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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition 9am  CBS  February 23, 2023 9:00am-9:30am PST

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snow is falling in the santa cruz mountains and more is on the way. we are tracking these frosty conditions on this first alert weather day. >> it is supercool. i just love it so much. >> i just love her energy. but this storm is also common for drivers. like in los gatos with the snow has been falling all morning long. plus, transportation secretary pete buttigieg is in ohio to learn more about what happened before the february 3rd derailment. we have the latest on his visit. but we want to get straight to our weather coverage. many are still dealing with the aftermath of all that wind damage. here comes the snow.
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this is from right off highway 17 in los gatos. less than 30 miles north of santa cruz. catching some of that residual snow there on the roads. jessica burch joins us with why we call it a first alert weather day and what we need to be prepared for. >> amanda, as we head into the next couple of hours, we will continue to see these hit or miss from sweep their way in. this is a live look at our first alert doppler's. highway 17, highway 9, they have been dealing with those snow flurries sweeping throughout those areas and even allowing for that snow to accumulate. even just above san francisco right now, summa low laying clouds are currently sticking around. taking a look at those weather headlines, those hit or miss storms will stick. later on, we see a major winter storm come into effect. snow levels are expected to drop around 1500 feet. this is the first time in a decade the weather service has issued a winter storm alert in the bay area.
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all the way into the evening hours tonight. now, by 7:00, storms sweeping in from off shore. we are seeing a lot more snow in those higher elevated areas. a wind advisory also in effect until tomorrow or starting today until tomorrow. more on that, coming up. >> it is a snow day and people are enjoying a white blanket in their backyards. lauren toms has been there for us all morning long. lauren, how does the snow look? >> reporter: yeah. hey, amanda. the snow is just letting up. but the sun is coming up. a lot of the snow is starting to melt. but it is still pretty chilly out here. if you are planning on going outside to check out some of the snow, you will want to make sure you bundle up and dress
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accordingly. these roads are pretty good. i just spoke with a caltrans representative who has been monitoring highway 17. right now, we are just 100 yards from highway 17. he says these roads are safe, and, if needed, the teams and crews are ready to spread sand to warm up these roads in the event that this temperature drops any further. but, right now, again, the sun is coming back out. everything is warming up. but it is not stopping people from pulling off on the side of the road. look at this beautiful winter wonderland. we have seen people taking videos and photos all morning. we spoke with one family who said they took a little break from school this morning to make sure that they checked out this scene. take a listen. >> not here. we go to tahoe are some of the other mountains and play. it is rare when it is at home. we never have it here. >> it is so cool. >> reporter: again, the
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temperatures are starting to warm up just a little bit out here. we are starting to see some of this snowmelt. you will want to make sure you do so relatively soon. but if you do get the chance to do so, there is just enough snow on the ground. it has not necessarily stuck to the roads, but there's just enough on the ground to play around with. make a snowball. make a snowman. we sure have had our fun out here. i definitely recommend you bundle up if you're in the area and check out the stunning winter wonderland seen in the santa cruz mountains. >> i can still see a little snowman in the back. he is holding up strong. stay with cbs news bay area for continued news coverage throughout this newscast and throughout this storm. we are always on at kpix a tv reporter in central florida is dead after being shot at the scene of another fatal shooting earlier in the
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day. that suspect you just saw it on the screen, a 19-year-old, is under arrest. deputies say he wounded a news photographer during the second shooting. in addition, a nine-year-old woman and the motive remains unclear. i would like to say that the whole news community is mourning this morning. the man who attacked the husband of nancy pelosi is set for a trial date. he is shown hitting paul pelosi in the head with a hammer last september after he allegedly broke into the couple's home in san francisco. he has pled not guilty to all state and federal charges, including murder. pete buttigieg is now in ohio. in this video behind me, you can see a local official pointing out train cars and explaining what occurred to secretary buddha charge. he will also meet with folks for the derailment.
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a southern full train derailed with chemicals on board. residence fear for potential environmental consequences because of this. let's bring in skyler henry this morning. the national safety board is set to release its report on the derailment today. what can we see coming out of that? >> sure. that report came out about an hour or so ago. maybe even two at this point. experts say after that preliminary report that essentially the crew, the engineering crew on that train received an alert about an overheating wheel bearing that was trying to slow the train down before it came off the tracks. now, you mentioned transportation secretary pete buttigieg. he is in ohio today getting a view of exactly what happened. also speaking with residents of bed some residents
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>> reporter: trains continued along this busy real carter and east palestine, ohio, as transportation secretary pete buttigieg got his first looked at the charred remains of 10 cars that flew off the tracks earlier this year. the secretary noted an older still lingering in the air. 11 derailed cars on that southern train were carrying a hazardous payload. as investigators determined the cause of the derailment, they are also looking at the car's standards. in its initial findings released today, the national transportation safety board found that the train was traveling below the 50 mile per hour maximum speed, but, quote, surveillance video from a local residence showed what appeared to be a wheel bearing in the final stages of heat failure moments before the derailment. >> the biden administration has defended its timing on a visit
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think it is appropriate the apa now has declared the emergency crash to be over. >> reporter: for residence, it is far from over. they are worried about polluted soil and creeks. like this one cbs news filmed yesterday. >> i am afraid of the chemicals coming here and the aftereffects. you know? you don't know. you are not going to no. >> reporter: a pennsylvania congressman has called for the real company to expand its zone for testing and financial assistance up to 30 miles from the site. >> now, a little more on the environmental concerns. activist erin brockovich is had to visit that area tomorrow. she tweeted that she plans to work with victims of the derailment so they can get to justice, now their legal rights, and hold that railroad accountable. we will see what happens tomorrow in ohio. skyler henry, cbs news, bay
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area. >> skyler, thank you so much. coffee with all of oil? what is this? starbucks on the new drink and what customers in milan are saying about it. steph curry is returning to the court.
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welcome back. good morning to you. u.s. stocks had a mixed closing yesterday. they blame the last federal reserve meeting which showed officials will keep raising rates to fight inflation. look at where the markets are right now. we are down in the red, 2041 points. part of the bank's recent strategic shift. employees say those positions are usually compensated on sales. lester, some people were successful enough to be flown to a resort in palm desert last year as a reward. starbucks already offers countless ways to get your coffee. now the coffeehouse company is offering one more. get this. it is with olive oil. the new line includes a latte, shaken espresso, and cold brew.
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the drinks all come with a shake of extra-virgin olive oil. fears drinks are only available in italy, but they are supposedly headed to california, possibly in the spring. according to the guardian, one customer has a sweeter taste that went down smooth there. i am going to italy next month so i'll have to check that out for us. i do not know about that. >> i like the idea of it. >> maybe i should try it out at home. stick some olive oil and coffee. i do not know if it goes together. what doesn't go together is me in this cold. >> extending into the next couple of days, we will be seeing a drastic change in the forecast. we are seeing levels drop down to 1500 feet. alt.the bay area, we will be seeing a big change in the forecast becomes too temperatures. taking a look at this system, it is an area of low pressure moving its way down to the
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south. first winter storm warning here in the bay area in over a decade. can you believe that? this starts around 4:00. santa clara hills are expected to hit six to 12 inches. four to eight in the mountains. according to the doppler, already we are seeing light speckles and shower sweeping through early this morning near highway 9 down in the santa cruz mountains. we were dealing with a lot of snow all the way off to highway 17. let's time it out for this evening. this is the 5:00 hour, just after the national weather service issued that warning. it will be a strong one for us. rain in the lower elevations. snow in the higher elevations. everything in between is highlighted right there in the peak. this is a strong storms, folks. this will actually impact those early morning commute hours tomorrow. this is by 5:00 a.m. to had to work or school.
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this is what we are dealing with. still, more storms sweeping their way through. now, the models are starting to canvis this even longer as we extended to our saturday morning forecast. we are expected to see about three inches just mount hamilton at the peak level. about one inch near mount diablo. more impressive numbers as we head up north, just closer to clearlake, all the way up into bonnyview. five to seven inches expected that there. lots of different things, but we will keep you updated here in the weather center. for the rest of us, we could see about an inch of rain expected within the next 48 hours. that winter storm sweeps its way throughout the bay area. we are left with a quick break heading into saturday afternoon. more rain expected heading into sunday. back to you. coming up, we continue our first alert weather day coverage. but, first, we checked in with the warriors and how
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call unitedhealthcare today for your free decision guide. so if you have this and want less out-of-pocket costs... and more peace of mind... consider adding this. an aarp medicare supplement plan. take charge of your health care today. just use this...or this to call unitedhealthcare about an aarp medicare supplement plan. we are going to take a break from the weather and talk about sports. steph curry is back on the basketball court. that is what we like to see.
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right now, the warriors are in the los angeles preparing for the game against the los angeles lakers. curry was seen on ucla's campus working out after the practice. it was the first noncontact court works in sustaining a left lower leg injury on february 4th in the warriors' win at chase center. there still is no set timetable for one curry will return to game action. he has out another few weeks because of an abdominal injury. held up a trade with portland after four days after gp to build a physical. he was also in practice year with the team. controls are on effect in major highways. an active winter storm warning. it extends to the foothills down to an elevation of about 1000 feet. reporter rachel wolf is in the gap. >> reporter: the snow is
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coming down. it is beautiful but you need to stay safe. look at it. 35 miles an hour with chang control starting at nyack. here we have got one of the snowplows keeping the roads clear as folks get off. getting their snacks and that cup of coffee heading up the hill. a big competition at palisades this weekend has many folks trying to head up here early. it will get ugly as the day goes on. pack your patience, snacks, a blanket, extra batteries. dress warmly. it is about 17-18 degrees up here and the wind is trying to pick up. these trucks are trying to make sure they have what they need before they head on over the hill. again, as this big winter storm headed our way into the sierra. back to you. >> pack those chains if you're going up the mountain. thanks, rachel. we are expecting tough conditions on those roads so drivers are being warned that snowfall could also make its
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way into our foothill communities. snow is not the only weather in the beta deal with. some places are dealing with damage like this that you see behind me. we saw a lot of this this week. down huge trees and power lines. utility crews are working this morning to restore power to thousands of customers. pg&e released updated numbers this morning. more than 22,000 customers are in the dark across the bay. more than 21,000 of those are on the peninsula and there are 1400 in the south bay. coming up up on our 9:30 stream, why one san francisco neighborhood says the city forgot about them. but, first, we are celebrating black history month by showing how a
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each stroke on canvas comes from intuition, imagination, and an inter-belief in himself. >> i always knew i would be in art. i always felt that i was an artist. >> reporter: malik seneferu taught himself to paint and sculpt with whatever supplies he could gather as a child. his award-winning work has
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traveled the world. >> even when i did not have money, i said i would take this canvas and travel subconsciously to where i would like to go. >> reporter: just a short walk away from his hunter's point shipyard studio, malik often runs into childhood friends. even when their past has been haunting in many ways. >> my friends getting scarred for life right here in this area. you know? this is actually the epicenter of a lot of strife and struggle. but, also, and one of resilience. >> reporter: it is that reminder of resilience that malik shows as a life coach. mentoring underserved youth who are often under enrolled in school. >> we talk about where it is that they actually want to go. how they want to go about getting there. not for the sake of disappearance. not for the sake of escapism. but the idea can ally
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go where i say i want to go. >> reporter: the shipyard trust for the arts has helped malik explorer as an artist. the community sees his art on buildings nearby. >> where can we as african- american artists be a part of the discussion? so artists of all cultures are brought can come together in the city and do something great? >> reporter: his sculpture of a falcon landing on a wave at a nearby park captures his message. >> surviving. staying alive. making good out of life. you know? allowing yourself to be carried by your ideas that you want for your life and making that happen for yourself. >> reporter: the arts community gave malik an opportunity. he is hoping his work and example can open more doors for others to follow. >> well, be sure to join us
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later today at 4:00 p.m. for our special, black in the bay. it will be showing off trailblazers across the region. you can also watch an encore saturday night at 7:00. that is it for the news at 9:00. next up on the drew barrymore stroke, bernie sanders is in studio. he is talking about his new book, "it is okay to be angry at capitalism."
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[cheering] i love you! all right, welcome back. "rossy" ross, let's show these headlines who's bossy boss. ross: okey dokey, drew. all right. [cheering] first up, purewow reports that tom hanks and robin wright are reteaming with their forrest gump director, bob zemeckis, for a new movie, an adaptation of the graphic novel called here. it's been 30 years since they were on screen together. was that how long forrest gump was ago? ross: was that 30 years ago? i would guessed like 20. hold on. do the math. we're old. yeah, it happened, everybody. right? i know, 30 years. but i'm sorry. are you guys going to go to this movie? i'll be there? [cheering] and you know what?


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