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tv   CBS News Bay Area Evening Edition 6pm  CBS  September 30, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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this man with instruments. a lot lot going on. >> reporter: make the champions hoping to defend their title int week is the battle of the bands. the bands. how they want their c to show the world a different side of their home town. >> i think that we show there so so much good is happening here n pittsburgh. > >> this is cbs news bay area wih news bay area with juliette goodrich. > >> take a look behind me. this is a nestorius stretch of highwy 1. it is living up to its reputation. the car went flying off devil's slide it is in just this morning. the driver survivd morning. the driver survived the the plants onto the beach below. beach below. several drivers have died after plunging off ths after plunging off this same sth of highway 1. it's just south oe tunnels. it's near the beach. sara donchey on how rescuers wee able to save a driver's life ths time. >> reporter: you can see, it's been a very foggy afternoon her,
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very foggy afternoon here, making driving even more dangerous. in fact, this particular stretch of road has already proven deadly in the pa. deadly in the past. today was another reminder of just how dangerous driving here can be. t was all hands on deck friday morning when a driver plunged 200 feet off a cliff at devil's side to san mateo county. fighters and paramedics rushed to the beach to the driver out of the car. initially planned on on hoisting him at the clip by a a row. >> it was low tide. contract helicopter by contra costa couny fire. >> reporter: the entire rescue took almost an hour and a half. he survived, but others have non so lucky. >> i can't believe it. half thee half the time, you know, just i. >> reporter: 22-year-old richars 22-year-old richard moss disappeared in 2017 after his car was believed to plunge over the cliff. his father organizeds of searchers. moss' personal its
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personal items were eventually d on the beach. >> you only need to take your eyes off the road for a second. >> reporter: firefighters are urging people to slow down. >> it's unfortunate. it's a common occurrence that we deal . that we deal with. we are on that call for more often than we than we should be. >> reporter: the person who plunged off the cliff here was flown to stanford with critical injuries. some good news, firefighters say the person was alert and talking when they were were rescued. we will send it bk to you. >> we want to let you know thate did reach out to caltrans. the agency tells us there are plans in the works to build a new series of barriers along highway highway 1 to help predict these accidents. construction is set to begin in january, 2024. > >> bring on the winter blend let let me explain. if you have filled up your tank recently, you have noticed gas prices are. some relief to be him away very soon. normally the refinery switch from the summer to the winter blend of gas on october .
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gas on october 31st. but, the governor just sent a letter to the state air resources board ag air resources board asking them to speed up the transition. the winter blend is easier and chear to make, and the move is expected to increase the supply of fuel, helping lower costs fol of us. display has been lower because of planned and unplanned maintenance and refineries. according to aaa, the average pe of a gallon of regular in san francisco is $6.50. that's about $0.09 up from yesterday. oakland and san jose saw similar similar temperatures. > >> republicans have been calling for a repeal of the gas tax. instead, the governor and lawmakers approved one-time inflation replaced payments of p to $1050 for some families. those payments will go out starg next week. > >> meantime, california legislan >> meantime, california legislan >> meantime, california legislan >> meantime, california legislan >> meantime, california legislan >> meantime, california legislan >> meantime, california legislan >> meantime, california legislan >> meantime, california legislan >> meantime, california legislai season is coming to an end. gavin newsom has been busy signg and vetoing bills before the mit
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deadline. one of those bills just signed aims to make califoa a sanctuary for transgender youth. the bill protects transis the bill protects transients and and the family's from legal action if i come here for gender gender affirming medical care. it is a response to several rect bans in other states. the governor also signed a family leave bill that lowers income ws that lowers income workers can recoup to 90% of their income when they take time off to care for a new child or sick family . another bill will fill conviction and arrest records fr ex-offenders who keep a clean record for four years. that excludes felons convicted of serious or violent crimes. > >> another law will require pole agencies to screen officers for participation in hate groups. > >> the newly elected sheriff for for alameda county is speaking out for the very first time aftr very first time after more than 40 deputies were actually placed placed on desk duty for failinge psych exams. the internal audite
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after a double homicide in dubln double homicide in dublin where an alameda county sheriff's deputy was arrested and charged in the killings. the audit reved killings. the audit revealed since 2016, 47 deputies were hid despite receiving, quote, not sd marks on the required psychologl exams. sheriff elect sanchez said today, it is a shame the 4s shame the 47 deputies directly affected by this discovery have been cast in a negative light. it back, she went on to say, tht owes them an apology. sanchez pd an apology. sanchez promised to re-examine the florida process. we should note, about 30 of those deputies worked in the saa rita jail, where sanchez has been a commander. > >> today is the deadline for sae to clear out of sprawling homeless camp near minetta intel airport. you can see the campus almost empty now. the city cleared out most of the camerasr the faa said it was in the flight path. many of the campers the campers relocated with their their rvs down the street to ney
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the street to nearby colonus pa. colonus park. the city says more more than 100 people from the original homeless encampment have been moved into housing amg them is a woman who has lived on on the streets almost 20 years. >> reporter: what is it like to be able to say that? >> it brings tears to my eyes. >> that is a story by leonard ms story by leonard meares. coming up at 7:00 my more on how she was able to get in her new home and why she said the move left her shellshocked. > >> still ahead, you are going to going to meet a high school marching band that practices late into the night, trying to defend her title at a fleet wee. >> champions! i think we will oe that. >> i love it. how they hope their music will help paint their hometown in a much different light. > >> hurricane ian takes aim at the carolinas after leaving master sergeant in florida.
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naomi: every year the wildfires, the smoke seems to get worse. jessica: there is actual particles
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>> onto hurricane ian. it is now now lashing south carolina. to regain strength over the atlantc strength over the atlantic, butt has weekend thankfully. we are getting a closer look at some of of the damage on the carolina c. water rushing inland on pawleys, inland on pawleys island, approaching the tops of street signs. video shows the partial collapse of the cherry grove peer on one of four destroyed ie store. florida absorbed the bigt blow. the damage, they are callg it catastrophic. this view shows shows the mass destruction and devastation along the gulf coast. houses were ripped from the foundations. search and rese crews are there on the land doing what they can in fort mye, florida. a man was trapped in the rubble. a group of good samaritans rushed in to pull him him to safety after a woman offered her sweater and covers m up. we are also hearing
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incredible stories of survival. one woman in fort myers returned returned to find her family's new home in pieces. >> this is what we found. we have only been here for six mon. we just pooled all of our money to buy it. it's gone. >> i literally watched my house disappear withg in it. right before my eyes. >> so far, at least 21 people he died in florida, and the death l could rise. if you want to help the victims of hurricane ian until we have a link to donate.o to we are going to bring in carl hagan wih a look at some of the destructin and charleston. >> you see the storm surge. this the storm surge of a category 1 hurricane, which is large, but l distracted. water moving in that that volume are that speed is going to move pretty much anything in its path. they are going to be cleaning up in south
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south carolina, florida. likelye carolina, florida. likely more flooding problems as it moves further inland. it is not classd it is not classified as a post-topical storm. starting toe storm. starting to lose those tropical characteristics. stilla huge rainmaker. the winds aroune center of circulation at 5:00 still at 60 miles per hour. thas confined to right around the center of circulation. just blustery as you get further out. out. look at the volume of rain off the rater imagery. starting to move out of south carolina. plenty of rain in north carolina carolina spreading into virginia. the flooding threat wl continue. the northeastern u.s. is going to have some coastal erosion. basically transitioning transitioning to a nor'easter, which we usually associate to te usually associate to the winter. winter months. it's still going to be a headache, even after it is losing his topical characteristic with winds weakeg characteristic with winds weakeg characteristic with winds weakeg characteristic with winds weakeg characteristic with winds weakeg characteristic with winds weakeg characteristic with winds weakeg characteristic with winds weakeg characteristic with winds weakeg characteristic with winds weaken further over the next 18 to 24 hours. returning to the bay area, toasty temperatures
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inland, but return to near average as the area of high pressure responsible for today's warmth is going to we can a lie bit. we get our onshore influene get our onshore influence to return as we head into the weekend. the fog making its way across the bay tonight. but then, we are going to returned to a warming trend as a high pressure strengthens again. maybe even some offshore winds next week. something we will see . look at the fog streaming thrh the golden gate. temperature downtown is all the way down to 60 degrees. mid-60s in oakland after they get the low 80s. further inland, temps these are still in the 80s. 80 degrees in. futurecast, tracking the fog, pushes it well into the inland valleys to begin the way on saturday. it won't last too long, backing up to the coast by midday. should see plenty of se see plenty of sunshine as we head into the rest of saturday with temperatures warming up from the normal start in the mid mid to upper 60s. some of the coolest spots dropping to the low 50s. near average temperatus once the fog dissipates. kind of
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ironic for happy cat month. mookie is looking stern. he is not a dodgers fan. temperaturesn vallejo to the low to mid-70s tomorrow. regardless of which mammal you are walking, the wear is cooperative. the warmest spots are going to reach the mid mid to upper 80s inland in the east bay, which is in 2 to 3 des 3 degrees above normal. temperatures below average around the bay thanks to the fog fog and the onshore breeze. if you're heading out to hardly strictly bluegrass for the second day of the festival tomorrow , or third day on sund, temperatures are only going to talk about in the mid-60s, which which is pretty typical for golden gate park with the fog in fog in the morning giving way to to a little bit of sunshine as we head into the afternoon. the seven-day forecast shows temperatures similar on sunday.e
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similar on sunday. we gradually start to warm. it's will be a slow process. you want notice much of a change monday and tuesday, but you will start to notice warmer temperatures on wednesday. you will really notice an increase in temperatures further inland thursday and friday, with highsg friday, with highs returning to the mid to upper 80s. hottest spots in and they say likely to return to the low 90s for at least a couple of days by next thursday and friday. while the new calendar page says october, it is basically going to trend to the mostly above-average teme trend we had in september. we will keep you updated. >> you always do. > >> we are going to have more one ian's threat to the carolinas. here is norah o'donnell. > >> coming up after kpix 5 news at 6:00, hurricane ian makes landfall again, this time in south carolina, battering charln south carolina, battering charln south carolina, battering charln south carolina, battering charln south carolina, battering charln south carolina, battering charln south carolina, battering charln south carolina, battering charln south carolina, battering charln south carolina, battering as the death toll rises in
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florida. and the warning tonight for major cities on the east ct on the east coast about potential flooding. that inward tonight here on the cbs evening. the cbs evening news. >> [ music ] > >> they have talent, yes they do , and the determination. meet the defending champs of fleet week's battle of the bands. the request to bring another trophy back
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have heart failure and still experience unresolved symptoms? heart failure and seemingly unrelated symptoms like carpal tunnel syndrome... ...shortness of breath... ...irregular heartbeat... ...and lower back pain could mean something more serious called attr-cm a rare, underdiagnosed disease that worsens over time, so it's important to recognize the signs.
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sound like you? call your cardiologist and ask about attr-cm. >> inspiring. friday night lighs would be complete without the pittsburg high school marching band. the band made some serios noise during fleet week for years ago. they took him first place in the high school band c. as kpix 5's ryan yamamoto jose, the band director and students
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say the victory is more than playing music. they are showinge they are showing everyone who they are about where the music came from. >> reporter: if organized chaos had a rhythm, it may look something like this. >> 225 students in the span wit. a lot going on. >> reporter: so much going on, it is impossible to squeeze thel into a tiny classroom. >> this is marching season for . marching season for you. >> reporter: beta02 marks right into the schl auditorium and meet up with fellow student and a major, who is waiting to take charge. >> i get nervous because my peers, i had to be the leader of them. but there is this adrenaline rush to to make the knot in my stomach. as soon as we start playing, it starts to release, which is ama. >> reporter: and amazing soundse this. it is an award-winning prm
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led by band director jennifer martinez, who takes pride in the the program's long legacy, espey this one specific trophy. threes ago, the pittsburg high school marching band to come first place in the 2019 fleet week high school band challenge. >> we were the last winters. we are bringing it back this octobr 10th. >> defending champs. >> we sure are. >> we sure are. >> reporter: it is a championshp it is a championship she hopes will ring true once again. e i us, but i think we can overcome it. >> reporter: in practice, they n in practice, they can overcome anything. they put in hours
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after school. >> working with these musicians gives you a surge of energy wheu of energy when you feel like you you don't have any more but to e in the day. >> reporter: a chance to flex tr stuff on the football field where they move and play in sync sync until 10:00 p.m. on a schol night. all to represent their s, to represent their school, the , their community, and show from s can, indeed, come beautiful mus. indeed, come beautiful music. >> >> i think we show there's so mh goodness happening in pittsburg . that's what i hope people taky hope people take away when they hear pittsburg. not the stereotype of what maybe they have heard about us from the pa. from the past. in the present, this is who we are, and we hope to be proud representatives of r community. >> reporter: in pittsburg, yam kpix 5. >> pittsburg will be one of fie to square off. they will all
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compete on monday, october 10th. 10th. we wish them all good luct the golden gate park bandshell. brian will be there is the mc. so awesome. we have posted a link to the full fleet week event guide on , where you also find all of our fleet k of our fleet week reporting. > >> big weekend. san francisco's hardly strictly bluegrass is bak at golden gate park after a twr hiatus. >> [ music ] >> killed in music night tonigh. the park is buzzing. what's going on on day one of the festival. this year's lineup ins folks, rock, jazz performances. headliners include marcus mumfod marcus mumford, elvis costello, and it is free. >> we are excited. >> we are excited. beautiful weather this whole weekend. we can't be happier. >> it is an all weekend affair. the festival will go through
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sunday. > >> still ahead, it is one big ca is one big camera. up close, it is the largest digital camera built right here in the bay area. how will it
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>> we got a look at the world'st digital camera for astronomy but right here in the bay area at ss national accelerator lab. its , about five feet apart, that is s
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high death. it sensor is made up up of more than 200 individual custom-made image sensors. together, they have 3200 megapixels. scientists say it was the biggest challenge. the cameras the size of a small card weighs almost three tons the cameras going to the rubin observatory under construction n construction in chile. it will record images every 15 seconds at night. the hi-rez images will will be transmitted to menlo pa. >> with these images, we will be to detect anything that changes in the sky from night to night. that's a capability that other s do not have. >> appear to the hubble and jams webb telescope, it can capture h larger portion of the sky in a h
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higher speed. > >> cbs evening news with norah o'donnell is next. we will be bk here in 30 minutes. see you the. see yo then. prop 27 sends 90% of profits from online sports betting to out-of-state corporations in places like new york and boston. no wonder it's so popular... out there. yeah! i can't believe those idiots are going to fall for this. 90%! hey mark, did you know california is sending us all their money? suckers. -those idiots! [ laughter ] imagine that, a whole state made up of suckers.
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vote no on 27. it's a terrible deal for california. we win. you lose. naomi: every year the wildfires, the smoke seems to get worse. jessica: there is actual particles on every single surface. dr. cooke: california has the worst air pollution in the country. the top 2 causes are vehicles and wildfires. prop 30 helps clean our air. it will reduce the tailpipe emissions that poison our air kevin: and helps prevent the wildfires that create toxic smoke that's why calfire firefighters, the american lung association, and the coalition for clean air support prop 30. naomi: i'm voting yes on 30.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, hurricane ian makes landfall again, this time battering south carolina with strong winds and high storm surge. the threat of flooding continues in major east coast cities. we'll show you where it's heading. the category 1 hurricane slams the east coast, leaving people trapped by floodwaters. cbs' mark strassmann is in myrtle beach, where rescues are under way. >> reporter: that's the atlantic ocean right there, spilling here into the streets. >> o'donnell: the death toll in florida rises, and the miles and miles of devastation, as people return to what's left of their homes. cbs' omar villafranca got a tour of the damage. >> reporter: hurricane-force


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