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tv   CBS News Bay Area 7pm  CBS  February 15, 2023 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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this is cbs news bay area, with juliette goodrich? a good evening pick we begin with breaking development tonight regarding leadership at the oakland police department. after three years on the job, leronne armstrong was fired from his position as police chief. newly elected mayor sheng thao says she no longer has confidence that he will take the department in the direction that supports her vision for the city. andrea nakano was at the announcement which happened late this afternoon, she joins us live now with new information. andrea? >> reporter: juliet, mayor thao passed at this statement, read it word for word and then took questions from reporters but she says she was troubled by some of the comments that the chief made during the investigation, so she decided to fire him without cause. >> let me be clear that this is not a disciplinary action. i have lost confidence in chief armstrong to ensure that we move forward in the vision for the city of oakland.
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>> reporter: the chief was placed on administrator leave on january 19th for how he handled a police misconduct case. this stems from an investigation into a former oakland police sergeant accused of a hit and run, firing his service weapon inside the elevator at police headquarters. chief armstrong felt the investigation was biased. he admitted he did not read the entire report, which he tells us is common practice among chiefs, and ultimately decided not to fire the officer. the mayor says this was her decision, and she fired him without running her decision by the police commission, which usually has a say in such matters. >> i am honoring that policy in setting the same standards for the chief, which is the 30 day lapse today. i had hoped the commission would be able to review the investigation and recommend action, but they were unable to do that. so again, i have the utmost respect for civilian oversight but in the end, i am responsible for making sure that we have leadership at opd and that is committed to necessary reforms.
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>> certainly a bold move by the elected mayor. did she say anything about who she plans to hire us chief? >> reporter: she says she will now work with the police commission to find someone from a diverse pool of candidates committed to reform but in the meantime, interim chief darren ellison takes over the department, but this is a department which has had numerous chiefs over the years, juliet. >> certainly a revolving door, thank you. armstrong did release a statement, saying i am deeply disappointed in the mayor's decision after the relevant facts are fully evaluated by weighing the evidence instead of pulling soundbites from strategically leaked, inaccurate reports, it will be clear that i was a loyal and effective reformer of the oakland police department. going on to say, it will be equally clear that i committed no misconduct, and my termination is fundamentally unjustified and unfair. i anticipate releasing a more
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detailed statement, soon, once i have the chance to fully digest the mayor's remarks. i had a chance to talk with armstrong just last week. he denied wrongdoing and expressed his love for the city where he grew up. >> to make it to this point, starting from here and then having someone take it away from me, is not the way in which i want my career to end. or my reputation. there are people in this community who look up to me. >> you could retire? >> i could retire today. i'm here because i am committed to making oakland savers the >> that interview was from last week. since being on leave, armstrong fought hard to get his job back all in the public i think obviously he took interviews and took part in rallies on the steps of city hall, with black and asian community leaders and he got the support of the naacp. >> prior to armstrong becoming the chief, oakland was averaging 6 to 7 shootings of african- americans per year. since he has taken over the police department there have
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been zero shootings of african- americans under his leadership. >> he went on to call the firing a step backwards, from all the progress that has been made within the oakland police department over the past two years. meanwhile, the officers association president has released a statement saying in part, despite the turmoil surrounding the leadership of the police department, oakland residence can be assured that oakland hard-working police officers have remained on duty throughout, responding to 911 calls, investigate crime, and will continue with dedicated service to our city. the oakland police commission is meeting tonight, they were supposed to talk about possible disciplinary actions for the chief, but, not that conversation but now it will be different comes to stay with us but we will have more reaction on the chiefs firing, and the future of public safety in the city of oakland coming up at 11:00 on the late news with sarah donchey. turning to to some other
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news, big story tonight, these entrances go man accused of causing the deadly home explosion last week in the sunset district made his first court appearance today. 53-year-old darren price was not actually arraigned today, the judge pushed that to friday but we were not allowed to show prices face, but his attorney stood with her hand on his shoulder in support throughout the hearing. prosecutors essay butane vapors from an illegal drug lab in the home may have interacted with a dryer, causing the blast. the judge also granted the attorneys request to let price talk to his children while he is in jail. >> we are facing will likely be the most difficult moments of their entire life, at the minimum he should be allowed to speak with them and he has an incredible amount of love for them and is so concerned for them and their well-being right now. >> price is facing a total of nine felony charges including involuntary manslaughter, a drug manufacturing charge, and four counts of reckless burning for his kids were not home at the time of the blast, but he is facing two counts of child endangerment, as well as one
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count of elder abuse. the medical examiner attended by the victim as rita price. darren price his wife. a friend of hers said price was wheelchair-bound after suffering some sort of stroke or brain aneurysm years ago. she leaves behind three children. her oldest was out of town when the explosion happened. two younger children are staying with a relative, now. >> the blast caused massive damage to neighboring homes. and katie nielsen is in the sunset with how those residents are hoping to move forward. >> reporter: here on 22nd avenue, the site of the explosion. 25 minutes ago, a closed-door meeting wrapped up only for residents who were infected. residence, much like the garth family, who used to live here, in this yellow house. >> bits and pieces i really. >> reporter: david garth, only able to salvage a handful of items from the home he and his family lived in for almost a decade. >> these were two of the favorite. >> reporter: a few mementos and
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books from the back bedroom which did not burn in the aftermath of thursday mornings explosion. >> is a total loss. everything was damaged, everything is complete we gone. >> reporter: david's wife says their six-year-old daughter's bedroom was on the side of the house closest to the explosion, and now, almost everything inside is unrecognizable. >> normally i would be home at that time, but that they things played out differently and thank goodness we were there. >> reporter: is really turns to frustration as he talks about his former neighbor, darren price, who has since been charged with crimes related to the explosion, it has not been convicted. >> i am angry at darren for killing his wife and endangering everybody else. destroying our home, and the other neighbors home over there. >> reporter: almost a dozen homes were damaged in some way by the blast which is why san francisco supervisor is hosting a closed-door meeting for infected residents. >> we just want to bring all the department heads together to talk to the residence and offer information, and potential resources. >> reporter: david and his wife
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are hoping there is more the city can do to help. they say they do not have renters insurance and their only safety net right now is an online fundraising campaign. >> most of what survived, which is clothing in the back bedrooms, we have been told not to use because it might be contaminated with asbestos or lead from the old house, and also from next-door, and also the chemicals that darren was playing with. >> reporter: that community meeting was not open to members of the media, but we did have a chance to talk with some of the residents, when they came out but they said they were grateful that the city put something together to talk with them about all of the services available, but were also disappointed to hear there is not going to be a lot of financial help coming their way. as you just heard, oakland new mayor has a lot to worry about, and it's not just having to find a new chief. more on the ransom where attack which has crippled the city's government. there is also a new development with the a's. also has been a month since the big storm, but for some,
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life is not back to normal. the volunteers making it their mission to get people safely back into their homes. >> they think we are doing them a favor. in reality,. >> con conditions this evening after a chilly start this morning. temperatures climbed within a few degrees of normal for this time of year. we pull off that same with reliable covid-19 results in just 15 minutes, everyone is making room for binaxnow in their medicine cabinet.
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welcome back. people in contra costa county who suffered damage from our winter storms can now get help from fema. disaster recovery center, opening in danville today, people can apply their directly for assistance, they can find housing rental assistance, among other things. the center at 510 look on the way it will be o■pen hrough march 1st. the center suffered $43 million in damage from storms, which is
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only counting and for structure meaning the total will be much higher. many are still dealing with the aftermath of flooding and for some it will take months to get their homes back into living condition. kenny choi takes us to santa cruz county now gives us a look at some of the army of volunteers that are now stepping up, and stepping in, to help. >> reporter: hauling away sleds full of mud, which warren is looking out the mess. it is backbreaking labor and heavy lifting. it is also lifting spirits, and more. >> i was searching for something to reconnect to the world, and i searched for quite a long time. >> reporter: cleanup across santa cruz county continues after flooding ravaged towns. bound to a wheelchair, 91-year- old marty shulman desperately needed help as the creek turned into a raging river, making it impossible for him to get
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around his home. >> when i looked down here, the water was coming over the deck and eventually it came up and flooded the room down below, or i keep all my food and stuff, so i was unable to get any food. >> reporter: neighbors came to the rescue, but an army of teenage helpers known as the gray shirt is here. a former criminal investigators is digging and searching for purpose after retiring. a friend social media post about this team of veterans helped him realize what he was missing. >> sometimes it is difficult, to connect, to feel that compassion. >> reporter: warren jumped into action. as team rubicon answered marty's call for help with the organization has been deploying volunteers and responding to natural disasters for more than a decade. the search for anyone in need but it is often the elderly, and some without insurance. >> we go to help people on their birthday, give them some hope, you know, as people still
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do care about you, people still do care. we are here to do what we can for you. >> reporter: a team of volunteers, tirelessly working for weeks. the waters have subsided, and the flood nearly forgotten, but for the ones still living it, and assist from a stranger can go a long way. >> at my age, without your help and the help of my neighbors, i would be in a world of hurt. >> you know, they think we are doing them a favor. in reality, they are doing a favor. >> reporter: that attitude from every person who chipped in paves the road to recovery. >> that is why we love doing this. is exactly why. >> nice story, kenny. for more information on team rubicon, as kenny mentioned, there are a lot of volunteers who are former servicemembers, putting their military training to use in disaster zones but here in the u.s., and also abroad. you can see just how emotional they are trying to get things cleaned up for people. we don't have the rain but we have the after effects.
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>> good news in the forecast, it looks like we are entering a more unsettled pattern by the end of the month, but no repeat of what we had in december and january. that was, we don't say unprecedented but it was exceptional to have some of the storm after storm, producing that much rain and wind. we will be in a calm pattern through the holiday weekend. as we continue to catch our breath for a while. the mix of clouds and sunshine and storm for us, with a gradual increase in high and mid-level class they will not block the sun that they will filter it off. this all sent to us by the storm system in from the midwest. this is the one we have been monitoring for a chance of showers tomorrow night into friday that chance now drops to essentially zero because the heart of the storm system will dive straight south and take the moisture along with it but the closest the showers will get to the bay area coastline is a couple hundred miles. a dry forecast tomorrow night into friday, and a dry forecast in store for the holiday weekend. the only chance of rain we have is the last day of the seven day forecast, everything today.
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on wednesday, in that timeframe, six are few and far between because you look at the timeline of how we forecast these winter rain chances, the closer we get to something happening, the more specifics we can give you. in the 7 to 10 day timeframe we are looking at pattern recognition. is the overall setup of the atmosphere going to shift to send more moisture towards us. ripples in the atmosphere taking advantage of that moisture and getting rain chances. it does look like that is a more favorable pattern shaping up beginning a week from today and continuing through the end of february and into the first day of march, that is how far the 14 day climate prediction center takes us. what are the normal conditions for much of california in that timeframe which will be accompanied by chilly air, and a good chance of below average temperatures within that same 8 to 14 day timeframe into the end of february and early days of march. that is all in the future, there. right now calm conditions and temperatures are backing down
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quickly. it will be another chilly night. temperatures dropping into the middle and upper 40s to around 50 degrees, currently. we will be down to around freezing for most inland parts of the bay area, we are not likely to set any records. the closest we will be to record territory will be one of the warmest spots on the map. 40 degrees in san francisco, which is called for the city but still a couple degrees above tomorrow morning's record low temperature. everyone else will be 5 to 10 degrees below record territory. temperatures should also be around 40 degrees along the coast, everybody is going to warm up through the day, even with cloud cover filtering the sunshine we should be into the lower and middle 50s by noon. most high temperatures in the middle and upper 50s, some warmest spots getting just about 60 degrees. san jose will be one of the warmest spots, from the lower 60s. temperatures will climb another degree or two by friday with the warmest day in the seven day forecast meeting the holiday weekend. presidents' day looks really nice. a few fairweather clouds with temperatures in the low 60s in san francisco and inland percent san jose, the east bay
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and north bay, temperatures are likely to reach the middle and upper 60s saturday, sunday, and monday. there is that one rain chance way down the line a week from today. looks like it is the beginning of that unsettled pattern which might carry us through the end of next week and the end of february. we will keep you updated on that. >> paul, appreciated. still ahead, will they stay or will they go? moving to sin city after all.
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the owner of the oakland a's has shifted his focus on possibly relocating the team to las vegas. earlier this month, top executives work with the a's discussing the new home. this comes as the efforts to build a ballpark at howard terminal have seemingly stalled by money and concerns about affordable housing in that area. oaklands new mayor sheng thao says she will be working with the a's to keep them in oakland, but according to the chronicle, the two sides have yet to talk. a state of emergency declared in oakland due to ongoing ransom attacks. the cities i.t. is working to restore systems and bring those services back online. this attack happened on february 8th. the biggest impact has been a slower response time for 911 calls. the city says all core
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functions are still intact, including 911, financial data, and fire and emergency resources. we spoke with our security expert about difficulties when the enemy is always evolving. >> they all have very sophisticated ways and means of infiltrating the power grid, the water system, all these things. they have people constantly working on, how do they get into these systems? >> so, there is no timeline for when things will be back to normal. in the meantime, the city is urging people to avoid using 911 unless it is a life- threatening emergency. instead, you can call 311. bart is partnering with sentences goes asian women's shelter to launch a mystic violence prevention campaign. at the powell street station you can see a series of artworks unveiled as part of the let's talk about us campaign. it provides resources for people experiencing domestic violence and riders who witness it while on bart.
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artwork with messaging related to the mystic violence will be displayed in more than a dozen bart stations systemwide, on board trains. >> as a transit agency we can and must play a role in helping prevent, and interrupt domestic violence. that is why it is critically important, to me, that bart be a part of the let's talk about us campaign. since 2017, bart has received 509 reports of domestic violence in trains and stations, including assault against a partner, spouse, or child. since 2015, the agency has banned more than 300 abusers from writing it strains.
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more than 500,000 people left california over the past two years according to new data from the census bureau between april 2020 and july of 2022. we gained about 150,000 new residents over the same time period . no surprise that housing costs were the main
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reason people gave for leaving the golden state. the only state to lose more people than california over those two years was new york. florida and texas, on the other hand, saw the biggest jump in population over that same two- year period. also, a bold statement from the governor of utah, republican governor spencer cox said that californians should, quote, stay in california instead of coming as refugees. according to the u.s. census, utah is the fastest-growing state in the nation. it is now battling growing pains including housing and water shortages. just stay here. thanks for watching, the news continues streamin on you didn't choose cat allergies. your hairline. or that thing where your knee just gives out for no reason. but... you can choose your doctor who will care for all the things you didn't choose. kaiser permanente for all that is you.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [cheers and applause] steve: thank you, everybody. i appreciate that. how are y'all? thank y'all, everybody. i appreciate that. thank you, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheers and applause] oh, we've got a good one for you today. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000, from long island, new york, it's the champs, it's the jandovitz family. [cheers and applause] and from columbia, south carolina, it's the charles family. [cheers and applause]


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