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tv   CBS News Bay Area Evening Edition 5pm  CBS  February 21, 2023 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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down right in front of the tunnel on yerba buena island. >> amazingly no one was hurt. one of our coworkers shot this video on the way into work, most of the liens in sentences go were blocked but we are now told that caltrans has cleared most of that debris, only the far right debris remains close. our team has coverage from fremont of the peninsula, we begin with first alert meteorologist paul heggen trucking mild wins. what is even next for us? >> wind is remaining gusty through the rest of tonight but you can see our camera on top of salesforce tower, usually a stable perspective, really bouncing around. whitecaps widespread across sent disco bay. let's look at some of the highest gusts that we have had recorded so far. these are not typos. 73 mile guest recorded at ocean beach. t. recorded 868 mile-per-hour s 55 miles per hour in san jose. 58 miles per hour is the threshold at which the national weather service categorizes the storm windows being severe. normal wind across the bay area
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has reached or exceeded that level in a number of locations, even to the lower end of the spectrum, widespread 45 mile- per-hour guest. high wind warning continues along the coast in sentences go through 9:00 tomorrow morning. just will potentially be up to 65 miles per hour right along the coastline. prepare for power outages and tree damage through the rest of the bay area but there is a wind advisory continuing through 1:00 p.m. on wednesday. the wind might not be quite as strong, but downed trees, branches, and power lines will still be possible through at least early afternoon and wednesday. even after this expires it'll still be breezy for the rest of the day. then, our focus shifts as the winter storm system has the potential for some snow in the higher elevations. through 10:00 a.m. on thursday, in all likelihood, the bulk of the commuting snow will occur after that. thursday into thursday night. in general, one to three inches of snow, but of course, that depends on your specific elevation. the rest of the bay area, we will see a good chance for rain for thursday night and early friday.
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than a break in the action saturday before more rain chances had our way for the second half of the weekend and next week. we will track it all hour by hour with you to cast in just a few minutes. >> one of the hardest hit spots has been redwood city, where we have seen and heard multiple reports of trees crashing into homes, just like this one. >> what a mess. max darrow is there life for us. max, what are you seeing at this home, how much damage did they get? >> reporter: the damage is quite extensive but you can see how large this tree is and when the wind toppled it, you can see that it ripped it out of the ground right here, ripping up some of the concrete, with with it. it is about 50 or 60 feet tall and went right down in the middle of these house, crashing through this window, and ac the entirety of the house. one of the neighbors was home at the time of this, he described the sound of something truly incredible, really amazed by the power of nature, in a moment like this but this video will give you some more close looks at just the extent of the damage, here,
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at this home in redwood city but this is not the only one, we have seen several homes that had trees come down, but nothing quite like this one. listen to what this neighbor had to say. >> it is pretty amazing how powerful a tree can be, right? just crushed the house next door. her whole ceiling was caved in. all of the support beams were crushed by the tree. it was pretty impressive. >> again, back now live, you can see how large this tree is, just for some perspective, you can come back here, this is the base of the tree, i am about 5'10", this is several feet up, close to 10 feet up, there. you can see how large this tree is, and how big of a problem this will cause for the homeowner. good news here, despite all of this mess they will have to deal with, we are learning that the homeowner is okay. a little shaken up, understandably, but we are not hearing that anybody was hurt in this incident. again, tons of incidents across the greater peninsula as people continue to deal with the aftermath of these extreme wind
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here in the bay area. ryan? >> thanks. the enormity of that tree is amazing. at least some good news to report, the homeowners okay. >> thank goodness for that present you so much. across the bay in fremont, another powerful gust not a tree down onto a complex process happened on mallery avenue just west of 238, our very own jose maturing as there is life. did everyone get out okay? >> reporter: apparently they did. i think this is a very dramatic scene, look at this tree right here. i don't know how we got to this area. gym is all the way on the other side and can show us how big of the damage this is. this is affecting only one, but two apartment complexes here. i want to get out of the shot, because i really wanted to look at the impact showing us exactly what has been happening in this area over the last few
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hours. it was very obligated to get to this place. neighbors are still afraid, we were able to talk with some of them, and as you can see in this part, the whole base of the tree, this is a very dramatic scene, and this is one of the neighbors told us. >> as i turned into the complex, i noticed the trees were going krejci, like krejci. and, the tree to the right i saw just crashing down. and, i actually witnessed, the first time in my life, but have ever seen a tree right before my eyes break and snap and stumble. and it's going to get worse. >> write. that tree is this one, right here. rachel lived on the other side, and as you can see, jim, before we leave, i want to show you
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that other side, you can see all the apartments that have been affected on the other side of this apartment complex. now, what we are seeing so far is, they have been cleaning up the other side, and they are probably going to come to the side, tomorrow. we will keep you updated on that . back to you, ryan. >> jose, real quick, how tall is that tree? given your perspective showing that system, it looks enormous. >> listen, i could try to show you, walking out there as much as i can, but, it is pretty big. i know jim is telling me not to do that. ryan, i don't know what the measure of this tree will be, but it is pretty big and actually like i said, it has affected two apartment complexes. it is a lot of damage, some of the neighbors left the apartments on time and as you can see on his other side, there is also an impact, some of these trees, we were talking with rachel, she was telling us, before this happened, some of the neighbors have already
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gone to the apartment, the resident services, to tell the that this with trees in the community because you can see, a bunch of trees everywhere and we still have more time with the wind, it's not over. so, of course we will stay here and we will see how they are going to recover from this, back to you. >> when the photographer widens now we can see that perspective. be careful up there, thanks, jose. >> those trees just crashing down so many homes in our area. there is a shelter in place in a neighborhood where the wind has not down multiple high- voltage power lines. wilson avenue is blocked in both directions from hansen road up to doris avenue. one person we spoke with cannot get back to his home, now. he worries about his food spoiling. >> it's only a problem if it lasts too long, because i have a freezer full of fish i don't want to spoil. that is the main thing, you know? it's really good fish.
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>> it must be really good fish. at last check, about an hour ago, more than 71,000 pg&e customers had lost power. nearly half are on the peninsula, followed by about 17,000 in the south bay. sir, you can stay with cbs news bay area for continuing first alert weather coverage throughout this newscast and throughout the night. we are always on at >> the other big story we are following this afternoon, east bay congresswoman barbara lee making it official. she officially launched her bid to replace retiring senator dianne feinstein. lee has deep roots in the east bay, she attended mills college in oakland, and received her masters from uc berkeley. she made her announcement in a nearly 3 minute long video on further. >> and crit, i don't give up. come on. that's not in my dna. when you stand on the side of justice, you don't quit if they don't give you a seat at the table, you bring a chair for everyone, and they are here to stay.
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>> our very own katie nielsen spoke with a longtime oakland community leader who knows lee very well. she also got some perspective from the bay area political scientist. katie? >> reporter: barbara lee has been a fixture in the oakland community ever since taking office about 25 years ago. those who have worked closely with her say they are excited about the possibility of having someone with roots in this community, to have a major voice in washington. >> there she is, right there. >> reporter: bob jackson has been the lead pastor at this church in oakland since 1984. >> she sent me a christmas card every year. >> reporter: he has worked closely with rivers and barbara lee since she first took office in 1998. >> she brought money into oakland for a number of things we were able to do we would not have been able to do without her support. >> reporter: bishop bob said they found the african-american chamber of commerce together 19 years ago and says, because she was born and raised in the community, she has a different perspective than most politicians on the issues minority communities are facing.
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he says, while the church cannot endorse a specific candidate, he feels lee's voice is one that needs to be heard in the senate. >> i think it would be great for somebody of her caliber, her expertise and experiences, the longevity that she has had in politics, as a black woman, i mean, she has been through it all. >> reporter: in the history of the united states, there have only been 11 black senators and of those, only two were women. >> what barbara lee's candidacy represents so far is historic. >> reporter: david mcewen is a political science professor at sonoma state university, and says lee is well-established in california's political circles, and was shortlisted to fill kamala harris is in the senate seat, when she became vice president. >> even governor newsom has noted that the replacement for dianne feinstein should be a woman of color. barbara lee fitzpatrick >> reporter: mcewan says lee's biggest challenge will be fundraising. >> california's senate race, next year, has the potential to set records. spending records, and has the potential to be the most expensive u.s. senate race ever, and that is going to
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challenge someone like barbara lee to raise a lot of money and keep up with other candidates, because it is very expensive to run statewide in california. >> reporter: of those who have announced their candidacy to fill dianne feinstein's senate seat, adam schiff has reported that he has $20 million in his campaign war chest. katie porter has reported 7.7 million, and barbara lee has $55,000 on hand according to her last filing in late november. >> thanks, katie. schiff and porter both said california democrats had a head start in that campaign. they threw their hats in the ring before feinstein even announced her retirement. >> can big tech companies be held liable for what users post? that is the question currently before the supreme court. the case gonzales was google was brought by grieving parents whose daughter was killed in that paris terror attack in 2015. they sued youtube for posting i.s.i.s. content. the suit takes a nearly 30 year
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law known as the conditions indecency act, and offers to companies protections against lawsuits over third-party content. >> everybody is trying their best to figure out how the statute applies, the statute, which was a pre-algorithm statute applies in a post- algorithm world. >> the ruling could change how people use the internet. it is expected to come sometime this summer. still ahead, the owner of this corvette is about to make a heck of an insurance claim. this is one of the many seems to show you from the wild wind howling right through the bay area. >> not good for that driver. when was the last time that you saw snow in san francisco? if you are under 50, probably never. but, there is a chance it could come very close this week. ♪ ♪ before the xfinity 10g network we didn't have internet
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welcome back. we have seen so much damage e are stilhaving trouble had tr keeping up with it all. and mackinac is in the newsroom for us, with more of those trouble spots, including a very unfortunate parking choice by the owner of a very high-end car. this is not pretty to see. >> that's right, guys. if you are a car lover this one will make you cringe. in sentences go, this corvette smashed by a tree and a light pole which came down. there it is, luckily it was parked and nobody was inside at the time. on the peninsula, another tree came crashing down, smashing into a home, one of several we have seen around the bay area, today. this was on crestwood drive in san bruno. significant damage done, there, and in daly city, this twitter user shared video of falling shingles. apparently some very powerful gusts of wind tore them right off the roof and then tossed
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them onto the lawn below. again, this is just a sampling of what we have seen as we mentioned earlier, a lot of power outages as well, right now, from falling trees and lines. >> this wind is making it a difficult situation for families across the bay area, thank you for a look at all of that. stuff >> low elevation snow in the forecast has a lot of people thinking back to 1976. the left was the last time widespread snow fell in sentences go but these are pictures from the chronicle, and sent a clear university archives of that event, which actually gave about an inch in the city. checking with paul, i know snow will be in our future but this story today will be wind. >> right, wind, snow falling and higher elevations of the santa cruz mountains and santa clara hills. the diablo range, northbay mountains, very unlikely for you to see anything more than an isolated flake in the city and even then you might have to climb pretty high to see that but i don't think we will see a repeat of what happened 47 years ago. but, it is still a wild
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situation across the bay area. let's look at the big picture and take a look at the reason why, it is a storm system that is really squeezing the atmosphere over the entire west coast. the difference between low- pressure through the basin and high-pressure out in the pacific. the difference is the more the atmosphere squeezes, the stronger the wind is. these unsettled conditions will continue through the end of the workweek. different spokes around the same system will be swinging down and occasionally putting an additional squeeze on the atmosphere. we will see showers lengthening thursday into thursday night with snow levels dropping down to about 1500 feet or so. that specific number is going to be the really tricky part of the forecast for the next few days. let's talk about the wind first, because that is top of mind this evening. so many tree damage reports already, that will be a concern for the rest of this evening. widespread wind gusts in the 30 to 50 mile-per-hour range. through the rest of the night, the wind will relax somewhat, they are still going to be strong enough to mess with the morning commute, especially along the coast.
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30 to 40 mile-per-hour gust there as the sun comes up and the wind will be in the 20 to 30 mile-per-hour range for most of the bay area through 1:00 p.m. on wednesday, that is when our wind advisory expires. it is not like flipping a switch with everything calm after that but it will be breezy into the evening, but the windiest conditions will be through midday, tamara. in terms of shower activity, there is a chance as we enter early tomorrow, the showers will be much more miss than hit. if we do get one it'll pass through quickly, bringing the potential for maybe a dusting along the santa clara hills. but rain chances will remain far below 50/50. the rain and associated snow with elevations above 1500 feet becomes the story as we go through tomorrow night into early wednesday. moisture it will become much more widespread through late thursday. you can see all the snow showing up, especially in eastern santa clara county and also the santa cruz mountains and northbay mountains. we will add up those amounts in just a moment. that will continue through thursday night and into early friday. friday morning's commute will likely be a mess and we will see the snow levels dropping down to their lowest
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levels just before the sun comes up friday morning, which brings up the possibility for snow, the same thing for the diablo range and east bay hills, that is when we can see a few issues with road conditions dropping down below 1500 feet thick every thing should be winding down as we enter friday afternoon. let's look at how much the forecast models are anticipating. again, this is computer model data, it is never perfect, but it does indicate the potential for several inches of snow in the higher elevations of the santa cruz mountains. most spots over 2000 feet in elevation. mt. hamilton is higher than that but if you inches of snow are indicated by forecast model data, even for some of the east bay hills around morocco. the level of the caldecott tunnel is about 1400 feet which is right about the level we are forecasting the snow line to drop too. slick conditions to start the day on friday and higher amounts for the north. northbay mountains around mt. st. helena, northern sonoma and napa counties and inland mendocino county and lake county picking up quite a bit more snow on the system. the rest of the area would most
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of us will see is snow in the distance and rain falling on our heads. around one did inch of rain by and there is a winter storm warning with a winter weather advisory around lake tahoe itself. 1 to 3 feet of snow over the next several days, this goes all the way through early saturday morning. snow levels falling very low in elevation there as 1000 to 2000 feet but very gusty wind which we certainly have now. whitecaps out of the day, temperatures are quite a bit colder than 24 hours ago. upper 40s and 50s right now, we dropped to the 30s and lower 40s by early tomorrow morning and we will not warm up a lot on wednesday. high temperatures only reaching the upper 40s and low 50s. a solid 15 degrees below average. we have three straight first alert days because of the potential for more wins tomorrow, and then that rain and snow mix on thursday into friday. we calm down for one day on saturday before another system drops towards us which also have quite a bit of cool air to work with but i will show you
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the rest of the seven day forecast for the rest of the bay area coming up at 5:30. >> i was loving over the weekend. >> that was fantastic. >> a nice break. >> is gone. >> hope you enjoyed it. so far this year as we just talked about, but quickly learned to not get too comfortable with whatever weather pattern we are in. one extended the next, just take this week. the nice weekend has turned to severe wind with the slight possibility of snow, too. coming up, we look at this winter whiplash. as we celebrate black history month, we are listing the voices of the black community who have shaped us in a new museum nearby, taking a fresh perspective to bring
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you can beat it! ♪
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visit or call 833-422-4255 to ask for medication to treat covid-19. welcome back, thanks for
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sticking around with us. this month we are highlighting a california gallery working for decades to bring black history to life. >> ashley sharp takes us inside the sojourner truth museum. >> reporter: through the eyes of a teenager, it's a fresh look at thousands of years of black history. >> this is harriet tubman, and this is the sojourner truth, and this is frederick douglas. >> reporter: dating all the way back to a 14th-century african emperor. >> supposedly one of the richest people in history and is not really talked about. >> reporter: through the 20th century when in the great migration, 6 million black people moved north. >> when they were migrating, they would use this book right here, called the green book, and that helped african- americans navigate, to know where hotels to go to, which restaurants to go to and
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returns not to go too. >> reporter: we got our history lesson from the students turned to regard. >> did you know that the first cowboys were black? >> reporter: at 18 years old, sarah mcdaniel says unlike the pages of a textbook, here, history comes to life. >> most of the times within the school system, they always say that african american history starts with slavery. here at this museum we teach others that is not true. >> it is about learning what is not taught in school, including sacrament is own piece of black history, the oak park home turned dunlap's dining room. >> the first african-american restaurant in sacramento. >> reporter: and history about its namesake, abolitionist sojourner truth. >> that would have been a replica address of what she wore during those times. >> a rich heritage on full display with advantages to, like a cell phone. black inventor henry t simpson created the world's first pick >> i really feel like i am still learning along the way because there is always information out there, but you
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don't know. >> reporter: one trip to the sojourner truth museum simply isn't enough. >> my biggest take away is to come back as much as possible, so that you can come and really take in the information. >> what a beautiful way to learn. be sure to join us on thursday for our hour-long special, black in the bay. we are showcasing black history makers and trail blazes across the region. that starts at 4:00 p.m. with an encore saturday night at 7:00. still to come, safety say it has been a wild winter. not just here in t
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right now, cbs news bay area, silicon valley stepping in to save the whales. heading out on the pacific as they launch new technology. from record snow in buffalo to ice in texas, to a parade of atmospheric rivers right here in california. we know all about those big everyone in america can agree, it has been a weird winter. good evening, i'm amanda starrantino. >> i'm ryan yamamoto. our mild presidents' day weekend is giving way to wild wind and a sharp drop in temperatures but the latest on what is being a pretty erratic winter. >> absolutely. that is a good way to put it. it is because winter, overall, is actually getting warmer. david septer is about to show us how winter whiplash impacts all of us on the dot.
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>> i cannot believe i'm doing this. >> the people go in the lake every day, and stay there for sometimes 10 or 20 or 30 minutes. this is not something that normal people should be doing. >> reporter: these folks have found a way to embrace the extremes of winter. this morning, i am not the only first timer out here. >> ever thought you would swim in a hat and mittens? >> reporter: so is dr. heidi ruth, a doctor at the university of minnesota. >> you can do anything for 30 seconds, right? >> oh my god. >> yeah. >> deep breaths. >> our you guys nuts? >> reporter: it might not always feel like it, especially when you are chest deep in a frozen lake, but the winter is getting warmer.


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