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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition 9am  CBS  February 22, 2023 9:00am-9:30am PST

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winds whip across the bay creating danger all over. this morning, we are tracking the damage to streets, homes, plus power outages. >> the tree next door to my house fell and took out a bunch of powerlines. i cannot get back to the house. it is just a waiting game right now. and i will find a place i can go. >> i live in redwood city where our jocelyn moran is tracking the worst of the damages are. and president biden is wrapping up his trip to europe. we have the latest on his meeting with nato allies. good morning. i am gianna franco. let's begin with these winds you heard howling all day and throughout the night. we are seeing damage throughout the bay area. now, we are learning more winter weather is on its way to
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northern california. so it is another first alert weather day. we have already dealt with the crazy winds and now snow, potentially, on the way, as well. >> and the winds are not even done as well. it is just not nearly as bad as yesterday. we are talking about rain and snow in the forecast. and the winds are still sticking around, too. select advances all the way into this afternoon. taking a look at future cash put the bay area, we will see hit or miss showers. you will see the wind speeds, too. even into the overnight hours and i, we will continue to see these winds still be breezy. there we go. anywhere from santa rosa all the way up -- down, actually, into san francisco. hit or miss showers for now. we will start seeing some major ring portion to the forecast and snow in the higher elevation starting later tonight and heading into thursday, and especially as we wrap up thursday heading into
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friday. with this system, we are seeing issues. anywhere from 1500 feet, that is where the snow will be in the santa cruz mountains and east bay hills. the models are still kind of going back and forth. as of now, we're still expecting to see 10 inches near the lexington hills, mount diablo, not too impressive, but near mount hamilton, we will see plenty of snow up there. all the way up and to lake ford we go and down into nevada. we can see a little bit less there. the higher in elevation we go, the more we can expect. bonnyview. portland springs. anywhere potentially heading into the next couple of days. and the springs are already pushing into. sweeping away with gusty conditions. current temperatures right now ranging in the 40s what the bay area. but we will not warm up too much more. those are our daytime highs for pacifica and san francisco.
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50 just in the hills. over to your. >> thank you. those winds were intense last night. and those winds have been damaging property all over the bay area. but some of the worst we are seeing us right along the peninsula. that is were our jocelyn moran is live in redwood city. this is an area that got hit really hard by those winds. >> reporter: yeah. i remember texting you yesterday afternoon after my power went out . just along the peninsula, we saw a lot of various really being affected. and it is very windy right now. not nearly to the extent that it was yesterday. but we are still seeing those effects here. we have seen them all morning long. along woodside road, there is a reason for that, this is a busy area. people take this to 280 to get their day started. these businesses have no power right now. you can see here, cars are taking it as a four-way stop. that is exactly what you want to be doing. look at this wells fargo. it is closed. they are turning people away. a lot of these businesses do
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not have power. if we go to the pg&e outage map, you can see what areas were talking up. redwood city. east palma lotto. a lot of these areas have no power right now. another area is emerald lake hills. i want to say this video. you can see justice roof that came off of a structure here. this gives you an idea of how strong these winds were. unfortunately, we did see images like this one here. trees falling onto homes causing significant damage. this one here in redwood city, thankfully the neighbors tell us the resident was not home at these times. but the sounds of these winds and what the experience was obviously very scary, gianna. obviously, we will be updating you when it comes to those outage maps. a lot of the areas you saw are in orange. there is no estimated time for when they are going to restore power, gianna, but we will be keeping an eye on that. >> thank you. not having heat is pretty tough right now those chilly
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temperatures. now, developing news. president biden is at the polish presidential palace this morning. day, he will speak with european leaders called the bucharest nine. they are made up of the countries that are closest to russia and face the greatest threat of aggression. celeste bring in skyler henry right now, who has been following the president's visit. this comes as russia's invasion of ukraine is about to enter its second year. >> reporter: good to be with you. the president, once again, re- upping his commitment standing shoulder to shoulder with the bucharest nine, as well as other nato allies. he also said, today, that a recent decision by russian leaders having global implications, he is calling it a big mistake. heading into a meeting at the presidential palace at warsaw, poland, wednesday, president biden made his first comments on russian president vladimir
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putin's decision to suspend participation in the nuclear arms treaty. >> i do nohave time. >> reporter: you do not have time? >> i don't have time. big mistake. >> reporter: the president who had a trace of ash on his four head for ash wednesday was there to meet with the leaders of the eastern european nato countries known as the bucharest nine. the countries on nato's eastern plains are most vulnerable to a potential attack by russia. >> you know better than anyone what is at stake in this conflict. not just for ukraine, but for the freedom of democracy throughout europe and around the world. >> reporter: the president once again reaffirm the united states' commitment to its allies, calling it a secret oath and vowing to defend every inch of nato. nato's secretary-general warned that russia is preparing for more war, not peace. >> we cannot allow russia to continue to chip away at
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european security. >> reporter: wednesday's meeting comes at the end of president den's trip that began with an unannounced visit to keefe on monday. the war with russia enters its second year. >> we also heard from secretary of state anthony blinken who called russia's recent decision deeply unfortunate and irresponsible. as for president biden's movements, his expected back here in washington later on this evening. we are here at the white house. >> thank you for that report. ra, 49er fans. stick with us. there has been a change to brock purdy's return timeline. we
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welcome back. thank you for joining us this morning. the supreme court heard arguments in a case that could shake up the internet. there are new security concerns about chat bots let's start with the supreme court hearing arguments over whether popular tech companies like tiktok and google and others can be liable for user generated content on their sites.
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>> yeah. this is potentially on norma's decision that could come down. so the supreme court is hearing two cases, one yesterday and one today, that are around terrorism. essentially the concern that exists, as these two lawsuits came from the victims of the families attacks, that say youtube and other sites have been aiding and abetting terrorism by allowing them to publish what they do on their websites. and it is one of the things that they also bring a. whether or not these companies are responsible for not doing their job well enough to keep that stuff off of their platforms. so it is potential that it could force these companies to clamp down a lot more moderation out of fear on going to court again over these types of things or it could also lead
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to a vast change in the way that they do moderation in an attempt to avoid the legal ramifications of all of it. >> reporter: a lot of people are talking about that. here's another thing that is causing a lot of conversations. instagram and facebook have kicked off a new paid verification service. it will cost $50 a month on your phone. they are testing it in australia and new zealand right now. did you see something like this coming this way that could potentially happen? >> you know? when the new year was coming around, a lot of people were telling me, welcome to 2023. welcome to five dollars a month. i felt like subscriptions were starting to get everywhere. i was already very popular with music and movies. it felt like, especially with elon musk taking over twitter and pushing his subscription service over there, that it was only a matter of time before company started getting into
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this. it is no surprise that at a time when facebook and instagram and met to, the larger company that owns both of them, is struggling with some of their finance. they have been seeing advertising rates go down. they have been complaining about how apples privacy policies have hurt her ability to send targeted advertisements to people and they would say, okay, what other way can we make money? and of course saying, okay, we will start charging people. and charging them for verification. that blue check mark that a lot of people who are influencers want to have. that can be working. it will be interesting to see whether this works or whether it falls flat. but it is something that a lot of people are doing now. >> finding a way to charge us for everything. the trust in that fact with the verification. let's talk about this newest a.i. software called chat gpt. it is too good at writing and is raising all kinds of cyber security concerns.
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>> yeah. our cybersecurity reporter over at cnet had them write a file that would convince him to download a file. one of the things is that it has become a nervously popular. it is over 100 million users already. it can do all sorts of stuff, from writing a poem about a national meeting ducklings at the park to helping you write code to anything else. so this idea that i could help scammers and hackers write better emails that get you and me possibly to click on things is a little scary. >> yeah. it is a little scary. i could see how it works but in the wrong hands, that is an issue. thank you for joining me this morning. >> thank you for having me. it is a first alert weather day here in the bay area. all of us have been dealing with gusty conditions for the past 12 hours.
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we saw wind speeds anywhere up to 50 miles an hour along the peninsula. as we take a live look right now.first alert doppler, is still very active offshore. not very much onshore this morning. the winds are still very consistent. we are under a wind advisory until 1:00 this afternoon. take a look at that wind gust extending until that 11:00 hour. not nearly as bad as yesterday, but it is still breezy. extending all the way into that 3:00 hour, you see the trend. right? even into the overnight hours tonight we are dealing with a breezy set up. but that is not the big weather story. we are starting to talk about rain and snow in the forecast. also these cold temperatures, too. this is a chilly day for us and we will continue to cooldown heading into the next couple of days as this major storm continues to develop. this is this evening alone. hit or miss showers. once we extend into thursday into this afternoon hours, notice how those showers become a lot more prominent. the i have that storm sweeps its way down. we will start seeing the circulation behind me and just
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a second. friday in the overnight hours, snow levels dropping down to 1500 feet. we will see some heavy storms sweeping their way through. heavy commute on friday. then we are left with that dying down. there's that circulation like i said. it will die down all the way to saturday with partly cloudy skies in the forecast. in total, we can see about an inch of rain in san jose and santa rosa in total from now until friday afternoon. but, as we take a look at futurecast for the snow, this is where it gets more exciting. it is the bay. we do not expect to see snow every single day. we expect to see an engineer boulder creek with this system. two inches near mount diablo. as we head into the north bay, about 25 inches at the peak of the springs. over the next seven days, we have a lot to talk about. catching a break for saturday with more rain on the way kicking off next week. now, back to you. >> keeping you busy today. snow is on its way to the bay. we take a look at what is
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welcome back. let's talk some football for just a moment here. we are hearing about to what can lead to uneasy time for the faithful. brock purdy surgery which was scheduled for today has been postponed. it was scheduled for a torn ligament in his elmo from a hit in the nfc championship game. reportedly, there still inflammation of brock purdy's elbow. they delayed the surgery until at least early march. it is expected to be about six months. if the procedure happens early next month, that would ? put purdy in-line to return right around the start of the regular season so regular fingers crossed. snow has already started falling in of the sierra. believe it or not, we could actually get some snow right here in the bay area. our first alert meteorologist darren peck shows us exactly
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where. >> forecasting snow levels a tricky thing. i will use one of our most obvious landmarks as an example. mount diablo in the east bay which sits at just about 3000 2000 have four feet in elevation. that is the top. certainly high enough to get snow. but if you look at thursday morning, you will have cold enough air and space that should be precipitating at that point, you could potentially get snow as low as 900 feet. that does not mean it is going to snow then because we do not have the precipitation lined up perfectly with that timeframe. you cook it a few light flurries that low. the more likely timeframe comes a little bit later. once we get into friday, by then, we have warmed the air a little bit. now, levels at 1800 feet. that is good conversions of the two ingredients you need. we have cold enough air down first note down to around 1900
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feet of mount diablo and enough precipitation that it is actually going to snow and it should accumulate at that elevation on a mountain. >> we are diving deeper into the snowfalls. how did it look like years ago during some of the rare times it actually snowed? we will show you that up ahead on our 9:30 stream. and as we celebrate black history month, we are lifting the voices of our black community. a fresh perspective to bring thousands of ye
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paper being crumpled more paper being crumpled music: “i wish” by skee-lo boom! sound of paper balls landing in bins office workers cheering music stops why do we shoot baskets with paper balls? for the same reason we play scratchers from the california lottery. because a little play can make your day. logo scratches on
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through the eyes of a teenager, it is a fresh look at thousands of years of black history. >> all right. so this is harriet tubman and this is sojourner truth and this is frederick douglas. >> reporter: dating all the way back to a 14th century african emperor. >> maximo psychos down to be one of the richest people in history. and he is not really talked about. >> reporter: to the 20th century where in the great migration, 6 million black people moved north. >> when they migrated, they would use this book right here called the green book and that helped african-americans navigate to know what hotels to go to, what restaurants to go to, and which ones not to go to. >> reporter: we got our history lesson from a student turned
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tour guide. >> did you know the first cowboys were black? >> reporter: at 18 years old, sara mcdaniels keyes says, unlike the pages of a textbook, here, history comes to life. >> most of the times within the school system, african-american history starts at the rise of slavery. but here at the sojourner truth museum, that is not true. >> reporter: here is sacramento's own peace of black history. the home turned dunlap's dining room. >> the first african-american restaurant in sacramento. >> reporter: and of course history but it's namesake, abolitionist sojourner truth. >> that would have been a replica address of what she would have worn during those times. >> reporter: rich heritage on full display. inventions too like the cell phone. black inventor henry t. sampson created the world's first. >> i really feel like i am learning along the way. there is always information out there that you do not know.
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>> reporter: one trip to the museum simply is not enough. >> my biggest take away is to come back as much as possible. so that you can come and it really take in the information. >> all right. be sure to join us thursday for our hour-long special, black in the bay. we will be showcasing black history makers and trailblazers across the region. all right. that is it for the news at 9:00. coming up next on the drew barrymore show, more local headlines and whether so join us on the streaming service, cbs news bay area. see you ther
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hi. it's me, ross. ok, shh! big day around here. it's drew's birthday today, and everything happening in the show is a total surprise to her. so welcome to drew's surprise party, everybody, all right? ok, so-- [applause] now, shh. drew's backstage. she doesn't know the first surprise is right behind those doors right over there, and it has to do with her tv obsession. you guys know the show, you, starring penn badgley, right? we're all obsessed with that, where he traps people in cages, and it's creepy, but it's hot-- you know. so stick around for incredible surprises all show long. you ready to bring her out? ok, i'm going to go get her! [cheering, applause] [theme music] drew: i love you guys.


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