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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition 9am  CBS  February 9, 2023 9:00am-9:30am PST

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report that sidelined him. >> frustrating to not be able to lead the oakland police department. microsoft and google made a major announcement about the future of artificial intelligence. why one company's stock tumbled after the live demo. the city of oakland is being named one of the 13 best places to celebrate black history month. they cite oakland's black joy parade for february 26th. it's filled with live performances from musicians, poets, a celebration of black artists and culture.
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the report highlights the black power exhibit at the oakland museum of california. it focuses on ways black activists uplifted their communities and challenged the u.s. government. the "black panther" party as an example. over the bay bridge a man suspected of arm robbery is in police custody. police arrived at 26th and mission around 1:30 to find a man robbed and assaulted. he was taken to a nearby hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. officers found a car matching his description. the driver attempted to flee, lost control of the vehicle and crashed at vernal heights and parker. the tesla drive accused of driving his family off a cliff is expected in court. patel will be in court this afternoon and is set to enter a flee to attempted murder and domestic violence charges. it's a miracle that his family of four survived a plunge in
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january. based on videos and witness statements the pasadena doctor deliberately drove the car off the cliff. there is no indication that the tesla malfunctioned. a mild but warm day for us in the bay area. we are talking about winter conditions but die time highs are five above average throughout the bay area. in the upper 060s for our friends near concord, pleasanton and up in the north bay. cooler conditions on the coast. the winds are light today. it's a nice day to get out there and enjoy the sunshine. the sunshine turns into clouds into the friday forecast. this is all the way into friday morning into friday afternoon. now we are talking about rain around the corner. this is a quick shower set up from offshore that sweeps investigate from the 3:00 to 8:00 hour and dies down into the overnight hours. this is from 6:30 saturday
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answers dries out saturday afternoon heading into the beautiful sunny weekend. why the oakland police chief was sidelined. the mayor put him on leave three weeks ago after an outside law firm found that the department mishandled a pair of cases. an independent report was critical of the chief. the key parts, alleges against him were unfounded or not sustained. but a footnote to a question on the chief's performance of duty, it did say down played hi involvement in tracking the investigation. the chief defended himself and said what he would do differently if he gets his job
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back. >> good to see you. >> what does it feel like to be on the sidelines outside right now. what does that feel like. >> it's tough. a tough feeling to not be able to lead the oakland police department. >> reporter: when you heard about this report and the fact that the mayor made this decision, what was that like for you and what are you feeling right now. >> shocking to me to be quite honest. shocking that someone would do an investigation like this that was so biased and focused on trying to create a crisis. it was surprising. >> reporter: certain things i'm curious about. you admitting to not reading the rois before signing them. explain that. is that common practice? >> it is among major chiefs in america. there is not one chief of a major police department in america that reads every report. we are talking over 200 reports a year. but it's important that you read the really important
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reports and i do. when we are talking about officer-involved shootings, excessive force cases, cases where officers will be terminated, those are cases for sure that i would read. in this case, the evidence that was brought to me was about a vehicle collision that was not reported. >> reporter: anything in there that would be shocking or new? >> i don't think it is. i think things require explanations because of the way it was written. >> reporter: if you get your job back, would you do anything differently after seeing the report? after knowing the scrutiny you were under? >> there are recommendations that came out of the report that i think are important to improve our investigation process. so, i do think that there are good recommendations that could be implemented and could make us better. >> reporter: what keeps you so passionate about keeping this job, maintaining it, getting it back and being in a city that you grew up in. >> julie, look where i'm from.
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this wasn't easy to get to the top of this police department. this is a kid that came from poverty. this is a kid that had to fight on the streets in order to make it. to make it to this point starting from here and then have someone take it away from me is not the way i want my career to end or my reputation to be. there are people in this area that look up to me. >> reporter: you could retire. >> i could retire today. i'm here because i'm committed to making oakland safer. microsoft google diving head first into ai but google's parent company dropped after the demo. we will explain what happened. save the date. we know when 49ers brock purdy may return to the field after his elbow injury.
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some recent gains on wall street were eased yesterday. there is uncertainty over interest rates and inflation. let's see where the markets are right now. morng. been in the al up 89 points. google unveiled the new ai chat bot.
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at the google campus, the chat bot provided inaccurate info. that failure sent alphabet stock plunging 7.5%. google is trying to keep pace with microsoft. microsoft announced it's working with open ai, the start up behind the widely popular chat gpt. national pizza day. something fun to celebrate. for this restaurant, a unique approach to a restaurant. 800 square feet of business and kitchen space combined. they are proving you don't need much to create incredible flavors and big taste in every bite when it comes to pizza. >> out in the east bay in clayton, this is my neighborhood. it's u
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get amazing pizza. >> hi. >> let's do it. >> we are doing different style pizzas, especially for this area. they are companies doing deep dish, detroit, grand may styles. we use the best and freshest ingredients we can find. >> i love that place. we go there all the time. order the pizza if you are interested. they only do 40 pizzas a day. get your order in early. it's on my instagram page right now. it's a mild sunny day for us in the bay area. whether you live on the coast or even for our friends in the inland areas. today daytime highs mostly in the upper 60s in the inland
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areas. low 60s for our friends on the coast. we are starting off mild. as we extend into the next couple of days, something interesting is happening. the climate precipitation puts out outlook and it looks more wet than normal into the next couple of weeks. we are off to a slow start regarding that. rain chances are light into this weekend. we expect a quick splash of showers. nothing too crazy when it comes to rain totals. large scale looking at futurecast, today, beautiful, dry, mild. sunny skies all day long. into friday, that's when it starts changing. a weak system settling in friday into saturday. it splashes throughout the north bay into the south bay and dry conditions into the rest of the weekend. let's time it out a little bit closer. take a look at the area on the map heading into friday just in the morning hours. we will see partly cloudy
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skies. into the afternoon, 3:00 tomorrow, that's when the quick splash of showers sweeps in from st e north bay quickly sweeping throughout the north bay area with light traces of numbers. into saturday morning, slight showers are expected. you can see the circular motion pushing down into the south. that is a weak area of low pressure that gave us a little bit of rain then sunshine behind it into the rest of the weekend. >> it will be breezy kicking off next week. keep that in mind. like i said, saturday the quick moving system will give us a little bit of showers. less than a 10th of an inch. sunday it dries up. that is how we will be kicking off next week, too. a little bit of everything for us. day you time highs are the warmest we have seen all week long. a crucial window is closing to find survivors from the middle east earthquakes. coming up, we have the incredible stories of hope on the ground in turkey and syria.
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such win streak behind the trailblazers. clay thompson showed up on his 33rd birthday in a city where he spent his childhood years. he had seven threes and 31 points. jordan poole scored 38 almost beating the season high of 43. in crunch time golden state could not make the stops. blazers won it. next for golden state the lakers saturday night. of the roughly 100 million viewers expected to watch the super bowl, some tune in for the commercials than me. that's me. michael george has a preview. >> how you doing? >> reporter: this year's super bowl ads feature lettered star power from mellissa mccarthy to miles teller. the super bowl is like oscar night is to the movie industry. >> reporter: companies pay up
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to $7 million for a 30 second spot. ad executives say the massive audience makes it worth the price. >> 100 million people. 7cents a person, not so bad. >> reporter: companies get extra bang for their buck by releases ads days ahead of time. >> they have to be high quality in production. they have to be funny. they have to make people laugh for the most part and they have to sell something. >> reporter: one big change from last year, you won't see these guys. >> ftx? safe and easy way to get into crypto. >> reporter: crypto is sticking so the sideline but booze is in abundance. heineken and crown royal are making a play. budweiser targeting select
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markets. >> one fruited alters fruit alters history. >> what would have happened if eve took a bite of avocado instead of the forbidden fruit. >> reporter: competition off the field for the bigg the star season. he will have surgery in about two weeks. after that he is expected to require six months of recovery. he suffered a torn ligament in the game against the eggs also. he should return in mid-august for training camp. coming up, can you put a dollar on impacts of slavery and systemic racism. how the state is trying to answer that question now. >> this is a local reason why state reparations are
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how do you quantify slavery and systemic racist on black californians and if you can measure it, what kind of compensation should they get. the panel is close to finishing the final proposal. len ramirez has the story for us tonight. >> reporter: the reverend dr. brown is the great grandson of a former live growing up in
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jackson, mississippi and long time activist and pastor of the historic third baptist church in san francisco. he is a member of the california reparations task force which is looking into ways to compensate african- americans for centuries of slavery, terror and oppression. >> we must admit -- admit that slavery was wrong. number would, you should atone. what is atonement? making amends, paying back for the wrong that you have done. >> good morning. i am camilla moore. >> reporter: in 2020, california became the first state in the nation to set up a reparations task force and much of what is done here could be a model for the rest of the country. >> an evil thing was done to
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african-americans with the even slavement of our ancestors. >> reporter: slavery was one of the founding institutions of the united states. it was abolished during the civil war but african-americans suffered many more decades of segregation, housing and job discrimination. california was founded as a free state, reverend brown said the racism carried over here. >> health, education, economic deprivation and down written tensionnal efforts to do ethnic cleansing of us. >> reporter: all of that wasn't long ago and far away. it happened in the 1960s. >> once you cross these railroad tracks, you were in russell city. >> reporter: her grandparents were property owners in a community of color that was literally wiped off the map.
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russell city was one of the few places in alameda county where blacks and latinos were allowed to live. the town has 12 square blocks. 1400 residents, a school, lively blues club scene that attracted performers like ray charles. >> an actual town. the a community that had life and history and a lot of wonderful things going on in it. >> reporter: but the county never provided services like water, electricity and sanitation. by the late 1950s, the town was declared a blight. residents were forced to move and arsonists burned properties to the ground. when the town was annexed, the city used eminent domain to remove the last of the residents to make way for the industrial park that you see here today. >> there is a lot of pain that comes with talking about the history of what happened to
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families when they were forced out of this area from the homes that they owned. >> reporter: her grandparents and father lost a home an auto repair business and forced to accept minimal payments of a few thousand dollars. today the properties would be worth millions. russell city is commemorated in this downtown mural and hayward has officially apologized for the policies that prevented people of color from owning homes and building their wealth. >> reporter: this is why reparations of needed. this is needed to repair the harm that was done during that period of time. >> reporter: the task force estimates that reparations for housing discrimination alone could top $560 billion. reverend brown said the task force must decide how come pen sayings are made. there could be things like free tuition, community building programs or cash payments. >> many are saying, i'm just
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waiting for my check. and i'm waiting to be paid. >> reporter: reverend brown says besides admitting the wrong and at toning for it, the thirty part should be reparations and actions. >> conversation we need to continue to have. actor allison brie joins drew barrymore. join us on our streaming service.
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gsgs? well, guess what? we're going to get it on in a hot competition of cornhole with alison brie. that's right. cornhole with me, baby. [theme music] [cheering] [grunts] come on. drew: hi, guys. hello, hello, hello. welcome to the show, (trills r) rossy ross. ross: hi, drew. hi, everybody. hi. fun. are you ready to get on that news horse and ride? giddy up. come on. all right, well, first up, vulture reports that matthew mcconaughey took on his role in how to lose a guy in 10 days because a fortune teller told him so. ross: mmm. drew: matthew says he was walking down


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