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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition 9am  CBS  February 13, 2023 9:00am-9:30am PST

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there is a plea for help from downtown oakland businesses. the fear of crime in their community. singing praises this black history month. meet the oakland gospel choir that put on his first in person performances the pandemic. we begin with the number one story. the kansas city chiefs of this year's super bowl champs. >> it is the greatest feeling in the world. to be on top of the mountain. >> i am not going to cry right now, probably when i get home. >> you earned it. one of the teams major keys to winning two of the last four
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super bowls is quarterback, patrick mahomes. he was named the games mvp. danya bacchus is in glendale, arizona, at the knights biggest moments. >> reporter: the kansas city chiefs are super bowl champions. >> it never gets old standing here. this is a great tribute to the national football league. a great tribute to the kansas city chiefs. >> reporter: quarterback patrick mahomes was the games mvp. >> i want to thank my teammates and all the hard work they put in. on my coaches and the coaches who helped me be who i am.>> reporter: despite his injured ankle, he led his team back from a 10 point deficit at halftime, putting the chiefs in position to check what would be the game-winning field goal with just seconds left on the clock. fans in kansas city celebrated. >> we did it. >> reporter: but for philadelphia, heartbreak. >> it hurts.
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>> reporter: history was made at super bowl lvii. for the first time, two black quarterbacks faced off and also two brothers travis and jason kelce took to the field on opposing teams. >> you joke around all the time and so you want to beat your brother on the biggest age ever, but it is a weird feeling. >> i am sure we will have a more emotional interaction. still frustrated at that point. really happy for travis. >> reporter: the big game also featured all-star music performances from actress sheryl lee ralph, babyface edmonds and chris stapleton. is so full national anthem brought coaches and players to tears. singer rihanna shop fans with her visible baby bump, while cramming over a dozen his into her highflying halftime show. along the coastline heading into the next couple hours we will be under a wind advisory is not last throughout the evening tonight into early tomorrow morning. keep that in mind. i want to start taking a look
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at the wind gusts. this morning was not that bad. gustier conditions of north. heading into the afternoon, this is at 5:00, we have wind gusts up to 40 or 50 mile-per- hour winds along the coast. even into san francisco, based on your microclimate and how the winds get into the local area, that will be a gusty set up. this is into the late overnight hours. we have strong winds tonight. it lightens up as we get into the early morning hours tomorrow. as we wake up tomorrow morning, we will deal with mostly clear conditions heading into the early morning hours. tuesday we could see splashes of showers sweep through into the early morning set up. but it dries out for the rest of the day. let's get to this morning's top stories. the driver is booked after a deadly hit and run in san jose. it happened before 11:00 last
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night on 680 northbound. the victim died at the scene. authorities said they found the suspect, a 49-year-old at his home in fremont. investigators believe alcohol did play a factor in the crash. you will face hit and run and driving under the influence charges. is hoping to celebrate the super bowl today may be staying in bed. or so they say. human resource organizations released a report stating record-setting 18.8 million people in the u.s. are expected to call out sick today. a downtown oakland business, some are struggling to cope. two women i spoke with her trying to create community and culture in the neighborhoods they established restaurants in. the threats, harassment, stolen income, damage and even defecation on the property are causing problems and they have to clean it up. it is starting to hit a breaking point. >> reporter: this was the latest incident at her restaurant in downtown oakland.
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>> what is next? someone walking through my front door, i am in that mode. who will give us trouble? it has happened too often. >> reporter: her mom is cooking up food in the kitchen, the family-owned restaurant has been here for 13 years. the colorful decor brings light to the concrete jungle. even those efforts are getting destroyed.>> i had a cool artist to came out here and do some work. he spent weeks working on it. it was a piece of art. someone went and put review the on it. >> reporter: when threatening behavior comes face-to-face with her diners and steph -- >> police will come a 2:00 or 3:00 and it helped that 12:00. they did not come back until after midnight and said the officers are at my door. i could come out to get the report. this is after midnight. >> reporter: she said she cannot get police to respond for immediate help.
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>> i was on the phone for 45 minutes yesterday trying to get someone to come out. i was lucky to get through. it happened before and it went straight to voicemail. that was the emergency number. >> reporter: born and raised in oakland, every time it happens it is another hit to business and their stamina to keep going. >> i am a small business owner trying to make a living. i pay taxes and i think i deserve to be -- i deserve to feel safe and protected in my own city. in my own business. >> reporter: that statement rings true for other businesses. take a look at these recent attacks. one place sees repeat on surveillance video. this instance from december. soon after in january. this restaurant shares these images of their third break-in , in less than a year. although the owner says police showed up quickly to their calls, they are struggling to keep up with the rising rate of crime. she owns this restaurant with her husband, has a similar
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battle. >> monday somebody broke in that door. we have the plywood up. my team sometimes they were afraid to come into work. one time they even walked in and took the cash and we were working right there. he or she just took the cash and left. nobody chairs.>> reporter: while they serve to work in the community, they feel the city has failed to serve them. >> this happens almost every month. another police are busy but they never show up. >> reporter: the shared cultures of oakland are the fabric of this vibrant city, but for some small business owners, they are reaching the breaking point.>> we may have to close the business or go somewhere else. >> reporter: living in fear for what is next, as they tried to make a living.>> it is frustrating. i refuse to give up on this town.
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this is home for me. something must be done about it. >> reporter: together they stand with this plea for help.>> it is obviously very frustrating for so many small business owners. it seems to be a problem with the system. i reached out to multiple city personnel, the police department has not responded. nor did the emails available for district context of city leadership. i asked to talk with mayor thao. a spokesperson for the mayor's office sent a statement instead and is set in part, she shows the frustration of the small business owners. and said she has been in office they have been working a better response solutions and preventative measures. i called other city resources like oakland's economic and workforce development, but the phone number take you to a voicemail that is full. that is a dead-end. the california insurance department got back to me. to help with filing for claims, when it comes to those types of situations.
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that is a phone number to call. a reached out to the small business administration. they do not offer specific resources and programs for crimes like these, they did try to help when i told them i could not find any other way for these people to get help. that included some resources with local programs that businesses can do. i have those resources for you on coming up. we bring you a unique super bowl story. held volunteers made watching it extra special for those who call the streets home.
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stocks close friday with mixed results. let's see where the markets are today. the dow is up 310 points. taxpayers in more than 20 states to receive tax rebates last year will not need to report them. california is one of the states that authorized rebates during the pandemic. the irs asked those who received the rebates to hold off on filing, while they considered whether the payments would be taxable income.
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2022 tax returns are due by tuesday april 18th this year. valentine's day is tomorrow. the national retail federation is expecting americans to spend $26 billion. that is an average of nearly $193 per person. making it the second highest figure since the federation started tracking valentine's day in 12,004. the federation also found that people are planning to spend on friends, coworkers and even their pet. over the weekend we had plenty of sunshine. i saw so many people out of the parks, sitting with a blanket with their dogs enjoying a nice, sunny day. we have changes on the way. it will be very windy, very soon. starting with future cast, high clouds pushing through this afternoon but no rain activity. we will see drier conditions as we wake up early tomorrow morning. this is by 4:00 a.m. on tuesday. extending into the rest of the morning. we could see showers just from our sure. it quickly moves through and we are left with mostly clear conditions heading into the rest of tuesday. as we extend into wednesday.
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looking outcome you can see all that blue off in the distance. clear skies for the most part on wednesday. let's talk about the wind advisory. this is along the coastline and even into the heart of san francisco. we will deal with gusty conditions this afternoon. and even into our forecast for the early morning tomorrow. heading into this evening, and especially for the early morning commute tomorrow morning. let's start with wind gusts this morning. we are currently or we were dealing with quieter conditions but it starts lighting up around 2:00. from 1:00 even into 3:00, look how much of a contrast that is from this morning. we could see wind gusts anywhere up to 40 miles per hour into the moran headlands and into san francisco and san bruno area. it will stay gusty overnight. get a good look at this. some areas, inland, napa and fairfield, white conditions.
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but along the coastline it is different. keep that in mind. wind advisory until tomorrow morning. daytime highs are mostly sitting in the 60s throughout the bay area. we will deal with a cool and breezy tuesday, in time for valentine's day. it averages out on wednesday with sunny skies and we have more rain heading into friday. if you have this...
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super bowl lvii was a nailbiter. the chief came out on top. for the second time in the last four years. before the game had started, there was a big win for everyone. for the first time ever, the pregame flyover piloted by an all-female crew. one of the seven pilot's is a bay area native. kelly zimmerman is from san jose and graduated from lee high school and continued onto the university of nevada reno. in san francisco the jewish community use the game to reach out to homeless people that did not have a place to watch the game. john ramos explains.
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>> reporter: for those who call san francisco streets, home, one day seems pretty much like the next. here super bowl sunday does not mean very much. >> no. it don't matter. there are too many homeless people out here and they get in the way. >> reporter: in 2017, a mayor and youtube influencer in brooklyn, did not see homeless people is getting in the way. he decided to make a change. >> watching the game tonight? >> i wish i could. >> i have a place to watch the game. >> reporter: what he created is the super soul party . a big game watch party for people who do not have the comfort of a living room so far. the concept caught on. and is now celebrated across the country. including here at this community center in san francisco's soma district. >> to bring somebody that does not really have a community. does not really have a home. bring them into a safe space for them to engage with the
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community. >> reporter: in addition to a widescreen view of the game, the super soul party also offers warm clothing, including new socks , information about housing and city services, and even free haircuts anything to keep the mind and soul together. and then there is the food. the chef was busy cooking up 20 pounds of wings, 20 pounds of hamburger, and fries, lots of fries. >> in my opinion, you cannot get better. a good hot dog, a good burger, a hot wing with coleslaw and salad. you cannot get better. >> reporter: the idea is to bring a bit of normality to people who normally have to struggle just to exist. the rabbi says, it is what followers of judaism are called to do.>> the message has to come from within. to every person, everything that comes in our path. we have a responsibility to engage. it is not just a homeless, but it is everyone. it is the cameraman.
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>> reporter: end comradery seems to be appreciated. >> blessed. the best free super bowl party . nobody gets that. >> reporter: >> you and me. standing right here. whatever we can do to help another person, whether it is to give a smile to them, give them a drink, whether a super bowl party for them, it really -- you never know the ripple effect that will have on an individual. >> reporter: at this party the outcome was irrelevant. the object was not to win abet, but to comfort the soul. good news for lawyers fans. according to reports the dubs completed a trade to reacquire trend. gary payton ii. this despite failing his physical. gary payton ii is dealing with an injury that could keep him out 2-3 months. the trail blazers knew of his
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injury which could lead to punishment for portland. another object shot down in the skies above north america. that makes four in just over a week. and are 9:30 stream we have a latest to figure out what is behind this alarming trend and how lawmakers are looking to respond.
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>>a special celebration. an east bay gospel choir performed to a sold-out crowd. truck after pandemic pauses and interruptions, people packed his performance venue on sunday or long-awaited black history month celebration. the sounds of the south could be heard in the east bay sunday night. the oakland interfaith gospel choir performed before a full house at berkeley's, and nonprofit community arts organization. she has been singing with the choir for almost 20 years. >> gospel music, fires me up. it definitely fires me up. i have been singing with this
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choir for a long time. because it is my creative outlet. i can sing. haeenging si iso s r andso. >>eporter: sunday sh a hae song ientemporary, inauthenticity not often found outside of the south. the experiences meant to be inclusive. >> the fact that i am asian- american and i am singing , and beliefs but we sing black gospel musack culture, sunday's audience reflected the diversity of the bay area. >> it was the host tonight that said we are appreciating, not appropriating the music. having everyone having an awareness of that in respect to that gives us a hope for tomorrow. >> i sing in this choir and i
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work with this organization because this is the world i want to raise my family in. i love being surrounded by people of all backgrounds, all ages. our youngest sinner is five and her oldest figure is 100 and a couple months. >> reporter: the concert was meant to inspire joy and unity. >> we know the higher power or however you call this higher power is about love. it is not about all the dogma and the rules of this religion or that religion. it is about love. [ singing ]
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