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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  October 30, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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heartbroken and traumatized. speaker nancy pelosi reacts to the brutal attack on her husband. the suspect demanding to see the speaker after allegedly breaking into her home. >> i'm jonathan vigliotti outside the pelosi home where we're learning new details tonight about the attack. a heightened domestic threat warning before the elections. a majority of voters describe feeling things in this country are out of control. also tonight, deadly crowd crush. what contributed to the dangerous conditions that killed more than 150 people at halloween festivities in south
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korea? plus mourning the mighty mississippi. the concern over his conditions spreads way beyond its banks. >> we can dredge it to a certain point and then mother nature wins. and later, taking wane. >> look at that. >> the children leading the fight to save the monarch butterfly. this is the "cbs weekend news" from new york with jericka duncan. >> good evening, and thanks for joining us on this sunday. tonight, we are learning new information about the attack on paul pelosi, he's the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi. cbs news has confirmed that investigators have determined that the suspect had a list of the people he wanted to target. the suspect had a bag of zip ties. along with the hammer he brought
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to the home. the speaker says her husband is making progress. the suspect meanwhile will be officially charged tomorrow. he's expected to be arraigned on tuesday. jonathan vigliotti. >> nancy pelosi says her family is heartbroken and traumatized. meanwhile tonight, her husband paul pelosi remains hospitalized. tonight, 82-year-old paul pelosi is recovering after surgery for a fractured skull. sources tell cbs news it could have been worse. pelosi held off the attack by asking the intruder to use the bathroom. that's when he called 911 for help. the suspect, 42-year-old david depape allegedly struck pelosi with a hammer before being tackled by police. sources say depape was looking for nancy pelosi, who was in washington at the time.
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threats against politicians are at an all-time high. just days before the midterm elections, where some calls to get out the vote have taken direct aim at the speaker. on "face the nation," margaret brennan asked about a tweet he posted four days ago of him touting the second amendment. firing a gun with the hashtag fire pelosi. >> why is there a gun in a political ad at all? >> well now -- >> wouldn't a pink slip be more fitting if it's about firing her? >> exercising our second amendment rights. >> that's not a debate about second amendment. >> yes, it is. >> emerson says there is no place for violence. despite both sides of the aisle calling for calm, elon musk fanned the flames. this morning, he retweeted then
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deleted an article by a conspiratorial website that claimed the two men knew each other before the attack. and san francisco police have since gone on the record saying these two men did not know each other before the attack. jericka, they say there is no doubt this was a break-in. >> jonathan vigliotti for us in san francisco, thank you. well that attack on the paul pelosi home came on the same day officials sent out a bulletin warning about a heightened threat to the elections. a new poll out today shows eight out of ten voters feel things in this country are out of control. cbs's mark strassmann has more. >> america's zeitgeist, vulnerability. like this home invasion hammer attack on a politician's 82-year-old spouse. reinforcing an anxious bunch heading into midterms. >> you can't enji -- enjoy
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yourself. >> i just need to see some peace. and i think the only way to do this is voting. >> the economy, especially inflation, indisputably top of mind in voter anxiety. >> cost of groceries are outrageous. utilities are outrageous. it keeps going up. >> and gas prices. look at these in los angeles right at $7 a gallon for regular. that would be nightmarish is most of the country, but here in l.a., prices have actually been coming down in the last couple weeks. in our latest cbs news poll of registered voters, a majority blame president biden and the democrats for the economy and gas prices. the president's fighting that perception. >> unemployment is not 6.5, but 3.5%. the lowest it's been in 50 years. >> republicans see inflation numbers and smell blood. red tsunami. >> crime is yet another voter worry, like last week's school
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shooting in st. louis. the 40th this year involving injuries or deaths. murders and shootings down. but from a 30% spike two years ago. our report shows republicans have a double digit lead on crime policies to make you feel safer. but american voters want this election cycle of leadership to confront other challenges. immigration, an infectious disease trifecta, covid, the flu and rsv. gun policy and abortion in a post-roe america. our poll says a majority of voters think republicans will pass a national abortion ban. another worry, culture wars invading the classroom, and performance that's plummeting. it's one more challenge calling out for grownup intervention, as millions of americans now vote for their idea of a grownup. knowing that whoever wins, half the country will resent it, again.
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mark strassmann, cbs news, los angeles. tonight, we've learned at least two americans, including a university of kentucky nursing student were among more than 150 people killed in a crowd surge in seoul, korea. mourn left flowers to pay tribute. a narrow alley where around 100,000 people gathered the night before. here's cbs's elizabeth palmer with some images you may find disturbing. >> reporter: it started out a celebration. thousands of young people finally free from covid restrictions crowd into a narrow street in downtown seoul. but suddenly the crowd surged. and what had been a halloween party turned into a horror show. by the time rescue workers arrived 10 minutes after the first sos call, they had trouble pulling people from what had in seconds become a lethal crush.
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korean television broadcast medics performing cpr. body after body after body was taken from the scene to ambulances. the president visited the scene. later at a press conference, he announced a week of national mourning, and an investigation into the calamity. but it will be too late for the families who gather at a community center for information, and then got the new, no parent should ever are to hear. south korea is in shock. this is the worst national tragedy since 2014 when a ferry overturned. and in this case, too, most of the victims were young people. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, tokyo. well today, nato called on russia to stop weaponizing food and immediately renew its u.n.
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brokered grain deal. russia suspended it after it claimed a ukrainian drone attacked its fleet in crimea. the move could drive up grain market prices. cbs's holly williams has more on the fighting in ukraine. a warning, the graphic descriptions of the war may be disturbing for some. >> you could hear shooting. but then you could also hear grunts and people, like, fighting to the death with their bare hands. >> he's from tennessee, he told us, and came to fight in ukraine because he was horrified by the russian invasion. he wants to be known only by his call sign, elvis. the carnage you're describing sounds like something out of world war ii. >> yeah. this is nothing like any conflict in the past 70 to 80 years. >> on the frontline in southern ukraine, he says he repeatedly witnessed russian forces using
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white phosphorous munitions. >> it comes down extremely slow. there's nothing you can do. everything it touched incinerates. >> including this incident. >> about 20 or 30 guys burning alive, and several gunshots because there's nothing else do. so a lot of guys have suicide pistols. you'd hear them scream, and they would say goodbye and then blow their own heads off. >> elvis, that must have been horrific. >> it's war. at least that's what i tell myself. >> he admits that he's traumatized. do you still think this is a righteous war? >> yes, absolutely. we're fighting pure evil. anybody in the west that asks ukraine to just do peace talks, they need to go through these villages. they need to see what's being done to these people. if china invaded the u.s., hypothetically, massacred thousands, do you think the u.s. would sue for peace? no.
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>> russia denied using white phosphorous munitions in ukraine. jericka, elvis told us that if other americans are thinking of volunteering with ukraine's military, they should know they'll be fighting for their lives. >> holly williams reporting for us. thank you for your reporting. many u.s. hospitals are feeling a strain of flu and rsv cases, this as the battle against covid rages on. dr. david agus, always good to have you on. 6,900 hospitalizations. over 360 flu deaths, according to the latest estimates by the cdc. is that a cause of concern? what does all of this mean? >> we're seeing flu and rsv at much higher levels in this part of the year than prior years. for two and a half years we had no immunity. so there's no baseline immunity.
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what we're seeing is much more serious infections. so it certainly is worrisome. many pediatric icus in the country are full at the present time. >> and a quick reminder for those who are not familiar with rsv, what is that? >> a virus that's spread predominantly through touch that is significant in kids. they get much more symptomatic. it's an upper respiratory infection not spread through droplets, predominantly through touching. >> when you look at covid -- i want to look at information that came out. scientists at harvard and columbia found that new boosters aren't much better than the original covid shots. explain that. >> yeah, you have to take sometimes the headlines with a grain of salt. what these showed is that in two separate studies, each less than two dozen people, so very small, when only looking at the antibodies, it was slightly greater than the prior booster.
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which was a non-bivalent. the original booster. we still don't have the t-cell data from those studies. what we're going to find very soon is the pfizer-moderna very large study will be announced. my hope is it will show significant protection. my gut is it will. >> thank you. powerball has climbed to an estimated $1 billion. that's the second largest in powerball history. no one matched the six numbers saturday to win. it keeps growing because no one has hit all six numbers since august 3rd. might have to play. well straight ahead on the "cbs weekend news," the ripple effect as the mississippi river slows to a crawl. and later, saving the monarch butterfly one school garden at a time. but opdivo plus yervoy is the first combination of 2 immunotherapies for adults
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record low water levels are making it all but impossible for barge traffic to move foreign-bound produce out to sea. cbs's ben tracy has that story. >> this used to be an island in the middle of the mississippi river, reachable only by boat. now you can walk to what's known as tower rock. months of below normal rainfall have sent the river to record low levels, creating chaos for barge traffic. >> we haven't seen these levels for about three decades. >> paul roadie represents the towing and shipping industry. barges are being slowed and stranded at the worst possible time. just as farmers are sending their harvest down river. >> 60% of our ag exports travel right here down the mississippi river. if we don't have barges available, that's a real problem not just for america's farmers but for the world, frankly. >> it's also a critical supply chain from everything from coal
5:48 pm
and petroleum to fertilizer and road sal how important is this river to moving goods around this country? >> the mississippi river is a vital transportation artery. it's absolutely a water super highway. annually, we'll move 500 million tons give or take. if you wanted to put that on trucks, you could circle the earth 13 times with trucks bumper-to-bumper. >> billions of dollars in economic losses, and higher prices for consumers are expected as the drought drags on. what's your biggest concern? >> no clouds. no rain. >> and you need more than a litle rain. >> a lot more. >> bo delarco is chief of operations for the army corps of engineers. the city is now the gateway to growing problems down river. the army corp has been dredging nonstop for months. desperately trying to keep a
5:49 pm
nine-foot deep channel open. by soaking up enough silt and sand to fill up an olympic-sized swimming pool. can you dredge your way out of it? >> we can dredge up to this point and then mother nature wins. >> saltwater from the gulf of mexico is threatening the drinking water supply. baton rouge has a new tourist attraction. a sunken boat resurfaced as the water receded. this punishing drought comes as climate change is making rainfall patterns all over the country more extreme. >> it's drought or flood. >> this man studied the mississippi flow for decades. is this not going to be as reliable as we thought it once was? >> it clearly is not reliable. when the water is too high, they can't run the barges. when the water is too low, they can't run the barges. >> and yet the barges have to keep running on a not so mighty mississippi.
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to celebrate the day of the dead, or dia del muertos.ilinsk and marching bands. the day honors lost loved ones. and expect trick or treaters to be out in full force tomorrow no matter the weather. in the east, you can expect stormy weather from new york to the carolinas. and warmer than normal temperatures. out west, the first atmospheric river of the season will hit the pacific northwest. which brings with it cool temperatures in the 40s and 50s. next on the "cbs weekend news", the grassroots fight to save one of nature's most beautiful butterflies. re's most beautiful butter flies. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. ♪♪ this is how it feels to du more with less asthma... ...thanks to dupixent.
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we're on it. we're on it. we're on it with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. finally tonight, the monarch butterfly was recently declared endangered around the world. the western population is most at risk declining by 99% over the last four years. cbs's debra alfarone spent time with children working to change that. >> these students at st. joan of arc church are saving the monarch butterfly. this garden is one of about 5,000 monarch way stations.
5:57 pm
it grows milkweed, which the caterpillar needs to live. >> they're a combination of flowers. >> but the garden might not be here if it weren't for two forces of nature. one is former principal tracy tacarski. >> she's tried for her students to be better than they could ever be. >> tacarski died unexpectedly before the school year last year. >> it makes me feel awesome that she started this and that we get to carry on her legacy. >> what's so special about the monarch butterfly? >> it's about charisma. >> chip taylor is that second force. the insect ecologist founded monarch watch at the university of kansas 30 years ago. let's see your shirt. >> plant milkweed. >> inspiring schools to plant these gardens. >> give it a little push down. >> and organizing the tagging of the butterflies to gather insight about their yearly migration to mexico. >> if we're losing monarch butterflies, we're losing other
5:58 pm
species, no doubt about that. >> and losing lessons this garden can teach says the new principal, diane kessler. >> we use it so often to teach the children so many things. caring for the earth. the life cycle. >> after 2 million butterflies tagged, a million milkweeds planted, and 40,000 gardens certified, it's time for chip to spread his wings. why is it time to retire now? >> you're not 85 years old yet. >> leaving the fight to the next generation. >> oh, and look at that. >> go, butterflies, go. >> aberdeen, maryland, debra alfarone, cbs news. coming up on "60 minutes," bill whitaker travels with scientists to hot spots. i'm jericka duncan. thank you for watching. have a great night.
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>> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news be >> no at 6:00, prosecutors sharing new details of the break in an assault against nancy pelosi's husband . making halloween safe for all kids. the efforts to help families with autistic children enjoy the holiday together. a food desert, no new grocery store is providing a much-needed boost for one bay area neighborhood. live from the cbs studios in san francisco, i'm brian happen. >> i'm andrea nakano. we are learning more about the attack on paul pelosi. nancy pelosi , it was confirmed, was, in fact, the target of the attack. the speaker was seen leaving her home as the husband recovers in
6:00 pm
the hospital. >> da lin spoke with jenkins and has new details emerging tonight. >> authorities came out on a sunday to release more details but more importantly, correct bad information. for starters, the district attorney says the suspect's name is actually pronounced david de-pap. >> at the time that the suspect mister depape entered the home, he was in fact looking for miss pelosi. the other thing is, we want to make it clear that there were only two people in the home at the time that the police arrived, mister pelosi and the suspect. there was no third person present >> there were reports that a third person opened the front door to allow officers to enter. district attorney brooke jenkins says not true. >> at this time we have no information as to which of the men, mister pelosi or the suspect opened the door at the time. >> the responding officer saw the suspect hit paul pelosi


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