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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  October 23, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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the prop making. >> and of course the live performances kicked off the opera's 100th tonight, hitting the home stretch. 16 days until election day. democrats facing economic headwinds. >> we feel very confident. >> president biden staying off the stump this weekend while his predecessor rallies, hinting at a rematch. >> i will probably have to do it again. >> we'll have the latest, including cbs's robert costa in the battleground state of pennsylvania. in russia, deadly crash. a warplane smashes into a siberian neighborhood. plus, nato allies rattle swords amid tensions over ukraine. >> i'm charlie d'agata on the black sea in romania where we join u.s. troops in a show of force near the ukrainian border.
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weinstein sequel. the disgraced movie mogul returns to los angeles, facing a new sex crimes trial. and later, carly simon's sorrow. the singer pays tribute to her two sisters, both women dying from cancer one day apart. >> announcer: this is the "cbs weekend news" from new york with jericka duncan. good evening and thanks for joining us on this sunday. we begin tonight with the fast-approaching midterm elections. both parties are pressing hard to show why they deserve your vote. democrats focused on their legislative accomplishments, republicans on the economy and crime. at stake, both houses of congress. votes are already being cast in many states across the country in person and by mail. cbs's christina ruffini leads us off tonight from the white house. christina, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, jericka. well, after a quiet weekend at home in delaware, president
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biden will head to pennsylvania this week and florida the next as we come into the home stretch of this contentious midterm election. >> these are tough fights. >> reporter: on "face the nation" today speaker of the house nancy pelosi said the results of the midterms will be decided in the last minutes of the race. >> i see very clearly that the ownership of the ground is with us. >> reporter: but the latest cbs news battleground tracker poll has the house likely going to the republicans and the senate at a 50-50 split. >> i am worried about the level of voter turnout among young people and working people who will be voting democratic. >> reporter: the surge of support democrats saw over the summer following the overturn of roe v. wade has faded. >> crime is going through the roof. >> reporter: as republicans are trying to focus voters on issues like crime, immigration, and the economy. >> this is an economic and health crisis. >> reporter: in several key races including the tied-up arizona senate, republican
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candidates have openly questioned the results of the 2020 election. >> i think trump won in 2020. >> reporter: today house republican liz cheney warned that election deniers are a threat to democracy. >> no one of any party should be voting for people who are election deniers. >> i ran twice. i won twice. >> reporter: but at a rally in texas last night former usual false claims, then teased another run. >> in order to make our country successful, safe and glorious again, i will probably have to do it again. >> reporter: and president biden said in an interview this weekend that he could run again in 2024 but he won't make that decision officially until after the midterm elections. jericka? >> christina, thank you. the fight over the 50-50 senate is fierce, especially in the battleground state of pennsylvania. this week democrat lieutenant governor john fetterman and republican dr. mehmet oz are set to debate. cbs's chief campaign correspondent robert costa is
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there this weekend, and bob, you know that the lieutenant governor suffered a stroke earlier this year. and at the debate he's planning to use closed captioning, which is typical for stroke patients. but what more can you tell us in terms of what to expect on tuesday? >> reporter: good evening, jericka. it's a football weekend here in state college, pennsylvania. but tuesday's senate debate is certainly the talk of the town. lieutenant governor fetterman will use closed captioning, a common practice for those who have suffered a stroke, but his doctor in recent days issued a letter saying he's fine and he's recovering. but his health and issues like crime and inflation will be in focus during that showdown. >> we've been talking a lot about how this race could tip the balance of power. but just how close is the senate race right now? >> reporter: polls show this is a very tight senate race. like so many races across the country, tightening as november approaches. john fetterman has been ahead in
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several polls, but he's running behind some of the other democratic statewide candidates in the race. democrats are trying to run on the record of president biden, but republicans feel they have momentum behind them because it's a midterm year and that often favors the party out of power. >> we know that the voters have the power here. bob costa for us at state college. thank you. tonight developing news from britain. former prime minister boris johnson announced that he will not run again to lead his governing conservative party. he was ousted in july amid ethics scandals and had been expected to run to replace liz truss. finance minister rishi sunak is now the leading contender to be britain's next prime minister, its third this year. well, today china's communist party gave president xi jinping an unprecedented third term as leader and xi wasted no time flexing his new muscle. cbs's elizabeth palmer reports. >> reporter: it was staged as a big reveal. >> please join me in a warm
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applause to welcome the general secretary and other political bureau standing committee members. >> reporter: but it was no surprise that xi jinping was confirmed as chairman of china's communist party. he will now begin an unprecedented third term as in effect china's supreme leader. and as for the six men, and yes, they are all men who serve in the inner circle of the politburo, every one of them is a xi loyalist and none of them a potential successor. that shows he's amassed more power than any chinese leader since mao tse tung. xi jinping has also now formalized one of his political priorities with a change to china's constitution. it's been amended to explicitly oppose taiwan's independence. it ratchets up the potential for conflict with the united states, which with its main allies japan and south korea has been flexing military muscle in the region to counter xi's increasingly
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assertive policies. in the closing chapters of this ultra-choreographed party congress one awkward incident drew much attention. two aides appear to remove xi jinping's predecessor, hu jintao, from the front row. hu appears confused, even to resist. while xi jinping shows zero sympathy. was the 79-year-old hu unwell, or was it some kind of political power play? we'll probably never know, as the incident has already been scrubbed from chinese tv and social media. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, tokyo. turning to russia now and a horrific crash there. two pilots were killed when their fighter jet nose-dived into an apartment building in siberia. you saw it there. officials say no one on the ground died. the aircraft reportedly suffered an engine malfunction. it's the second crash of a russian warplane in one week.
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well, today a senior u.s. government official rejected a new claim by russia's defense minister. he claimed that ukraine is preparing to detonate a radioactive dirty bomb with western help on its own territory. well, bombs did in fact target ukraine today. they were russian. this aftermath in the southern city of mykolaiv. right now the united states has about 100,000 troops in europe. cbs's charlie d'agata is with some of them along romania's border with ukraine. >> reporter: u.s. f-18 fighter jets take flight off the deck of the "uss george h.w. bush" in the adriatic sea, taking the lead in nato exercises dubbed neptune strike in support of european allies. nato released this footage of american f-22 fighter jets in formation with italian euro fighters and polish f-16s, even mig-29s over the skies of poland.
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it coincides with two weeks of nato nuclear training drills while on grod weoine icst fwardroop near the ukrainian border. the 101st airborne division from fort campbell, kentucky now headquartered in europe for the first time since world war ii. with colonel edwin matthadess and brigadier general john lubas we board blackhawk helicopters to the edge of nato territory. >> why is it necessary to have the 101st here? >> we bring a unique capability from our air assault capability. it's also incredibly meaningful to us to return to europe after 80 years away. >> reporter: with the ukrainian border less than five miles away, we reach the forward operating site, where soldiers of the 101st and romanian troops unleashed a live fire assault on targets in a simulated battle.
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this is exactly the kind of combat scenario ukrainian forces are facing every single day. the big difference here is these romanian troops are backed up with u.s. military firepower. >> every shot has to count. every training event has to be the best we can do. it's something our allies want to emulate and then of course our adversaries are watching. >> reporter: a show of force for america's allies and adversaries alike. charlie d'agata, cbs news, near the ukrainian border, romania. we learned today that the suspect charged in the deadly shooting at a dallas hospital had permission to be there. two hospital workers were killed and prison officials say nestor hernandez was at the hospital for the birth of his partner's child. he was on parole after being convicted of aggravated assault. the identity of the victims is not known yet. in los angeles harvey weinstein will stand trial starting tomorrow for a second time on charges he sexually
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assaulted five women. the disgraced hollywood producer is currently serving a 23-year sentence in new york state on ma stranhas more >> reporter: stooped in disgrace, producer harvey weinstein might imagine a movie. "the abominable showman." it's about a hollywood kingpin, an epic fall, the lash of comeuppance. it's about him. but weinstein's too busy, avoiding prison for the rest of his life. >> we're going to try like hell to make sure he gets a fair trial. >> reporter: starting this week five women, actresses and models, will testify weinstein sexually assaulted them, reportedly including jennifer siebel newsom, the wife of california's governor. other marquee witnesses, actors mel gibson and daphne zuniga. >> even celebrities can be and have been sexually victimized. >> reporter: attorney gloria allred represents three of the women who'll testify.
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>> they have waited a very long time for this day. it's time for them to be heard. >> reporter: weinstein's barely begun a 23-year prison sentence in new york state. his health's poor. diabetes, rotting teeth and more. >> he can't walk and he can't see. >> reporter: but justice is also blind. and dozens of his alleged victims say judgment day is overdue for a serial predator. >> harvey, you messed with the wrong women. we will see you here in los angeles, where hopefully your conviction will leave you in jail for life. >> reporter: weinstein's name is synonymous with the me too movement. jericka, now he's back in l.a., the city of his many movie creations, and victims say his many crimes. >> we'll be staying tuned. mark strassmann for us tonight. thank you. parts of the west are dealing with their first snowstorm of the season. tonight freeze warnings and frost advisories are in effect from arizona to washington.
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colorado's keystone resort got its first significant snow of the season today. look at that. some mountainous areas could see up to two feet of snow. well, first it was vincent van .noet h been rg and fsi fuel-related climate protests. today activists hurled liquefied mashed potatoes at the monet painting at a museum near berlin. they also glued their hands to the wall. the museum representatives say the painting was not damaged. well, straight ahead on the "cbs weekend news," a non-profit tracks the impact of a sharp divide in this political climate. plus, tapping into technology to transform these tomatoes into drinking water. this is what people with eczema said about how their skin feels... ...when it comes to our skin, what if it could feel differently? say hello to opzelura for the treatment of mild
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but surprisingly, it's not what most americans want. a recent poll shows most people surveyed want candidates who will compromise to create change. cbs's barry petersen has more. >> reporter: early voting has started in georgia and several other states, and some voters are nervous. >>re facon of this country that will go to the extremes and those are the people that we're going to have to worry about. >> reporter: observers from the carter center have watched more than 110 troubled elections in places like guyana in south america. >> these are all the elections we've observed since 1989. >> reporter: david carroll is director of the democracy program at the carter center in atlanta. this year they are focused on a new troubled election. ours. what does that mean? >> that means we've realized that the situation in the united states, the threats to democracy and to our institutions here, are greater than in many countries around the world. >> reporter: watching the polarization and the violence
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led journalist stephen marche to write "the next civil war." >> what you see is a deep decline in trust in the thinglike the church, the police, educational institutions, media institutions. and without institutions it's very hard to keep a country running. >> reporter: in 2020 gabriel sterling, now georgia's interim deputy secretary of state, gave a blunt warning as emotions boiled over. >> someone's going to get hurt. someone's going to get shot. someone's going to get killed. >> reporter: and yet he remains an optimist. >> winston churchill used to always say about americans, they will always do the right thing once they've exhausted every other option. >> reporter: in our democracy we settle our differences at the ballot box. no one knows what will happen if that is lost. barry petersen, cbs news, atlanta. still ahead on the "cbs weekend news," tapping tomatoes. how the fruit is being transformed into drinking water. transformed into drinking water.
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(hamlet) it's beggin'! smoky beggin'... meaty beggin'... tasty beggin'... beggin'!!! oh, i love you. (vo) dogs go bonkers for beggin'! and try beggin' pizza flavor. (hamlet) pizza! it's harvest time across america. and in sacramento, california tomatoes are being harvested by the truckloads. and in this sea of red is much more tha pasta sauce. in tonight's weekend journal elizabeth klinge of our cbs station kovr shows us there's also millions of gallons of drinking water. >> reporter: truck by truck they
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roll in for 90 days straight. more than a million tons of tomatoes from california fields. usually, they're turned into products like tomato paste for use in ketchup and sauces. but at this facility in merced county they're tapping into something else hidden inside, fresh drinking water. inside these pipes tomato juice is being transformed into tomato paste. the leftover liquid is sent on to this shipping container where the water-making magic unfolds. >> this is the w.h.u., or the water harvesting unit, because that's really what we're doing, is harvesting the water from the raw tomato. >> reporter: and there's plenty to harvest. a raw tomato is about 95% water. this unit filters and cleans it to drink. >> people ask me what do you do? and i say i grow water. >> reporter: terry paul's company, botanical water, is behind the technology. >> we harvest the water that naturally occurs in fruit and vegetables.
5:53 pm
>> reporter: they've been doing it in australia for nearly a decade with everything from carrots to sugarcane. >> this is a byproduct. it's thrown away. what we do is we cleverly catch that evaporative condensate and then we run it through our purification process. >> reporter: now he's trying to introduce the botanical water process to the rest of the world. california's ingomar packing is the first to test it out in the u.s. what used to be discarded as waste water is now cleaned and stored in tanks to be sent to local areas in need. >> what we're doing here today is a very small drop in the bucket but for us it's a way, a step forward, represents forward thinking. >> reporter: growing the possibilities to provide a precious resource for years to come. >> our goal ultimately is to positively impact 100 million of the world's poorest people, the world's most vulnerable people, by 2025. >> reporter: elizabeth klinge, cbs news, merced county,
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tonight singer carly simon is paying tribute to her two older siblings, who both died last week. here's cbs's elise preston. ♪ you're so vain ♪ >> reporter: "you're so vain" made carly simon a household name. but she wasn't the only member of her household to make it big singer is mourning the deaths of her two sisters. 85-year-old joanna simon died wednesday from thyroid cancer. and sister lucy died just one day later at 82 from metastatic breast cancer. their father richard was the founder of publishing giant simon & schuster, a division of cbs news's parent company paramount global. but all three sisters forged their own paths in entertainment. ♪ winken and blinken and nod ♪ >> reporter: lucy got her start in music alongside sister carly as part of an iconic folk duo the simon sisters. lucy also found success as a grammy-winning producer and
5:58 pm
composer of the tony-nominated musical "the secret garden." music was also a calling for joanna, who got her start in the 1960s as an opera singer before moving on to journalism as a correspondent for the "pbs news hour." in a tribute to her trailblazing sisters carly simon wrote, "they touched everyone they knew and those of us they've left behind will be lucky and honored to carry their memories forward." elise preston, cbs news, new york. >> well, that is the "cbs weekend news" for this sunday. "60 minutes" is coming up. the ceo of dominion voting systems speaks with anderson cooper about unsubstantiated claims his company rigged the 2020 election. i'm jericka duncan in new york. we thank you so much for spending time with us on this sunday. have a good night.
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illegal sideshows in two local cities, how police responded in two very different ways. where people living in this black enclave are fighting for ownership of the place they call home. we will have that story coming up. a famous san francisco brewery making sure nothing is watered down including its factory. it's creative approach to conservation. >> we begin tonight in marin county, i'm but debate is raging over how to run a
6:00 pm
predominantly african-american housing development. officials want to maintain control of the property. >> but the residents have a plan that would allow the community control its own destiny. >> reporter: golden gate village is unique, a government own housing project in the only black enclave in the entire county, but some believe they would be better off if the government didn't own it at all. constructed in 1960, the golden gate village was held up as a national model for government housing, serving the african-american community transported to the area as shipbuilders during world war ii. vladimir putin moore has lived here for more than 40 years. >> started out 2008 2009 when they started neglecting the property. >> reporter: whether from neglect or just age, the golden gate village housing project has fallen into disrepair and needs a massive renovation that will cost tens of millions of dollars. as president of the complexes


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