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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 8, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> never had a private residence private residence of a former president be searched by the fbi. > >> now at 11:00, federal agentsd donald trump's florida home. tot a low cool expert weighs in on what they may and may not have found. > >> edd under fire. the new report accusing the state unemployment agency of wrongfuly with holding benefits from millions of californians. > >> protesters demand swifter acn to stop the spread of monkey pox. one person's me message fr others scrambling to get the va. >> yeah, i've never seen anythig like it before actually. > >> that's one way to put it. tot something is in the water at a
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popular alameda county lake. god evening i'm elizabeth cook. ryan elizabeth cook. ryan is off tonight. we begin with a developing story. a large law enforcement president and a group of trump supporters remain remain outside of maralago tonight hours after agents searched the former president's florida estate. we speak to an expert about this unprecedented. >> reporter: a search warrant ed at a former president's home. ts still a lot to learn about what happened at maralago and why but but it does signal an investigan into the former president is really ramping up. the fbi executed a search warrant at former president trump's maralago residence monday. the basis of that investigation clas from the national archive it found 15 boxes of record includg
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classified documents at maralago maralago earlier there year. the documents were met for preservan under federal law. in a statement, trump said his home was quote under siege and that federal agents broke into his safe. >> we've never had a private ree of a former president be searched by the fbi. >> reporter: constitutional lawr and cbs news legal contributor jessica levinson says investigators likely had strong evidence to get this evidence. >> what they need is probable ce that there was a federal crime that was committed and probable cause that the evidence of that crime is where they say it was.n this case maralago. >> reporter: as for the potentil route root of the investigation the investigation into the former president, classified documents are wide ranging and you're not allowed to hang on to to them after you leave the government. >> it's probably not something d to signals intelligence or anything else. because most of
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the time when people read that stuff you read it and its shredded or locked back up. when up. when you take documents out of an office, typically you don't want to be make, you want to make sure you're not travelig with any of the ultra sensitivef because it can get lost. >> reporter: the justice departt and the fbi have not commented on this today. and a senior white house official tells cbs news the west wing was given no advanced warning of today's search. back to you. > >> thank you sarah. tonight a new report is blasting californs unemployment agents saying it wrongfully delayed or even denied benefits to around 6 billion people during the pande. the nonpartisan legislative anat found the edd was almost entirey focused on preventing fraud and to not do enough to ensure benefits were quickly getting to to workers. the edd told the associated press it is quickly reviewing that report and it's already adopted many of its rec.
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> >> let's take a look at the cap, where a committee will hold a new hearing on california's response to the monkey pox outbreak. betty yu spoke with ps outside the san francisco federl building who's action to speed up access to vaccines and treatt is already long overdue. >> they wanted and carried signt read vaccine access, end monkey pox now. >> the earliest july started wih what i thought were bug bites. y were really itchy and they prog. and i eventually realized aftery visiting the dutch cdc website i i realized what it was that i had. because they had very cleas on their website. >> reporter: michael says he cod monkey pox after returning from a trip overseas at a time when vaccines were very scarce. he
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also got covid-19 at the same t. >> i would say keep trying to gt that vaccine. don't give up. you up. you really don't want to ge. it's just, excruciatingly painf. >> we are angry, we are outrage, we are frustrated. >> reporter: protesters called r tea pox. they accused lawmakers of bureaucracy. >> the centers for disease contl and the federal food and drug administration are actually have actually have a lot of red tape in a way that prevents physicians and other clinicians from being able to prescribe tea tea pox. and this is really harming our communities. >> reporter: there have been att 472 monkey pox cases in san francisco. more than 1/3 of the statewide total. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. > >> tomorrow will be the second y of school at oakland unified but
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unified but tonight the district district is still struggling to fill about 40 open teaching positions. ousd says it's keeping classes covered with substitutes for now. current edge educators tell kpix5 it'sh to keep educators meantime theye taking on more and more student. >> you really need to have manae class sizes. many classes are really over the limit right nowy with the school closures and consolidations. > >> the city says it's partnering it's partnering with the district to subsidize housing costs for new teachers. > >> oakland is out with a warning a warning to parents. stay out of the water. the odd color change prompting concern and some colorful reaction from res. >> reporter: oakland public wors started posting the signs in may
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may but a few days ago a concerd resident reported the water was turning a reddish brown. that's a sign of a toxic algae bloom. >> it's a lot more murkier now.s gross, man. >> just looks murkier and it los kind of like a snot pile. yeah i've never seen anything like it it like that before, actually. >> reporter: they reported low s of bacteria in may which is associated with algo bloom. now the concern is growing. the advice for now is to have everye especially kids and pets to not get close to the water. >> i try to stay as far away frm it as i can. >> reporter: more human and anil waste along with stagnant water and high temperatures are contrg
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to the problem. the city is asking residents to avoid over irrigation and to keep the lake clean by limiting trash. >> just more awareness. more education, more conversations about really why it's important to keep the lake clean and what it does for all of us. yeah, it's definitely become so much more a part of the community and and the culture here. >> reporter: opw is in the procs of mailing a report to the san francisco bay regional water quality control board. it expects to do more testing and provide warnings if needed. in oakland, andrea nocano, kpix5. > >> still ahead tonight, a huge s for the entertainment world as fans mourn the death of olivia newton-john. how she you'd her own struggles to inspire millions. >> children forced out of theirs by the mckinney fire are getting are getting a chance at some no.
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the unique program providing a safe space and critical support for their parents. > >> plus we'll introduce you to e photographer who spent six decas capturing stunning images of the the 49ers most iconic moments. >> joe talks about this pictured says that's his favorite pictur. that was bill's favorite pictur.
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>> tributes are pouring in tonit for olivia newton-john. who's girl next door on grease grew a following from the 70s to todaye actress and recording artist did today at her santa barbara couny
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home. after a decades long battle with breast cancer. the english born australian was at the height of her popularity whn she went public with her diagnos in 1992. she immediately turned her personal health struggles into a source of strength for countless patients. through her tireless advocacy for education and early detection. >> there was a time when women t ashamed of it. and hid it from the world. it was as if it were something wrong with them as people. she was remarkable in being open and direct about it.d i think set an example for other for other women with breast cancer. > >> she fought off the disease te before it returned for a third time in 2017. olivia newton-john newton-john was 73. > >> developing tonight a placer y community continues to search for a teen who disappeared during a party over the weekende
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sheriff's office is treating the treating the case as a possible. 16-year-old kiley rodney was lat seen early saturday morning at a a large party at a campground jt north of truckee. pictures and video from the gathering shows hundreds of teenanners aagers. y of them drinking and doing drug. today investigators spoke to he. >> i just want to know where sh. i just want to know what happen. >> reporter: the placer county s office says it's treating rodney's disappearance as an abduction because her car is also missing. > >> and police are looking for ar honda crv with license plate 8yur127. > >> tonight the u.s. forest serve is mourning the loss of a long time look out killed in the mcky fire near the oregon border. kay shutman had look out towers
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since 1974. she died late last night as the fire raced through her klamath river commat 11 a rt a nonprofit is stepping up to help children and families impacted by the mckinney fire. t camp monitoring tkeu saásers tkeudisasters. today a dozen campers got to participate in craft, crafts, games and other. volunteers from the west coast e helping out. > project camp is allowing the parents to do the work they need to do to rebuild. rebuild. >> i wanted to come out and maka difference and give the kids sog to do. >> reporter: less than four daye the 49ers hit the field for the preseason the niners face the packers at levi's stadium. and you will see it all right here. > >> a long time team member who l also be on the sidelines. photor
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michael segeres tonight. a look at the six decade career of a man known throughout the nfl as z. > >> 49ers photographer michael zs is getting ready for his 50th nl season. and when he turned the lens on me and squeezed the shutter i couldn't help but thik of all the people who have come through his camera throughout the decades. >> joe talks about this picturet was his favorite picture and bill's favorite picture. >> reporter: like walsh and mona on the sideline. here's how zegeres took the picture, laying laying on the field himself. >> bill liked it he said it remd me of the old days when you drew drew a play in the dirt. > >> it includes classic photos of photos of the oakland raiders and other legendary players in the nfl. >> i think my contribution has n
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much as a historian. basically holding up the mirror and for the most part letting the pictus tell the story. and sharing that that not only with the men that played the game. not just the niners, the raiders, the steelers, but anybody that played the game when you see this, you can relate to so much of what is in here. >> reporter: he has photographes of players on the field but hi photos also capture the dramatic dramatic behind the scenes shots shots that often get edited out of nfl coverage. >> it's also a document of a, oa moment in time. >> and while he was photographig the players and the coaches, he was also capturing the history of the early rock scene in the bay area and beyond. >> it was like, if i can't be ie band, this is the next best thi. more than just capture the pict, i want to be the experience. you the experience. you know very sy
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so you become what you're shooting. ben ramirez, kpix5. > >> field of play comes out in or and make sure to check out the special 49ers section on our website where you can find all of our stories as we count down to the preseason. > >> paul you and i will be on the on the field on friday. i think it's probably going to be warm. >> it'll be warm but it's not gg to be ridiculous. the first preseason game is a lot of times times the temperatures can be well into the 90s. that's not gg to be the case on friday. good s if you have tickets, your temperature at game time is goig to be just above 80 degrees. ths not too bad. we're going to see plenty of sunshine throughout the day. it's going to be warm especially if you're sitting in the sunshine. make sure you're staying hydrated throughout the game. but at least we're not going to be excessive by hot. ts our story throughout the day. ne
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heat in the forecast. tonight low cloud cover and fog is going going to be spreading out in the in the process of doing so alre. another day of comfortable temps in store for us on tuesday. then on tuesday. then we start warming up a little bit on wednesday. back to just kind of normal august heat by thursday and friday. and that's going to continue right on into the weekend and into early next week. looking out from the tower, we've been seeing some fg swirling around in the last few. no variation to speak of. the fog is going to continue spreadg into the inland valleys. some reduced visibilities to begin the day tomorrow. but that fog s going to back out from the inland valleys from 8:00, 9:00.e into everyone into the bay area at 10:00. you should see a mix of clouds and sunshine by the afternoon. temperatures will start out mostly in the mid-50se low to mid-50s in the cool sidee of the warmer locations staying right about 50 degrees. highs tomorrow will be around average
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along the coast. 70s down the peninsula and around the south d of the bay. farther inland temperatures are still going to be five to 10 degrees below normal. close to 80 degrees andg mid-80s around morgan hill and gilroy. temperatures inland and the east bay, low to mid-80s. it we'll take this. the warmest spot in brentwood only up to 70 degrees. temperatures are going to jump beginning on wednesday so enjoy this while it's here. r 60s in san francisco. a mix of upper 70s and low 80s inland in the north bay. begin a few degrees below average. even temperatures are in mendecino are going to remain under 80. nw this doesn't tell you how far above average and that's the god news. we're not going to be that that far above normal. we're
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talking a few degrees above what's typical for this time of year by the time thursday and friday roll around. that means low 80s for san jose. temperatus around the bay aren't really going to change very much at al. they are 70 in san francisco. lw to mid-70s for oakland even the hot spots inland and the east bay around 90 degrees by thursday and friday. and that's just not that bad at all for august. and we're going to drop back down to the upper 80s satu, sunday and into early next weeky little change along the coast. s staying in the middle portion of of the 60s. > >> kevin durant gives the nets n ultimatum if they want to keep him in brooklyn. he's asking for for quite a bit. > >> and a review wound up being e difference in san diego tonighte last call between the seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes.
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>> massive series is under way n san diego. if the giants want to to earn a play off berth they're they're going to to leapfrog tht
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the giant padres at some point.t them swinging. soto almost shott of his shoes there. frustration for the 26-year-old. 7 inning, giants up 1-0 there's kim. down the left field line. mind you brandon tkraour drury is running. crawford the relay. the relay. the tag from bart. that was a thing of beauty. they call call him safe. they review it and they overturn it. so the score remains the same. bottom ninth. camilo devon on. that's josh bell and you know what to do with a bell you ring them on straht. 've now won > thcame for ohtani shohei ohtani who didn't
11:26 pm
didn't play. into the left field field seats that was the only run cole irvin allowed in 8 innings. and the renhifo homer was the difference in this one . . > >> packers-49ers can be seen fr. the packers announced that aaros will not play in that preseason opener. so rogers won't play. ke shanahan he's used the first two two weeks of camp to get his offense ready for every possible every possible scenario. that means he's even gone as far as to play a ref. a bad ref. >> it's fun to call holding pens on people who don't hold to watch them get very sensitive about it but that's kind of part part of it. >> hold on kittle i called one . just all the people i think it l bother. >> nba kevin durant is willing o
11:27 pm
stay in brooklyn. he just has one small request. the nets must must fire steve nash and shaun marks. durant told this to owner owner joe si who said he supports the coaching staff and front office. how things have changed when kd played for the warriors he was very close to nash who was working for the team as a consultant at the time. > >> the smoke had just started to started to fade a little. here i i am thinking kevin durant may stay in brooklyn after all. not so likely anymore. and you're telling me there's a chance with with the golden state warriors.s always going to be linked to them so here we go again. >> oh yeah, it'll be interestino see if he actually came back he. there's always going to be a tem that is going to want kevin dur. he's always going to have a jobf he wants one. >> no doubt about that. > >> tonight a college football player is getting a lot of
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>> you knew those blue skies cot last for long. >> they'll be back tomorrow. >> oh good. all right, all right. thanks captioning sponsored by cbs >> president joe biden is emerging out of covid isolation with some big political wins. the inflation reduction act. >> he announced the successful operation hat took out al quaida terrorist leader al-zawahri better than expected jobs report. >> the president mas had a very effective time and the irony is this came while he was suffering from covid. >> we here at the c.d.c. want to remind you that the latest strain of covid is still prevalent. here are the symptoms to look for -- fever, fatigue, severe loss of terrorist head, unexpected bill passage. irritable mitch syndrome,
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