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tv   CBS News Bay Area Evening Edition 6pm  CBS  February 16, 2023 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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selle drive until further notice. avoided that area if you can. we will continue to stay on top of this and have that chopper above the area as well. looks like no traffic delays at this point in the area but again, we will return to this and let you know about the police response. with get back to our other top stories and good evening tonight, glenn is dealing with the fallout over the firing of its police chief leronne armstrong. there is a strong reaction on both sides we have been getting all day today with the city's brand-new mayor at the very center. armstrong was the 13th person to lead the embattled police department in the last 20 years. he had been on leave for a month after an outside report found the department found to adequately discipline a former sergeant accused of misconduct. yesterday, mayor thao said she decided to fire armstrong without cause based on his reaction to the investigation and his downplaying that its findings reflect of serious problems in the department. >> i cannot say that it is clear to me, that there are
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systemic issues and the city needs to address them. and that we cannot write them off as mistakes. >> for background, the police department has been under federal oversight for the last two decades, because of the so- called writer's scandal involving four officers accused of corruption. a federal judge put the department on probation last spring, a sign that the end of oversight might be nearby the latest report is calling all of that into question. kenny choi has been working his contacts all day today. he spoke with a former come police commissioner who says the stakes are high right now. i guess he is saying that the mayor made the right call? >> reporter: that's right, juliette. for the mayor's supporters this all boils down to a police accountability, especially for oakland residents who once back to the chief but also believe that the mayor made the right decision. this latest chapter detailing accountability issues within the police department is an extremely sad case.
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>> reporter: former oakland police commissioner jose dorado works full-time as a tax preparer in the roseville neighborhood. >> i was convinced given who leronne armstrong was and is that he was the man that was going to bring accountability to the oakland police department. >> reporter: but armstrong's comments and handling of investigations into an unreported hit and run and gun fire inside police headquarters are forced dorado to withdraw his longtime support of the former chief. >> are not the only one. there are people in the african- american community that think that, no, sheng thao made the correct call in this case. >> reporter: jim shannon is a civil rights attorney specializing in police misconduct and has represented oakland police officers. >> the mayor made the right decision. >> reporter: he was one of the
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two lead attorneys for victims of the oakland writers case in the 90 that exposed police accountability issues and led to federal oversight, now lasting more than two decades. he believes that keeping armstrong on the job would have delayed the end of that oversight. >> my feeling, that she made the right decision is based on chief armstrong's conduct after the investigation was ever. such as saying the monitor was doing it for the money, or that it was a minor matter, that this officer, sergeant had a hit and run. >> reporter: for dorado, what happened to armstrong is disappointing because he considered the former chief a friend, but he believes it is what is best for the city and the progress made to keep oakland police accountable. >> i, as well as many others, and that includes leronne armstrong, dearly love this city. we want to see that it realizes its potential. so many of us are frustrated at that fact.
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that oakland has not come through, close to what its potential can and should be. >> another note, dorado says he called chief armstrong the day that he was hired, telling him a story about what nola's fio's means. translating that, it means, do not fail us. ultimately believes that is what armstrong did, he failed the people took >> you really got a different perspective from what we have been hearing, because we have been hearing a lot of support. i'm curious, do you think the mayor was under some sort of timing issue which played into this and her final decision? >> reporter: exactly, juliette. timing is key in all of this but the oakland police department was essentially at the goal line of exiting this federal oversight which has been going on for two decades. folks like channon believe that if the mayor made the other decision to keep armstrong, that would have jeopardized this oversight and from the opd
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exiting this oversight, he says the federal monitor, robert warshaw would've had plenty of evidence that opd was not in compliance, especially when it comes to misconduct investigation, that is why the mayor made this instigation. >> thank you for that explanation, that was well said. think you're. former chief armstrong also has local supporters who showed up on the steps of city hall, today. betty yu has been out in the community all day long speaking to small business owners who say oakland residents should have had a say in the chief's fate. >> community members pointed out that the mayor held several meetings, and she was they had done the same to get their input about this decision. either way, they are speaking out in support of leronne armstrong. >> this will be the bar. we are still sitting of living up. >> reporter: nina joiner is longtime resident and small
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business owner who knows the dangers of operating in oakland. they gave us a tour of a new space called field more social club in downtown. >> i am opening a bar and i am thinking about security measures before i even get the liquor in there. >> reporter: i spoke with nina last november when their sex shop was burglarized by two thieves overnight. today, they stood alongside other supporters, to stand behind leronne armstrong and demand accountability in the review and termination process. >> i think that we were left out because we have become police commission which is the community component within the city. and that component was left out, and i think that was the opportunity right there, for us to feel that there is real transparency. >> reporter: on wednesday, mayor sheng thao says this was her decision and she fired him without running her decision by the police commission. >> while i hope the commission would be able to review the investigation and recommend action, it was not able for them to do so by the deadline. >> reporter: several members of oakland asian-american community also stand behind
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armstrong. many small business owners said he stepped up, and added officers to the chinatown area amid a wave of robberies and brutal attacks during the pandemic. >> destabilized things. there was balance. you know, he committed to what he was doing. >> reporter: outside city hall, there were chants to recall mayor sheng thao. this sign read, sheng thao, you are dead wrong. for nina, armstrong was always approachable, and engaged with the public. >> for myself, showing up to a lot of the crime in the asian community because of my friends and my family, but him showing up there and being at ease and comfortable with people looking for him, not because they are looking for the chief, but they are looking for mr. armstrong. >> reporter: here is another interesting perspective. former oakland councilmember lauren taylor, if you remember, he lost a tight race for mayor, told us he disagrees with the mayor's firing, particularly the the decision not to consult
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with the police commission. >> they were said to have a meeting last night, in order to review the report, and ask several questions that they had about the integrity of the investigation report released. but, the mayor made her decision and announced it in the hour before the police commission was able to do their duty. >> let's hear from the former chief. he released a statement today thanking the community for the support. he said, quote, i continue to believe that my termination was a result of a fundamentally flawed process which resulted in unfair, inaccurate conclusions about me. i am continuing to evaluate my legal options to preserve my rights and my hard earned reputation. police in san jose say they have found a 2-year-old girl safe in oakland and they are working to get her back home. they are still searching for the child's biological mother, accused of abducting her. police say the little girl was found with relatives in oakland after last being seen with her mother at the coliseum b.a.r.t.
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station and she is now on her way back to san jose. police say her mother, crystal mendez has ties to the tenderloin district in san francisco and they also say she is a heavy drug user and has a tattoo reading dante on her neck. the suspect in a deadly shooting rampage at two mushroom farms on the peninsula told a judge today he is not guilty. 66-year-old gel was joined by his two defense attorneys as he entered his plea. he is accused of shooting and killing seven current and former coworkers last month at a pair of farms near half moon bay. he has reportedly told investigators he was upset over a workplace fine for a damaged forklift. >> the defendant personally entered a plea of not guilty to all charges. he gave up his right to a speedy preliminary hearing. >> zhao remains in custody without bail. he is due back in court in mee. san francisco firefighters rescued two people and a cat from a burning building in the
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inner richmond. the flames punched right through the roof of the building on 14th avenue. a total of 13 people were displaced. the two people who were rescued were taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. no word yet on how this fire started. on to san mateo county, police are looking for the man they say sexually assaulted a woman in a stairwell leading to gray well cove state beach. investigators releasing this sketch of the suspect right there. he is described as a white man in his 30s around 5.7 -- 5'7" with a beer belly, dark hair and a beard. heads up for any east bay b.a.r.t. riders, several stations will be closed this weekend for major repairs, rock region oakland, miranda and lafayette stations but there will be free buses running between stations as well, so you can use that. b.a.r.t. says to expect to expect delays
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as a result of these closures as well. it is about to get harder for bay area families struggling to eat healthy food. the local group bringing the farmers market to them. >> we have seen an increase in the numbers of folks here, and also how much they are purchasing. >> we are a family of seven, so we can use that discount, too, which is really good. >> okay. feast your eyes on this guy. no baseteam g some help from a four-legged friend in the dugout. - life is uncertain. it's okay to feel stressed, anxious, worried, or frustrated. calhope can help. access calhope's free and secure mental health resources today. call our warm line at 833-317-4673 or live chat at
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beautiful night out tonight. a new national study confirms a lot of parents already know about picky eaters struggling with young kids, trying to get enough fruits and veggies. the cdc reporting they found one in three young children do not eat fruit every day. but 50% drink a sugar sweetened drink at least once during the week and it is going to get even more difficult for millions of california families to get access to healthy meals. next month, the federal government is ending the extra funding for food stamps were started early in the pandemic. that means, cal fresh recipients who were getting $281 per month could get as low as $23, starting in april. that is a huge difference. we spent the day with a east bay nonprofit tryi
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east bay families by bringing the food right to them. >> there are 50 certified farmers market across the bay area but what if you do not have access to any of them? >> reporter: there are more than 50 certified farmers markets across the bay area, but what if you don't have access to any of them? a nonprofit in concord is now steering people to a healthier diet with the farmers market on wheels. >> reporter: if you ever find yourself at the farmers market, standing behind ellen, you may want to hurry and grab what you can. >> can we do the spinach, today? >> reporter: that is because ellen buys produced by the truckload, literally. >> i am looking at dark leafy greens, making sure there's no sad spots. >> reporter: ellen is a manager at fresh approach, a nonprofit that helps close the gap between established farmers markets and areas known as food
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deserts for good quality fruits and veggies, basically nonexistent but she buys produced at full price, and then sells it to people struggling to make ends meet. customers on any kind of government assistance get a 50% discount. >> there is a lot of food insecurity in the bay area, and with the pandemic, a lot of folks on the edge of being food insecure are now food insecure. >> reporter: as awareness for healthy food grows, there is always demand for farmers markets across the country. but, in most cases, they tend to be out of reach for low income residents, both physically and financially. in the last few years, organizations like fresh approach have been trying a different tactic. food trucks that service as farmers markets on wheels. >> we have seen an increase in the number of folks here, and also in how much they are purchasing. >> reporter: beatrice sanchez says having the farmers market
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come to her has been a godsend. >> we are a family of seven, so we have medical and we can use that discount, too, which is really good. >> reporter: for ellen, it is about the look on people's faces when they first notice the price tag. >> i think the most emotional reaction i ever saw was someone who brought their partner. when the partner was told the price, she started to cry, which made us cry. >> reporter: becoming a driving force in the battle against food insecurity. by bringing in an oasis of fresh produce to bay area food deserts. the usda defines food deserts as areas where people live more than one mile away from supermarkets in urban areas and 10 miles away in rural areas. 17 cisco neighborhood is still waiting for the affordable grocery store they were promised more than a decade ago. the city approved a condo building on fulton street in hayes valley, on the condition that a market was put on the ground floor. trader joe's was supposed to go
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there and open early this year at the latest but it is still in limbo over disagreements with developers. now supervisor dean preston has called for a hearing next month. over to paul, did you catch that little blooper? >> it's live tv. that's how you know it's live. >> always have a mic on, remember that. we do still have some light on the horizon. it's nice to see some light in the sky as we approach 6:30. you didn't choose cat allergies. you didn't choose your hairline. hot flashes, the flu, or that thing when your knee just gives out for no reason. you didn't choose your bad back
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it is the time we have been waiting for. first alert weather, paul heggen looking at what is on board and what is untapped. >> holiday weekend coming up. the weather is looking fantastic if you are staying around the bay area, great weather. temperatures in the 60s. if you are heading up to the sierra be ready for traffic the weather will not cause additional problems. the traffic alone will present enough of a difficulty. >> you said 2:00 in the morning? >> the weirdest time you can think of. yeah, embrace the weirdness. the rain will stay offshore tonight and tomorrow. we have clouds overhead, but those clouds are up in the atmosphere. they really didn't block the sunshine to any extent today, they just kind of filter doubt. a similar trend tomorrow morning because the storm
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system dies south it will drag clouds along with it. is a more occasional fairweather high clouds in the atmosphere floating through into the weekend. but high-pressure takes control, a hill of air camped out over the pacific, close enough to us for some offshore wind which means a calm weather pattern for the holiday weekend, and a dry weather pattern for the holiday weekend. the changes towards the tail end of the seven day forecast as you will see in a few minutes but beyond that it looks like an unsettled pattern is still likely as we finish the month of february and enter early march. the eight to 14 day outlook, we will keep you updated on this, continues to point to a significant chance. this shade of green indicates a three together 4 chance of whether the normal conditions for the bay area and much of northern california and the high sierra as we finish off february into march. that will be accompanied by an even better chance, in the 90% range, of below normal temperatures. and, this means it will be cold out there. by late next week into the last weekend of february, temperatures will be running 10
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to 15 degrees below average. enjoy the warm weather well it is here this weekend. it is temporary. winters not with us yet. beautiful view of downtown san francisco. the sun went down to three while ago. temperatures are dropping off already in the lower and middle 50s after cool high temperatures, today, but it will not be as cold out there by early tomorrow morning, thanks to that very thin layer of clouds, not really a full blanket overhead but it's more like a sheet with patchy holes in it but temperatures will drop into the middle and upper 30s and went, with low 40s around the band along the coast but temperatures warm up nicely, especially once the cloud cover moves south, but it happened by mid day. filtered sunshine in the morning, and lots of sunshine in the afternoon with temperatures reaching the middle and upper 50s already by noon. in the afternoon, most temperatures in the middle 60s, coolest spots up to around 60 degrees and warmer temperatures in store for the weekend. with emerging sunshine tomorrow, perfect for the dog walking forecast, this is sunny from santa clara.
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temperatures reaching into the middle and upper 60s in the santa clara valley. temperatures will be even warmer as we enter the weekend, so if your pups have been restless you can take advantage of the sunshine. warm temperatures for the holiday weekend, try to wear them out before the other shoe drops. seven day forecast, let's look at the manner of that shoe dropping, there is a big dive in temperatures over the last couple of days. 52 degrees for thursday is high in oakland, that is the warmest temperature we have in the forecast for the entire bay area on thursday. we will see more clouds building and on tuesday, and even a chance for showers northbay and along the coast. a better chance for scattered or light showers wednesday into wednesday night, widespread shower activity looking more likely thursday into thursday night. and the 8 to 14 day outlook into early march shows a good chance for the wet pattern continuing. that doesn't mean it will rain everywhere all the time, we are not returning to new year's eve, but hopefully additional rain will help with drought conditions overall.
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it is the leading cause of death in the u.s., but it does not strike all groups equally. up next, norah o'donnell reports on the problem and a potential solution. >> good evening, juliette. tonight on the cbs evening news after kpix 5 news, more than 6 million americans are living with heart failure, in the u.s. tonight, we take a look at the medical breakthrough making more heart transplants possible. that and all the day's top headlines right here on the cbs evening news. i had come a dog in the dugout? we will introduce you to the playful new teammate fetching bats at uc davis. >> it is
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go the extra mile this presidents' day in a volvo mild-hybrid vehicle.
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it's only february, but we are already getting into the swing of baseball season. as sucker gray reports, the aggies have an unusual new starter in the dugout. >> reporter: as the aggie baseball players gear up for the season, they are not the only ones getting game faces on. cory the dog has an important role in the steam. she is retrieving the bats. this will be her first time performing under pressure. last fall, she spent her saturday is retrieving the kickoff tea at aggies football games. >> i think, the best part of seeing her out on the field, be it football or baseball is the students and the crowd that she pleases. she loves interacting with people, and it is really nice
6:29 pm
to see the happiness that she brings to the students and the players. >> reporter: her involvement as a nod to the university's vet school, ranked number one in the country. tellis a spes dog. as she makes her me way through the uc davis campus, she brings a sense of comfort to students. >> a lot of students at uc davis, they are away from home, they don't have their pets, i think they really enjoy being able to interact with a dog. >> reporter: for the aggie baseball players, it is a welcome addition to ballpark dogs are a cherished minor- league tradition. and corey brings that minor- league feel to dobbins ballpark. >> it makes it feel more professional in that sense. >> reporter: corey brings the professionalism to these games. her only challenge is keeping her eyes on the bed and not the ball. the four-legged teammate reminds us that if you love what you do, you will never
6:30 pm
work a day in your life. >> now that is true. cbs evening news with norah o'donnell is next. we are back in 30 minutes with cbs news bay area at 7:00. we will see you then. ♪ ♪ >> norah: tonight president biden addresses the nation about that chinese spy balloon and the three other high-flying objects he ordered the u.s. military to shoot down. here are tonight's top headlines. no apologies from the president of the united states, as we learn there is no evidence the three objects have a connection to china. >> make no mistake -- if any object presents a threat to the safety and security of the american people, i will take it down. ♪ ♪ >> norah: the new document tonight revealing possible wrongdoing by donald trump and his allies during the 2020 election. >> the grand jury believes perjury may have been committed by one or more witnesses. ♪ ♪ >> norah: breaking news, senator john fetterman checks himself into the hospital for severe depression. and actor bruce willis diagnosed


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