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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition 5am  CBS  February 6, 2023 5:00am-6:00am PST

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oakland's top cop demanding to be reinstated. we continue to celebrate black history month. we'll introduce you to a group using the creative strategy to get kids interested in learning about the past. steph curry is injured. the time frame for him to get back on the court. we've got highlights of music's biggest night. bay area artists walking away with trophies, making history at the grammys. we have mild conditions to talk about. i will break down the next big change coming up in your full forecast. we are tracking a crash as you head through fairfield. breaking news, tragedy in turkey and syria after two powerful earthquakes, more than 1600 are dead. a 7.8 struck this morning before dawn in turkey near border with syria. then a second 7.5 quake hit
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hours later. rescue workers have been frantically searching for survivors under the rubble. several buildings in both countries collapsed. turkey disaster agency has made international appeal for help. searching for debris of a suspected chinese spy balloon. democrats praised president biden's decision to bring down the balloon while republicans say it came too late. defense officials say u.s. took action to protect against intelligence collection, china calling action an indiscriminate use of force, maintains the balloon was a civilian unmanned air ship. beyonce has won the most grammys ever with 32. the first openly trans woman took home a grammy and harry
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styles won the coveted album of the year. we will have more coming up in a live report from los angeles. so many great moments and so much to talk about. let's talk about ouher. wehad a erthe > for nny sks. it felt like the midwest. that's what was going on. >> so true. i am sure many people home from those areas felt that way too. here is the big change. we are expecting sunny skies all week but it is off to a chilly start throughout the bay area with upper 30s and low 40s throughout the bay. winds are staying light. it's pretty mild. we have a frost advisory for our friends in the north bay throughout the low lying intersections. keep in mind vegetation is one thing you will want to take care of on overnight lows like last night. to add to that, if you have outdoor pets, plants, even pipes outside, make sure you
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are checking on those. into this afternoon, i mentioned we will be seeing sunny skies but temperatures remain pretty mild. keep the layers handy. we are going to start warming up more as we head into this week. on the bright side, this is the perfect week to take the bike out, take the kids to the park. no matter where you are going, it's going to be pleasant. we'll see breezier days. other than that, the weather will not be impacting your side of this forecast. >> when it comes to traffic it will be mild. >> commuters will love that. i want to start with a trouble spot in fairfield. it's an overnight crash. this is after a major accident. fairfield police tweeted about it. this is cement hill road in front of laurel creek park. it happened just after 10:30 last night. you can see the vehicle mangled up off to the side.
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a motorcyclist was sent to the hospital in critical condition after being struck. we'll get a look at conditions in and around the area coming up with mobile 5. if you are traveling through, it seems things are in the clearing stages. 80 looks good as well. there is a crash to start the morning along 880 south after 7th street. right in the heart of oakland, that rate lane is blocked until further notice. we are tracking brake lights off the 980 connector. also slow is the ride out of tracy into the altamont pass. it looks like that is starting to bog down already and it is barely 5:00. speeds are down to 13 miles an hour. 44 minutes towards the dublin interchange. east shore freeway, 14 minutes. highway 4 is looking good and 101 is looking good. if you have an early flight to
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catch and you are going from san jose to sfo, that's only going to take about 36 minutes. but things can change quickly. developing, oakland police chief is once again demanding to be put back on the job in light of new information. chief armstrong was placed on leave last month after investigators accused him of failing to properly discipline a sergeant. armstrong says he and his legal team will send a letter to the mayor and city administrator to demand a reinstatement. his letter will outline reasons why he should be back to work as police chief. da lin with the story. >> i believe i should be reinstated because i did nothing wrong. >> reporter: at a press conference, chief armstrong says he has more information to back up his claim. >> my review confirms that the investigators and federal monitor conclusion about me is not supported by evidence. frankly the confidential report and information provided by the monitor is embarrassing.
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it is inaccurate. it contradicts itself about the role i played in this case, and the report focuses and targets me. >> reporter: last month the new oakland mayor put the police chief on leave based on summary of a report which says the chief failed to hold a sergeant accountable over a misconduct case. the chief says he finally received a full report wednesday, about 60 pages. >> the report relies on vague and subjective information without factual or evidence. >> reporter: the report says the department did not properly punish a sergeant for a hit and run crash. >> i think the chief is responsible for holding people accountable when the information is brought to him. in this case, that information was not brought to me. so i was not able to take proper action. >> reporter: he adds department policies prohibit him from getting involved in this time of internal affairs investigation. >> as we start black history month it reminds me that fairness and justice is
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something african americans are still receiving. the idea i can look at this at how unfair it is makes me question. >> reporter: armstrong supporters blamed the situation on the federal monitor. the department has been under federal oversight for two decades and it was supposed to end in may. war shaw and the team make roughly $1 million a year over seeing the agency. they claim war shaw wants to keep collecting pay checks. >> we are asking the mayor again, again, again to reinstate the chief to his duties. >> reporter: the mayor said she's not punishing the chief. but armstrong says he is not going down without a fight. >> i believe oakland is a city built on fighting for social justice. this is an injustice. this is not fair. >> reporter: i reached to the mayor's office on sunday. no response so far. it was a night of historic firsts across the entire
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ceremony with beyonce breaking records. bad bunny earned first album of the year nomination for a project in spanish. betty yu has more of the most notable moments. >> reporter: before beyonce made history she was in a historic l.a. traffic jam. once the queen was in the house, two hours into the show, she smashed the record. >> breaking the record for most grammy wins of all time. >> reporter: beyonce is the most decorated winner in grammy history. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: that wasn't the only history making moment. >> i would like to thank all the incredible transgender. >> reporter: grammy for best group or duo. she was the first openly transgender woman to grab a grammy. >> now all the kids that saw this that are special or different or feel they don't belong or like they can't conform to society or don't
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have a place, feel inspired that, yes, you can be yourself. >> reporter: the night was full of surprises even for adele would finally got to meet dwayne the rock johnson. big highlights, the all star celebration of hip hop's 50th anniversary. viola davis won for best audio book becoming one who won an egot. lizzo scored record of the year and in an emotional speech thanked her inspiration beyonce. >> you changed my life. >> reporter: album of the year, trevor noah allowed a super fan to make the big announcement. >> harry styles! >> that was so cute. lizzo is first black woman to win record of the year since 1994 when the late whitney houston was recognized for i
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will always love you. the fans have been talking about favorite moments on twitter. of course they have. one user said harry styles winning album of the year doesn't sit well. another wrote the celebs who went looked amazing. a wide range of opinions of course good and bad. we have much more coverage from the grammys on our website. head to, big fashion moments, and so much more. it was an entertaining fun show. >> there is so much talent that there will be upsets no matter what. >> there were some surprises in there. the hip hop performance. >> that was so good. >> bay area represents.
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>> that was a highlight. >> i can't wait to talk about it more. next, highlights of lunar new year celebrations over the weekend all across the bay area. a special invitation.
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who was holding a bb gun during a traffic stop about two years ago. the shootk happened after the 45-year-old suspect pulled out of the evergreen parking t in san pablo. officers ordered the man to show his hands several times. when he got out of the vehicle, he brought a gun which later turned out to be a bb gun. officers responded by discharging weapons. medical responders attempted to save his life but he later died at a local hospital. a report finds bart wasted money and needs to make a drastic change. for over two years the transit agency funneled $350,000 into a homeless outreach program run by salvation army. investigators found only one homeless person received services. bart responded to the audit by issuing corrective plan. it states in part all future homeless outreach and quality of life related programs will be defined outcomes and metrics
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developed using a results based accountability framework. sunnyvale library celebrated lunar new year with a concert. the firebird youth orchestra performed yesterday. the orchestra has 100 members from 7 to 11 years old applied traditional chinese instruments. more are planned this month as lunar new year festivities continue. after two weeks of parades and cultural events and fireworks, capped off with celebrations from drummers to opera performances. entertainment was nearly endless on pacific street. let's get a check of weather. it's going to be a calm week. it really is. after this weekend with the hit or miss showers, this is the perfect opportunity to get out and get some fresh air.
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if your kids have been wanting to go to the park, if your dogs have been scratching at the door trying to go out on a long walk, this is the week to do it. over the weekend we were dealing with storms. at brunch yesterday it was sunny and out of nowhere, the rain storm swept in. we all experienced it over the weekend. we are waking up with pretty clear conditions today and that's going to be the case throughout the week. daytime highs today are topping off in upper 50s and lower 60s for vallejo to fremont. it's a similar forecast. if you are a commuter from one side of the bay to the other, you can keep the layers handy no matter where you are going. you will need it today because it is still breezy. taking a look at futurecast on large scale models, there is not a lot of activity. offshore there is plenty activity but by the time it sweeps into the bay, we are left with partly cloudy skies. even as we wrap up the week, this is thursday, this looks
5:17 am
promising. now it is humboldt county and north to the oregon border. so there is not a lot going on in the bay. rain chances will are many low as we wrap up the week. basically, it is beautiful. it is amazing. we live in california for a reason, and this is the reason. partly cloudy skies throughout the week, upper 50s and lower 60s expected not only for san francisco but even into micro climates for our friends in the north bay and all the way off into the east bay too. it will be a great week to head to the beach. >> sounds good. looks like a good start to this monday. that seems to be the case on the freeways. we've got mobile 5 up and out early. here is a look at conditions traveling west bound. it looks great. we are starting to see more cars but that's typical as the morning commute starts getting underway. so far, a smooth ride if taking
5:18 am
east shore freeway or upper east shore this morning. traffic elsewhere, looking at maps, we have a crash in the clearing stages. south 880 after 7th street, that right lane is blocked. they're trying to push that to the right side of the road way. more significant delays a couple minutes ago. since that thinned out now that we are seeing that green, that looks like that's wrapping up. 80 to the bay bridge, so far so good. richmond to berkeley, no delays. 14 minutes from hercules to emeryville. west bound 580, that is a different story. 205 to 680 is already busy, 49 minutes. you see on our map all the red, slow out of tracy getting on to 580. 5:18. a chinese balloon blow back. a live report with reaction
5:19 am
from china and republicans after u.s. shot down a suspected spy balloon over the weekend. bay area artist that walked away with a grammy at last night's award shows.
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welcome back. there is something about this forecast that makes me hungry.
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let's look at what's going on. if you are packing your lunch, pack something a little bit warmer. today we are dealing with breezy conditions, daytime highs mostly topping off in the upper 50s and lower 60s. as we look hour by hour, 40s turn into 50s by noon hour and we'll see 60s return around 2:00. >> thank you. time for the morning mix. we have a lot to talk about because there was a lot of grammy gold handed out. congrats to everyone who won. out of more than a dozen nominated artists from the area, five got trophies, some claiming multiple awards. east bay's alphabet rockers, congrats. hip hop group won their first grammy for best childrenawesome berkeley's taj mahal won best
5:23 am
traditional blues album. we did features on them. bonnie rai won big, bringing her total to 12. molly tuttle won best bluegrass. two east bay engineers won for technical work for recording phil harmonica fantastic. i don't know if you remember but he was in studio. he came to talk about it because it was at the san francisco symphony. >> it's good to see the bay area representing. loved it. >> i agree. i wish all our bay area nominees would have won. >> we'll take it. the red carpet known for over the top and fearless fashion. this is where boundaries and
5:24 am
clothing are pushed. the unholy singer showed up in all red. smith with a cane and top hat. they were accompanied by drag performers who also got the memo on wearing red. cardi b showed up in her sunday best. she was gorgeous. an elegant theatrical dress. the barbie pink and matching gloves. a versachi dress, look at that.
5:25 am
she revealed the dressopened it up, a show stopper revealing the beautiful dress. she was gorgeous. we saw some trends, lots of big hats and big earrings too and of course plenty skin. there were bursts of shiny metal as well as ensembles fit for royalty. let's not forget the men from host trevor know i can. noah. he changed like seven times. i love the glasses. >> i liked his silk gold suit. i was like oh i need that. >> you saw at miss universe, the pink. >> adele looked amazing. j lo. >> she always does. >> taylor too. >> i feel like adele was one of
5:26 am
e best dressed. viola davis, a lot of mixed on her. i thought she looked stunning. everyone thought the fringe was too much. no. >> you are supposed to be extra. >> harry styles, a lot of reaction. >> i am not surprised. it's harry. who cares? he does what he wants. >> it's his thing. >> if you had expectations to have something over the top, it delivered. everyone delivered on the red carpet 100%. next, we take you live to los angeles with more on big wins as well as first for women and diverse artists. >> we'll introduce you to a group in oakland using creative strategy to get kids >> woman: why did we choose safelite? >> vo: for us, driving around is the only way we can get our baby to sleep, so when our windshield cracked, e' ths edr wishield to sleep, so when our windshield cracked,
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there is a lot of finger pointing after military shot down a chinese balloon that had been floating the skies across u.s. for days. china called it unpiloted civilian air ship and believes united states used excessive force of shooting it down. give us the latest on the suspected spy balloon. >> reporter: we are hearing from china and they're saying the u.s. over reacted in shooting down what it says was not a spy balloon as u.s. believes. one republican senator said president biden telegraphed weakness by not taking the balloon down sooner. new accusations after the u.s. shot down a suspected chinese spy balloon. >> clearly this was attempt by china to gather information to defeat commanding control of sensitive missile defense and
5:30 am
nuclear weapon sites. >> reporter: china called the action indiscriminate use of force by american military maintaining it was a civilian unmanned air ship further straining relations. >> we have a problem with china humarightsolations to violation sieven challenges we have had with them on overt spying. >> reporter: the balloon was first spotted over alaska january 28. it moved into canadian air space and back into u.s. territory tuesday passing over sensitive nuclear sites in montana. a military jet firing a single missile shot it down saturday. >> i told them to shoot it down. >> wednesday. >> wednesday. they said let's wait until the safest place to do it. >> reporter: republicans are criticizing biden administration for not acting sooner. >> he allowed a week for
5:31 am
chinese to conduct spying operations over the united states over sensitive places. >> reporter: officials say once the balloon was detected steps were taken to protect against intelligence collection. navy and coastguard are up the coast of south carolina e u.s. will be able to study the equipment in part because it was over water and didn't crash on land. there is another one over latin america. >> is china saying anything about that one this morning? >> reporter: china did confirm this is related to their country though they're also saying this is another civilian unmanned aircraft as they describe that is looking at
5:32 am
weather. u.s. officials said some of the instruments and materials on these balloon don't seem like they would be used for weather but they would be for something else. back to you. >> pretty interesting stuff. thank you so much for your reporting. we are following latest developments on deadly earthquakes in turkey and syria. rescuers are racing to find survivors trapped in hundreds of collapsed buildings. toll is steadily rising from one of the most powerful quakes to hit the area in 100 years. the quake hit early monday while people were asleep. a second 7.5 jolted the area. turkey issued international appeal for help. fencing going up in washington, dc, capitol police are ramping up security because tomorrow's state of the union. president biden spent the weekend with advisers at camp david fine tuning speech that will call for bipartisan cooperation. it will be the first time the
5:33 am
president addresses divided congress. a north bay woman will be in attendance. jennifer grey thompson was invited because of her work to help thousands after the wine country wildfires of 2017. her company advocates for families who sometimes lose financial settlement for losses of a fire. >> funds are subject to income taxes. the people who use settlement funds to rebuild, because 70% are under insured and need the money, they now have to pay a huge, huge tax liability. >> thompson was invited to tomorrow's address in dc by napa congressman mike thompson. let's see what our weather is like. we had a mash up of so many things. what's it looking like heading into today. >> that's e niout what's happening. it's mild across the bay area. over the weekend we had a mixed
5:34 am
bag of weather. taking a look at this morning, a frost advisory is in effect in the north bay until 9:00 a.m. chilly conditions there. throughout the week what you see behind me is what we are getting. upper 50s and lower 60s for daytime highs no matter where you live in the bay area. if you don't have the opportunity to get out and enjoy beautiful sunshine today, you are in store for good news. throughout the rest of this week, it's a perfect set up if you want to head to the park, if you want to head to the coast. no matter where you are going, we are expecting sunny skies. we'll see high clouds for our tuesday forecast but no rain by any means. yesterday was fascinating because we started with mostly sunny conditions. some of us got hit with splashes of showers but it is mild throughout the week. that's great news not only when it comes to taking advantage but when it comes to the commute too. >> it was so strange. yesterday out of the blue, it
5:35 am
was nice and sunny and then rain for a short amount of time. >> that happened in san francisco too. we all experienced that but we have calm conditions for the rest of the week. >> i love it. good calm conditions. the freeways, not so much at least into the altamont pass. this is 205, 580 connector out of tracy getting on to that altamont pass area. you see traffic is sluggish already in and around the area. give yourself extra time there, a few extra minutes, if you are headed where the area is getting on the altamont pass. north flynn is starts to slow down and it gets better the rest of the way towards the dublin interchange. 58 minutes west bound 580, 205 to 680. east shore highway 4, 101 all looking good right now.
5:36 am
it's considered music's biggest night. trevor noah hosted the 65th annual grammy awards. beyonce became the most decorated winner of all time taking home four more trophies, adding to her collection. with more from los angeles, you got the best assignment but did you get any sleep? >> reporter: i did not get any sleep. we will keep this grammy party going throughout the morning. you mentioned beyonce. she's on top of the grammy throne. it was a star studded night with performances from some of the biggest names in music and an unforgettable hip hop tribute. >> we are witnessing history tonight. >> reporter: beyonce won her 32nd grammy making her new record holder for most grammy victories. >> i am trying to just receive
5:37 am
this night. >> reporter: a performance by bad bunny kicked off the show that gave its most coveted album of the year award to harry styles. >> this is really kind. i am so grateful. >> lizzo took record of the year. >> when we lost prince, i decided to dedicate my life to making positive music. >> reporter: first lady biden presented bonnie rait with song of the year award for just like that. >> i am so surprised. i don't know what to say. >> reporter: kim petrus became first transgender to win with sam smith for the red hot collaboration unholy. >> i just want to thank all the incredible transgender legends before me. >> best new artist. >> i just egot. >> finding me made her the
5:38 am
18th person to winter, win this. >> global impact award named after first winner dr. dre. >> this is the 50th anniversary of hip hop. what a night it was with lots of unforgettable moments. there were other big winners. dave chappel won best comedy album. taylor swift won best music video. >> it was a really fun night. that hip hop performance was everything. i had such a good time watching. tell us about some of the surprises. the twitter army didn't hold back on what their opinions were. >> reporter: you are right. twitter army, social media, people are always going to weigh in. i think the biggest surprise was when bonnie rait won song of the year. houses, lizzo,nce, adel
5:39 am
all eyes were anshe kind sin. sanot to de r lent but no was paying attention to her in that category. i think that was one of the biggest surprises of the evening when it comes to awards. >> i have completely agree. thank you so much. i had to download and look up that song too. we'll check back in a little bit. >> so many surprises i think that a lot of people weren't expecting. song of the year definitely was one. >> a big surprise. kudos to her. she's an amazing singer songwriter. back to the brief mention of bad bunny. he has made an impression and it's easy to see why with the opening number. >> i was ready. i did not expect him to be
5:40 am
opening. even though he didn't win album of the year his album un verano sin ti still made history. you see jack time. >> un verano sin ti is first spanish album nominated. bad bunny did win. the puerto rican artist also made waves with his winning speech. >> i want to dedicate this award to puerto rico, laguna [ speaking nonenglish ]. >> it was easy. i just made this album with love and passion and when you do things with love and passion, everything is easier. those were the words bad bunny said at the podium. part of his speech was in spanish and he dedicated that
5:41 am
to puerto rico. not only did he have historic nomination and award but his opening track to un verano sin ti was nominated for best pop solo performance. >> we talked about how latin music is global now and really taking erstorm. >> there was a headline by "washington post" that said grammys ignored latin music for so long. bad bunny made them listen. >> that's awesome. i am glad to see that. he will be headlining coach ella in april, first latin artist to do so. i know you've got tickets. >> yeah. >> we have more on you will find the winners, big fashion moments, and so much more. the first weekend of black history month, the local group trying to get more young people
5:42 am
reading. it is key to understanding and being understood. john ramos. >> reporter: in today's digital world, it may seem old fashioned for people to think black history is going to progress through books and reading. no matter how people get the information, the folks say what's important is the exchange of ideas and different perspectives. in 2015, oakland chapter of a group called jack and jill of america began sponsoring african american read in, a gathering meant to get kids of all ages interested in people and events that make up black history. but i am rethere tkn are way more that i vane been introduced to yet. >> the day began with a reading from an oakland youth poet laureate. >> knowing and understanding my education is elevation into innovation in a world of my own consideration. >> reporter: despite her academic success, she has not
5:43 am
been spared the sting of racism. >> i think i am one of eight black kids in my school. it's like every time i get within a nice environment, there are people who want to hold me back because of the color of my skin or because of my gender. it's very hard for me to be able to express myself which is why i turn to poet re. >> reporter: organizers of the read in believe knowledge and in particular reading is key to both learning and passing on achievements of african americans. >> as americans, that's who we are. that's what this is about. our story is a strong story. it is the american story, not just black history. but it is the american story. we here to teach our children and let the world know that we are here. we are not going anywhere. >> workshops were held for young people of all ages from introducing kids as young as two years old to black heroes
5:44 am
to teaching teens about mysterious world of nfts and crypto currency. nicole is mother of three teens and admits there are times when a generation gap can prevent mutual understanding. >> we got called to the carpet about how we dismiss their feelings because they don't have the same experiences we do when in fact when we stopped to listen, they did have a lot to share and something we can learn from. >> reporter: differences in experience often lead to misunderstanding especially in the area of race. at the read in the message was simple. words do matter. >> she said it there. i will read what she says. there are people who want to hold me back simply because of the color of my skin. that's something that resonates with me. it's happened with me plenty times before. i am glad we were e sty and theyare to exprs thlves h etry and openconvertions. >> a way to connect.
5:45 am
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cat apologizing to us for breaking something. it created this whole letter. >> it's a weird thing. i think of all the students at school that have an upper hand on where i was at that age. let's take a quick look. current conditions are very chilly. we zoom into the north bay and we are under a frost advise are i until 9:00 a.m. in the low lying intersections just throughout the bay area, close to napa and sonoma county, if you have outdoor vegetation you will want to cover it or take good care of it. if you have outdoor pets this is a friendly reminder to bring them in. we are 13 to 14 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time near napa, petaluma. even hayward, it's a chilly start with crystal clear skies above the bay bridge and we are in the upper 30s and lower 40s. it's a chilly start. we will see sunrise around
5:50 am
7:09. once we extend into the afternoon, expect 50s and 60s throughout the bay area. mild conditions across the board today. as we head throughout the week, that will continue to be the trend. light winds this morning and i will say this. into the next seven days, i want to show one thing. i will step off screen so you can get a look. mild conditions for us not only for our tuesday and wednesday forecast but look at the weekend. upper 50s and lower 60s. if you want to head to the local park, if you want to have a nice brunch, beautiful conditions heading into this week. not a crazy rain cloud in the sky like we had yesterday. we'll talk more about what you can expect in a bit. g. >> looks good. taking a look at the roadways along the east shore freeway, you are not alone. there are a couple cars doing the same. bay bridge, metering lights are on. west bound 80 is starting to
5:51 am
load up a little bit, hill top area towards the richmond area into berkeley and of course the bay bridge. this is where you will start seeing the brake lights with metering lights on. plan for that. plan for brake lights as well if commuting into altamont pass, west 205 on to 580. bumper to bumper traffic. speeds are down to 12 miles per hour in some spots. plan for that as you head into the altamont. no wind advisories, that's good news. that travel time is already almost an hour. 205 to 680. it is still okay on highway 4 and right now no delays out of south bay. everything is good north 101 out of san jose along the peninsula and golden gate bridge is off to a great start. for the second time this year, steph curry overactive bladder, or oab, can change your world. like going hiking,
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warriors have had a difficult season defending the title. >> for the second time this year, their star player is hurt. >> reporter: warriors up and down season is about to get tougher as they get set for another extended stretch without steph curry. he is expected to miss multiple weeks. an mri revealed curry suffered
5:55 am
partial tears to ligaments that hold tibia and fibula together. the silver lining, could have been a lot worse. >> i know you are not a doctor but how would you summarize what steph curry's injuries are. >> you saw the release. i am not a doctor so i didn't know the ligaments existed. the good news is he will be back. we don't know exactly when but hopefully sooner rather than later. but we'll know more in a few days as he continues to heal. >> warriors have five games until the all star break. hopefully they can hold down the fort until steph comes back. >> on social media, fans have to talk about it. steph curry's injury made the trade line significantly less interesting. the deadline is a couple days away. so disappointing. >> it is disappointing. i think i am not panicking because there are a lot of
5:56 am
players who can step up. jordan poole has been known to step up. i will keep the faith. but it is disappointing. i wanted to see him at the all star game. >> that was the issue. i was at the game and they had a significant lead. they had to bring steph in to get the lead going and they couldn't handle it without him to a certain extent. it was frustrating and they didn't win by much. it was not fun to see him down like that. steph always bounces back. a star studded night at the grammy awards. we have another look at who won big. lunar new years celebrations coming to a close. events lining the streets in the bay area over the weekend. fall out after u.s. shot down a suspected chinese spy balloon. new reaction from china and republicans. a live look outside before
5:57 am
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a frantic search for survivors after powerful earthquakes rocked turkey and syria. new video of all the damage and moment of impact. oakland police chief is not giving up without a fight after being placed on leave last month. >> this is an injustice. this is not fair. >> chief armstrong's demand to be put back on the job. a historic time for music's biggest night at the 65th grammy awards in los angeles. >> we are witnessing history. >> trying to just receive this night. >> we have a look at


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