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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition 9am  CBS  February 1, 2023 9:00am-9:30am PST

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from cbs news bay area, this is the morning edition. today we could get our first look at the man whose homophobic land want viral after berating college students at a in an out in san ramon. but first. >> anyone with a suspension like that, she should certainly not have been on the force . not the elite force. we begin a memphis. the city is hours away from funeral services for tyre nichols. the 29-year-old memphis man who died three days after he was stopped by police and brutally beaten. today mourners will remember him as the 49er loving skateboarder who enjoy photography. jarred hill is live in memphis. >> reporter: for as much
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attention has been paid to the way that tyre nichols died, his family said they want this to be a celebration of how he lived. we are expecting to hear a call to action going forward. >> reporter: in the bitter cold, mourners made their way to mississippi boulevard christian church in memphis to say a final goodbye to tyre nichols amid calls for police reform. >> we want that to be done right now. duty to render aid. and a duty to be decent. you don't have to be trained to be a decent human being. >> reporter: last night family and friends of the 29-year-old dad who love to skateboard said they are focused on celebrating his life , is in as they continue to fight for justice. >> my little brother didn't deserve none of this. >> reporter: parts of the south including memphis are covered under a sheet of ice, causing travel delays which delayed
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the funeral by a few hours. vice president kamala harris was among those delayed. nichols funeral follows revelations that four of the five fired memphis police officers facing murder charges for his death had been reprimanded or suspended st. >> ouldrthaveeen on the forcnot on an elite force. >> reporter: the memphis police department said it will release more audio and video of the violent encounter after his investigation concludes in the coming weeks. a memorial fund has been set up in nichols name and has raised $1.5 million . his mother writes on the page they are hoping to use the money not only for mental health services for their family but they want to use it to try to build a skate park in his honor. future cast the showing partly cloudy skies this afternoon. it will fill the bay area but daytime highs are
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warmer than yesterday. take a look at future cast extending into wednesday and thursday. not a lot of activity going on but once we wake up early friday morning, a cold front is expected to sweep through. this is early morning and it starts in the north bay based on how it is tilted. it sweeps through the bay area early in the morning. keep that in mind . you are expecting rain. extending into the afternoon it sweeps into the sacramento valley. let's take it a step back. temperatures in the most 50s. lower 60s are sprinkled in. if you are heading out to the giants fan fest this weekend we will see mid-60s stick around with showers likely, if you are headed to the chinese new year's parade, heading into the evening hours on saturday. let's get to top stories. he was arrested after a tiktok video showing him making
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homophobic and racist remarks at a korean a miracle couple edit in and out restaurant in san ramon. cal has fired teri mckeever after dozens of current and former student athletes accused her of bullying. she has been on leave since may when the orange county register reported the accusations included verbal abuse, pressuring swimmers to compete while injured and being dismissive of eating disorders . the school hired an independent investigator who released a report and in a statement the athletic director said , it quote details numerous violations of university policies that prohibit race, national origin and disability discrimination. the report also details verbally abusive conduct that is antithetical to our most important values. i am retiring for good. i know the process was a pretty
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big deal last time. when i woke up this morning i figured i would just press record. and let you know first. >> tom brady is retiring. nfl legend and san mateo native made the announcement on instagram with the video post , this was on twitter, excuse me. from the looks of it this could be the real deal. i will believe it when i see it. he thanked his friends, family and teammates for support. the seven-time super bowl champ started his career with the new england patriots in 2000. as we get closer to the lunar new year parade people plan to attend the event are worried about safety. san francisco police and the sheriff's office are thinking about public safety also. >> we hundred stand the events of the past couple weeks are very troubling and very unsettling. that is why it is important we are out in numbers and it is important you see us. >> if you see something, please let us know and say something about that. that is the only
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way we can bring the resources to deal with whatever challenge there might be. >> the district attorney's office will keep watch. there will be ambassadors walking around keeping an eye on the crowds. anisng ready fois weend's b chinese w year parade and we will introduce you to students who will play a key role. >> i am very excited. 99% excited. is wired wednesday. we will break down when we can see a
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it's just $50 a month for 2 full years when you add xfinity mobile. switch today! tiktok ceo is set to testify before u.s. house representatives panel. tesla is in hot water with the doj and apple has a tentative release date. we have so much
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to get to. let's talk about tiktok. we know the ceo -- has had a lot of issues with the chinese government. why is this still a continuing problem that our government is getting involved in? >> there is a lot of pressure that is building up around tiktok. and you nailed the reason why. its ties to the chinese government. one of the things that is really fascinating about tiktok , other than the fact it has become a cultural sensation in the most visited website on the planet , it is not a u.s. company. there is concern because chinese companies tend to have a more connected relationship with the chinese government that the information that is cold front tiktoks app , if you have it on your phone is collecting your location and all sorts of information. could be accessed somehow by the chinese government. we have seen experiences before consumer apps , there was a running app
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a few years ago that people would post the map of where they were running and it turned out some military people were running in the middle of the desert somewhere in squares and it was a secret nuclear facility and they were posting maps . that is where the danger comes . the concern that somehow the chinese government could nonstop about the united states that we don't want them to. >> it opens up a lot of doors. we have seen our government taking action telling government officials you cannot use tiktok on government phones. when we talk about tesla , the department of justice has requested documents . what are they requesting? >> this is around the words , full self driving. this is part of the criticism that elon musk has been under from a ton of people. that this technology, while very promising and very exciting in many ways, is not something that you can actually call ,
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full self driving. the company has often said, it is in beta, which is a common thing in silicon valley to say something like that. it is and testing and it will be amazing at one point. the concern the doj has is that there are people that have died as a result of using this and relying on it too heavily. at the end of the day , the question is , is there any accountability for having a name for something that does not live up to that promise yet? >> i don't know how comfortable i am with self driving yet. this might be more of a personal question. my ipad i have had maybe for the last 10 years. it is time for an upgrade. and analyst for apple , i believe an insider has insider information about the rumored new ipad coming out soon. tell us what you know. >> this has been a perpetual rumor that apple is want to come up with a folding ipad.
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part of this is driven by the somewhat popularity of samsung's folding phones. we have heard about them and they have gotten good reviews. they are pretty niche product and pretty expensive. apparently, apple is at the point where it is preparing to possibly release a folding ipad next year. if they do it would be the first folding ipad they have announced that it probably will not be cheap . the ipad mini and the ipad standard will be the cheapest ipads you can choose. but it will offer you the opportunity to have a larger ipad in a smaller form , when you're not using it. >> i have so many questions i am interested to see how it is. i always appreciate your inside. >> thank you for having me. >> we have partly cloudy skies filling the bay this afternoon. it is beautiful and mild today and we have rain around the corner. the high clouds allow for it to be a little bit warmer, like a blanket. as we
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wake up and head into daytime highs we hit the upper 50s. high clouds will push the this afternoon. not much to talk about but we have rain around the corner. i will time that storm out . so you know when you will see the rain. late thursday night early friday morning, that is when the cold front is expected to sweep its way in. the models are trend closer to friday morning instead of thursday evening. thursday is a beautiful day to get out but once we head into friday early morning, this will impact your commute. if you are one of those early morning commuters , keep that in mind. you want to keep the umbrella handy and take it slow on the roads. notice how it pushes into the sacramento valley and up into the tri-valley area fast. once we extend into the afternoon we are done for the day. partly cloudy skies fill the bay and the next set of showers comes later as we head
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into saturday. future cast is showing a half an inch . a little more impressive numbers near kentfield. this weekend you can add what we can expect on saturday and sunday to add to the totals. nothing crazy. the models are starting to trend drier. if you're heading out to the giants fanfest, 56 on saturday. keep in mind, showers are likely if you want to head out to the chinese new year's parade. i plan on being out there but i will keep the umbrella handy and the rain jacket handy. it will be a beautiful event. next week we will trend drier into monday. notice out temperatures, even though a cold front is sleeping in, are sticking in the upper 50s and lower 60s. g
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and more peace of mind... consider adding this. an aarp medicare supplement plan. take charge of your health care today. just use this...or this to call unitedhealthcare about an aarp medicare supplement plan. all this week we are sharing lunar new year stories leading up to the chinese new year parade on saturday night. this morning we are introduced to a school community that is taking part in the parade. >> reporter: she is choreographing the students march for the chinese new year parade. what she is teaching them, she hopes will last long after their performance.
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students at garfield elementary school get ready to shine in another iconic san francisco attraction. they are dressed as tiles in clsic chinese game, welcoming the year of the rabbit under the direction of their kindergarten teacher. >> i want them to feel proud to be part of the school community. >> smile, have fun, are you ready? >> reporter: it is her first time directing the kindergarten through fifth grade students for the chinese new year parade. they have been rehearsing twice a week after school since december. they are soaking in the cultural importance of the game their costumes represent. >> it is not just a game to pass time. it is actually a game that brings family and
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friends together. >> reporter: the students learn how to play the game , which is similar to general me. they discover life lessons along the way, like you cannot play if one tile is missing. >> we being a tile set, we had to understand the importance of being in a team. >> reporter: some of the 50 participants are enrolled in garfield 12-year-old chinese immersion program. his mother underscores the value of celebrating his ethnic heritage at the school. >> i am second-generation chinese-american. it is very important for us to retain culture and language. >> reporter: as for the kindergarten or, he is happy to march in the parade. >> i am very excited. from want to hundred , i'm about 90. >> only 90? >> 99.
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>> reporter: she understands that excitement. her own kids were past parade participants. for her it is a heartfelt honor to share her chinese traditions with the next generation. >> personal joy is seeing them learning , a part of my culture and sharing in the celebration , it brings me joy to see the children learning and having fun. and she hopes that long after the performances over, her students keep in step with the cultural and character lessons she has taught them. >> so sweet. we share the story of a santa clara native who has been nominated for two grammy awards.
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it is 9:24. a bay area native is singing the san francisco blues. we are introduced to molly title. the local artist nominated for two grammy awards. >> reporter: jack title grew up in a farm in royal illinois listening to his father play bluegrass music. at the tender age of five he picked up a guitar and never put it down.
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jack is a bluegrass virtuoso and happens to be molly's dad. everything about bluegrass , the singing and technical aspects, all through him. but way what may enchant him the most, -- >> it is social. it connects people that way. >> reporter: jack taught molly. he taught all his kids to play. >> all the kids were really good and really talented. i was the dad in the band. >> reporter: they formed the band and along with aj they performed authentic bluegrass for years. as for molly, she recorded her first cd, the old appletree with her dad at age 13. jack has taught bluegrass in the bay area for 40 years and written a dozen instructional music books. while many lessons are online before the pandemic, most of his classes were held here. >> it was another palo alto
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business that began in the garage. >> reporter: at the legendary griffin string mandolin shop. the staff brought out molly's first guitar. the baby taylor, that she played at age 8. all it has seen better days they cannot seem to part with it. >> it came a toy in the house. after molly upgraded. >> reporter: they are thrilled to hear about molly's nominations. >> when people ask me about molly, i remind them that we have known her basically since she was born. and we are overjoyed at her success. >> reporter: as for molly she lives in nashville and says her biggest inspiration is her dad. she recently took some time to zoom with him. >> how are you?
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>> good. >> are you excited about the grammy nominations? >> super excited. >> reporter: so is her dad. it is an accomplishment for molly that i can take pride in . that is a very cool thing. a state law is limiting what can be taught about race inside for the schools. i have how one professor is going outside the classroom to continue teaching black history.
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[music playing] [applause, cheering] welcome to the show, "rossi" ross! hi, drew. hi, everybody. hi. [applause, cheering] first of all-- ross: fun. drew: --i love you. ross: i love you. and you know what else i like? what? news you can use. duh! all right. let's do it. let's get right into it. up first, according to bustle, spice girl mel b recently revealed who she thinks should play her in a movie, and she said none other than the queen herself, viola davis. ross: ok, i could see this. drew: i mean, miss davis as zig-a zig-ah? yeah, sure. ross: yeah. like, melanie shared her pick for baby spice would be kate hudson. i like that. ross: uh-huh.


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