cited by police. monkeypox coverage. a man battling a painful monkeypox infection is speaking out and calling for better vaccine access. when david watson got sick, he thought he had covid again. then, the lesions appeared. >> it's the most painful thing i've ever experienced. i would
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not wish it upon my worst enemy. >> he traced his exposure to giving a friend a hug and kiss on the cheek. three e.r. visits and multiple prescriptions later, he is still in agony. he says he is frustrated, given the lessons that should have been learned during the covid- 19 pandemic by the government. >> it feels like a.i.d.s. again. the shaming. i did not get it through a means of sexual contact. anyone can get this. it's something that is completely innocent as what looked like a mpleth was swollen. >> he says he wanted a vaccine in june but could not get one and now his husband is also infected. >> the small slow responses been compared to the response to the a.i.d.s. crisis, or lack of response.
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others say it is burnout after covid slowing things down. we spoke with a former reporter who is on the front lines of the a.i.d.s. crisis who joins us live with his perspective. >> he says we need to be open and honest about the fact that this is spreading mainly amongst the lgbtq population, but don't let that get in the way of solutions. >> the fear around that is that there could be a backlash against the lgbtq community because of it. >> hank plant has a unique perspective on the monkeypox outbreak. he covered the a.i.d.s. crisis in the 80s and sees the differences between the government's response, but sees both as painfully slow. >> they had the vaccine. that is the biggest difference between now and a.i.d.s.,. >> the government does not have enough vaccines, leaving cities like san francisco in the
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lurch. >> to fight against the discrimination and hate, to focus on public health. >> at a press conference to announce the emergency, speaker after speaker maligned the federal and state response. >> we had an imminent window to prevent the spread of monkeypox in our community. now, we arrive at a public health state of emergency. >> he doesn't see it as intentional. >> do you think that's the reason for a slow government response? because there is some sort of stigma? >> i do think that was the case in the 80s. i don't think the biden administration operates that way. it was a different situation. a.i.d.s. was brought up in a press briefing in 1982 and the world laughed. we are not in that world today. i think that people have been so burned out by covid that a lot of us, including people in
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the government, through their hands up and ignored this. >> monkeypox and a.i.d.s. have been concentrated in this community, specifically lgbtq men. there is no biological reason for either not to spread within the straight community, which is important to remember. >> we have many resources on our website. thank you. all the latest on the monkeypox outbreak, tracking the number of vaccines headed to california, and the cases as the count climbs. thank you for that. coming up next, it's a bit of a break for all of us. how much gas prices are dropping, inch by inch, in the bay area. you will be able to afford all the gas you want if you are the lucky winner of tonight's mega millions drawing. we have tips on big lottery jackpots. >> this is it. plenty of fog, once again. it's condensing, on top of the
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hotels and forms of drizzle. more of the sa
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genesys, we're behind every customer smile. it has been impossible to escape. people are waiting for tonight's record-breaking megamillions jackpot drawing, worth more than $1.2 billion. that is before uncle sam takes
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his cut. >> it's fun to think about what you would do with it and with less than two hours to go, there is time to snag the possible ticket. let's take a live to san jose. these are people who have waited almost to the last minute to get their tickets. we have watched the stream of people walking out with the lucky feeling. we went to another store where people are helping lightning will strike twice. >> reporter: lot of fever is alive and well in san jose. this is ernie lakers on the east side which sold a half billion dollar winning ticket four years ago. will lightning strike twice? people lined up to the dozens to buy their mega millions ticket from a store they think is lucky. >> this is it. i feel it. >> from the beginning, when we opened the store, it's been crazy. >> the owner on wyatt road has seen it all before. in 2018, they sold a mega millions ticket worth 522 million to a
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group of wells fargo workers. >> there is some kind of superstition that people think we hit one time in 2018 so they think it might happen again. >> reporter: mansions, fancy cars, trips, on most people's wish list. experts your first call if you win should be to a financial planner, a tax expert, or lawyer. >> everybody needs help in managing their money, but when you are at that massive amount of money, even more so. >> the tax professor says new winners to try to stay anonymous at first to avoid scams and then decide if you want to take the lump sum and the lump tax bill, or the annuity. >> you will get a certain amount of money over 30 years and the taxes have to be taken out of that, as well, but it's extended over a much longer timeframe with smaller amounts. >> reporter: if the decision all of these buyers would love
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to make . in san jose, kpix five. record profits, today, compared to last year for these companies. sharon reported $11.6 billion for their second quarter of 2022. exxon made $17.8 billion, coming after record-breaking gas prices, nationwide. there is finally some good news, some relief. gas prices are dropping for another consecutive week, statewide. the average cost per gallon dropped to $5.63, a $.15 drop from last week. parts of the bay area are slightly under that. the san francisco saw a $.10 drop in the past seven days. >> it's a relief, for sure, to see it at five dollars instead of six dollars. my car takes premium, so it was getting expensive. >> one note.
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the latest report shows a drop off around $40 million in the second quarter. in their latest report, the power company said they fell well short of their expected target but still plan on hitting their end of your revenue goal, despite having to bury more power lines underground and continue paying settlements for victims whose family suffered fires. time for your first alert forecast. folks are looking forward to the weekend. >> it's still the weekend. we will give you a few of you of the sunshine in a few moments. >> is the sun out there? >> you will see it. >> people have northern climate for the winter months, for the june and july. we are going to see this, it
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will be sticking around, it has been concentrated over nevada, utah, and arizona, there will be more through the weekend. you have probably noticed the increase in mugginess. you can tell the difference. we can track the moisture with forecast models indicating the amount of moisture. over in nevada and over arizona and parts of california. some of that will be sneaking up toward us. the more moisture there is, is not a ground number. it increases the chances of pop- up showers. rain sounds nice, but we do not want any hit of lightning. some moisture, this is tropical storm frank, which could become hurricane frank. the bulk of the moisture will be around the hurricane. we will have a piece of it.
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will it feed into thunderstorm chances? we can simulate that with the forecast indicating lightning density and it won't be dense. that is up and down the sierra, same story, again on sunday. it doesn't about the possibility of a couple pop-up showers and storms. the better odds will be in the higher elevations of northern california and sierra's there is that look at sunshine for elizabeth, and the dry hillsides of the background. that is why we are concerned about potential of cloud-to- ground lightning. it's in the 60s around the bay area. it's foggy along the area and coast. the follow back up out of the inland valleys for late morning , with gray skies overhead
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tomorrow and overhead once again on sunday. temperatures tonight drop down into the mid-to-upper 50s to around 60 degrees, good dog walking weather. this is tiger, a properly named, giving her stripes. she can get out for a walk in the morning and rest up in the afternoon. watch the giants take on the cubs tomorrow evening. temptress top out close to normal for this time of year around 60 along the coast and 60s and 70s around the bay. 80s antioch and brd change much. they will shed some of that, so feel like summertime by thursday and friday. >> i feel better. i even got a tan.
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thanks. the evening news is coming up. here is major garrett with the preview. hello and good evening. coming up after keep you five, devastation in kentucky. 16 dead amid some of the worst flooding in state history. the rescue efforts tonight and why the governors are warning of more fatalities in the weeks ahead. pressure is mounting on the biden administration to free basketball star brittney griner. what rush is asking for an exchange. and, megamillions mena. the jackpot surpasses $1 billion. tonight, on the cbs evening news. man down in the giants outfield. it's not just the baseball field we are talking about. an injury has hit
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baseball up top in the giants. after they snapped a seven game losing streak last night, they go for back to back wins. it's on the late show. they will have to get it done without left fielder jack peterson. the all-stars on a seven-day conduction concussion injured list, and there is a recall from sacramento to take the spot. they had business on the late show. to the 49ers, entered training camp. news and notes, how about eric armstead? expected to be ready for the regular season. we have trent williams,
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welcoming in a newborn baby. and if you go to training camp, guardian caps, worn by the collisions and practice. so far so good. >> i have not felt my head get rattled, yet. jj watt. your thoughts? >> you feel like a bobblehead. like you'll fall over. you guys are screwing me to start off the whole year. he signed a big new contract last friday. >> is disrespectful.
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it's almost a joke. >> he has a contract for independent film study during the season, implying he was not working hard enough. it was becoming a distraction that the team announced they are removing that clause from his deal. and this is rory sabatini. how about a fresco? he is tied for 59th. shout out texas tech women's basketball. each player will make $25,000 as part of a name, image, and likeness deal with a marketing agency. it's the largest deal for a women's program. i need one of those deals.
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moving pictures on the late show brought to you by acme hand modeling. how about that? >> the hands that cook the dinners. >> you have to get a lot of manicures for that. >> a manly manicure. up next, we get an up close look at the newest exhibit at the oakland museum. elevating the lesser-known stories of women's fight for equal rights across the bay area. join us weekday mornings at 7:00 a.m. for local news. join us on tv, and on any platform using
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a new exhibit is celebrating feminism. >> it's opening day for the exhibition titled hello feminist. curators ld they are honoring a lesser-known story of feminism in the bay area.
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this was around the three themes of mind, body, and spirit and features historical artifacts, contemporary artwork and interactive elements. the exhibit will run through january 8th. pretty seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes. it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations. a tiny share goes to the homeless, and even less to tribes. and a big loophole says, costs to promote betting reduce money for the tribes, so they get less. hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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