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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 23, 2023 4:30am-5:00am PST

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app on your cell phone or connected tv. i'm matt pieper, cbs news, new york. it's monday, january 23rd, 2023. this is the "cbs morning news." >> what was the motive for the shooter? >> unanswered questions. a community remains in grief after a gunman in southern caliiapeop celebration. the new ils abt the suspect and his alleged efforts. >>search. federal officials find more classified documents at president biden's home in delaware. why one lawmaker is calling the latest discovery downright scary. unrest in atlanta. a police vehicle burned and businesses vandalized. who the mayor blames after a peaceful protest turned into a riot.
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well, good morning and good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. police in southern california are searching for a motive after a gunman killed ten people and wounded ten more at a los angeles area ballroom dance club. it happened late saturday in the predominantly asian american community of monterey park during a lunar new year celebration. authorities say the suspect was found dead yesterday of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a van about 30 miles away. he may have also tried to open fire at another nearby dance hall but was stopped by bystanders. president biden ordered flags flown at half staff at the white house and other federal buildings in tribute to the victims. nichelle medina is in monterey park, california, with more on this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. this area is home to one of the largest aapi communities in the united states. many people had gathered here just behind me to celebrate the lunar new year. a celebration shattered by
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gunfire. this was the dramatic scene sunday as s.w.a.t. officers closed in on a white van where the suspect in saturday's deadly dance studio shooting turned the gun on himself according to the los angeles county sheriff. the suspect, identified as 72-year-old juu can tran, died at the scene. >> sheriff's homicide detectives are working around the clock gathering additional information and working on determining the motive behind this extremely tragic event. >> reporter: this video obtained by cbs news shows the dance floor before the suspect opened fire late saturday at the star ballroom dance studio's lunar new year celebration killing five men and five women. here's how one witness described the attack. >> did he say anything when he was shooting? >> no. he just come and hold the gun
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and started shoot. >> reporter: police say they found evidence in the white van linking the suspect to the monterey park shooting and another attempt at a dance studio in nearby alhambra that was thwarted by bystanders. >> i want to commend the two individuals that tackled the gun away from the second incident. >> reporter: local officials say they will honor the people who stopped that second attack at a later time, but for now the community here in monterey park is trying to move forward from this tragedy. monterey park residents gathered for prayer sunday afternoon. the president ordered white house flags to be flown at half staff in honor of the victims until thursday. the coroner's office is still working to identify the victims and obviously notify family members. the l.a. county sheriff did say that those victims appear to be in their 50s or older. anne-marie? >> wow. nichelle medina in monterey park, california. thank you so much.
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ahead on "cbs mornings," we're going to talk with california congresswoman judy chu who represents monterey park. we'll get her reaction and the latest on the investigation starting at 7:00 a.m. there was another mass shooting, this one in louisiana. a dozen people were hurt when shots were fired early yesterday morning in a baton rouge nightclub. one person was critically injured. police are calling it a targeted attack but declined to comment on how many people opened fire. they're urging anyone with information to come forward. no one has been rested. jury selection is set to begin in the trial of former south carolina attorney alex murdaugh. he's accused of murdering his wife and 22-year-old son in 2021. prosecutors say murdaugh wanted to gain sympathy and distract from the millions of dollars he allegedly stole from clients, his law firm and others. he's also being investigated for two other deaths including a former housekeeper. murdaugh faces more than 100 criminal charges.
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president biden is expected to return to the white house today after spending the weekend at his delaware home in more classified documents were found. the fbi searched his residence on friday and turned up records dating back to his days as senator and vice president. the discovery is prompting more questions about mr. biden's handling of sensitive material. adriana diaz who first broke the story has the latest. >> reporter: the fbi search lasted nearly 13 hours friday. in a statement the president's personal attorney, bob bauer, said investigators had full access to the president's home including handwritten notes, papers, and memorabilia. they took six items with classification markings and materials from his time as vice president and senator. it's yet another political blow the presideno id r chrs h ovehte to t ary.>>ortei
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committee and wants records from the secret service. >> any type of documentation that would help us determine who actually had access to those documents. >> reporter: he and other republicans allege a double standard between presidents biden and trump. but in trump's case, the fbi executed a search warrant at mar-a-lago after he refused repeated requests for more than a year to turn over all his classified material. in all more than 300 classified documents were recovered. so far for president biden, 25 to 30 known classified items have been discovered in his possession. no search warrant was necessary because the white house says the president has been cooperating. adriana diaz, cbs news. six people were arrested after a protest in downtown atlanta turned violent. demonstrators threw rocks, vandalized buildings, and lit a police car on fire saturday. the protests followed the killing of an environmental activist during another protest last week.
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authorities say the activist was shot and killed after shooting and wounding a state trooper. yesterday on "face the nation," atlanta's mayor said most of those responsible for the violence were from outside the state. >> it should be noted that these individuals were not atlanta or georgia residents. most of them traveled into our city to wreak havoc. but when you are violent, we will make sure that you get -- held accountable. >> activists were also protesting the city's plans to build a training center for police and firefighters. abortion rights protests were held across the country on the 50th anniversary of the supreme court's roe versus wade decision. thousands of people turned out yesterday in madison, wisconsin. in june the supreme court overturned the landmark 1973 decision granting a constitutional right to an abortion. since then near total bans on abortion have been implemented in a dozen republican-led states.
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the procedure is no longer allowed in wisconsin due to legal questions faced by abortion clinics there. and coming up, a final tribute to lisa marie presley. what her mother priscilla said at the funeral in graceland. later, beyonce's renaissance. why the singer took a stage in her first performance in four years. this is the "cbs morning news." e "cbs morning news." t's the most wonderful time of the year. ♪ get fast relief of your worst allergy symptoms, including nasal congestion, with powerful claritin d, so you can breathe better. feel the clarity—and make today the most wonderful time of the year. claritin d. if you think all pads are exactly the same... think again. this always ultra thin is our best yet. it wicks gushes 90% faster and absorbs even more.
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and skin cancer; death, heart attack, stroke, and tears in the stomach or intestines occurred. people 50 and older... with at least 1 heart disease risk factor have higher risks. don't take if allergic to rinvoq... as serious reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you are or may become pregnant. put uc in check and keep it there, with rinvoq. ask your gastroenterologist about rinvoq. and learn how abbvie could help you save. the justice department is investigating the abbott laboratories infant formula plant in michigan that was shut down last year due to contamination. the company confirmed the investigation saying that it is cooperating fully. february's shutdown caused a nationwide baby formula shortage until production started again in june. the "wall street journal" says the justice department's consumer protection branch is looking into conduct at the plant that led to its temporary closure. and there are new details about the coronation of king charles, and a final good-bye to
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lisa marie presley. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." "the commercial appeal" says lisa marie presley was honored during a funeral service at graceland. more than 1,000 people gathered on the front lawn of a memphis mansion yesterday to pay tribute to the 54-year-old singer/songwriter. the only child of elvis presley died early this month after suffering cardiac arrest at her california home. her mother, priscilla presley, read some words from one of lisa marie's children. >> lisa marie presley was an icon, a role model, a superhero to many people all over the world. but mama was my icon. >> lisa marie was laid to rest next to her son who died in 2020. elvis presley is also buried at graceland. "the houston chronicle" reports no one was injured when a small plane made an emergency landing on a highway. the plane landed on the outskirts of houston yesterday after the pilot reported engine problems.
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tlsne mi-t and hit a concrete barrie the plane caught fire, but the pilot was able to climb out safely. and "usa today" reports on the plans for king charles iii's coronation. the three-day coronation weekend begins may 6th with the crowning of king charles and queen consort camilla at london's westminster abbey. there will also be traditional processions, communities volunteer events, a concert, street parties, and light shows. the palace did not say which members of the royal family will take part amid speculation about whether harry will be invited. still to come, the high cost of eggs. how long it will be before shoppers see some relief at the supermarket. you didn't live this strong, this long to get put on the shelf like a porcelain doll. but one out of two women over 50 will suffer a fracture from osteoporosis. you should know you can build new bone with evenity®
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there could be some welcome news for consumers who are shellshocked over the price of eggs. a california-based egg supplier says prices are coming down, but shoppers won't see the real savings for at least several weeks. strategists say the wholesale market has already dropped from its peak, around 30%. >> obviously we're going to go into another strong demand period with easter and passover ahead. it will be interesting to see how the market plays out over the next few months. >> according to the consumer price index, egg prices in december were up 60% compared to the previous year. tax season is officially under way, and a blockbuster movie swims across a big milestone at the box office. matt pieper has those stories and more in today's cbs "money watch" report. >> reporter: stocks closed higher friday to end the week in positive territory.
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the dow gained 330. nasdaq up 288. the s&p 500 took in 73. tax filing season is upon us. today is the first day that americans can file their taxes. the deadline, april 18th. the irs says if there's no issues with a return, your refund should be delivered within 21 days. the typical u.s. tax refund averaged $3,200 last year. it will now cost you more to mail that letter. the price of forever stamps have just gone from 60 to 63 cents. it marks the third price increase of forever stamps in the past 17 months. it's part of the u.s. postal service's plan to create more financial stability and avoid $160 billion in losses by 2030. and "avatar: the way of water" led ticket sales for a sixth straight weekend with $19.7 million, surpassing the $2 billion mark at the global box office. it's now the sixth highest grossing movie of all time, and just ahead of "spider-man: no
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way home." director james cameron has a lot to celebrate. he now becomes the only director in history to have three $2 billion movies. his other two the original "avatar" in 2009 and "titanic" in 1997. that's your "money watch" report for this monday morning. i'm matt pieper, cbs news, new york. all right. let's talk some football. just four teams are left in the nfl playoffs. the san francisco 49ers beat the dallas cowboys 19-12. they'll play the philadelphia eagles sunday in the nfc championship game. the eagles advanced after beating the giants. 38-7. quarterback jalen hurts threw two touchdown passes and ran for a score. in the afc, safety damar hamlin tried to rally his team against the bengals. he watched from the suite after suffering cardiac arrest earlier this month. the bengals won 27-10. and they will play the kansas city chiefs in the afc championship game.
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queen bey is back. beyonce took to the stage in dubai for her first live performance in four years. the hour-long show was an invite-only event to celebrate the opening of the new atlantis, the royal resort in dubai. she opened singing "at last" by etta james. she told the audience her parents, husband, and three children were also there before being joined by her eldest, blue ivy, for a duet. actor jeremy renner updated fans saying he broke more than 30 bones in a new year's day snowplow accident. he tweeted a picture of himself now recovering from home, thanking everyone for their messages and thoughtfulness. he said that his broken bones will grow stronger as the love with family and friends deepens. the two-time oscar nominee added that the accident changed his new year's resolutions, making him focus on actionable love.
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and a clemson university freshman who says he's never played golf before made an unbelievable putt. that right there is kevin murphy going for a full-court putt during saturday's clemson versus virginia tech basketball game. murphy and the crowd went wild when he nailed it. the freshman won a $10,000 prize. he called it beginner's luck. coming up on "cbs mornings" now, actor sarah michelle gellar joins us in the times square studio to discuss her new paramount plus streaming series "wolf pack." i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news."
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cbs news bay area, this is
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the morning edition . good morning. it is monday, january 23rd . with the lunar new year celebration we take you live to los angeles county where a mass shooting caused 10 people to lose their lives. and heartfelt moment between a toddler and the paramedics is saved his life following accidental exposure to fentanyl. this morning we celebrate 49ers win over the cowboys. the red and gold report plus the team's wrote to the afc championship game . on the roadways it is busy at the altamonte pass and we have a few brake lights there. the weather common to this week . sunny skies around the corner and we will dive into the forecast coming up in just a bit. showers are headed our way
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