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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  July 30, 2022 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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win the billion dollar jackpot. good morning. it is saturday, july 30th. thanks so much for joining us. let's start with a quick check of our weather. >> good morning, devin. the cloud are so thick, we are getting measurable rain. it's only a couple of hundredths of an inch but basically anywhere near the water, whether you are base shoreline or even some of our north bay valley, santa rosa has within getting a
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consistent miss. san jose, you're in the getting much but it that view. >> terms of the day today. we watch up into the mid 80s. it's going to be a wonderful day in terms of temperature. back over to you. >> the mega millions grand prize topped a billion dollars. it's the second largest jackpot on record. everyone was thinking about it, dreaming about what they would do with all of that money and after several tries, we finally have a winner. >> let's see if i can make you a billionaire tonight! >> the winning ticket came out
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of illinois. it took until almost 5:00 this morning for that winner to be announced. a lot of people were having trouble checking the mega millions ticket. the lottery web site had been crashing for last night's drawing. meanwhile, california schools are cashing in on the lotto craze. at last check theta had taken in $224 million in sales. 90 million is earmarked for public education. the state generated about $ 1.8 billion for education across all lotto games. >> the monkeypox clinic will reopen on monday morning with more vaccines. the state has received over 37,000 and expects to receive an
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additional 32,000. the city says it needs about 70,000 to address the outbreak. despite warnings from both the fda and the cdc that both doses are needed. >> i've been waiting for four hours. four hours. >> we are really pro or tiezing vaccines to the populations most impacted. that is including gay men, bisexual men, other men who have sex with men. >> more than a third cases have been reported in san francisco. the state health department say aboueerts of the patients have been white or latino. the vast majority, gay or bisexual men have a slow response of the government is being compared by some of the slow response to the aids
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crisis. some say it's burnout. the fear arngd that in the gay community is that there will be a backlash against the gay community because of that. >> reporter: former kpix anchor has a unique perspective. he covered the aids crisis in the 80s and sees the difference but sees both as painfully slow. >> it's a shame because they have the vaccine, which is the difference, there was no aids vaccine. >> though we have a vaccine for monkeypox, the government doesn't have enough. at a press conference thursday to announce the public health emergency, speaker after speaker maligned the federal and state response. >> we have an eminent window to
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prevent the spread of monkeypox in our community and now we arrive at a public health state of emergency. >> pbut it's not seen as intentional. >> do you think that is the reason for a slow government response here because there is some kind of stigma attached? >> the reagan administration was a different situation. aids was brought up as a white house press briefing in 1982 and the room laughed. we're not in that world today. i just think that people have been so burned out by covid that a lot of us, including people in the government, just kind of threw their handsp and is when they should have been paying closer attention. >> the initial outbreaks of monkeypox and aids were concentrated in the gay communities, specifically among gay and bisexual men.
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there is nothing that would prevent it from spreading within the straight community as well. you can find out the latest on our web site at health officials in napa county are dealing with an outbreak of legionnaires disease in napa. typically the county gets one or two reports a year. legionnaires is pneumonia. it can be spread by a cooling mister or large air conditioning systems. out of san jose, a boy has been hospitalized with serious injuries after being hit by a car while riding a bicycle. it happened friday night near south san jose. our cameras spotted evidence markers and a mangled bike in
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the middle of the road. the driver did stay on the scene is it cooperating with police. a california drought official has quit claiming the government nt doing enough to fight climate change. max goalldberg has been with th state water board for years but no longer believes that governor newsom is willing to face climate changes. he said the way some of you have simply roll ed over and accepte this has also been difficult to watch. we reached out to the governor's office for a response and their statement says the government has worked with the legislature
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to focus on diversifying our water supply, improving infrastructure and ensuring california is better able to manage hotter and drier weather. the governor is doing more here than any other state to adapt to our changing climate. >> now to the fire watch. the yosemite family has burned 162 homes and other buildings to the ground. cal fire say a property buffer used to stop the spread of wildfires has saved a lot of homes. >> reporter: originally they left two huge stumps in front of a window that was single pane and aluminum framing. this is now tempered glass. >> reporter: this home is described by the homeowners a portrait. the reason, defensible space,
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the five feet and her home free of landscaping and the materials of her home are anti-fire. >> this should not be here. this is absolutely wrong. you never have any vegetation next to a vent. that's just asking for embers to go right up into your foundation. >> reporter: we walked to heather campbell's backyard. a newly installed deck just went in. it cost more than $60,000, a price tag campbell says is worth it because it won't go up in flames and take her house with it. >> metal. this is cement board here, this is cement board. this is timber tech product. >> is defensible space enough? >> defensible space is not enough. under the conditions that we're experiencing now and with the
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ember storms we often get, you got to make sure you have that good combination. right now new housing is officially headed to berkeley. after a series of petitions and protest, it was ruled that the university can move forward with plans to build student housing on the site. university officials say that part of the park will remain open. construction is expected to start later this summer. >> and in san francisco, "the chronicle" reports a judge has struck down a local law that allows noncitizen parents it vote in school board lebss. the judge ruled the state constitution permits only citizens to vote. voters first approved the ordinance in 2016. now 6:11.
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still ahead, why you'd need to work more than three minimum wage laws to try and pay rent in this city. >> here's a live look outside before we head to break. we'll
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welcome r confirms w alady minimum wage salary. you need to earn 61.50 an hour. in santa clara, you'd need to make $55 an hour and almeida about $44 an hour. the roeport was put out by the national low-income coalition. >> a trial date has officially been set in the battle between twitter and elon musk. over a back-and-forth battle over preferred court dates, a judge set the trial to begin october 17th. originally the judge agreed to the delay until next year but twitter's legal team argued the
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process be expedited in order to, quote, limit harm to its business. the score is now kardashians 1, instagram 0. kim kardashian and kyley jenner. taking a live look outside now, we've seen a little drizzlesome parts of the bay area, definitely here in san francisco. what can we expect the rest of the weekend? >> a lot like this but we'll add, devin, a small chance of isolated thunderstorms sunday night into monday.
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first let's get you ready for saturday morning. we've been watching the clouds from the mountains on the west side of santa clara valley. just beautiful there. as pretty as it is, it tells us those clouds are thick. look at the golden gate bridge. that is a damp roadway. it's on the front line. you would expect it to be dampier and we're seeing a little bit of misting down here. i can't gotn aingmeasable butg you wn yo srains, there are places that have gotten measurable rain this morning. santa rosa has gotten .700es amounts yesterday. on these hills, a tenth of a inch already. you can see how cloudy it is.
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if we play the futurecast forward, at 10 a.m., many of us near the water are still looking at gray today. but in the early afternoon it will be sunshine for everybody except for the immediate coast and immediately at golden gate. like you don't get sun at all today for many of those locations and then the clouds just build back in again by the time we get into the afternoon and evening. let's get the daytime highs to go along with the clouds. we'll be in the low 70s and upper 70s. san mateo, we'll go to 78 in rec in 82o 8 we'le the temtu the shoreline right around 70.
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look at nevado, 80, santa rosa goes to 80. those temperatures are noticeably warmer than any location on the east bay shoreline where you don't get much sun today. if we keep our eye out here, nevada. it's really not a very overly likely scenario buts possibility is there for late sunday into monday. i didn't put it in the sunday day forecast because these few would be very intervene. it's not like there will be one part of the bay that gets favored over another here.
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we'll be in the low 80s for day tooip high for san jose. small chance of rain monday night and maybe an isolated thunderstorm. >> reporter: if we're going to see this kind of pattern -- i think that that so it's possible but it's rare. >> thank you. >> good morning, everybody. straight ahead in sports. on thursday the giants took a step forward. last night, huh? a step back. and the a's have ♪♪ ♪♪
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with an invisalign smile, everything clicks. and that class reunion natiobecomes...sity. is that anna?! invis is the #1 doctor recommended clear aligner and more predictable results invisalign good morning, everybody. the giants, 13 hits friday
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night! way to go. scoring run, not enough. great shot of a lone seagull atop the giants' glove at oracle park. struck out 11, two shy of his career high set nine years ago. to the fifth inning. this one sin di hes a mary's? the former gale hit a shot that opened the scoring, 19th homer an whatgetaway drop brought i r. giants left 13 runners on base and have now dropped four games behind for the final wild card spot. will clark, in orange in the corner, his number 22 will be retired for the rest of these
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yients. kevin mitchell, the former mvp, came over in 1987 and hit it off right away with will the thrill. >> it was a joy to come to the ballpark and watch will clark play. >> they started a three-game series with the cubs -- no, not the cubs, chicago'sth umpire. go ejeed. sry ltht,lll s b.he team after the birth of his son.
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this is a man's strength. that's dad strength. that was the 6th inning. he came back and went yard in the 8th inning. even at the hospital he worked on his timing. >> early before things got serious with the baby, i was doing dry hacks in the room there. so, yeah, it's just been a special couple days. >> to the 49ers where trent williams will have some of that dad strength of his own as he reported to camp after being away to welcome come a newborn diamond. we keep talking about yankees, aaron, yud. he became the furst to reach 49
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feet this season. and in the eighth, he became the furst player to reach 41. judge, who grew up an hour outside of sacramento has hit eight home runs in nine games after the all-star break. that is sports at this hour. everybody have a great saturday and i will see you later. coming up, thieves steal an iron gate in oakland in broad daylight. this isn't the first time. they say t-- >> an agonizing infection. we'll hear from a
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\l . live from the bay area, this is kpix news. >> we're going to start this visit over unicorn in the bay, though you'd have a hard time telling where we are. that's the south bay. these areheasn valley looking
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over san jose, mountain view, coopertino. i'll show this again in about 15 minutes. and, yes, it is misting. for many locations near the water, bay shoreline or coat, it's your appetite and you'lly p see the cloud fill in to most bay most of the day. we'll take a look at daytime highs for now. >> thank you. a tech ceo arrested for the third time has been extradicted back to the county. they found new evidence, investigators say, linking him to the murder of laurie holtz.
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hu h is s toea courtth.eo.n kld down. point calling police.teehere wo witnesses saw three men stealing panels and a woman serving as a lookout. >> me and my son are talking and we start hearing loud bangs. >> they immediately called the
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police as the son started recording. his camera shows 20 minutes later an officer responded, stopped and drove off a minute later. oakland police tell me the officer did not see any thieves. once the officer left, the thieves went right back to. >> it's really sad. it's getting to that level where itheld, w's a f for all and the are no consequences. one, two, three, to. >> reporter: the thieves stole two large panlts in the gates.
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they say each extra panel costs $400. cal tran says it happening repeatedly in al media county. they're now welding the panellings, i struggle of day it water damages and fire damages. i can't do that no more. it's so dangerous. and they will not come here late at night because we've had incidents. >> he and neighbors want the police and elected leaders to do
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better in oakland, ktix 5. this morning rescue crews continue to search for survivors in kentucky where record. the concern is only expected to grow. >> the scale of devastation is clear, the high water and swo swollen enough it sweep away entire homes and there's still a lot of people out there, a will the of. unand he expects the death toll to climb. at least 19 people have died, including six children. >> it's hard.
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>> on friday immediately i don't know approved a disaster declaration, freeing federal found help with recovery. fema officials say at least 20 search-and-rescue crews are on site. patricia columbo was trapped in her car with rising water. >> i didn't know what to do. honestly when water veeds, there hit it off playing "w" you, got to pour off, is din effect be. >> even more rain is forecast in the. >> with monkeypox cases rising, health officials interest does
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not require sex you'll. when jacob starred feeling sick, he thought he had covid-19. >> the symptoms were almost identical, tongue got swollen. >> then came the lesion on the face. >> he thought it was a pimple. he said you see that? it looks like a pimple. didn't realize it. a hug, kiss, that's all it took. >> now three e.r. vus it's, he is still in agony. >> it is like sitting on shards it is the most painful thing
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i've ever experienced in my 47 years on the planet. and i wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. >> david's husband is also sick with monkeypox now. he's frustrated with the lack of monkeypox vaccine access and the slow response from the state, federal and local from i have been asking for it and that is where the federal government has failed us is that they knew about monkeypox from mid may. >> reporter: david is particularly frustrated. >> it feels like aids all over again, the shape of sexual contact. and to think anyone can get
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this, and it will frn and hopefully it will speed his symptoms and help need his recovery. there you can find our basedes. officials say pelosi will go to singapore, malaysia, south korea and japan. pelosi declined to confirm that herself citing as long been a u.s. between the president and
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kpn. the china president warned president biden against interfering in china' national sovereignty. >> the democrat-led managers stand virt ul hi had. . it includes an exemption for existing couples. and after a rashes mass shootings, the bill would have failed if not republicans who fought the measure and hive democrats actually oppose it. an historic east bay roll are
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frm there's fwlan to put sound houses on the site where the ring was plate mmm nefrm i thank you for calling me right here. >> the on are is frp nrm thousands in the bay now have access to quality health care thanks to in ts ek'sfe
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now at togo's some new drents who might be moving to the bay won't have to pay rent at all. the feds are considering reintroducing sea otters to the waters of northern california where they once were abundant. how their presence could actually help the climate but potentially harm app important industry. >> reporter: sea otters have charmed the hearts of many with their playful antics and cute eat be habits.
6:44 am
sea otters call this 300 mile stretch home, between santa barbara and half moon bay. experts believe grate while, had environmental engineer aring being they,cy, consume, our instrumental and change. now there are an unadopted 3,000 along the carolina coast. >> reporter: if they were reintroduced, sea otter pups can
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be feasting too many ding all states of if could are an impact on that. >> this federal report doesn't recommend that the otters be relocated back here at the bay, it just says that it's possible. the study recommends more research and studies and more outreach to the public. sr. we've seen drizzle oaf the last day, day and a half. and the marine layer is so
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concerned trnl it's just that your car might wet when you go if it's not covered. even if you don't have to be near the water, if you are inland, sitting on the county, santa rosa has been getting mea like 20 hours. that's what it looks like on the golden gate bridge and that's what it looks like. it the other places that stand out, like santa rosa. east bay hills, that's when you get when you hit and you drop a little if you drop the continue are is let's take it from the late morning, even by 10 am, woor still looking at great
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skies in the immediate bay and for some of this north bay. by the early afternoon, everybody gets sunshine except the kes and right through pup might not get much sunshine there at all today and the cloud build back in tomorrow. low 60s. let get day time hypes in here pep we're getting it it it hit aily and there seems to be ten degrees a lower average, this time of year. on the foot millsle. here is where the marine mu.
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out of respect that you're out west, it's going to be cold in the city today for gray dampness fmt so you got have to go to the northern sacramento valley. clearly get 101. weep aren't launching so a possibility of a there's a chance, that's something we're going to watch very closely. tho thunderstorms will get pulled out from the devin southwest, it happens every year. it happens, you know that happens occasionally in the summer, if not rare so the real
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focus is going to hob frp if serious, what do the models show? >> 10% to 10 to 20%. there as a lot chance that it's not all that likely. on the flip side that, is a high enough chump now. >> thank you. >> sure. >> he's led an effort to expand health care for some of the poorest people in i ffrm
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raymondo had tough times growing up in the valley. he was one of six children, his dad, a farm worker. >> my sister dame many my younger brord died of a heart attack at 34. my dad at 65 from a stroke. >> the past tragedies helped him pick his future. >> it took a long time to understand. >> he tran formed in san jose in 1986. >> health care is a means to another end, which is keeping you healthy so that you can full fed your dreams. >> she started by providing touch when he ten taits and
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nonprofit frnl to more than 43,000 low-incop votes or insured and. in when gardner offered frooesing and vaccines to thousands of patients. she credits her husband from helping to get their diabetes under control. now she serves on the board, support supporting greg-month-olds.
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>> this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to a-month-old owe you can fill out the only form and tell us about your nominee. go to our
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tell me the difference between playing in a symphony hall versus outdoors in general. >> inside it's much more controlled. when you're outside and the birds -- and, by the way, the lighting is changing. that's a relaxation. >> it's something that tiffany knows well. they headlined the first festival in 1932 and sunday's music will be as dynamic as the environment. >> the pieces that i fixed that will you rp some of that
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commonwealthing from ben jinns and i know that the audience will have in and to grap your attention as we were going uphill. >> various torms bamming back we reached a if -- i don't know if it given to -- with. well, today you can enjoy free parking at all 28 of the santa clara county parks, pb and imaginely
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we're really well struck right now with numbers that are very well behaved and below average. thunderstorms late tomorrow. we'll talk about that in the next hour. >> and a mks state of emergency declared in san francisco. what it means and why some say health officials are still moving too slowly. >> plus, climate change has stepped away. why he resigned from this long. temp ature
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