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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition 9am  CBS  February 6, 2023 9:00am-9:30am PST

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happening at 10:00. oakland's top cop demanding to be reinstated. the new information he will sent to the mayor that he says clears his name. we got the highlights of music's biggest night. the bay area artists walking away with trophies and the musicians making history at the grammys. for the second time this year steph curry is out of action with an injury. the timeframe for him to get back on the court. today as we continue to celebrate black history month, we introduce you to a group in oakland using a creative strategy to get kids interested in learning about the past. first in our top stories. terrifying images of a building collapsing after two earthquakes walked turkey and
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syria. video shows the building tumbling down in turkey. a huge plume of dust and debris. people running through the street. more than 2300 people are dead after the powerful earthquakes. sadly, that number is expected to rise even higher. rescue workers are frantically searching for survivors under piles of rubble. >>this d footage shows is known as the , is seous emergency response team. they are setting up a search what is left of a building. hundreds have been killed, thousands more injured, adding to the devastation to the syrian city ravaged by years of war. navy divers are searching for the debris of a suspected chinese spy balloon shut down by a u.s. fighter jet saturday off the coast of south carolina. democrats praise president biden's decision to bring down the balloon, while republican say it came too late. defense officials say the u.s. took action to protect against any intelligence collection. china calling the action, and
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indiscriminate use of force. maintains the balloon was a civilian, unmanned airship. what a great show. history was mademy leronne armstong became the first openly trans-woman to take, grammy and harry styles won the coveted album of the year award. we will have more highlights from music's big night, coming up . we had a crazy weekend filled with rain throughout the bay area. it was mostly hit or miss storms. yesterday i was enjoying the sunshine and out of nowhere this huge rain cloud came into the bay area and swept its way through most of our local areas. today is pretty mild. you saw sunny skies behind me. this was tuesday's forecast. there is no rain. for the next couple days that is the set up. sunny skies and mixed with partly cloudy skies. we are not
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seeing rain anytime soon. this afternoon we get into the upper 50s and lower 60s. you will want the layers all week. but the winds will remain pretty calm. we are expecting sunny skies into this weekend. the big change on the way for us when it comes to mild conditions. so get up and enjoy it. it is a great start to the month of february. we will see upper 50s and lower 60s all throughout our microclimates, even as we head into next work week. the oakland police chief is demanding to be put back on the job, in light of new information. chief leronne armstong was placed on leave last month, after investigators accused him of failing to properly discipline a sergeant . armstrong says today he and his legal team will send a letter to the mayor and the city administrator to demand a reinstatement. his letter will outline reasons why he should go back to work as the police chief. da lin has a story.
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>> i believe i should be reinstated because i did nothing wrong. >> reporter: on sunday, chief armstrong says he has more information to back up his claim. >> my review confirms that the investigators and the federal monitor conclusion about me is not supported by evidence. frankly, the confidential report and information provided by the monitor is embarrassing. it is inaccurate, it contradicts itself about the role that i played in this case . and the report focuses and targets me. >> reporter: last month the new oakland mayor put the police chief only based on the summary of a report which says the chief failed to hold the sergeant accountable over a misconduct case. the chief said he finally received a full report on wednesday. about 60 pages. >> the report relies heavily on vague and subjective information without factual or evidence. >> reporter: the report says the report did not properly punish the sergeant for a hit- and-run crash. >> i think the chief is responsible for holding people
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accountable when that information is brought to him. in that case, that information was not brought to me. i was not able to take the proper action. >> reporter: he said department policies prohibit him from getting involved in this type of internal affairs investigation. >> as we start black history month it reminds me that fairness and justice is something that african- americans are still seeking. the idea that i can look at this report and see how unfair it is, makes me question, have we move forward in any way that we would allow this type of report to tarnish someone's career? >> reporter: i'm sure supporters blame the situation on the federal monitor, robert warshaw. the department has been under federal oversight for two decades. it was supposed to end in may. robert warshaw and his team make roughly $1 million a year, overseeing the agency. they claim robert warshaw once you keep collecting his paychecks . >> we are asking the mayor again, again, and again, to reinstate the chief back to his duties. >> reporter: the mayor said
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last month she is not punishing the chief, but armstrong says he is not going down without a fight. >> i believe oakland is a city built on fighting for social justice. this is an injustice. this is not fair. >> reporter: and reached out to the mayor's office on sunday. no response so far. it was a night of historic first across the entire grammy awards ceremony. beyonci broke records and bad bunny earned the first album of the year nomination for a project completely done in spanish. we have more on some of the more notable moments. check before beyonci made history, she was docked in an historic l.a. traffic jam. once the queen was in the house, two hours in the show, she smashed the record. >> breaking the record. truck beyonci is now the most decorated winner in grammy history. that was not the only history making moment.>> all the incredible transgender
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ledges.>> reporter: kim petras and sam smith won for unholy. she was the first openly transgender woman to grab a grammy. >> i hope that all the kids that saw this that are special or different feel like they do not belong or they cannot conform to society and they don't have a place in it, feel inspired that yes, you can be yourself. >> reporter: the night was full of surprises. even for a dell who finally got to meet dwayne the rock johnson. some big highlights, the all- star celebration of hip-hop's 50th anniversary. viola davis won for best audiobook, becoming a egot. she has won an emmy, grammy, oscar and tony. as for the big marquee awards, lizzo scored record of the year and in an emotional speech, thanks for inspiration, beyonci. >> you changed my life.
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>> reporter: as for album of the year, trevor noah about a super fan to make the big announcement. >> harry styles. >> let's go back to is a speech. this was a highlight. she said that she skipped school to see beyonci perform in the fifth grade. it was her gospel medley and the way she made her feel that inspired her to pursue the work she does. she called beyonci the artist of our lives. a lot of grammy gold is headed back to the bay area. more than one dozen nominated artists from here, five got trophies, with some claiming multiple awards. these days, alphabet rockers, won the first grammy for best children's album. berkeley's, taj mahal one best traditional blues album. then
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there is the north bay's bonnie raitt, who won big, taking home three grammies for song of the year, best americana performance, and the best american song. that brings the total up to 12 grammies. mali title, born in santa clara and raised in palo alto won best bluegrass album. and two east bay engineers local romanesque he and sean murphy won for their technical work on the recording the harmonica. we have more coverage from the grammies on our website, you will find all the winners and the other big fashion moments and much more. coming up. the layoffs just announced today by another major tech firm. why dell technology says thousands of people will lose their jobs. we will introduce you to a group in oakland using a creative strategy to get kids interested in the people and events that make up black history.
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announced they are getting rid of 5% of its global workforce. that is around 6650 jobs. they blame the cuts on their economic and uncertain future after pandemic sales slowed down. employment rates at the texas- based company will be at the lowest in six years. the national enquirer has been sold after a scandal the inl cash de. this comes after the publication was caught using catch and kill practices during the 2016 election. where they silenced stories about donald trump, jeff bezos, and also accuse the tabloid of bribery in 2019 over nursing pictures, he sent to his girlfriend. there only a few hours left to get your tickets for tonight's powerball drawing. it will be the fifth-largest pot ever. it is a whopping $747 million. with the cash option just over
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$400 million. it is not as big as the $2.4 billion prize won in california in november. that lucky winner is still a mystery. happy monday as we extended to this afternoon. we are sticking right around average for the daytime highs. the only difference from today and yesterday, no more crazy weather. yesterday we saw hit or miss storms throughout the bay area. some of us experience plenty of sunshine. others also did but a quick storm would pass through. today we see sunny skies across the bay area. upper 50s and low 60s as we head into this afternoon. if you want to go to the embarcadero or along the waterfront, you can expect mid to upper 50s from noon for about three hours. beautiful conditions this afternoon. the winds will be breezy at times. we started this morning pretty calm. around the noon hour it gets
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breezy for our friends in the north bay. lighter conditions along the peninsula. the offshore flow will stay consistent along the coastline. the onshore flow, excuse me. inland areas it dies down as we head into the evening hours, we are left with mild conditions tonight. taking a look at long-range models, we see rain offshore but it does not come into the bay area. it tracks north of us. even as we wrap up this week. just north of us in humboldt county all the way into oregon they will see rain later this week. in the bay area, our rain chances still remain low, as we extend into next week. our seven-day forecast, mild conditions. upper 50s and lower 60s are expected all week long. we will see partly cloudy skies slowly start to trickle in later this week. but it is pretty mild all throughout the bay area, even for our friends along the coast.
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on the first weekend of black history month, local group to get more young people reading. as organizers say, it is the key to understanding and being understood. john ramos with the story. >> reporter: in today's digital world it may seem a bit old- fashioned for people to think black history is going to progress through books and reading. but no matter how people get their information, the folks here say what is really important is the exchange of ideas and different perspectives. in 2015, the oakland chapter of a group called jack and jill of america began sponsoring the african-american read in. a gathering meant to get kids of all ages interested in the people and events that make up black history. >> i know the ones like most people know. but i am sure there are way more i have not been introduced to yet. >> reporter: the day began with a reading from in oakland use poet laureate. >> [ audio not understandable ]
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>> reporter: despite her academic success, she has not been spared from the sting of racism. >> i think i am one of like, eight black kids in my school. it is like every time i get within a nice environment, there are people who want to hold me back. because of the color of on my skin. or my gender. it is hard for me to express myself, which is why a turn to poetry.>> reporter: organizers believe that knowledge and in particular, reading, is the key to both learning and passing on the achievements of african- americans. >> as americans, that is who we are. that is what this is about. our story is a strong story. it is the american story, not just black history. it is the american story. and we are here to teach our children and let the world know that we are here and we are not
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going anywhere. >> reporter: workshops were held for young people of all ages introducing kids as young as two-year-old to black heros in teaching teens about the mysterious world of an fts and cryptocurrency. nicole is the mother of three teenagers and admits also prevent mutual understanding. >> we got called to the carpet about how we dismiss their feelings because they don't have the same experiences that we do, when in fact we stopped to listen, they did have a lot to share. something we can learn from as well. >> reporter: differences in experience often lead to misunderstanding. especially in the area of race. at the read-in, the message was simple. words do matter. oakland, so chocolate. that is the name of the black cultural zone event this weekend that celebrates black love while all rating black businesses. vendors filled the space sharing products created by african-american people from lotions to clothes, books and
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takes. >> if you want a strong black community, we have to have a strong black economy. we have to do things like this have markets and events. where ucr talent and her beauty and you support us. >> the black cultural zone organizes at liberation park on sundays and they have five markets like the one you see on saturday, throughout the year. that was pretty incredible. coming up, the warriors will have to hang gone without their superstar for a while. the timeline for steph curry's recovery from his latest injury. aaron rodgers who fell short in the nfl playoffs emerges victorious in a completely different sport at
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take charge of your health care today. just use this...or this to call unitedhealthcare about an aarp medicare supplement plan. the dubs have had a rough season defending their title this year. for the second time this year their biggest car is hurt. charlie walter has the story. >> reporter: the warriors up and down season is about to get even tougher, as they get set to begin another extended stretch without steph curry. perry is expected to miss multiple weeks after colliding with the player saturday night. an mri revealed he suffered partial tears to ligaments that hold the tibia and fibula together. the silver lining is, it could've been a lot worse. >> i know you are not a dr.,
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but how would you summarize what steph curry's injuries are ? >> you saw the release. i am not a doctor. i did not know this ligaments existed. the good news is, he will be back. we don't exactly know when, but hopefully sooner rather than later. but we will know more in a few days and as he continues to heal. >> the warriors have five games left before the all-star break. the good news, only one of those games is against a team with a winning record. hopefully they can hold down the fort until steph comes back. >> i bet they can do it. over and monterey county, the green bay packers quarterback, aaron rodgers and canadian golfer, ben silverman have won the pebble beach pro- am. the two athletes will join a list that includes tiger woods, arnold palmer and more. they finished at minus 26 underpar. one ahead of second-place. coming up on cbs news bay
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area at 9:30. an update on the powerful earthquake that took down buildings in turkey and syria. the latest on the rescue efforts. a major train derailment and fire in ohio. officials order more evacuations due to the risk of explosions. that could send out toxic gas and shrapnel. u.s. capitol police beef up security for the state of the union address.
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a cold front has moved over greece this weekend, as high winds and cold weather h acropo take a look at that. this is the first winter snowfall for athens the season. schools are closed along with some roads and shops. authorities are also urging people to stay inside. that is it for the news at 9:00. coming up next on the drew barrymore show, and after stops by to talk about his new film. his new girlfriend. and his favorite odd feed mixture. for more local headlines including weather, join us now on our streaming service, cbs news bay area.
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i'm gonna shave someone on the show today. oh yes, i will. [theme music] [cheering and applause] oh, hello hello! here we go. and welcome, everybody. so glad you guys came out today. oh, we're so here. rossy ross mathews. hi, drew! hi, everybody. [cheering and applause] let's do it. [laughs] ok, first up, if your nervous system is still recovering from "scream 5," well, gird your loins because "scream 6" is on the way. people reports that this time, ghostface takes manhattan. we have a little preview for you.


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