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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition 9am  CBS  February 17, 2023 9:00am-9:30am PST

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a city divided over the mayors a decision to fire the police chief. this morning community leaders weigh-in. being a police officer was his dream. another is a dark cloud over the city. we begin with the fallout over the firing of police chief ron armstrong. a lot of people in the community say the mayor was wrong. including armstrong. he says he believes his termination was the result of a fundamentally flawed process. he says he will continue to evaluate his legal options to preserve his rights and reputation. we spoke with of former
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superior court judge about this and she says the mayor was right to fire him because of how he handled a police misconduct case. the mayor says there was a report that they found him to not be credible. that is why she says that police should not investigate themselves. >> the mayor and the federal monitor should decide that the internal affairs unit should be discontinued and put those officers back out on patrol because, they do need officers. then have independent civilian oversight to investigate allegations of misconduct. if that is done, i think that will be a major culture change in the oakland pd and that will build trust with officers and community. >> some community members support the former chief. >> most of us voted for you.
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even me. i ess was wrong. i have known this man since 1984. his brother died in my arms when we were both shot in a high school. >> the bullet intended for armstrongs older brother was meant for him. this is a photo of armstrong with his granddaughter and this was taken the day he became chief. >> being police was his dream. >> reporter: robert was amongst several who showed up to support armstrong. they say he was committed to reducing gun violence, especially in light of the death of his brother. >> you cannot tell me that he was not doing that. >> he has been loyal to the
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community. >> thank you, for what you do. truck several members of the community stand behind armstrong. they say he stepped up and added officers to the chinatown area amid a wave of robberies and attack during the pandemic. >> he stabilized it. there was balance. he was committed to what he was doing. >> reporter: outside city hall there were chance to recall the mayor. >> his brother is looking down on him and telling him, it will be all right. >> for all of the reporting on the chief head to our website, . temperatures are sitting above average this friday afternoon. beautiful conditions with a mix of sunshine. if you are heading up to tahoe for a long weekend you can
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expect upper 40s and low 50s. if you are skiing, you are definitely going to want it. we are expecting upper 60s in the inland areas. and, here is the big change for us. we will be dealing with below normal conditions but when does that happen? as early as next tuesday we will see a change in the forecast. we expect upper 40s by wednesday and thursday. let's get to the top stories. five officers pleaded not guilty in the death of tyre nichols. he was repeatedly kicked and
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punched during a traffic stop on january 7. he died three days later. the head of the environmental protection agency is asking people to trust the government as it deals with train derailment. he is vowing to hold the railway operator accountable. the suspect in the deadly shooting rampage at two mushroom farms told the judge he is not lt. he was joined by his defense attorneys as he entered a plea. he has reportedly told investigators he was upset over a workplace fight. he remains in custody without bail and is due back in court in may. families in california are going to have a more difficult time finding access to healthy meals. next month the government is ending extra funding of food
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stamps that started during the pandemic. we spent the day with one group that is trying to bring food. a nonprofit in concorde is staring people to a healthier diet. the farmers market on wheels. >> if you ever find yourself at the farmers market standing behind ellen, you may want to hurry and grab what you can. that is because ellen buys produce a the truck load. >>, am looking at dark leafy greens and making sure there are no bad spots. >> she is the manager at fresh approach. they are working to bring
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produce to food deserts. she buys it at price and then sells it to people struggling to make ends meet. people on government assistance get a 50% discount. >> there is a lot of food insecurity here. >> as awareness for healthy food grows, so does the demand for healthy food. in the last few years, organizations like fresh approach have been trying different tactic. food trucks that serve as farmers markets on wheels. >> we have seen an increase in how much people are part justin. >> reporter: beatrice sanchez says having them come here has been a godsend. >> we have medical so we can
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use the discount and that is good. >> reporter: for ellen it is about the look on peoples faces when they realize the price tag. >> someone brought their partner and when they were told the price, they started to cry. battling food insecurity by bringing in fresh produce to bay area food deserts. financial experts are calling inflation sticky after more rate heart hikes are announced. coming up on the ninth 30
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right now. the dow is up three points but that is really not that great. and it looks like this will follow a three-day down word spiral. going into the weekend it's going to be nice. it has been pretty mild. we will continue to see the trend warming up above average. we have a mix of sunshine and clouds pushing through. no rain as of now but there is a big shift expected in the forecast. as for the holiday weekend, it is going to be a beautiful opportunity for you to get out and enjoy the weather. daytime highs today sitting in the low 60s. no more 50s for the most part. 60s throughout the santa clara valley and mild conditions even going into the tri-valley area.
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all the way from fairfield down to walnut creek. now let's go to the coast. north into san rafael, low 60s. long story short we are all saying the same set up. if you are driving across the bay bridge, you will not need to change layers too much. the offshore flow has been very consistent this morning but as we go into the afternoon things will die down. notice how things die down. we continue to see the trend heading into the evening hours. if you have a date night planned, it is the perfect opportunity to get out there but bring your jacket because it will get chilly when the sun sets. cooler temperatures along the coast and the bay but still
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this time yesterday we talked about this he is the warriors second round draft pick. he is one of a couple of standouts representing the dubs at all-star weekend. the warriors are getting a much needed break. franco, the arena host will also be enting dub nation and his filipino heritage. here is gianna franco with his story . >> dub nation, are you ready? it is go time! >> reporter: if you have been to a warriors game, you know
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that voice. franco has been introducing the golden state warriors for over 20 years as the in-house hype man. that and, he knows every single time he walks on the court, this journey would not have been what it was without a love of basketball. >> we have the flags. filipino flag. >> reporter: that started at home with love from his mom. >> we have always been time together watching warriors basketball. >> reporter: and his mom immigrated from the philippines in the early 70s. >> the first championship was in 75. >> reporter: she loved basketball and shared that passion with her only son. >> basketball is such a connector and having your son worked for this team over the last 20 years, it is special.
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>> reporter: going up he was a passionate golden state warriors fan. he never thought his voice would carry him here for every game. >> what's up dub nation ? >> reporter: it almost didn't happen after turning down an opportunity that would have taken him from the bay area. >> the harlem globetrotters auditioned me. i was ready to go. then, the warriors said they needed a commitment. they needed me for the whole season. i looked at my situation and i said, i need to go with my gut and that is my home team. i knew she needed me there and i did not want to be away from my family. >> reporter: covering the dubs has been exciting and he brings of the hype to the arena, even during some rough years. >> 2015 was my all-time favorite.
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>> reporter: four rings and seven years, franco has been a big part of that. after 20 years he will be center stage as the all-star hype man. >> it really means a lot to me. it is, i belong. i made it and i represent a lot of the bay area. >> reporter: proudly representing his aapi community. >> this jacket is dedicated to my aapi nation. i knew i needed to wear this at all-star . >> reporter: franco found his strength in family. imagine walking into a bay area cafi, ordering a meal and some marijuana on the side. that could soon become a reality. we are taking a look at a state
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bill to legalize cannabis cafis. and, the san francisco conservatory is holding a contest to find the next lack composer. we introduce you to
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the san francisco conservatory of music launched the black composers project. it includes a live performance of their work in the san francisco conservancy. we introduce you to the latest winner of the competition. >> reporter: jens ibsen is a talented tenor who has been singing for more than 20 years. he has even performed with the vienna boys choir. he is the first member of african descent to join that group. >> this is --.
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>> reporter: he is always evolving. >> i have said this before and i will say it again. being a composer just means i have something to say. >> reporter: this is part of the process to arrange all of his compositions. including his next piece that will eventually be performed by the san francisco symphony as part of the project. he calls his music genre fluid. he says he does not want to see black creators put into a box. a bay area composer influenced by rock and metal music. >> i also think the black experience is varied. it is not just about pain. it is also about joy.
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>> reporter: he has composed a piece for the kennedy center. trying to use music to heal the crimes. rom the impact of just last month, a pc composed initiative premiered at the kennedy center taking on issues of isolation and loss during the pandemic.challenge himself. his next endeavor will do just that. >> it used to be the answer. when i think about the bay area, i think about the land in the relationship i have with it
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here. >> reporter: jens almost became an automotive engineer. he still works full-time in biotech. but he is on the way to the music career he has always wanted with a chance to compose the music about the place he calls home. that is it for the news at 9:00. for more headlines join us on our streaming service,
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call our warm line at (833) 317-4673 so incredible. i cannot wait, wait, to talk to her about it. oh. [theme music] [applause] so good. ross: ok. rossy. hi. oh, rossy. hi, hi, hi, everybody. hi. i like your red shirt. oh, thanks. i got it in a thrift shop in palm springs. hi, palm springs, yeah. i got a good eye. absolutely beautiful, as usual. should we do the news, rossy? news me, barrymore. all righty then. up first, insider reveals who jennifer lawrence said that she was the most starstruck by. i love this. i love it too.


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