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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition 5am  CBS  February 1, 2023 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a young teen killed. kamala harris will join thousands for the funeral of tyre nichols. we are learning new information about the officers charged in his murder. >> i am very excited. from 1 to 100, i am about 90. >> only 90? >> actually, 99. >> we introduce you to some young performers joining the chinese new year parade. we loo at the important life lessons they are learning along the way we have two separate traffi alerts. we have one blocking lanes on 880 and another on highway 4. we are keeping a close eye on the rain totals. we have rai around the corner. we will brea down the storm in the full forcast. latsis dart off with the
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trouble spots on the freeway. w have one spot along 880, the nimitz freeway. this happened several hours ago. it was a jackknife to big rig right at seventh street. it is not far from the connector. all lanes were completely shut down. i di learn from chp, they opened that 2, 3, and 4 lanes. you hav traffic backing up around that area. that does indicate that i in the clearing ages. they are working on getting the rest of that big rig off of the roadway. you can see south of there, traffic is moving okay. the brake lights are concentrated near seventh street. i do want to alert you to another trouble spots. this is a fatal traffic accident. this is on westbound highway 4. a traffic alert has been issued all lanes are shut down. if yo are commuting from highway 4 to 680, you 680 instead. you will
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not be able to continue on highway 4 westbound. we will keep you updated on these trouble spots. tyre nichols will be laid to rest in memphis. he was beaten by police and died after a traffic stop. thousands are expected to attend the public service, including vice president kamala harris. reverend al sharpton will deliver the eulogy. he lived in sacramento before moving to memphis. they hope his death will not be in vain. they are calling for local and national police reforms. they say the investigation is not over. they are looking at all individuals involved on the night that he was beaten. cal has fired coach teri mckeever after dozens of current and former athletes accused her of bullying. she has been on leave since may whe the orange county register acut it laid out the a accusations
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she was dismissive of eating disorders. the school hired independent investigators that release their report. in a statement, the athletic directors has the details numerous violations of policie and disability discrimination. the report also details verball abusive conduct that is antithetical to the most important values. the justice department was to look into teslas self driving systems. this at the do requested documents related to the technology. the company's systems are under investigation by the national highway traffic administration of her reports that some autopilot teslas wer involved in more than a dozen crashes, some deadly. let's get a check on the weather. it is chilly this morning. we are seeing changes in the forecast. >> rain is the big thing now. is partly cloudy across the board. clouds will continue to roll in ahead of the next serie
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of rain showers that are right around the corner. i will time that out in just a second. let' look at what is going on today. daytime highs are in the upper 50s. we are starting off with another frost advisory. temperatures are slowly, slowly starting to warm up. we are mostly seen mid 30s for the mos part. rain chances increase as we go all the way into thursday night and friday morning. at this point, the models are trending closer to friday morning for the early morning commuters. i will dive into thi on future cast. we are partly cloudy skies today. it is mild across the board. once we extend into the thursday forecast, the clouds become mor dense. into the overnight hours on thursday, early morning hour on friday, this is from midnigh through 1:00 a.m. that band of rain will sweep through as we are sleeping. the early morning commuters will get hit by the showers. keep that in mind if you leave the house early, you will wanted to be slow on the roads and dress properly. well to san francisco,
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people in japan town are remembering the life of gavin boston. he was killed earlier this month while working as a security guard. police say he talked to a 15-year-old boy for a couple of minutes before the teenager opened fire. >> betty yu went there when she spoke with gavin's family. they are shocked, and obviously devastated. >> reporter: people that knew gavin boston, and those touched by his story left origami cranes, a symbol of hope and healing in memory of the 40-year-old security guard. he was shot in the head as he was escorting a teenager out of the japan center mall earlier this month. a 15-year-old was arrested for murder. a 14-year-old was arrested for being an accessory. >> hello, i am a mess. >> reporter: 's brother struggled to hold back tears as he described his pain. reveren amos brown, head of the naacp walked up to give him support.
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john said he watched the surveillance video, which showe gavin speaking to the teenager for seven minutes. >> he was knelt down in front o him and talking to him. he was sitting on the bench. i don't know if he was sleeping. he wa bent way over. my brother was talking to him. my brother sat down next to him on the bench and was just talking to him lik this. after a while, they do no want him sleeping on the bench. i think some of the business owners wanted him to go. >> reporter: he was described a a writer that loved japanese culture. he was a peaceful person and he moved to san francisco after taking care of his mom that suffers from dementia in the central valley. >> he believed he could talk to people . i think he believed that day he would talk to that kid and calmly and respectfull talk to him. that was his strategy. he was calm and respectful. it didn't work. >> john said his brother did no express concerns about crime.
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>> reporter: he was excited. john had his concerns. >> san francisco crime, in general, seems to be going up. >> reporter: his sister said he brother would not have wanted his killer to be locked up. >> he would want to show men t get the help he needs to be a productive member of society. >> reporter: on tuesday, community and religious leaders members of the san francisco police department paid their respects to the family. >> he liked his job. he enjoye japan town. to him, it was a good situation. >> reporter: hundreds of people gathered to remember the farmworkers killed in last week's mass shooting. this is shining a light on the condition that the farmers lived in. they had an interfaith service last night. the service ended with them joining together with those in the audience for a candlelight
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process down main street. >> we want to be here to represent the organization, and part of the community, letting them know that we are here for them. >> it is heart wrenching. >> reporter: county and city officials are pledging to continue to offer their service to the families. this morning, as we get closer to the lunar new year parade, people say they are worried about safety. san francisco police and the sheriff's office say they are thinking about public safety as well. >> reporter: we understand the events of the past couple of weeks are very troubling and unsettling. that is why it is important that we are out there in numbers. it is important that ucs. >> if you see something, please say something. that is the only way we can bring the resources to deal with whatever challenge there might be. >> reporter: the district attorney says her office will keep watch as well. there are ambassadors keeping an eye on
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the crowds. >> have you had a chance to go to the lunar new year parade? i is beautiful. it is beautiful and fun. it is a fun, family event. >> it is full of culture and history. >> the fact that people can get together. i know him to talk about this with safety, given everything that happened the last few weeks, but it is a time to really celebrate and ge together , and heal as well. >> hopefully that can be done a safely as possible. the time is 5:07. there wa a frightening mountain lion attack. we are learning about the victim and next in the bay area beat. >> woman: why did we choose safelite? >> vo: for us, driving around is the only way we can get our baby to sleep, so when our windshield cracked, we needed it fixed right. we went to there's no one else we'd trust. their experts replaced our windshield, and recalibrated our car's advanced safety system.
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(hero) it's the weekend baby... see you later. (vo) like getting things two days early? when it comes to payday, you can with wells fargo. (co-worker 4) what are you doing this weekend? on the bay area beat, it starts in alameda county. the new district attorney is reopening a told police shooting cases, promising to hold people accountable. pamel price says some of the investigations done by her predecessor word close and filed days before she took office. she says she wants to make sure they are not rushed. one of the cases that she reopened as the shooting of mario gonzalez. he died in 2021 after alameda police responded to calls of a man acting strangely after talking with gonzales, officer said they tried to restrain him. he becam
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unresponsive. police tried cpr and he later died. a mountain lion attacked a child on the peninsula last night. when we last checked, the child was in the trauma center recovering. we do not know how badly he is injured. w know that happened in a rural part of redwood city. there hav only been about 12 confirmed mountain lion attacks on humans in the state since the 1980s. the last one in the bay are happened in cupertino 3 years ago. fish and wildlife euthanized a female mountain line that attacked a six-year-old girl in san antonio preserve. the state's department of water resources will conduct th second snow survey of the season. the survey will measure the statewide snowpack. the numbers in this survey will likely not be as dramatic as th one done during the winter storms. it will be released later this morning around 11:00 first alert meteorologist jessica burch , is here. it i
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cold. you came in from the east bay. how was that? >> bundle up. i walked from my garage my car. it was cold in m garage, so i knew. >> the past couple of mornings, we have seen the early morning hours taking near freezing. we are dealing with a frost advisory of 32 degrees in livermore. it is 33 concord. in oakland, it is 35 degrees. it is a cold start to the morning. today is one of the warmest day of the week. we are seeing 60s returning to the bay area. i love how 60s is considered warm. we have been warming up for the last couple of days. we are in the upper 50s in oakland. we will see partly cloudy skies today. it acts lik a blanket layer for us. we will warm up a bit more with light winds this afternoon. on thursday, we have a similar set
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up. you are probably wondering where is the rain? late thursday night, early friday morning, a cold front will swee its way through. it is a distinct band ting around it did earlcomme hours mo on we te afternoon, after clear. we are partly cloudy skies through the rest of the day. more rain will extend into saturday. we have tattered showers through saturday and sunday. if you're going out for the giants festival, it will be cloudy. showers are likely if you want to go out to the parad for the chinese new year. once we extended to next week, we will see more sunshine. it is as early as monday. daytime highs are in the upper 50s and low 60s. we will see sunny conditions after all of the gloomy skies over the weekend.
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the friday morning commute might be busy with that wet weather. we will be ready for it. and this morning is busy as well. we do have two separate traffic alerts. let's start wit highway 4 . this is not far fro that 680 connector. it is completely shut down due to a crash where somebody did die in this accident. all lanes are closed until further notice. w are looking at 30 minutes where they could open one lane. when we get the confirmationthmeanti hop on 680. you can take this north or south over to 24. tha is likely your best bet. it is early. from antioch to 80 is sitting at 26 minutes. the brea lots lights are here. is getting busy here. the traffic alert on 980 is in the clearin stages. a deadline that impacts
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every city and county is here. why some residents are worried they could be kicked out of their homes? i share the story of a sant clara native that has been nominated for two grammy awards
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welcome back. let's look at the brunch time forecast. things are changing. let's look at what we can expect from noon until 2:00. we have mid and upper 50s. it is mild. the inland areas have partly cloudy skies. let's send this out fro 10:00 all the way until noon. you can slowly see the upper 40 turning into the mid and low 50s. it continues warm up for the daytime highs seeing 60s in the south bay. ♪ [ music ] >> that is molly, born in santa clara and raised in palo alto. she is nominated for two grammy awards, test new artist and bes bluegrass. her guitar skills are legendary. she learned from one of the best, and x on the peninsula. >> reporter: jack tuttle grew u in rural illinois come and listening to his father plagued bluegrass music. at the tender age of 5 and never put it
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down. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: he is a bluegrass virtuoso. he happens to be molly's dad. everything about bluegrass , the singing, harmonies, technical aspects al thrill him. may enchant him th most is it's very social music >> it definitely does connect people that way. >> reporter: jack taught molly in fact all of us gets to play, when they were nearly old enoug to hold the pick. >> all the kids were really goo and talented. i was the dad in the band. >> reporter: they formed a band along with aj, they performed authentic bluegrass for years. as for molly, she read ordere her first cd, the old apple tree, with her dad, at age 13. jackie taught bluegrass for 40 years. he has written a dozen instructional music books on th
5:22 am
genre. while many lessons are aligned , before the pandemic, most classes were held here. >> it was a business that bega in a garage. >> reporter: it was at the griffin string instrument shop. the mandolins, acoustic guitar and banjos lined the walls. they brought out molly's first guitar, a baby taylor, that she played at age 8. while it has seen better days, they cannot seem to part with it. we keep around for sentimental reasons. >> it became a toy in the house after molly upgraded. >> reporter: the founders are thrilled to hear about molly's nominations. people asked me about molly, i remind them tha i knew her when she was a bump. we have known molly since she was born. of course, we are overjoyed at her success. ♪ [ music ]
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>> reporter: as for molly, she is living in nashville. she say her biggest inspiration is her dad. she recently took some tim to zoom with him. >> hello molly, how are you doing? >>i' >> yosupeexcid for e mys next >> reporter: so is her dad. this is an accomplishment for molly that i can take prid in. it is a very cool thing. >> her dad will be watching the grammys from home. i will be cheering for our bay area nominees right here on cbs and sunday at 3:30. on sunday, the grammy show will broadcast live at 5:00 m, followed by an encore performance at 8:30. it will stream on paramount plus. make sure you tune in. >> is time for the morning mix. i want to touch on this very
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quick about molly tuttle. she has alopecia and she was diagnosed when she was 3 years old. a lot of anxiety when she was growing up, especially through high school, always wearing wigs. now she performs as herself, without her hair. she is trying to shed light, an show an example to other girls dealing with that. the ammy it. ifgoing loanto ate grmys, t e music >> that is tiana taylor, hosting the pre-grammy celebration at the globe theater. that is a tribute to the nominees. that will feature performances . you can walk on the red carpet. there are plenty of opportunities for pictures with big names . tickets are online. it all
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starts at 9:00. ♪ [ music ] also on hand, the whitney houston hotel, presented by sony. they will honor the singe ality immee to celebrate liinge, memberbi, and a pop up merchandise. we also have live music from michelle williams, and other big artists. the even will open today at the w hotel in hollywood. other events for today include music label bmg' grammy party with performances by adam lambert and more from 6:00 p.m. through 10:00 p.m. tonight and a screening of the documentary, ice, ice baby. >> thank you, thank you. this
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will play at the end of screening room. this is a fun time to be in los angeles doing all of this music stuff. >> music is amazing. >> everyone can connect with this. you make that is what is so fun , it is all genres. is not just one. you learn about s many different artists. i am like, i have to check them out you have to get them on the spotify playlist. >> good job. just to make thank you, i got you. we have sunday right here on kpix 5. we can collaborate, listen, and hang out. did you get it? >> i got you. i will introduce you to young performers joining the chinese new year parade. we hav the important life lessons they are learning along the way. as thousands prepared to atte
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from cbs bay area news, thi is the morning edition . family and friends will say their final goodbyes by gathering to celebrate the li t. rend al sharpton will deliver the eulogy. he died three weeks ago after being brutally beaten by several memphis police officers. let's go live to bradley blackburn with how somber this day will be. >> reporter: we do expect many high-profile people to be in memphis for the service today. family members of george floyd and breonna taylor, and vice president kamala harris will join the family of tyre nichols to amplify the call for change vice president molly harris will be among the thousands expected to attend the funeral
5:30 am
of tyre nichols at the mississippi boulevard funeral. >> will not allow the way in which he died to define the totality of his life. >> reporter: last night, his family and civil rights leaders issued a call to action at the mason temple church. >> we will continue to fight this fight until we get federa laws changed. >> reporter: on capitol hill, i is unclear if the narrowly controlled republican house and democratic senate can reach a deal on new legislation. t ontol furtr accountability. >> we should have simple legislation that we can agree upon. >> reporter: in memphis, the police department says they wil release more audio and video of the violent arrest after the administrative investigation concludes in the coming weeks. the police department is now requested that the five officer charged with second degree murder in the incident also be decertified. two other officers
5:31 am
were relieved of duty , pending investigation and three fire department employees were fired for not following policies and protocols. we have learned another memphis man is preparing to fil a lawsuit against the memphis police department and the city. he said the same five officers charged in the murder of tyre nichols also beat and arrested him three days before tyre nichols. they will continue the call for change in washington next week. do we know their plans? >> reporter: yes, his mother an stepfather will attend the stat of the union address. they have accepted an invitation from the chairman of the congressional lot caucus. the family's grief and the call to action will sta front and center on the nationa stage, even after this funeral today. as it should. let's look at the roadways now . if you are going along
5:32 am
highway 4 and 880, we have traffic alert. we are looking right here at morello, all lane are shut down. we are waiting t get words from chp. this is a deadly crash. the investigation is underway. there is a lot of activity around the area. use 680 in the meantime to go down to 24 as an alternate. was banned from antioch to 80 is about 30 minutes. it is a bit early for the morning commute. we are tracking a backup toward the dublin interchange. it is getting busy this morning. the other traffic alert is at northbound 880. this has been out there for several hours. this was due to a jackknifed big rig. they have the left lan shut down. at one point, all lanes were closed. south of there, it is moving at an okay pace. now to san mateo county. hundreds gathered to remember the seven farmworkers killed in last week's mass shooting.
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>> reporter: the service included speeches from religiou leaders and local officials an community members. it ended wit a candlelight procession throug the streets of downtown of half moon bay. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: it was another somber night in half moon bay i a community once again gathered to mourn the victims of last week's mass shooting. >> i believe the pain and grief that we experience right now will be healed. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: people across the community were in attendance, including family members and friends of the victims. >> i knew one of the victims very closely. i also came because i am part of this
5:34 am
community and i felt like i had to be here tonight. >> reporter: we need to forgive those that have trespass agains us. >> reporter: a variety of faith leaders and officials vote. the service ended with them joinin together with those in the audience for a candlelight procession down main street. >> we want to be here to represent the organization , an part of the community, letting him know that we are here for them. we all need to heal. >> it is heart wrenching. ther is not much that you feel that you can do that is concrete. >> reporter: many of the people we spoke with said they want to continue to support these families after the big services stop happening. we did hear from county officials and city officials that that they are committed to continuing to supporting the families of thes victims as long as they need it. we have also heard from the local nonprofit essay they are continuing to offer their support.
5:35 am
other top stories that we are following, we have breaking news in the sports world. tom brady has just announced he is retiring from the nfl for good. he says he will retire from the league and is calling it quits after 23 seasons in the nfl. we will see if it is for real. moving on, president biden has his first white house meeting with kevin mccarthy. they are raising the country's debt limit at the time of top o the agenda. they are demanding that they agree to this to avoid a default. president bide is pushing for more specifics o proposed spending cuts from th california republican after the country had the debt limit last month. u.s. treasury announced they were taking extraordinary measures to avoid default, giving congress until june to act. the gop led states called the d.a.c.a. rule unlawful. it protects 600,000 undocumented immigrants that were brought to the united states as children. federal judge ruled as unlawfu
5:36 am
and 2021, block the approval of new applications. his order allow the program to protect current enrollees. let's get a check on the weather with meteorologist jessica burch. we are tracking change in the system. >> we are talking about rain now. once we extend all the way through this afternoon, partly cloudy skies will fill the bay. we have a clear and chilly start. we have a frost advisory in effect until 9:00 a.m. this afternoon, the skies will be filled with clouds. we are not seeing rain clouds yet. that will happen thursday into friday. outside right now, skies will fill with clouds over the coming hours. current temperatures are in the 30s. san francisco is in the low 40s right now. it is a clear day today. as we go to late thursda
5:37 am
night and early friday morning, look at future cast. we have this first band sweeping in fro offshore. this will bring in widespread showers during the early morning commute hours on friday. we catch a break. the next system settles in, just like the one before. this one i more widespread. this will las into saturday and hyundai. luckily, after that, we have clear skies. long story short, we have rain around the corner. it is not an atmospheric river. i would prepare you, if you have outdoor plans, we plan to go to the chinese new year's parade, be prepared. today is the deadline that impacts every bay area city and county. they are required to have a state approved land for how to build more housing over the next 8 years. the goal is t add more than 400,000 new homes apartments, and condos by 2030. with every community pulling its weight . as you can imagine with a hot button topic like
5:38 am
housing, there is a lot of pushback. we go inside the 11th hour debate. steph curry even chimed in. >> reporter: hans walked throug the house he has lived in for 4 years. he wonders how long it will still be his. >> i have raise my kids. now have to move to another area. >> reporter: that is the fear about the discussion of housing. 85-year-old hurt he wa one of 17 homes, along el camino renown that was identified for high density rezoning. it turns out he may not be in trouble at all. the town council is looking to do anything they can to avoid rezoning for multifamily housing. >> we don't have a certified housing element today, we have very real risk of lawsuits. we have been told they are out there. >> reporter: the builders remed would remove local authorities from any say in future construction. the owner of this home on oakwood boulevard has said he plans to build high
5:39 am
density housing with or withou the town's control. that is people worried, including one notable neighbor, steph curry. the law seems clear-cut, but there are folks here that think the town should simply defy it >> if that means litigation, means litigation. we are talkin about the character of communities, where people pay millions of dollars to live here, and expect in return, privacy and space. >> reporter: as a try to figure out a way to avoid the kind of choices that other cities are making, kevin says it is a matter of equity. he says the housing element was created lon ago to battle racial and economic injustice . it now has the teeth to make it a reality. >> towns and cities are going through change. i don't think just because you spend more money on your house and somebod else spent money on their house that california law or the
5:40 am
california constitution should be applied differently. >> reporter: they are considering an overlay zone near the commercial corridor an the local schools could add housing as well. they hope that, and the property on oakwood will be enough. the tow council knows they have to submit something or face losin all control. that is not something a town like atherton is used to dealing with. now to san francisco. law enforcement is getting ready fo a huge event. this is the annua chinese new year parade. organizers are expecting record crowds for celebrations. security is top of mind. dozens of other groups will be marching, including these students that you see right her from francisco. we show you th lifelong lessons they are learning by practicing for the parade. >> reporter: monica is choreographing the students march for the chinese new year
5:41 am
parade. what she is teaching them, she hopes will last longe than their performance. in the shadow of the towers, students of garfield elementary school get ready to shine in another iconic san francisco attraction they are dressed as tiles in the classic chinese game, welcoming the year of the rabbi under the direction of their kindergarten teacher. >> i want them to feel proud t be part of the school community >> smile and have fun. are you ready? >> reporter: this is her first time directing the kindergarten through fifth grades evidence for the chinese new year parade they have been reversing rehearsing twice a week. >> but your eyes on me. >> is not just a game to pass
5:42 am
the time. this brings family and friends together. >> reporter: the students learn how to lay the game, which is similar to general me. they discover life lessons along the way, like you cannot play if on tile is missing. >> we are a tile set, we had t understand the importance of being on a team. >> reporter: some of the 50 participants are enrolled in th 12-year-old chinese immersion program, like this six road, julian. his mother underscores the value of celebrating his ethnic heritage at the school. >> i am a second-generation chinese-american. it is important for us to retain the culture and language. >> reporter: as for the kindergartner, he is happy to march in the parade. >> i am very excited , from 1 t 100, i am about 90.
5:43 am
>> only 90? te the teacher understands excitement. her own kids were past participants. fo her, it is a heartfelt honor to share her chinese traditions with the next generation. >> personal joy is seeing them learning, a part of my culture and sharing in the celebration it brings me joy to see the children learning and having fun. >> reporter: she hopes that lon after the performance is over , her students will keep in step with the culture and character lessons she has taught them. >> they are so cute. >> although they may not fully understand right now, they will remember this moment. >> next on the money watch headlines, more technology la
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5:45 am
5:46 am
here is the money watch report. more technology companies are announcing pay cuts. paypal says they will cu 2000 jobs over the next several weeks. that is about heaven percent of the total workforce.
5:47 am
they did not say what departments would be hit. they did cite inflationary pressures for their decisions. workday says they will cut 3% of the workforce. that is a little mor than 500 jobs. there filing wit the securities and exchange commission. this is due to product and technology operations. they told them tha this was not the result of over hiring. let's get a check on the weather. we have a lot changing. we have been very cold. now we will have some rain. >> we will stay cold. we are dealing with frost advisories this morning. on the bright side, the winds are light. the morning commute is not too bad. the only issue is, you will wan gloves as you go out to your car. the steering wheel is cold. we have present amateurs in livermore and near freezing in concord. like i said, we hav a frost advisory through 9:00 a.m. . keep that in mind if you
5:48 am
have any outdoor vegetation. yo will want to protect it. cover it if you cannot bring it in. any outdoor pets, make sure the are bundled up. i will say this today is one of the warmest day we have had all week long. we can think the cloud layer. we will warm up into the upper 50s and low 60s through the rest of this week, with calm and mild temperatures. future cast is showing dry conditions. we do have rain around the corner. this happens late thursday nigh and early friday morning. it is essentially just friday morning or the early morning commuters. it goes from 3:00 through 6:00 a.m. we will catch up right behind that system. another one is forming just offshore. that will sweep its way and as we go into this weekend. we have big changes around the corner for us. i will say this, the frost advisory, i will assume we wil continue to see this issued by the national weather service fo the next couple mornings. we
5:49 am
have seen is for the past coupl of days. we are dealing with th recovery process to warm up int the afternoon highs. we are sitting in the 50s and 60s throughout the bay area with partly cloudy skies. we have to keep in mind, the umbrellas nee to be handy when we extend all the way through the weekend forecast. we will keep you updated on that, and talk about the rain in a bit. will be ready for that. we have the soggy commute on frida morning. in the meantime, we ar dealing with brake lights. we have had a busy morning. here is a live look at conditions. this is courtesy of mobil 5 going through that backup. traffic is slow and go due to a closure on westbound 4. this had all lanes closed down. unfortunately, this was a deadl crash that happened over an hou ago. they did manage to open one lane. we were hearing from chp that all lanes will be opened up pretty quickly. give yourselves extra time. this is highway 4 as you go near morale
5:50 am
low. let's look at the maps an show you how bad the backup is. using that backup through a 680 i will show you highway 4. it is getting busy here where we normally see brake lights. if you want to go through the air, maybe stick with 680. if you'r going toward the east shore freeway, just depends on where your commute takes you. you take this over to 780 if that suits you better. here are the travel times. 36 minutes from antioch to 80. westbound 80 is getting busy also. we have the usual brake lights for the commute in the altamont pass. i is about an hour from 205 towar 680. things are bunching up as you approach the dublin interchange.
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5:52 am
5:53 am
i am retiring for good. i know the process was a big deal last time. when i woke up this morning, i figured i would press record and let you know. >> it is happening, maybe for real this time. tom brady and ous on twitter, and a video, he is retiring. from the looks of it, this could be the real deal. you think his family, friends, and teammates for the support. the seven-time super bowl champion started his career with the new england patriots in 2000. >> we talked about the
5:54 am
potential of tom brady coming to the 49ers. that is an interesting turn of events. this may to think it is for real this time? mike i would think the second time? i don't know, i can't tell. is >> now, the conversation start backup for the 49ers. the 49ers were back at levi's stadium. instead of getting ready for the super bowl, they were cleaning out their lockers as they get set to go their separate ways for the off-season. >> it was not all about boxes and packing tape. brock purdy is undergoing more tests, and hopes he can avoid tommy john, and be ready for training camp. trey lance told reporters that he expects to be fully cleared for team workouts in the spring. >> this will be a lot of the conversation. look at is. team drafted him in 20. yo are looking at the w coach of t
5:55 am
t s on ky nickbofee.nick bosa s methe nnf e edgent the way back to 1957, voted on by the players. it came as a surprise to nick bosa. >> it means a lot, especially when you sit in the room with all of those guys on our team, and the coaches choose it, right? the mac players. >> oh, the players. i guess i don't know too much about it. [ laughter ] >> during the acceptance speech, fred warner won the award voted on by the coaches. they will not go to the super bowl, but back to this tom brady retirement. we have a lot to digest. yesterday, there was a lot of conversation about the potential of him coming in and being the starter for the 49ers for one more year, coming home. who knows, tom brady
5:56 am
said he would retire before and changed his mind. >> how do you feel about losing our defensive coordinator? >> it was bound to happen, with the defense like that, he was impressive and he did a great job. many teams would want him. >> it will be interesting to see who steps up. the time is 5:56. they call brock purdy tough as nails for going back into the game. why some at the sister station in new york disagree? ♪ [ music ] you are listening to music from molly tuttle. she is being recognized at the grammys this year. how she learned from the best in her own family? this is a project being raised by san francisco's mayor and city leaders. how is it making a difference for the american indian community? here is a love tse. grab so
5:57 am
is chilly ou
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
from cbs bay area news, this is the morning edition. >> he liked his job. he enjoyed japan town. to him, it was a good situation. >> the san francisco community comes together to celebrate the life of a security guard killed on the job. how he is being remembered by those that loved him the most? and happened bay, it was another somber night as hundreds remembered the victims of last week's mass shooting. >> is heart wrenching. there is not much you feel that you can do that is concrete. it felt good to come here. >> reporter: we look at the candle a vigil for this


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