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tv   CBS News Bay Area Evening Edition 6pm  CBS  January 5, 2023 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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reeling. our heart goes out to everybody in the community. this has been here 90 years, 100 years. to see it in this disarray -- we will rebuild. >> flooding fears along the russian river. communities not wn. what the next forms will bring. close calls as huge trees come crashing down. imagine by your first home and getting stuck with this mass. >> the first thing i think of is that tree branch hovering over my child's bedroom. >> one homeowner shares her horror story. why she still does not know who is covering the cleanup bill. this is cbs news bay area with juliette goodrich. >> good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. the app >> from the historic atmospheric river. more wake
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on its heels. the extensive damage on our coast. the wharf evacuated. emergency crews are urging the public to stay away from the beaches as they do with the mass left from the monstrous wells. on the san mateo coast, monster trees . the knocked down power lines just barely missed a home. we learn more about a tragic death in the storm. a toddler was killed in rural sonoma county when a tree fell on his home. the family tells the press he was sitting on the couch when the tree crashed down on the double wide trailer . there are still thousands of power outages around the bay area. the latest outage map shows more than 46,000 people are still in the dark. a
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majority of those along the coast. we are still seeing a break in the rain, at least for now. heavy downpours today. paul will have more on the way in just a start santa cr un e chk the hist habeen sh aptos pierom the west side of santa cruz. the person who shot it says the man knocked off of his okay. reporter mary lee spent the day along the santa cruz county coast line. >> it's a mess out here. the beach is closed. the wharf has been evacuated. i want to show you this. take a look at these large logs that have washed ashore from our strong storm. they are over the beach. high tide, high surf has really proved to be a dangerous combination. especially in capitola, where monster waves caused part of the pier to collapse. the power of this
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storm especially. we take a walk down the trestle and i will show you where we lost a huge section of the wharf. >> tony lived there for 28 years. the incredible damage to the historic capitola beer. >> it had to take a huge hit to do that kind of damage. that is why we have to have a lot of respect for that water out there. >> reporter: jeff ritchie has lived in capitola his entire life and had to see firsthand the damage to the pier. >> it is amazing to see the destruction. my son and i were just walking on the wharf last week and we had breakfast out there. it's kind of amazing. my son and i talking about how we were just walking on that thing. >> david morris' family has owned the spot on the pier
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since 1998. this was as close as he could get to the buckshot. his and other businesses are now cut off. >> don't know what the extent of it is there . i don't know when it's going to happen. my heart goes out to everybody in the community . this has been here for 90 years, 100 years . to see it in this disarray, we will rebuild. >> the powerful waves caused a lot of damage to businesses near the waterfront. >> not really sure if we were going to have to leave or not leave. every 10 minutes, the ocean was coming in and coming in. you see the buildings taking damages. the walk split in half. kept you on your feet. >> they're working right now pretty fast. just trying to figure out what the next system is. we have already started to
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relax some of the closures. >> as for tony valdes, he says they will be keeping a close eye on the ocean. >> it's amazing seeing what nature can do. have a lot of respect for it. you have to. it's a race to clean up as much as possible. the people we spoke to said they are concerned. they're bracing for the next one since they no more storms are on the way. back to you. >> thank you. this video shows rising water nearly reaching this bridge . you can see waves over the seawall in the background. that was chief meteorologist paul heggen with more on the store next week. >> this week and could cause some issues. we are still
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getting the last of the showers with the storm system right now. there are warnings in effect for contra costa and alameda counties for another 45 minutes or so. they expire at 6:45. there are some showers in that vicinity right now. locally heavy rainfall rates. mainly the higher elevations of the diablo range pushing further to the east into the delta, as well. another cluster of showers making their way through alameda county. more left over in the santa cruz mountains and over the diablo range. a couple of sprinkles left short. in general, more missing than hit. the rainfall is substantial enough. we don't need more on top of this. one one thirds inches in san jose and san francisco. more in the santa cruz rain mountains. more in the north bay. everybody is at or above what is typical for this time of year. rainfall versus average for the monitoring sites around the bay area just over average at this point in the year . over 150% of as we head to
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the weekend into next week. details coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you. we are grateful for the break we are getting right now. as small as it may be. we will check in with you a little bit later. new video from lake sonoma. the rainbow, as you can see there, is not the only welcome sign. the silver lining to all this rain has been the boost to the water supply. >> reporter: maybe because they put in the tanks, we've got the rain. when we first met penny, it was the last day of november. she had just gotten her new water tanks. >> this is all kind of a work in progress. >> barely a month later, she has 300 gallons of progress on one side of the house. >> here is the other tank. we will see. hopefully it continues throughout the rainy season. >> reporter: 20 minutes away, things are also adding up at the noma county's largest source of water storage. >> more than 35,000 acres, probably more than you saw last time around. which is great.
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>> reporter: the good news is that like sonoma is rising. the bad news is that it might take rain all through next week just to get the water level back to where they started last year. >> it's not like just getting to that is great. we need to get well above that for it to be great. >> reporter: just how far to go? they could see double the amount of water in this lake and still be in the water supply pool as if no flood release is necessary. further north, lake mendocino is filling up. of course, that is a small amount of rain. in this area, 18% ends up in the reservoir. >> 80% of the water was free-flowing. >> reporter: there is a bit to lose in the very short term. the forecast on friday and sunday were both scaled-back .
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only sunday expected to be above flood stage in the lower level than initially expected. however, there is still concern about next week. >> it just kind of keeps adding up. as you start out at a higher flow and the next storm comes. alyssa drops all the way back down , you just sort of start accumulating. >> anyone who has been following the forecast for the river knows it has been wobbling around a little bit. taking what is actually falling and what is expected to fall. we just keep going back to the idea of getting some breaks between the storms and getting the chance to dry out and giving some of the water a chance to move out to the pacific. five families need a new place to stay after a massive tree fell across their apartment building in oaklands fruitvale neighborhood. no one was hurt but the entire complex has been red tagged men and
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residents don't know if or when they will be allowed to return. a tree fell onto overhead wires at the caltrain station , shutting down service between the hillsdale and mulberry stations. the crews are working to get this cleared out and repaired. in san jose, an officer was hit by a falling tree while responding to a crash near highway 17 and 280 this morning. no word on how he is doing but we were told he is awake and alert and was taken to the hospital. a big cleanup ahead of the gas station in south san francisco is the canopy you saw there came crashing down, taking the pumps with it. luckily, no one was there at the time because the owner had the foresight to close the station ahead of the storm. the canopy had stood 60 years before the storm took it down. the owners say it could take months to repair and reopen. stay with us as we navigate the storms review on air on and streaming 24/7 on cbs news bay area.
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still ahead, bad enough to have a tree fall on your property, but tough luck when you just moved in . we hear from a first-time homebuyer in san francisco who got a big surprise when she tried to figure out who is covering the cleanup. treacherous travel to tahoe. a scary example of how
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imagine buying a home in san francisco, which is a big deal, by the way. then this happens. first-time homeowner says she tried to figure out what to do about that tree that came crashing down onto her property. she only just recently moved into the house at the hidden garden steps on 16th avenue. leslie gooden shows us she is now stuck navigating the tangled web of city bureaucracy. >> reporter: a tree has fallen on the sun, now partially blocking the garden steps. thankfully, no one was injured. they started the cleanup process and reached out to the city to help clean the public area and soon found out it would be up to them. >> the first thing was like , that tree branch hovering over my child's bedroom and this tree branch hovering over our bedroom. and i immediately just think how much weight cannot support?
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>> reporter: they closed on their home two weeks ago. still unpacking and excited to be first-time homeowners, thanks to a special program with the city. >> we did not think we would be able to own a home for many years to come. we had to work very hard. >> the excitement soon came crashing down during wednesday's storm when this tree fell into their bedroom while they were inside. >> we were sitting in the ki of jumped into my lap when they heard the smash. my husband was in our bedroom, which is where meof >> the tree is r home but cover part of the popular hidden garden steps. a couple says they called 311 and the fire department to help with removal. >> we thought we were buying a
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property with zero damage. when we signed, we thought we were buying a property that had no backyard. >> reporter: the tree stands on land they did not know they owned when they close the condo. they even called pg&e, who also showed up. >> they're trying to tell us it's not their problem because the powerline is over there. it's like -- >> nobody wants to take responsibility. >> this is like an institutional level scale problem. >> reporter: neighbors who use the stairs to the city will assist. >> they had a crew out here yesterday and i asked how they were prioritizing the cleanup and they just said -- they shook their head and said, it's going to be a rough couple of days. >> reporter: they called several arborists. one weighed
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in today about their home. >> you need a giant group. we don't know when we can have that done. in the meantime, more damage can happen to the house. also, an entire public walkway is being blocked here. and the city is not prioritizing unblocking this public walkway. >> reporter: the couple says they received a citation from the city saying they could be fined if they do not remove the tree. they are not trying to figure out what the next steps are in the process. >> very frustrating. over the past week, we've seen a lot of cars submerged and floodwaters. it is keeping bay area mechanics very busy. >> going to be more vehicles coming in. i could take a month or even a year before you start seeing some of those signs. some of the signs to watch out for even if you do not see any obvious damage. you want to see this story.
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♪ when pain says, “i'm here,” ♪ i say, “so are they.”
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just one aleve. 12 hours of uninterrupted pain relief. aleve who do you take it for? the rain may be clearing out for noght,saa ara co ofcial wape the pacheco river basin to be prepared to evacuate. residents are advised together pets, important documents, and prescription medication, and be ready to go. >> if these storms that they predict coming over the next few days or weeks, if they come
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to bear, this reservoir, of course, being a natural river now because it is going over. a natural river could flood in some southern parts of gilroy and can actually flow over the 101. >> a new chopper video shows redwood canyon golf course in castro valley . you can see creeks taking over the golf course there. even putting greens surrounded by water. golfers, of course, not so excited to see that. the good news, right now, we are getting a bit of a break. if you are stir crazy and need to get outside, walk your pets. >> i really want to start with some good news. because we need that. so we will actually start this evening with the dog walking forecast for tomorrow. things are looking favorable in terms of getting the pups out for a walk including beans here in oakland. i don't know if you will see blue skies overhead but the driest conditions we are getting for a while are
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going to settle and across the bay area tomorrow. still a chance for a couple of spotty showers and plenty of puddles out there. leave a towel by the door to wipe off the wet and muddy paws and bellies. the rain settles back in as we head into the weekend. right now still getting rid of the last of the showers. a little bit of activity just on the side of the contra costa-alameda county line. this will exit the bay area in the next dixie minutes or so. we will see the next wave of rain lining up. one moves out in the next storm system is already getting closer to us. it's going to send ran back into the bay area on saturday. heavy rainfall saturday night. let's take a look at futurecast. the leftover showers should be diminishing. trying to bring more rain too far southern portions of the bay area tonight. coin flip chance of that actually happening. no additional flooding problems, though. showers, more miss and then hit. the bulk of the rain
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will be further up the coast of california as we head through tomorrow and tomorrow night. the rain getting closer as the sun comes up on saturday. the first wave of rain moving in saturday morning. this is not going to be tremendously organized in all likelihood. it will bring gusty wind and potential for more tree damage or power outages. a hit or miss pattern on saturday. not going to be running everywhere all the time. this forecast model, and there are several that we look at to evaluate things, all agree that there will be a band of heavy rain and more concentrated wind. it will be moving in sometime from saturday evening to early sunday morning. this is just before the sun comes up on sunday. others are up to 12 hours earlier. that is the part of the forecast we narrow down over the next hours. once that sweeps through, back to off-and-on showers over the rest of sunday. later activity. through 10:00 a.m. sunday,
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hire, north of the golden gate. one, 2 inches over spots of northern sonoma county and right along the coast. to the south, the rain does not arrive as fast. not as heavy. in general, half an inch to an inch of total rainfall. a little bit more in higher elevations in the santa cruz mountains. the winds pick up as the storm system approaches. more noticeable by tomorrow afternoon, still below the wind advisory threshold. the wind will be picking up along the coast over the early hours of saturday morning. the first mandarin moves in. 30 to 40 mile per hour gusts in land and along the coast. heard this story before. be prepared for tree damage and power outages along with that initial rain. this is from the high sierra. the first one moving in this weekend, 6 to 18 inches of rain in the sierra. not much by their standards. a more powerful storm will be moving next week. that will drop feet of snow in the sierra monday into tuesday, even tuesday night, all associated with another atmospheric river. the first one moves in this weekend, saturday, saturday night. borderline atmospheric river. this is low on the scale. it's a one, usually meaning a beneficial impact. much-needed rainfall , but the
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ground is so saturated that we have to move the entire scale. still beneficial rain from a ed rupp perspective, but also a hazard of too much rain and wind damage, as well. still clouds lingering out there. temperatures in the low to mid 50s. 49 in santa rosa. santa rosa in the 40s by tomorrow morning. high temperatures tomorrow reaching up with a break in the most widespread shower activity. upper 50s and low 60s. this is our calm day tomorrow. then it's a four-day stretch of alert days. we are back into it saturday into saturday night. lingering showers on sunday. have urine monday into monday night. even possibly lingering into tuesday. still lingering showers in the forecast by wednesday and thursday. you might hope that the emergence of a little bit of sunshine wednesday and thursday would spell the end of this rainy pattern. it looks like the two week outlook is going to continue.
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wondering why you should always wear chains when you are on these roads? take a look at this. big rigs are required to wear chains when it snows in the sierra. this is why. the roads were clear when this semi jackknifed right in front of another along this pass. the
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front-end fell off as it slammed into the shoulder, leaving the trailer blocking both lanes of traffic . chp says speed was the problem. luckily, the driver was not hurt , but maybe a little embarrassed. heavy snow in the high country forcing traffic to be held on eastbound 80 in truckee. people living in the area are getting ready for more snow, digging out before the next round covers roads again. >> we like to see breaks in between. it's nice that this is not pounding on us right now. but when we look at the future, it's a little scary. >> i have to watch the weather so i can plan. or you'll be shoveling for days on end. to get a break between each storm is super helpful. sometimes, the conditions out here, you got to be prepared for everything. have your car parked right in tissue breakdown. you got to have blankets and stuff in your car. it's different appear. >> you got to be careful. but boy is it beautiful. we leave you with a snowy scene from the northwest shore of lake tahoe in homewood. those have cleared most of the roads, at least for
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now. but as we said, more snow is on the way. appreciate the break while we have it. cbs evening news with norah o'donnell is up next. we will be back he captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, we are coming on the air with developments in several major news stories, including the chilling new details in the idaho college murder investigation. the 28-year-old suspect smiling in an idaho court, denied bail tonight, as we learn shocking new information about whetherphs for months, and how one surviving roommate came face-to- face with a masked man on the night of the murders. the promising news about damar hamlin. the n.f.l. player wakes up, and asks his doctors, "did we win?" >> yes, yes, damar, you won. you won the game of life. >> o'donnell: at least five killed in the storms out west, including a toddler. the damage, heavy rain, and storm surge battering california.
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