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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition 5am  CBS  February 20, 2023 5:00am-5:59am PST

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it is monday, february 20. on kpix, surprise visit to ukraine. what we are learning about president biden's meeting with president volodymyr zelenskyy. nearly 10,000 people left without power. how residents are coping as pge tries to turn the lights back on. we are checking on a street vendor who was attacked with a baseball bat. what he says is giving him courage to return to work. we are seeing busy conditions due to construction on 680. details, coming up. sunny skies for this president's day forecast. a beautiful day to day advantage of the weather but a big change starting tomorrow. new, president biden made an unanced to to ma year since russia's invasion. jarred hill is live in new york. the president arrived in
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ukraine this morning, right? >> reporter: yes. justin, this was president biden's first trip to ukraine actually since russia's invasion, surprise nature for president biden's safety. he remarked on ukrainian resolve, a bigger military force and pledged continuing support in the war that doesn't seem to have a clear end. president biden showed up in kyiv this morning in an unannounced visit to pledge america's support. he met ukrainian's president zelenskyy days before the country marks one year since russia's invasion. >> i thought it was critical that there not be any doubt, none whatsoever, about u.s. support for ukraine in the war. >> reporter: this surprise trip is before president biden heads to poland to boost resolve in europe and home. rongrmour that there will
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efs to defeat russia rae. >> reporter: u.s. has pled nearly 100 billion in direct aid and equipment to ukraine. this month 11 house republicans introduced a bill urging president biden to stop sending funding it ukraine and work toward a peace agreement. republican leaders say resolve is strong. it comes as vice president kamala harris leveed serious accusations at russian forces at the munich security conference. >> russian forces have pursued a widespread and systemic attack against a civilian population, gruesome acts. there is no doubt these are crimes against humanity. >> reporter: as war rages on with hundreds of thousands dead and millions of
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ukrainians displaced, the country's president says his forces are inflicting extraordinarily significant losses to russia and they'll see the conflict through to the end. president biden has already left ukraine but he said the u.s. will be issuing more sanctions against as he described it, quote, elites and companies trying to evade sanctions and back fill russia's war machine. >> what's been the reaction to the white house's allegations that russian forces committed crimes against humanity? >> so russia in particular is playing this down. russian envoy to u.s., russian ambassador to u.s. called this an attempt to demonize russia. again according to the secretary of state, the u.s. is not backing down saying they have evidence of the crimes against humanity. back to you. >> thank you so much. we are following a developing story in oakland. a three alarm fire at first
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african methodist episcopal church has been contained. photo journalist brian kiley is at the scene near 37th and telegraph. it is still active even five hours after the fire started. there is debris and smoke still in the air. oakland fire department tweeted this video of the fire fight before midnight. e pl smo point this was a defensive fight with three ladder pipes and around 60 fire crews on the scene. >> it's just devastating not only for our parishioners but for the city. we have served and educated this community longer than anybody in the city. this is going to be a great loss in terms of the physical location. >> thankfully as of now, no injuries have been reported. a cause is still under investigation. in oakland, pge crews are working to restore power to thousands of customers in the east bay. yesterday an explosion knocked power out to more than 50,000
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customers there and also in alameda. the oakland fire department says a transformer blew up at this pge sub station at 50th avenue and colosseum way. the fire was put out just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. let's take a live look at the current outages on the map from pge. it looks like 8500 customers in oakland and san leandro are still without power. the power company says it won't be restored until noon. betty yu spoke to people impacted. >> reporter: the power outage pretty much left this oakland neighborhood in the dark. this safe way remained open so shoppers could get groceries. with power out anything needing refrigeration was off limits sunday. that meant a large portion of safe way. >> we don't have power and we are hungry. but it's my friend's birthday so i got her roses instead. >> i don't see you with food. >> i got some jelly beans.
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all the frozen and cold items are locked up so we can't get those. >> reporter: they canceled brunch plans after losing power sunday. at the height of the outage, more than 50,000 customers in oakland and alameda were affected. what was it like driving here with a lot of the lights out? >> i was really nervous. our friend drove and he couldn't see the entrance because it was so dark. >> i noticed an empty parking lot for one, kind of reminded me of covid a little bit. but they said it was dry food only. >> reporter: it began around 1:00 p.m. firefighters were called to actively burning transformer at a pge sub station. that caused widespread outages. with street lights out, traffic slowed to a crawl. power was cut off at oakland international airport for about two hours delaying flights and interrupting security lines and baggage claim. >> i got here and it was so
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congested. the line was like out the door. people were lined up. the kiosk waworkg. to thcket on their bag or get their boarding card. everybody was just waiting. we were just waiting. then the conveyer belt wasn't working. >> reporter: flights resumed at the airport but drivers took extra precautions on the road. >> i don't know what's going on, but it's creepy. i don't know what's out there. >> a lot of frustration there. here are other top stories we are following. former president jimmy carter has entered home hospice care. americans of all political backgrounds are sending prayers and tributes to the 39th president and his family. the 98-year-old has desired to forego further medical treatment. we'll go live to his hometown in our next half hour. recent shoot down bjecraisin questions about what is
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buzzing over our heads at any moment. one was a suspected spy balloon while others may be harmless. balloon flights are quite common. >> i think people don't know this is going on. they don't know the sky is full of balloons and suddenly people found out there are balloons over head and it became a concern. but they didn't realize this has literally been happening thousands and thousands of times every day going back 90 years. >> john powell says his company is postponing some flights until tensions ease. u.s. says china offered no apology saturday in the first meeting between diplomats since the balloon incident. let's get a check on weather and traffic. monday, start of the week, good news? >> great news with bad news around the corner. >> i saw how you started that.
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>> 70s today. it's mild. it's calm. we are topping off in the 70s in the north bay, 60s in the santa clara valley, same into the tri valley area too. winds are light today. we have a change starting tomorrow. i will time this out very simple. today the winds are light 9:00 a.m. to the 5:00 hour. now tomorrow at 9:00 a.m., breezy along the coast. we are seeing gusts up to 38 miles per hour at that point near novato. wait until tomorrow at 5:00. this is what we will be dealing with heading into evening hours tomorrow. wind gusts close to 50 miles per hour in certain spots, 30 mile-per-hour along peninsula with gusty conditions the more we head south. that's why national weather service has issued a wind advisory starting tomorrow. this is not today. tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. throughout the evening hours tomorrow ending wednesday at
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1:00 p.m. it's going to be a very active weather week. today we are in the 70s. we have 40s in the forecast throughout the bay by wednesday. we'll talk about why that's happening coming up in a bit. how are the roads? >> that's a big change. >> i know. >> get prepared everybody. roadways are not bad. we have road work along 680 if you are ready to travel through sunol grade. there is a closure. this has kind of been ongoing throughout the weekend. if you take 680, expect a few brake lights on the north bound side of the freeway. just a heads up. traffic elsewhere, this is a holiy so will be amera at e ss ca lot e om tloholiday y the coa
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san jose street vendor after he was attacked at his food cart near bay shore freeway. it was all captured on video. >> reporter: the attack came quickly. >> i told you to leave! why didn't you leave? get out of here. get out of here. leave. >> reporter: sanchez was manning his barbecue grill on the road when the owner of the business identified as kenny decided to take what he considered an illegal matter into his on own hands. >> take it easy. >> this is illegal. you recording? no problem. go ahead. you are criminal. >> yeah. >> go. you want to do this? >> after threatening him with a can of lighter fluid, he ran to sanchez's pick up to try to
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erafter that, sanchez was attacked directly with the baseball bat. >> go. >> reporter: after the encounter sanchez called police. they arrested on charges of attack with a deadly weapon and attempted carjacking. the auto parts business is closed sunday but sanchez was back barbecuing chicken and ribs near on ramp to 880. he says officers told him he wasn't bothering anyone and could stay at the spot. >> i was afraid to show up again today. but since the officer told me that i am not hurting anybody or in anybody's way, i decided to come back. i do worry it will happen again but i feel i can overcome the situation and just be able to support my family here. that's all i want to do. >> reporter: when it comes to support, he is getting plenty from the community as customers and community activists showed up at the
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site. intex is taking a beating alleging thracial motated >>ou n bemad at dok at them. didt do that sounds more like a you problem than everybody else. >> our communities are always overlooked and under seen due to immigration status but that is no excuse to harass or threaten them. what you witnessed in the video, this man makes $50 a day to support his daughter and wife and it's the last thing he needs to worry about. >> reporter: he said he had been working in the same area for eight days before the attack and can't help but feel that racism played a part in it. >> on yelp pages, there are reviews posting pictures of the attack. this is horrifying, people trying to make a living. >> it is terrible to see that happen. this is not the first time.
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in san jose the search is on for the person who attacked a hot dog vendor. this happened last week. it happened outside of the sap center before midnight thursday. this tiktok shows a man kicking the vendor. he is literally on the ground when that's happening. he runs away. there is no word on what led to the atthe im is reveringthat th is en >> that is watc>>teibleg to see. i saone ramos did. >> it's infuriating because this is people trying to make a living. this isn't the first time. this has happened for a long time. people trying to make a living, selling what they need to provide for their families with random attacks. it's not okay. >> no harm. he isn't hurting anyone. it's really surprising. >> hopefully police can track down the attackers. ahead, i will bring the
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story of three siblings in the bay area joining forces to make one beautiful sound. how the trio hopes to up lift our community with the rhythm. marking eight decades since a dark chapter in american history. we'll show
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with reliable covid-19 results in just 15 minutes, everyone is making room for binaxnow in their medicine cabinet. do we still need these pregnancy tests? (kids yell and giggle, a dog barks and a vase breaks) yeah, no. out with the old, in with the #1 covid-19 self test in the us. with the same technology doctors use to test for covid-19. binaxnow bay area beat, this weekend we had a day of remembrance in san francisco
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to commemorate the ten west coast internment camps. camps in washington, oregon, california all contain 120,000 japanese americans. they were sent during world war ii by franklin roosevelt's executive order. community members including our own ryan yamamoto took part in yesterday's ceremony in japan town. they remembered how their ancestors were forced to abandon their jobs, homes, businesses until the war ended. >> you would hope that people have learned their lessons. unfortunately the same forces as phobia and racial prejudice and lack of political leadership which led to this incarceration are still present today even in our society in america. that's why it is so important. >> san jose had its
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membrae day program solidarity with other and oppressed demographics. now a check of weather with meteorologist jessica burch. almost 70 today. >> it is 70. he walked in during morning prerecordings and i was saying 70 this, 70 that. he said i like 70s. boy you live in oakland. you have to live in the north bay near wine country to feel it. for the rest of us, we are in the upper 60s. san francisco topping off at 64, 62 pacifica. mild across the board, even warm in a way. it's still february. we do have a change and today is the last day. a storm tracking from the
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north will be bringing gusty conditions in the forecast starting as early as tomorrow. that lasts throughout the week. to add to that, we will see scattered showers in the forecast mostly offshore but there is a chance we can see a little bit lingering into our coastline even heading into wednesday too. the big talk on social media is whether or not we will see snow. at this point, the national weather service even says so. we are expecting snow anywhere above 1500 feet. with that, it's going to be light dusting if anything. nothing too impressive. but the wind, that's the big concern for us. this is this afternoon at 5:00, light. however, this is tomorrow morning, gusts up to 30 miles per hour. it gets stronger as we head into our tuesday afternoon forecast with winds up to 40 and even 50 miles per hour at times. a wind advisory will stay in effect until wednesday. we will see a chance of showers stick around into thursday and friday's forecast. look at the temperatures.
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we were talking about 70s. tomorrow, 50s. 40s wednesday and 40s throughout the rest of the week. it is going to be a chilly week on top of the winds and rain. we are going to talk more about that in a bit. >> 70s today. that will be nice. taking a look at the roadways, if you are ready to head t earl off, you are in luck. not a lot of people are on the road way. things are fairly quiet. we are seeing a lot of green so that means everything is moving up to speed. there is road work along 680 as you head north through sunol grade, not far from the 84 connector. it should be cleared in the next half hour shortly here. right now, not really experiencing brake lights or delays. here is a live look at conditions as you head out of the altamont towards livermore valley, dublin interchange and everything is moving pretty nicely. that's going to change as everyone is coming home from the three day weekend.
5:22 am
if you can leave earlier, better off you will beat some of the brake lights. no delays on 101. everything clear. bay bridge is off to a beautiful start on this monday morning. 5:22. as former president jimmy carter remains in hospice care this morning, we look at his legacy in the bay area. hear from an oakland family that worked right alongside him. over the ca with ladies >> woman: why did we choose safelite?
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>> vo: for us, driving around is the only way we can get our baby to sleep, so when our windshield cracked, we needed it fixed right. we went to there's no one else we'd trust. their experts replaced our windshield, and recalibrated our car's advanced safety system. they focus on our safety... so we can focus on this little guy. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> mni
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s, the start of work wk but it'stoy people are off enj that extra day. >> except us. we're here. >> except us. good it is time for the morning mix. jess, our talented meteorologist and also a pilot, you did something really cool. >> over the weekend, local 99 chapter in marin county got together for the monthly meeting. the 99 is an organization for woman in aviation founded in 1929 by amelia earhart. today it provides women in aviation networking, mentoring, flight scholarship opportunities. lee, one of my good friends, brought her bell 505 helicopter for all the lady aviators to check out. >> pretty cool. >> that looks like fun. >> one of the cool things i
5:26 am
love about this is the fact that since i was young, i was able to apply for scholarships. it provides women throughout the world school or world scholarships. getting a private license can cost up $g inpi, 's allyool. there is a 70 year old pilot who got hers two years ago in her late 60s. she said don't waste a minute. take the opportunities. that goes for everything in life. you get to a point and you think i should have started at that point. but all you can do is take the time you have and start your passions now. it was really cool meeting all of them. >> so that's the first time you have met them. do you talk a lot about all the different types of aircraft you fly, kind of a variety? >> it's cool because you start a networking aspect.
5:27 am
everyone introduces themselves. there is a lesson that comes into play. we sat down and went over a lesson in aviation. we checked out the aircraft and it was about meeting the people in the community. >> so cool. >> thanks for sharing that. i think there are lot lessons especially with the fact that it's never too late to start something if you want to. ahead, more details on president biden's surprise visit with president zelenskyy. >> anybody can li
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5:30 am
to 1981. our cbs reporter joins us live from plains, georgia, where the former president lives. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, joycelyn. it's so remarkable here, i will say, that jimmy carter has really defied death so many times. think back to 2015 when he had cancer, was diagnosed. he thought he had just weeks to live and then beat cancer. he was still teaching sunday school at that moment. then at the age of 95, suffering a fall, being hospitalized for it, having to have surgery, and then when he left the hospital, he went back to habitat for humanity and continued to build homes because that's the type of person that he was. now the carter center has confirmed he will spend the remainder of his days in hospice care. visitors came to the carter center in atlanta over the weekend following the
5:31 am
announcement former president jimmy carter has chosen to enter home hospice care. >> a great man, great president, probably under appreciated by those who don't know much about him. >> reporter: those who worked alongside carter on projects with habitat for humanity after he was president are remembering all of his efforts to help others. >> he is one hard worker. he is first on the site in the morning and very often the last one to leave by the end of the day. >> reporter: nowhere are the memories stronger than in plains, georgia, carter's hometown where he has lived for more than four decades following his presidency. >> we would be remiss if we did not lift esidt carter you reporter: prayers and reflections on what he and his wife fostered in the community. >> it's just the examples they have given to adults as well as my children who have grown up knowing them. >> reporter: president biden tweeted we admire you for the strength and humility you have
5:32 am
shown in difficult times. may you continue your journey with grace and dignity and god grant you peace. the family asking for privacy as they spend this very important time together. joycelyn. >> we have seen people throughout the country sending their thoughts. how is the community in plains, georgia, reacting to the news about the former president? >> reporter: many members of this community are sort of wondering, you know, what will happen next and how the community will feel afterwards. i will give you an example of this. i spoke to the owner of a souvenir shop here, and i asked do you know carter? he said everyone knows jimmy. of course i know jimmy. i said how are you feeling? how are you doing? he told me this is sad but, you know, jimmy carter will always be alive here in
5:33 am
plains, georgia. >> thanks so much. we appreciate it. hearing them talk, everybody knows who he is. since carter left the white house, he is probably best known for work with habitat humanity and that's had a direct impact for families in the bay area. our cameras were there when he came with his wife in 2013. >> they were working on affordable housing investment. da lin went back to talk with the family who worked alongside him. >> this is my room. the president was in this room. he put this at the window. >> reporter: the homeowner remembers the hour she spent building her home with the president. >> i held this part and he pull it right here. >> reporter: it was october 2013. they were constructing the
5:34 am
window sill. here he is measuring and cutting the wood. she was really nervous and excited at the same time. it was her fit time meeting someone so powerful and famous. >> i said wow! my gosh, interviewed her and the president in 2013. >> thank you very much. >> it will be wonderful apartments at a fairly modest cost at least for this area. >> reporter: what impressed her was how the president dedicated his time to the job. he wasn't here for a photo op. >> most people take photos and everything but he is focused and works. >> it's hard to measure jimmy carter and roseland carter's contributions to habitat. >> reporter: president and ceo of habitat for humanity east bay, silicon valley, was also
5:35 am
working with the carter family. >> i am very sad that he will be leaving us. but what he is leaving us with is a lifetime of goodness. i think that it's up to us then to take that goodness and spread it around in the world a little bit. >> the carter family can see how we take care and we appreciate this gift because i say my house is a gift. let's take a live look at the three alarm fire we mentioned. looking for the cause. brian kiley is at the scene. the fire is contained but crews have been on the scene since just before midnight. as you see, there is debris and smoke still in the air. >> this church is about the people. it's about the people of this community. it's about the people of the east bay, about people who
5:36 am
love oakland. a strong rich history and we are about community. >> thankfully, oakland fire at top stories. president biden made a surprise visit to kyiv emphasizing america's ort r ukrae. he met with the ukrainian president a few days before the country marks one year since russia's invasion. biden pledged another half billion dollars worth of equipment to help ukraine fend off russian air assaults. >> freedom is priceless. it's worth fighting for as long as it takes, and that's how long we are going to be with you mr. president, for as long as it takes. >> biden next heads to poland to try and boost resolve in europe. ukraine is planning spring counter offensive and asking the west for more heavier longer range weapons. honored in the nation's capital sunday. the former san jose mayor and
5:37 am
u.s. transportation secretary who died last may was in a wyoming camp for several years as a child. smithsonian recognized him on remembrance day for advancing asian american history. tomorrow supreme court is set to hear a case that could reshape the internet. the case of gonzales verses google deals with whether platforms can be legally liable for content even from third parties. the court will hear a separate but related case on wednesday. let's get a check on weather and traffic. we have first alert meteorologist jessica burch. this is a good time to go out and enjoy the day. >> yeah, especially before tomorrow. today it is sunny and mild. tomorrow will be windy and cold. i don't want to talk about it but sadly i have to. outside, clear skies above us. current temperatures are in the upper 30s and lower 40s. it's mild this morning and it's going to be a beautiful afternoon. into our daytime highs, we are
5:38 am
topping off in the 70s, upper 60s in the santa clara valley and along the coast. it's mild but i will say this, plenty sunshine means it's beautiful nonetheless. winds are light today which is great. this is this morning around 9:30 into the 5:00 hour this afternoon. it's not bad. look at tomorrow at 9:00. this is all the way into the morning tomorrow, 30 mile-per- hour wind gusts and all the way to the 5:00 hour tomorrow. this is going to be a major wind event that actually starts as early as 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. we will see gusty conditions throughout the bay area. none of us are spared this time. a wind advisory will stay in effect until wednesday at 1:00 a as a major storm system makes its way in from the north. it will produce rain. it will produce a chance of snow in higher elevations too. i will break down where that will happen and how much we can expect in the full forecast. like i said to joycelyn, beautiful today. take advantage of the weather
5:39 am
today. tomorrow things start changing. >> so today is the day to enjoy outdoors. >> a park day then. that's the plan. take a look at the roadways if you are ready to head out, sorry you had to wake up early and go to work like us because there is a holiday. you are not alone. there are a lot of people doing the same thing. it is really quiet looking at one of our maps. this is at been inpetheyl have that wrapped up soon. again, very quiet conditions. there are alternate routes posted if you need to travel through that area. bart is doing weekend repairs. rock bridge, lafayette, the stations are closed. about us bridges are in place. you can expect delays about 30 minutes or more and 580, 680 dublin interchange looks great with no delays. looks great. we are proud to celebrate black history month and people
5:40 am
making a difference in our community. a bay area band, all siblings, are showing us what black excellence sounds like. i got the chance to meet this trio and now you do too. in music this is where the foundation lies. it brings rhythm to the sound. >> the drums is what i like to say is the heart beat of the group. >> memphis, the drummer, the flare. she remembers a day in church she noticed something. >> i was like whoa, those are big and loud. i like that. >> she hasn't stopped since but when the beat does stop she's your typical teenager. >> why pe texting me? >> aspiring astro physicist she spends time at the kitchen table studying trying to get
5:41 am
school assignments done. then the beat came back. >> i play music every day. >> practically almost every hour. >> memphis brings joy and energy to the performances. >> this is her older brother, a singer, artist, songwriter. the bass and guitar player. you couple that with the drums and it gives the backbone to their sound. >> there is music for when you are sad. there is music for when you are happy. music connects people emotionally. >> it's their joy of life. music moves their mind and mend their melody. >> helps me tap into my creative side. she pushes me. >> she brings morale and harmonic accompaniment. >> music is a huge part of my identity. i consider it my orientation. >> she plays piano and houses the melodies.
5:42 am
at the beginning of last year she got sick following adverse reaction to medication. she was in and out of the hospital. music helped heal her. >> every day i would wake up and play music and i would listen to music. i was so grateful i had mini an oh, my siblings, my family around me. it taught me that even when i am not playing music in the public, it can have a huge impact on me. >> together the three siblings make one sound, their band melodious. >> an eclectic soulful experience. >> melodious has been producing a texture of music for almost seven years, a texture your ears can literally feel. >> give me the chance to make you see ♪. >> a sound that sits on your soul, a universal language, they say. >> anybody can listen to music no matter your background, no matter what you identify as. we all understand music. >> that understanding started
5:43 am
early for the siblings. they remember the memories of their parents singing to them, listening to hymns and gospel music. >> it shaped my sound. a lot of music we do has r & b gospel feel. >> they want the feeling in the sound to be a career, making timeless music. for months they've been working on debut album all on their own entitled is it the way. >> i would rather not share this experience with anybody else. >> sometimes i get ganged up on. i get viciously attacked. >> somehow they balance one another using their god given gifts. no matter where life takes the three individually. >> always will be making music together. we are going to be still rocking. >> music will always be their heart beat. >> i just wish i could spend all day with those three siblings.
5:44 am
if you would like to learn more about melodious, we have some links on the story on our website. go to tune in thursday for hour long special black in the bay where we are shedding light on history makers and black trail blazers in the bay area. it starts thursday on cbs with encore presentation at 7:00 saturday evening on sister station kbcw. >> i can't wait. i love melodious. >> so talented. they're all in their teens and have been playing some type of instrument and singing since they were five. >> you were saying they were together seven years? >> that's when they officially formed. the oldest one was two years old. >> they're so talented. >> i can't wait to see what happens over the next years. >> i love seeing that.
5:45 am
>> their love for one another. you know siings argue. i am just like you don't get into it? they're like no, music blends us together. amazing. >> so cool. 5:45. instagram and facebook users, meta rolling out a new verification feature but it comes with a fee. we'll
5:46 am
5:47 am
5:48 am
welcome back. let's look at today's money watch report. meta introducing verified accounts but for a fee. the parent company of facebook will first test the new service in new zealand and australia before rolling it to other countries. badges will cost $12 a month on the web and 15 on apple and android operating systems. the payment also covers extra protection against account impersonation. the move is aimed at influencers and those who use social media for business. dodge recalling more than 300,000 ram trucks in the u.s. because of potential fire hazard. drivers are warned not to park the vehicle inside. dodge says it knows after at least six fires that may be linked to the problem. the auto maker also says the risk is minimal. those are ur money watch
5:49 am
headlines. let's see what the weather headlines are. can i come up with the headline? >> take it away. >> it's 70 almost in oakland. i say almost. >> he was so excited when he found out i was forecasting 70s until he found out he was not one of the people. but oakland, you are getting to the upper 60s. taking a look at our wind advisory, this starts tomorrow. starting tomorrow, we will be under a wind advisory throughout the bay area. this lasts until wednesday as this major storm pushes in from the north. today is a beautiful day. 70s, sunny skies. that's what we are dealing with even into the evening. as early as tomorrow, a shift in the forecast and major storm from the north bringing in winds, cooler temperatures, a chance of showers. this is what it looks like on the euro model. this is warm dense air.
5:50 am
it's going to be backed by cold dense air from the north heading into this week. this is cold air from the polar areas and it's going to be bringing temperatures down into the 40s for daytime highs. it lasts even into the rest of the week and the weekend and we will be seeing really windy conditions due to it. today, beautiful, 70s all throughout the north bay, 67 in oakland for justin. once we head along the peninsula, low 60s. take a look at this. even though we are talking about beautiful temperatures and sunny skies, the big change is tomorrow. we are jumping down to the 50s y'a s sday forecast, 40s dn 70s. we'll have more on that inda a . bit. eslet's talk about the roadways. not a lot is going on. if you are up early like we were this morning, you are in luck. a live look at conditions, this is dublin
5:51 am
interchange and it is moving along with no troubles. it is a holiday and that's what's making the big 14 minutes. highway 4, 26 minutes. 101 is looking good as well. if you want to take a ride along 680, it looks pretty good. you will see brake lights as you work south bound 680. mostly north bound 680, sunol grade, where they have some construction. headed towards the bay bridge, metering lights are off. no troubles there. everything is quiet as you work into san francisco. a very easy commute day. 5:51. next, we're going everyone is making room mom? for the medicine cabinet's new essential. binaxnow -- with the same technology
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doctors use to test for covid-19.
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to ask for medication to treat covid-19. everyone is making room or call 833-422-4255 hm. *coughs* seriously? for the medicine cabinet's new essential. binaxnow -- with reliable covid-19 results in just 15 minutes. welcome back. giants pitching staff has been doing work outs in scottsdale arizona as spring training is getting underway. >> he get company when the team holds the first work out and the first spring training game is in five days. joining the giants rotation, he signed in the off season after a so-so year in san diego. he is hopeful the return to ba on track.
5:55 am
>> it'sthe cool. time i spent in oakland, i got to know it pretty well. always seem like the big brother over there. i loved it. the bears are so cool and special to me. >> how about this? you are transitioning from the only manager that you played for in your professional career and then you go boom to giants and it's a different world. have you had a chance to talk to the current skipper knowing you have had your whole experience with melvin? we talked a lot over the last month and a half. he is nothing like -- it's not new things. rsalities. a ve and
5:56 am
>> i know a little people are bummed on the giants after what happened in the off season. because nothing happened. that's the problem. it's cool to see spring training. pitchers and catchers reported last week. we should look forward to a hopeful season. >> hopeful, yes. i love the seasons where we get to prove people wrong like in 2021. that is my hope. i am crossing my fingers that we will prove people wrong. you have to keep the faith as a giants fan. th eyabout that on the podcast. we'll see. many of you remain in the dark in oakland. we'll have ata the latest power outages in east bay. we are taking a live look as fire crews are at work as a fire breaks out after a
5:57 am
church. we are looking at the progress being made. former president jimmy carter is in hospice. how the
5:58 am
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taking a live look from oakland, it's been a busy morning for firefighters, a fire breaking out at a church. what we know about the progress being made. >> we don't have power and we are hungry. but it's my friend's birthday so i got her roses instead. >> i noticed an empty parking lot for one. kind of reminded me of covid. >> a frustrating sunday for people in oakland. it's still not over for some. we'll have a look at the latest power outages in the east bay. we'll have an update on the freeways. things are quiet but we'll let you know how things are moving through the


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