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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 30, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live now an kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, a tenant protest in oakland leads to a win in affordable housing. plus lifting each other up. how women in san francisco are raising the bar on abortion rights. and a doctor weighs in on the safety of music festivals from monkeypox. whiche begin in oakland when owner of a complex has agreed to sell it. the property will now be owned by the oakland community trust moms forousi.
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they helped convince the after helping raise funds, to buy the property. the advocacy group claimed attention after occupying a vacant house on magnolia street in november 2019. advocates wanted to highlight the homeless crisis. they agreed to sell the complex in january 2020. >> we have to continue to make these fights visible so tenants know it's possible. not everything will go into the land trust but you can tell this was an ideal situation and people standing up and fighting, there's possibilities. >> the apartment complex will now permanently become affordable housing and tenants will have the option to buy their units. john ramos will have more on what this means for the rights of tenants coming up at 6:00 tonight. but new at 5:00, president biden has once again tested positive for covid. the president made the announcement, saying he has no symptoms but is going to isolate. the president's doctor says
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rebound cases can happen in people who take the drug paxlovid. the president had just finished his isolation from his first case of covid on tuesday. at the same time, the biden administration says it will buy 66 million doses of moderna's upgraded vaccine. the government has already agreed to buy 105 million doses of pfizer's latest vaccines. the new boosters will be designed to fight against the variants. the new shots are expected to be available this fall. there are only 100 days until the midterm elections and today, vice president harris made a visit to the democratic national committee in washington, dc where she rallied election volunteers and staffers. she also went after the recent supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade. >> the united states supreme court just took a constitutional right that had been recognized, took it from the american people, from the women of america. and around the country now, so-called leaders, extremist
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so-called leaders, are passing laws to criminalize health care providers, to punish women. elections matter. >> while the vice president was attacking the court's decision, its author, justice samuel alito, criticized foreign leaders who are against the ruling. >> i had the honor this term of writing i think the only supreme court decision in the history of that institution that has been lambasted by a whole string of foreign leaders. who felt perfectly fine commenting on american law. one of these was, uh, former prime minister boris johnson but he paid the price. >> the justice also targeted france's president and canada's prime minister. a poll from the ap this week
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found 43% of americans have, quote, hardly any confidence in the supreme court. at the same time, this was the scene today at the indiana cap capital. protesters as the state's senate debated the abortion ban. it got enough votes to pass and will now head to the indiana house of representatives. a group of women in san francisco showed support for those fighting for abortion rights across the country. kpix 5's max darrow has the story. >> reporter: rep after rep, adrenaline was flowing at the iron and metal fitness studio in san francisco on saturday morning. >> i maxed out at 110. we lift some serious weights. >> reporter: this group of women used their strength to show strength for women in states that are restricting abortion access. >> abortion is health care, specifically women's health care. i just couldn't think of a better cause to support in this
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moment. >> reporter: danielle owns the female focus training studio. she organized this bench press competition with a goal of raising money for the women's reproductive rights assistance project to help women access safe and legal abortion services. >> with roe v. wade, it felt like we had to do something. if somebody benched 100 pounds for their highest rep, them plus all of their sponsors would donate $100 each. so it was dollars for pounded. >> reporter: in total they lifted more than 5,000 pounds as part of this competition, translating to a $5,000 donation. >> i am over the moon, filled with joy over the event today and everybody who showed up in support. >> reporter: the supreme court's reversal of roe v. wade didn't sit well with her. >> there's a lot of women who came before me who fought for this. to see it gone is upsetting. >> reporter: since then some states have taken steps to
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restrict abortion access. on saturday, indiana lawmakers grew closer to approving a near total abortion ban. participants told us they felt compelled to show support for women across the country. >> they want to come out and support and be empathetic and not stop fighting until everybody has this access. >> i'm from georgia and tennessee, so it's definitely something close to my heart and we want to, you know, try to donate and help women everywhere. >> reporter: a show of strength from a group of strong women. >> when women come together, they're unstoppable. >> reporter: in san francisco, max darrow, kpix 5. now at 5:00, monkeypox cases in the u.s. continue to climb. there's more than 5,000 confirmed cases nationwide. almost 800 of those are here in california. that's second to new york, which leads the way with just over 1,300 cases. here in the bay area, monkeypox cases do continue to rise as well. kpix 5 reporter devin fehely
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spoke to a doctor about the level of risk and what you can do abouta worsening outbreak of monkeypox in the bay area, doctors say it's unlikely, not impossible but unlikely, that someone would catch the disease at a concert or festival. >> the highest risk, skin to skin contact for a period of time. you might have an open sore or microabrasion on the uninfected skin and it's easy for the virus to get across. >> reporter: according to san francisco's public health department there's been just over 300 cases of monkeypox in the city and just under 800 statewide. it's spreading primarily in the gay community, between gay and bisexual men. but infectious disease experts say there's nothing preventing it from spreading to and within the straight community as well. if you're planning to attend a concert or festival, there are some precautions you can take. >> to lower your risk completely, wear long clothing.
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you want to limit your prolonged skin to skin contact with someone in a public setting. >> reporter: and the most important thing the doctor says, if you're concerned you may be at risk of exposure, get a vaccine as soon as one's available. >> vaccines are really good vaccines. you just need one to really give you a lot of protection up front. it's about 85 to 90% protective. you take it within four days, and you already have maximal protection. >> reporter: devin fehely, kpix 5. the biden administration is set to ship out 800,000 doses of the monkeypox vaccine this week. meantime, there are fears of vaccine inequity similar to coronavirus. 75 people have died across 11 african countries. but the head of the african cdc says no doses of the vaccine have been received on that continent. someone in illinois woke up a whole lot richer this morning. according to mega millions, one winning ticket was sold for
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$1.34 billion. that's the record jackpot on friday night. don't know who the winner is, but we do know the winning ticket was sold at a speedway gas station. if the winner chooses a lump sum cash option, they'll get about 780 million. >> as far as the winner is concerned, we have not heard from the winner yet. we don't know whether or not they even know they won a prize so i encourage everybody to check your ticket. >> there were a number of other winners last night including somebody in fresno bought a ticket worth $4.2 million. not bad. coming up on kpix 5 and cbs news bay area, the death toll still rising after the storms in kentucky. and more rain could be on the way. plus thunderstorms fueling a new fast moving wildfire in northern california. this man will tell you where. >> those thunderstorms, brian, will try and work their way to the bay area, and it's a small chance. considering where we are in fire season, we'll look at that
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closely in the forecast coming up and we'll talk about these cool temperatures we've been living with, coming up next.
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welcome back. from nevada to virginia, catastrophic floods have decimated neighborhoods across the country. in kentucky the death toll has risen to 25 as the national guard continues to provide relief to residents throughout the eastern part of the state. the kentucky governor thinks things are going to get worse as rescue crews continue to sift through rubble.
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the national guard has rescued hundreds of people in tennessee, west virginia and kentucky. with cellphone service out in a number of counties, crews are working double time to get people to safety. >> a lot of places that don't have service yet, the challenge has been getting to them to set up some of those mobile service towers. providers as well as emergency management have mobile towers that we can get up. but again, it is about safely getting there. >> power outages have also been a hindrance on rescues, according to more than 18,000 homes and businesses remain in the dark. in apache junction, arizona, cleanup crews are putting the pieces back together after seeing two inches of rain lastly night. a mud river flowed through as residents saw their neighborhoods transform in a number of hours. >> ice chests, beaters, you name
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it. it went through my shed, almost went through my swimming pool. >> it was a nightmare, we had water three foot over the cement barriers that we had up yesterday, just looks like a waterfall coming clear over the top of them. mud, tires, tree stumps. >> according to longtime residents, they have never seen flooding this bad or happen this quickly. but that's what they mean by flash flooding. here in california there is a new fast-moving wildfire in siskiyou county, called the mckinney fire in the klamath national forest. fire officials say it's being fueled by late evening thunderstorms. >> from the start of the incident all the way up until now, still pretty breezy this
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time of the morning. >> closer to home, the oak fire near yosemite has burned 20,000 acres. cal fire says it's 52% contained. the good news is that at least today some evacuations were listened. you see the fog and the clouds and you think that's the most stable air on earth. on the other hand, behind you i see thunderstorms. >> yeah, there really is that juxtaposition of what's going on. i want to start with the thunderstorms, because even though the chance is small, we have a small chance tomorrow. so let's get into that. here is the wide view. first of all, the fire that brian was just talking about, the one that went from nothing to 30,000 acres in a day, that one burning way up here on the far northern edge of the state. you can see the complex of lightning up there responsible for that. but let's draw your attention over here to the central sierra. even though it's not as impressive at this point, i'm going to switch and put this into the futurecast. watch what happens through the next 24 hours. thunderstorms are going to redevelop again tomorrow.
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we might see a few straggler showers get pulled our way tonight from that but that's very spotty and not all that impressive. tomorrow it gets a little more impressive. here is sunday in the afternoon, with a better complex of thunderstorms. and then you're going to see a little more of that energy redevelop and start to get pulled back towards the bay area. here is the takeaway on something like that. this is a small chance. 10 to 20% chance we could see an isolated thunderstorm. not typical for us in the summer, optimism. anyone who lives here knows that. but it cap hn happen, think of lightning siege from august 2020. that was the same setup, those big complexes of thunderstorms that develop every summer in the desert southwest. sometimes they get pulled far enough west that we get in on the act here. considering how dry the landscape is we'll watch this closely because any lightning would be a concern. thankfully we've got a lot of humidity. temperatures have been well
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below average. all of those things help. there's a lot that goes into watching the significant concern there and we'll keep you updated on all of it over the next two days. there's the smoke plume from that mckinney fire. if you're worried about that, that's a huge fire, a lot of smoke, and the atmosphere is taking the majority of it away from us. so that's not going to be a factor. instead, this is what's driving our life right now. that's the golden gate bridge, obviously, you can't see the towers. it doesn't look like that everywhere, obviously. this is the view from the top of mount diablo. you can see the low stratus, the clouds filling in the bay. san jose, that's you, and it's sunshine here. overnight, low clouds fill back in for everybody. we wake up to gray skies tomorrow, even some light mist as those clouds go back in. mid-70s, 68 in the city, 75 in livermore. just to watch how the clouds rebuild tonight, tomorrow morning it's gray out.
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lightness near the coast and along the bay shoreline. we'll repeat this pattern. morning lows tomorrow where they were today, low 60s inland. upper 50s near the bay. let's pull in a few more locations. ukiah is going to 94, 100 around clear lake. the rest of the day, temperatures are behaved, 86 in livermore, 80 in san rafael. in the seven-day forecast, we just keep repeating that. we're not going to change this a whole lot. wasn't keep doing our late july, early august thing with the low clouds in the morning, overnight hours, maybe some light mist again. i didn't put rain on here for the chance of isolated thunderstorms. it would be so few and far between, the bigger concern will be do we get any lightning. that's what we'll be watching, that will be the primary focus for the first alert forecast for the next day and a half, two days. vern, over to you. 49s, the clock is ticking. we are waiting. where has klay thompson gone this time?
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nfl up top and the 49ers training camp day four. are you ready for news and notes? judge smalls is. >> well, we're waiting. >> depot samuel continues to work out on his own while the rest of his teammates practice. his agent and the 49ers front office remain in discussions about a new contract. carl shanahan says his relationship with depot was good. >> there's a lot of people repeating what someone said, repeating and repeating and repeating. there's a lot of negotiations going on. there's a lot of money involved, it's a big business deal. but beside everything else, we're good. for defensive ne
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maurice herz, he is expected to miss the entire season. the giants will retire will clark's number 22 in the game against the cubs, moving pictures that have and the game on the late show. he think aaron judge has been on our air this week more than judge judy. the yankees star homered again today, his ninth in the last nine games now up to 42 in the season and that was number 200 for his career. the dodgers called up redwood city native, the former star has 21 homers this season. he was drafted by l.a. in 2018 after three years at sacramento state. hey, smile, camera's on you! in detroit for the third round of the pga stop in detroit tony fenow had plenty to smile about.
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he shot a 65, now 21 under par tied for the lead with taylor pinriff not seen here. klay thompson continues his off-season celebration of his fourth nba title. the warriors star hit the beach in the bahamas. look what he etched in the sand. nba champs. life is good for klay thompson. next time your kid asks you for a pony, consider they could match the lengths or heights of nicole schrier. how in the world did i end up here? it involved this young lady in novato. it was nicole schrier's 18th birthday. on this horse farm there's no place she would rather be than almost 12 feet in the air with sandy. this is her view.
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in the sport called vaulting, schrier trains at morningstar vaulters and for her it's -- >> the thrill. >> the thrill of, i'm up here, i'm several feet high, i might fall? >> yeah, you feel like you're almost flying. >> think of sandy as a 2,000-pound moving trampoline. the two have been together for seven years. in this case only's coach, carolyn connor, ten. >> she couldn't do one pullup. >> how many falls did it take before you got it right? >> a lot. >> i thought, uh-oh, i hope this isn't a couch potato. >> potatoes grow. so did schrier. age 9. 14. 15. 16. >> every time she came back a week later, i could tell she had been working on it. she was stronger and more flexible. and she became a superstar. >> if you follow these ribbons, she's on her way. she's running out of room at her
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house. >> practice makes perfect. so i'm a lot better than when i first started. >> then you have to do some flexible moves. >> i actually have adults valuat vaulting now. any age can vault. >> that's how i ended up on sandy. >> that's very good. >> not me. nicole is taking her talents to uc davis in the fall. we shot that a long time ago and i am still sore today. >> vern, i'm worried about you. at her age, kids bounce. >> right. >> you, i'm a little worried about. but you looked good up there. >> drop, kick, and roll. not for me. >> i
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welcome back. in the east bay, the annual backpack drive today with volunteers putting together backpacks for supplies for the unhoused and low income students. they'll be distributed across multiple school districts in the county. >> some kids will come to school, first day of school, without a new backpack, without school supplies required for their education. our goal is to make sure every child feels prepared to start the school year with all the supplies they need. >> the goal for this year's drive was to put together 2,022 backpacks. i wonder why. organizers say they competed
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their goal by 500. that's good news. that's darren peck. there's vern glenn. tonight, covid rebound. the president tests positive for the virus again. >> i'm doing fine. everything is good. >> also tonight, catastrophe in kentucky. the death toll keeps rising, as receding floodwaters reveal the scope of the disaster. >> there's no words. it's just hard to imagine. >> the race to find the missing with more rain forecast this weekend. plus, russia accused of new horrors in ukraine, as families face the fury of the front line. monkeypox spreads. efforts intensify to contain the outbreak. more cities are saying they don't have enough shots. i'm michael george with the race to get vaccines to at-risk communities.


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