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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 4, 2022 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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sour patch kids. sour. sweet. gone. . now at 11:00, breaking news. a stabbing on board a b.a.r.t. stra train in the east bay. what they're still looking for
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tonight. protesters have halted construction at people's park in berkeley for now. why they say a plan to build new housing is just a cover. a deadly outbreak of reas legionnaire's disease hits the bay area. and a new cruise will take passengers back to the gold rush days, the voyage setting sail from san francisco. now at 11:00 and streaming on "cbs news bay area." br breaking news out of alameda county where a stabbing shut down a station about three hours ago. police did find the weapon but are still searching pour the suspect. the south hayward station just reopened about 15 minutes ago. >> tonight the people have taken back people's park in berkeley, all in a bid to stop construction of a new student
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housing complex. as kpix reports, it's a battle more than a half century in the making. >> yes, we need everyone at people's park. >> reporter: a rallying cry to the hundreds of people gathered on the uc berkeley campus. they marched to where construction was to begin for housing for students and low-income resident. >> it's a way to push people out. it's just an excuse. >> it's sad because all those trees, all the trees that i pruned and made sure were alive. they took them all. >> reporter: protesters cut through fences and vandalized construction equipment, slashing
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grass and wires. reminiscent of some in the crowd of the original free speech protest in 1969 that led to bloody thursday. >> i so admire what those people did up here, and i was a young teenager, so here i ammin, doiny little part today. >> reporter: due to the destruction of construction materials, the university has decided to pause construction work. the spokesperson for uc berkeley said there will not be any action in the park tomorrow and instead they'll be spending the next few days assessing how to move forward with the construction of the housing project. in berkeley, katie nielsen, kpix 5. >> and the university tells kpix 5 they will have an update on the number of people arrested tomorrow. a pair of san jose bartenders jumped into action when smoke started pouring from a commercial building across the
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street. >> anybody m there? >> you can see the metal garage door bulging out and brlack smoe coming out of it. we had to run back away because we could hear the metal clinking back. >> reporter: workers had just left the warehouse when flames broke out in the back. crews saw inttheir way through rolled up doors before it could get to neighboring units. police are still searching for the gunman who opened fire on a muni bus, killing one person and wounding noir. it happened on velasco avenue in the sunnyvale neighborhood. police have not released a description of the shooter. this is the second deadly shooting on muni this summer. officials have traced a deadly outbreak of legionnaire's disease to a local hotel, but
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none of the patients ever set foot inside. >> reporter: this kind of outbreak is pretty rare and a bit of a mystery where health officials have to go back and piece things together to figure out how this bacteria is spreading. 12 people have been diagnosed since july 11. three people were hospitalized, one is on a ventilator and one has died. eight of the diagnosed have since recovered. all of the people diagnosed live near this embassy suites hotel where allegiance nella bacteria was found in a rooftop cooling tower. interestingly, none of the people infected visited or stayed inside. the bacteria pmay have been sprayed into the air by a fan inside the ac unit. >> any water that's contaminated that's aerosolized can be
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breathed in, and people who are at higher risk of having underlying medical conditions can develop legionnaire's disease. >> reporter: the people affected range from 58 to 80 years old. it can cause cough, shortness of breath and fever. the biggest challenge is trying to figure out if the barcteria s growing in water anywhere else. >> just because we identify legionella in one source tonight mean our job stops there. what we try to do is identify other potential water-sources such as cooling towers, decorative fountains and hot tubs or ponds around, you know, the area where the cases are. >> reporter: manapa county is working with the cdc and public health many the embassy suites has taken that cooling tower offline.
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so the risks should be relatively low. if you have any symptoms matching this disease, you should contact your doctor. back to you. >> thank you, sara. the monkeypox vaccine clinic will be closed to walk-ins tomorrow due to dwindling supplies. the city is waiting on a fresh infusion of 10,700 doses but doesn't know when they will arrive. meanwhile, scott wiener has been tapped to chair a legislative committee on monkeypox. it will study the impact on the lgbtq community. the next hearing is set for tuesday. vector control will spray after west nile virus was found in several insects. no human cases have been reported yet, and those that are are generally mild, but not
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always. one woman who contracted it in 2006 told us the virus left her permanently disabled. >> mine was a severe case. i'm fortunate to be here to have this conversation with you. it started with nausea, and it started with vertigo. i could not even walk to the restroom. i was crawling on the floor. >> the county is also asking residents to get rid of any standing water which can be a breeding ground for mosquitos. downtown los angeles is lit upodger blue in a city-wide salute to vin scully. >> he spent nearly 70 year calling dodgers games and passed away yesterday at home at the age of 94. >> fans of all ages stopped by to pay their respects. >> his career began in the era of jackie robinson and continued until his retirement in 2016. >> i'm thinking how good he was
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as a broadcaster, and he was the best voice in sports. >> he represents the goodness in humanity, the goodness in people, the goodness in the world. >> i just love vin scully. >> and the giants and dodgers paid tribute to vin scully before tonight's game at oracle park. also ahead, a chance to cruise wine county in style. a new riverboat that will soon show off the best our region has to off. hundreds of e bikes suddenly stopped working. >> and bay area schools are preparing to start without enough teachers. how one district plans to adapt.
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uk uc . new at 11:00, a new cruise is about to set sail right out of san francisco. >> it will visit some destinations you might not expect to take passengers on a trip back in time. >> oh, it's going to be fascinating. >> reporter: american cruise lines is launching a new california voyage with a ship that will make a two-day stop m sacramento, sailing right up to the docks along the old sac waterfront. the eight-day cruise will begin and end in san francisco with additional stops in stockton, napa and vallejo. it's a maritime route that dates
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back to the gold rush days. >> this is so historically accurate. coming up the river is exactly the way it was back 150 more years ago. >> this is how people arrive d n sacramento. >> reporter: people will get tours to place like the underground tunnels. the cruise will be aboard "the american jazz", a modern multi-deck ship that can accommodate more than 150 passengers. the operator has cruise on the mississippi river and other waterways. >> it's very exciting to see them coming in a different way and experiencing sacramento from the river point of view. >> and that was adrian moore reporting. the new cruises are supposed to start next february with prices starting around $6,000. tonight hundreds of e-bikes
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have suddenly gone dead all over the streets and sidewalks of richmond. when our calls went unanswered and e-mails bounced back. >> welcome, your call cannot be completed as dial. the mayor tells us his calls haven't been returned as well. the median price for home sales drop 4% and sits at $863,000. that drop was even bigger in the bay area where median sales prices fell 7%. new at 11 chec:00, milpitase ground on a new campus. it will replace facilities at the former samuel air campus.
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the 99,000 square foot facility will feature 75 classrooms, experimental learning and s.t.e.m. labs and outdoor quads and court yards. where are they going to go to learn the skill, to be inspired? we know if people live in milpitas, work if milpitas and learn in milpitas, milpitas is going to be stronger than ever before. >> construction is funded by voter-approved bond money. the cdc i expected to relax covid guidance for schools. they de-emphasize social d distancing. students in san francisco head back to class on august 17th. and the district is busy making
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plans in case there aren't enough teachers. they are short by 123 right now. the pandemic drove a lot of teachers out of the profession. others are leaving because they can't afford to live here. >> you had an amazing teacher that went back to school to become a lawyer because in both cas cases it was like, i can't see myself doing this for this amount of money. >> there is emergency procurements for teachers. if it's short staffed when school starts they may have to make other measures. the mckinney fire is 10% contained and hasn't grown much in the last day or two thanks to much-needed rain. and some residents were able to leave shelters and return home. but some communities west of
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yreka remain in shelters. flash floods washed out parts of highway 89. there are reports of cars being swept off the road. in alpine county folks are cleaning up after sandbags failed to keep mud and debris out of homes and businesses. >> we couldn't open the door. so i climbed out the window, and the deputies had to push my car out. my car was buried in the mud. my basement is flooded almost up to the ceiling. that's where all my artwork is stored. >> oh, that is such a mess. >> it's like a double-edged sword for a lot of residents. you're either dealing with dry conditions or nflash flooding. >> this is absolutely the wrong time of year a possibility. the good news is thunderstorms that caused the flash flooding
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have now diminished. however there were issue not just to the north of tahoe but south of tahoe around the tamarack burn scar, and we are going to see thunderstorms and showers redeveloping in the mountains of northern california once again with the monsoonal moisture lingering. >> i don't know what it is about the 11:00 newscasts and the wr weather sputer getting stuff. here we go. let's take a look at what's in store. the fog is spreading into the inland valleys by early tomorrow morning. we'll figure out that weather computer one of these days. still muggy tomorrow or muggyish. the humidity will be noticeably lower. even to finish off the workweek on friday it will be warmer inland and then back to a normal weather pattern bit end of the workweek. a mix of 60s and 70s. not seeing dense fog just yet.
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we had sere it dissipated. it is going to spread into the inland valleys as we head moo eainto early tomorrow morning. at the latest by noon, we should see the fog confined to part of the bay area. temperatures tonight dropping down to a mix of 50s and 60s. slightly above average because of the amount of humidity in the air. if you are heading to the giants game tomorrow, temperatures are going to start off at 12:45 in the low 60s but warm nup into te upper 60s. near average temperatures around the bay with temperatures farther inland three to five degrees above normal. upper 80s in san jose. mostly in the upper portion of the 80s for the north bay. with low to mid-90s east bay.
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the humidity will be noticeable for one more day. temperatures running close to normal for the first weekend in august. t seven-day forecast includes that normal weather pattern. t that little bit of cloud cover still hanging out filtering sunshine, but that is going to be increasingly sparse as we head to friday and saturday. lots of sunshine in store for most of the bay area except along the coast, but even there i think the fog will break up long enough for the sun to peek through. juan soto made his debut. and things are going from bad to worse for the san francisco giants. how a chance to celebrate in the seventh turned into
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how long had it been since the giants lost seven straight to the dodgers you ask? gabe capler hadn't discovered
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biceps and tricepsth empire str theaters. a moment honor invevin scully. vargas in his major league debut. sure jubilation from vargas. seventh inning. brace loaded. mike yastrzemski. and luis gonzalez was sleepwalking. seven straight losses to the dodgers. this one in shutout fashion. petco park and san diego played center stage in the baseball world tonight. 23-year-old juan soto made his debut with the team. this lineup is loaded. he know it is and has advice for
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opposing pitchers. >> i wish them all luck. >> soto was one for three with a couple of walks in his san diego debut, but he might have been right about pitchers being scared. brandon drury welcomed to slam-diego. homers in his first pitch as a padre. san diego left the yard three times and beat the rockies 9-1. a's going up against shohei ohtani. sixth inning. sean murphy sends it on a ride. that's a blast into the bull pen. murphy drove in all three a's runs. one of the few not intimidated by ohtani. blooper. a's second baseman tony kemp. flashed him the leather.
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athletics 3, angels 1. jaburr cruised. soccer, first-ever meeting between earthquakes and intermiami. cross play. san jose clears it out to a wide open john mota. his first career mls goal. quakes are winless in their last four matches. raiders' receiver hunter renfroe didn't upgrade to a xl, forcing three teammates to squeeze into a back seat. adams commented, renfroe saved 499 and lost three friends. tough to believe raiders season is here.
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jaguars-raiders at 5:00 p.m. yeah, the preseason starts tomorrow. >> can't wait. thank you, charlie. tonight a pair of rescued tigers are on the way to recovery at the oakland zoo. up next, the plan going through congress to help animals like these. i'll talk with a couple former teammates about changing the conversation
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want more from your vitamins? get more with nature's bounty. from the first-ever triple action sleep supplement. to daily digestive support. to more wellness solutions every day. get more with nature's bounty. well, tonight the oakland zoo is helping a pair of tigers get back on their rather sizable feet. >> and a new bill in congress could save other big cats from what they went through. four tigers were rescued from a zoo in oklahoma where they were being used as photo ops. >> they were living in small
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cages that had never been entered in years with feces and chicken carcasses for food and everything that had just been sitting in there for the entire time that they had been alive. >> that's just horrible to think about that. the oakland zoo has taken in two of the tigers, mia and lola. the cookeepers say it's taken a month to get them physically healthy. >> they have so beautiful. as early as tomorrow congress could pass a bill to prevent anyone from owning the big cats except for accredited zoos. >> great work by the oakland zoo. >> no question. they are looking beautiful. be right back.
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