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tv   The Late News  CBS  October 16, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> now at 11:00, fentanyl and or fentanyl and other open drug use. > >> that is a policy that's beenn to be destructive. >> and the latest on a serial kr and how police managing to track track him down. > >> and the flu season is expectd to be worse than usual. just
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what you wanted to hear. like interim district attorney brook jenkins and interim supervisor matt dorsey. both were appointed appointed by the mayor. critics say the tough on has been the not worked. >> reporter: fentanyl is respone for more than half of the drugs deaths. the city is cracking down on 1800s san franciscans who have died. >> as someone who is a recovery. who looks at numbers and has lod at these number all the time. kg that i'm one bad decision from being there, in that group. i know i'm not alone in the recovy community from feeling this is . >> reporter: dorsey is working n
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a plan called san francisco recs that if passed would ask 21 cits and six city commissions to report back on resources needed to respond to the crisis. he points to success in cities like cities like amsterdam and lisbon lisbon which don't tolerate open open air drug markets. >> they actually have things lie supervised consumption facilitis but those facilities exist precisely so that it is not takg place in the street. you don't see, blocks taken over by drug scenes and drug dealers. >> dorsey said he's hopeful jens will hold drug dealers responsi. among her opponents protkpwrezie defense progress i progressivee attorney tamakasi. >> where i differ is using the m
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as a solution. >> reporter: kamasaki says he dt believe jail the effective solution for use incarcerating. >> trying to get people into tr. >> in san francisco, betty yu, . > >> we did reach out to both kams opponent and dorsey's o poepbtd 's opponent for a comment on the usage, but got no response. >> it's a rough place and a lotf people can't take it. mentally.
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>> creating an entire blocks woh of open space expenentially expands the space for everyone.s going to be a change maker. >> i ink we can dream big. the big. the money for the project would come both from the city and a public fund raising drives say they don't have a time line to finish it by they hope the ft phase could be completed within maybe six months. > >> two sonoma county sheriff's s are on paid administrative leave leave after shoot ago man suspected of shooting into cars near sonoma plaza. a man shot at at a deputy so they fired back.e deputy is now in critical condin and an investigation is under way. > >> a facebook group that was fod to generate tips played a huge role on the recent arrest of the
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the suspected stockton serial k. the group was created by a stocn native. the creator of the paged rene asked to be protected but she says she personally sent moe than a dozen tips topolice. one stockton resident said that fing the suspected killer has united the community and law enforceme. 43-year-old jeffrey brownley ise in court later this week. > >> at about 11:30 police arrived police arrived in the residential area where a victim had been shot. he's recovering.e
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are looking for a suspect. >> governor newsom has gone agat the parol board and blocked the parol of manson family member. e was convicted of seven counts of of first degree murder. she's now the longest incarcerated fee inmate in the united states. > >> elizabeth holmes back in theh bay courtroom tomorrow. a judge has given her defense team a hearing to figure out why she deserve as s a new fraud trial.e was convicted of defrauding her victims out of $3.5 million. her million. her defense argues that that e-mails reveal the prosecution engaged in misconduct. but legal experts don't expect a bid to be
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successful and if it's not she's it's not she's scheduled to be d on tuesday. > >> flu season is on the way. dos are warning this year's season will be especially bad. kpix5's devin feeley spoke about a what defenses you should take get. >> reporter: the upcoming flu sn is going to pack quite a punch.g the flu will make you seriously sick this year if not worse. >> i wouldn't wish that on my we enemy. it really, makes you feel feel like you've been hit by a dump truck. it's not like a common cold, it's like a common cold times 100. >> we've heard those warnings ss really different this time around? all the precautions we've taken during the pandemic have had an unusual side effecte had less exposure to and therefr
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less preparation for the flu. so flu. so when it gets us, it really hits us. >> we don't have a lot of populn immunity. the population in general hasn't seen a lot of flu flu for a few years. and what it what it means is that unlike co, we are more vulnerable. >> it's important to note the fu unlike covid impacts the very young and the very old most. we most. we have flu shots which should take if not eliminate most symptoms. >> you can get both covid boostg and flu booster at the same time. i got it myself at the same time. > >> still ahead on kpix5 news at. more protests across the bay ara supporting the people of iran after more violence breaks out in the islamic republic. > >> then jordan poole is speaking is speaking in public about thah for the first time since signing
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since signing his massive new deal. >> and we look at the real reasn why we pay so much more for gas in the bay area than in the rest rest of the country and the stas taxes are just part of it. we'l. >> and we'll take a look at whao expect the from your bay area f. if we can find someone around he to do it, when we come back.
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>> welcome back. human farming of cows and other livestock is a is a big con contributor to climate change. so new zealand has decided to tax their harmful harmful greenhouse emissions. ta krauss explains. >> cows do it a lot with no apo. belching up a greenhouse gas cad methane which can be 80 times more damaging to the environment the environment than carbon dio. new zealand's prime minister was to slap a tax on the harmful methane. >> importantly all many rates fm charges on emissions will be recycled back into the system to system to fund further research tools and technology. >> lucinda says farmers can chae
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more for climate friendly produs but critics argue the world first row proposal ignores meass many will already using to counter. the plan includes incentives for farmers who reduce emissions through feed additives. >> these calves are drinking a formula mixed withwith kombuchah about half of new zealand's gree gas emissions coming from livestock, climate ministers are are anxious to push to push the proposal through. > >> yellow stone national park
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reopened the east side of their entrance. the parks former north north entrance road was completely swept away in some places. now 99% of the parks roads are operational. > >> darren has to work tomorrow g and that mean as very early alarm clock. so tonight back in my old role as we start out above the state. well it's at 4:00 this afternoon and everyone everyone had thin high clouds by by this afternoon. but actually it was more hazy sunshine and probably a little sunnier today than it was yesterday and that may start a trend. as we pull back, pull in rather an show you you that we had overcast skies in san rafael down in the south bay. kind of a repeat performance tomorrow. by the time we get to midweek, things are going to change. we should get a little more sunshine everyone even a bit of a warm . the view of clear bay bridge. te
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number today concord got up to 70. all of these numbers are well off october averages. coolr than usual but we will recover in the inland valleys by the time we get to midweek. we'll get up into the 70s again by the the time we hit wednesday or thursday then cool it off by the the time we get to friday. a little more sunshine and slighty warmer numbers are under way. g again fills in the valleys and the coast region tomorrow mornig at 6:00 a.m. as the day goes on, on, we'll get some peaks of sunshine by tuesday morning once morning once again we have plenty of clouds. but as we heao later in the week, watch what happens. low pressure will also pull some of the clouds with itd as a result, we get far clearer skies than we have had lately. o that mean, it'll be sunnier. itl be a little bit, nothing dramat. but more sunshine as we head tod wednesday. overnight tonight ths will be in the mid-50s. fog will will be limited as we've got low got low pressure just lifting the fog off the surface. visibis
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are better. we can see the bridges tonight. and for forecast highs tomorrow not much much warmer. not much. but by tuesday and wednesday we'll begin to ramp them up. 76 for fairfield, so up to 78 at liver. mountain view remains at 69 degrees. the satellite is showing us that that low pressure that's spinning out in the pacific will stay out theret affect us, extended forecast shs if you remembers around the inland areas are going to begin to warm up a touch. midweek. so a mild warming trend for the bay the bay area in general. in fac, some of the numbers could get as as warm as near 90 degrees in the inland valleys and the east bay. warmer weather like that just makes me want to dance. > >> well okay it made them want o
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dance. october fest celebrations celebrations in campbell. there was german music, authentic german food as well as a best dressed contest. it's been voted voted the best festival in campbell for many years. >> just a day after a huge pay increase, opens up about the drd green situation. >> he apologized. yes plan on handling ourselves that way. we plan to play basketball. and wee going to do that on the court. i court. i mean that's really all i have to say. >> poole did not address the topic again during that press conference. the opener is tuesday night at the chase center against the lakers. they get their nba championship rings
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championship rings and vern will will have much more on pool and the dubs coming up on game day. >> 49ers trending down. >> self-inflicted wounds really. wounds really. >> oh, no. we suck again. >> two warriors got paid. >> what is out. >> one we've been waiting to her from. >> that's really all i have to . >> and one invitation left to te league >> whatever. it's cute. >> those sports stories and mort on game day. at 11:30.
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>> it is no secret we pay more r gas here in california. but some some experts including the tkpwr governor says the prices are higher than they should be. why california is so vulnerable to sudden spikes at the pump. >> from the pump to the tank, is hard to watch. >> this is price gouging. >> harsh words from the governot how much extra money are we dumg in our tanks? >> that adds up to $40 billion n extra payments california kwraás have to make due to what i call the mystery gasoline surcharge.
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>> severin bolstein leads the heads the energy. >> we are these days more than o dollars a gallon above the rest of the country. >> so where does the rest go? >> do we know that the price gog out of the refinery is the appre price and that it seems to fail by the time i get to the pump? r is it failing in the refiner? >> right now it looks like the e coming out of the refinery is pretty reasonable. >> so the failure over the pastn years seems to be when the gas leaves the refinery before i put i put it in my tank. >> that's right. >> severign says the refinery cs 60% of the pump too in californa as we don't have enough off brand stations to bring down the the price. >> i can start a chapter. it's like going to a baseball game
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and you have to eat. you're stuk there. >> reporter: but the governor s, we shouldn't be. >> they should not get away wit. they're taking advantage of youy single day. >> one policy the state should e is temporary suspensions when our price gets completely out of of line with the rest of the co. >> reporter: bringing in a nonca blend just for a couple of weeks weeks to maybe steady the price or borenstienrepresents more oversight. > >> hereby's a look at where this stand right now in the bay areae are the average prices for a gallon of regular tkpwar. san francisco is the most expensive but oakland and san jose are not not far behind. we're all payinl above six dollars a gallon. hers how california's average price of $6.08 compares to the nationl average of $3.88. nearly a third
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third more. >> welcome to california. > >> after the break, we'll hear m protesters in san francisco demg in support of women in iran after the latest crack down when when
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>> ralliers gathering at union e today in support of the current uprising in iran. people there demanding human rights in the face of government crack downs
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in that country. >> protests in iran led to the s most notorius prison being set afire. evan prison is known forg political inmates. so far reports from inside the country say at least four prisoners died died in that fire. > >> one bay area resident at theg today has firsthand experience at that prison. >> i was in prison for eight ye, i was arrested by security forces when i was just 15 years old. yet the regime set up the fire in the prison and claimed that it was set up by prisonerst it's a big lie. >> in iran, the fire at the prin has actually reignited anti regime rallies with no signs of them letting up. > >> and we'll be right back.
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>> this is the casino matrix gae day on kpix 5. > >> the warriors contract extensions were handed out.
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jordan poole broke his silence 11 days after the draymond gree. green altercation. first, the 4. the 49ers. they soared into atlanta. the falcons came away a a winner, with the top trained , trained defense, seven starters, starters, after today. here is their pass rusher, out with an injury. there tackle, both unable to finish the game. down 7-0, jeff wilson junior, fumbled fumbled the football! picked up by aj terrel and lost it on his way to the end zone! they fell on it, touchdown, 14-0 atlanta. oh man. second quarter. jimmy go jimmy garoppolo with a screen to to brandon au. 79 yard drive! same result, on fire! first
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