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tv   CBS News Bay Area  CBS  February 16, 2023 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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we have some work here to do in
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oakland, and public safety is our number one issue. >> right off the top of 3:00, the fire ring and the fallout. all eyes on oakland after the police chief gets the acts by the brand new mayor. we're hearing from you online and will have conversations in studio today. good afternoon, everybody. we begin in oakland. seems like everywhere you turn, someone is swinging a virtual fist at the fire ring of leronne armstrong. some for and some against it. in the middle of it all, new mayor sheng thao. that is where we start today. we start on the steps the mayor takes every day going to her new job at oakland city hall. this is what we found at her doorstep. >> we feel that our voices should have been heard. we love our city, we care about our city, and we are adamant about making sure our city has its voices heard. so today we are standing and fighting. we will continue to fight. >> the year is just getting started. this will be a story likely to go on for months and months. let's go live.
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she did not get an early and easy start to her job. >> armstrong was already the 10th chief the city has seen since 2011. a lot of questions still remain as a mayor stressed she fired armstrong without cause. >> again, this is not a disciplinary action. the cheese does serve at the will of the mayor. again, i have lost confidence in chief of leronne armstrong. >> this comes after a back-and- forth on how armstrong handled a police misconduct case were a former sergeant was accused of a hit-and-run , and firing his service weapon inside the elevator at police headquarters. we got a new statement from armstrong this afternoon. he said, please know i continue to believe my termination was the result of a fundamentally flawed process that resulted in unfair in accurate conclusions about me. i am continuing to evaluate my legal options to preferred my
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rights and hard-earned protection. city leaders have been reacting to the news. the oakland council president supports the decision. another council member has the opposite reaction. >> i think with the mayor did was a mistake, firing someone for no cause. it is really unacceptable. >> the firing is another big setback for the police department, already struggling with staffing troubles and plenty of violent crime. now the search begins to find the new top cop. >> can you imagine what the next city council meeting is going to be like? also joining me right now is the former oakland councilmember and mayor candidate ignacio de la fuente. you have a long history in oakland. you ran on saying that i have been here and i'm stepping forward to do something about the many problems oakland faces. do you agree with the fire ring
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of the chief? >> absolutely not. i believe that, obviously, the biggest challenge oakland has is crime and safety of the citizens. for the mayor to take this action without really thinking shows the inexperience, and it shows the fact that she is more receptive to the small voices that are the naysayers. the crime in oakland is off the hook, and unfortunately, this action will create more problems. >> we can get the mayor to talk to us and engage in questions, we would ask, police reform. we anticipate that is a drumbeat you definitely have. what do you say to what we would anticipate her being a talking point police reform? is this the right choice to make, to reform police in oakland? >> absolutely. reforming police, in my opinion, means we have to deliver and protect our citizens. we are going in the opposite
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direction. sometimes the criminals are the people that have more rights than the citizens. i believe we have created an environment where people can do whatever they feel they want to do.think this is what has happened to oakland. i think the citizens have to really, really make clear to this mayor that safety is priority number one, not just by words, but by actions. i believe we are on the wrong track here. >> you really raise what i think about. the citizens who are watching the story play out in real time. the citizens are tired of this. we hear over and over that this is been a long history, a roller coaster ride, with oakland pd. so much leadership and so many problems and scandals. and now another one. how do you think this will play out? >> there has got to be more outraged. the business community, the residents must stand up and not
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allow small groups of people to run the city. the reality is oakland is the only city that is closed. city hall is closed. excuse me, the pandemic is over. businesses and citizens have the right to go to city hall. we pay taxes. i believe we are losing confidence in this mayor to be able to handle the situation. no experience, with all due respect. i think oakland need someone really willing to make the right calls to the right people. the unions have all the respect. that is why city hall is closed. it is time to reopen city hall and do what we need to do. we have spent years trying to recruit oakland residents, we have a chief that is an oakland native, and here we go. in her speech, she said she respects him and likes him, but she fires him. >> in the next couple of seconds, we're seeing a drumbeat where people are
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saying online and elsewhere that they want the mayor to step down. do you believe sheng thao should step down? >> i want to go there. i believe any mayor has big challenges. the problem with this mayor is that she listens to the wrong people. she is not hiring the right professional staff with experience to run a city. the campaign is over. ideology is over. now we have to run the city in the best interest of the residents and businesses. >> you say she is listening to the wrong people. who do you think she is listening to, and who should she listen to? >> i can tell you that, again, going back to oakland being the only city still closed. you tell me why oakland is still closed. >> all right. you gave me more questions to ask. thank you so much for joining us here for this community conversation. i want to let viewers know we are trying to reach out to the mayor. i
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called today and asked the mayor to be part of the conversations on this broadcast. you know what happened? i got a voicemail. city hall is closed. when the voicemail picked up, i selected the option to be transferred to an assistant. that transfer met another message, and here's what it said. a backup operator can't be reached. how to get a hold of the mayor about her decision to fire your police chief? in the absence of being able to get her by phone, we will right here live on television. mayor thao, with respect, please come on this broadcast answer questions runtime. statement still give us a chance to have a conversation. that is what we do here at 3:00. we do our job by asking questions and listening to what you have to so. we hope you will take her invitation and help us do what we do. we know you are sounding off at home, via twitter. we hear you. i put out a poll on the cbs news bay area twitter page to see what the average person thought about the decision
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firing chief armstrong. there is still plenty of time to cast your vote. 43% say you agree. 57% do not agree. those are the current results. one commentor on the triple said, and i quote, "tran3"
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welcome back, everybody. back to coverage of the oakland mayors decision to fire police chief leronne armstrong, saying she did it because she lost faith in the chief. for more reaction we are joined now by the president of the oakland branch of the naacp, cynthia adams. thank you so much for joining me. i have to think about the people who live in oakland and raise her kids there. people who do business there. this is yet another wound. what is the toheg community? need to come together. we need to come together as one big community, and one big family. i just got out of a strategy meeting getting ready for a big rally that we are organizing for february 20 at 10:00 at city hall. we want everyone to come out and support this. i want to thank the people that came out earlier to kick off
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the rally. this is a very hard situation, what we are going through. chief armstrong was not only just a chief, he also lived in oakland all his life. it is hurting a lot of people. it hit home. >> that is a powerful way to say it. i do think about the people who are living in the wake of this, people who are fair-minded. the mayor has transmitted not a lot about what happened in private conversations between her and the former police chief. was it enough for her to say that things he said caused her to lose confidence in him? or do you want to hear more as you evaluate the situation? >> we need to hear more. we are asking for more. a lot of things came out in the media. a lot of leak to stuff. we are asking for an
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investigation. we want things to be investigated, the leaks. the leaks need to be investigated. we are demanding the leaks to be investigated. we are demanding for the chief to be reinstated back to his position. most of all, we need to find out who sent out those leaks. someone did it. we need to know who did it. we are asking for an investigation. >> what leaks are you talking about? >> the leaks that came out in the news media about the report, the documents. channel 2 was reporting oakland lakeside news. a lot of information came out. we are asking them for an investigation of that. that is one of the main things anthing too, an ng th because the e t ask the chief to be restored back.
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>> if you don't get what you rs and advocates for the now former police chief, what next? >> it is up to the voters. it is left up to the voters. >> what do you fear can happen? >> i don't know. i don't know. i don't know. we want the chief to be restored back. we want the chief to be restored back. >> i appreciate the conversation so very much. we hope you will see this 3:00
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welcome back. we are continuing what is a painful community conversation today regarding the firing of
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now former oakland police chief leronne armstrong. he released a new statement this afternoon saying, in part, i am continuing to evaluate my legal options to preserve my rights and my hard earned reputation. now we turn to the legal part of this. for that we are joined by michelle huff, a lawyer right here in the bay area. thank you so much for joining us. if that doesn't say it, i don't know what does. lawyers are going to get involved. what do you think will happen? >> you're absolutely right. thank you for having me. we really need to find out and have more information than what has been released publicly at this time. i think your previous question with respect to having heard all the information that can inform the decision, i don't think we have just yet. i think we're going to see a long process, and likely, litigation. >> nothing like litigation to bring the discovery. what information do you want? i know i want to know, if i had the opportunity to ask the mayor, i want to know what happened in the closed-door conversations between her and the now fired police chief that
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caused her to lose confidence. >> i think the important piece, a key piece of information is what interests have had to be balanced. what interests are she balancing. what type of call to action is happening in the community. what is the result she is seeking, and how was the former chief falling short of that? that is the type of information i would want to see, given his decades of service. >> the mayor has really a case to make regarding police reform. they have talked about, in her office, and the larger conversation, over years about police reformoaan isin uphitl she her larger cafo oakland? >> i think she certainly has opened up a large discussion by entering it this way. it has been decades since the
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former mayor has been in office. there has been an outcry for police reform. she is in a catch-22. she has to take action. she has to do something to increase the public perception and the actuality of the protection that the public is receiving in oakland, wall balancing long-held pillars of the community. those are competing interests. she certainly does have an uphill battle. >> let's talk about the community in a new statement that has been released by the former police chief. he says he wants to thank the former mayor, oakland police commission, oakland naacp, the spiritual community, the chinese chamber of commerce, api community, neighborhood and community leaders.
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if you take that at face value, it is a nice sentiment. do you take that as a deeper strategy saying that i worked with all of your zatis, now get behind me? >> i think you are spot on. there certainly seems to be a bit of political posturing in this. i want to counter that with, i have been in law 26 years. i am a former police officer and patrol supervisor, i don't take likely lightly the chief being terminated. i believe he has made his best efforts to serve the citizens of oakland. at the same time, though, if the demographics and the fallout of violence, the continued high murder rate, et cetera, if we're not see the results needed for the community, that is something that has to be dealt with. unfortunately, matriculation is how that gets done.
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>> thank you for talk to us. we have to remember that in all of this talk and posturing and positioning, the people of oakland live there and send their kids to school there, transact their, and they need a community that comes together as our voice from the naacp said moments ago. we want to know what you think about this decision. vote in our poll. right now, a majority, 54%, have sounded off that you do not agree with the decision by the mayo re poli maybe feels like a relief to go to weather. >> to a three- day holiday weekend. things look calm the next several days. we had a chance to showers in the forecast for tomorrow, but that will stay offshore. there may be a little bit of drizzle sneaking towards the coast, but that will be it. cloud cover tonight will keep temperatures from reaching the chilly levels of the past several days. the big story is high pressure taking over the upper levels of the atmosphere, giving us
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offshore winds. that means dry and warmer conditions. is passing cloud every once in a while. a really nice weather weekend. if are heading up to tahoe, the patient on the roads, because there will be a lot of traffic heading to that direction. but once you get there, the weather is fantastic. i temperatures in the mid-40s saturday and sunday. up to 50 degrees on monday. all the ski resorts have a very solid base of snow. sugar bowl has anywhere from 7 to 13 base of snow. they put some man-made powder to freshen up the slopes a bit. you can expect machine groups conditions. no snow for tahoe the next few days. the next significant chance of rain for the bay area, and the
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next chances snow for the sierra, isn't until after the holiday weekend. showers can sneak in late tuesday into tuesday night. rain chances continue to go up wednesday, wednesday night, and into thursday. it looks like an unsettled pattern will continue through the end of february, and may be right in it to early march. the latest update from the climate prediction center, the outlook for the entire month of march shows a chance of above average rainfall for the month as a whole. it is a positive sign maybe we will continue to put a dent in the continuing drought conditions across the bay area and california. there is that cloud cover. the presence of the cloud cover tonight will keep temperatures from dropping down too far. mid-50s for most of us. all the way up to 60 in san jose. everybody within 5 degrees of what is normal this time of year. upper 30s and limit early tomorrow morning. highs tomorrow, with decreasing clouds by midday lots of sunshine in the afternoon, warming back up to almost exactly average, low to mid 60s for almost the entire bay area. the school is spots would be a degree below 50, a gr
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htove averagheading ugh e holida d 60s ar the bay with mid-to upper 60s further inland. even some warmer spots getting closer to 70 degrees, especially on sunday. increasing clouds on tuesday. a chance of showers already for the north bay and along the coast with increasing rain chances wednesday and thursday. sharply decreasing temperatures. it will be a wet and chilly pattern by the end of next week. still ahead, important safety information for tesla drivers. more issues with self driving software.
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tesla recalling more than 350,000 cars, saying there's an issue with the self driving software. the national highway traffic safety administration says cars with this software can behave unsafely at intersections and may not respond to changes in the speed limit. tesla says it is sending out a free software update to fix those issues. be watching for that if you driver tesla. another big shakeup in silicon valley, this time at youtube or the ceo announced she is stepping down from the company. he has led the video platform for the last nine years. it marks the end of her 25 year career with google, which by the way, owns you to. she said that she plans to
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spend her time focusing on her family. the current chief product officer is expected to take the helm. thank you so much for watching cbs evening news is next. ♪ ♪ >> norah: tonight, president biden addresses the nation about that chinese spy balloon and the three other high-flying objects he ordered the u.s. military to shoot down. here are tonight's top head headlines. no apologies from the president of the united states, as we learned there is no evidence the three objects have a connection to china. >> make no mistake, if any object presents a threat to the safety and security of the american people, i will take it down. >> norah: the new document tonight revealing possible wrongdoing by donald trump and his allies during the 2020 election. >> the grand jury believes perjury may have been committed by one or more witnesses. >> norah: breaking news, senator john fetterman checks himself into the hospital for severe depression. d


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