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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  August 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm MST

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as you can see from the looks on those four faces, phelps right there for the moment, whether it's your 19th or your first, the gold medal at the olympic emotional experience. tomorrow morning join matt lauer, hoda kotb and the "today" show team from copacabana beach including interviews with michael phelps and katie ledecky. so long for tonight from rio de
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1 news tracking the big picture tonight, from here in the valley, and at the olympic games in rio. >> a big night for michael phelps, as he goes for the gold for the first time in rio.
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wreaked havoc. >> homicide detectives investigating the dealt of a 3 death of the 3 -- death of a 3- year-old. 12 news starts now. >> day two of the rio olympics now coming to an end, and so far, the first weekend here, also coming to an end without any major notable issues. the city is up to the games now -- to the games, and -- is warming up to the games, and michael phelps devils in the pool for -- dives into the pool for the first time. >> michael phelps adding to his record medal count. >> his fiancee and son were in
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historic moment. take a look. >> number 19 for phelps. >> good thing boomer had the headphones, the place exploded when they won. his fiancee and mom, all smiles. >> leslie jones i don't know if you could hear it, but you can see the reaction. >> we're going to have more of her viral tweets, the ones out. the expletives coming up in about 15 minutes. and phelps wasn't the only u.s. athlete making history and getting fans fired up. katie ledecky, what a swim. >> the 19-year-old set a limit
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out she was just warming up. >> reporter: katie ledecky shatters her own record to earn the first gold for the u.s. michael phelps earned his record 19th olympic gold in the freestyle relay. >> so happy. >> reporter: simone biles took the team to first gymnastics final. the big stunner venus and serena williams were defeated. tomorrow, phelps swims the prelim for the 300 butterfly. olympians taking to twitter, to show support and
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gases to -- congratulations to michael phelps. and it was an amazing night for her. not only did the u.s. women's gymnastics team earn the highest qualifying score, biles and ali rais pence man -- douglas will not get to defend her title. they have now won 42 straight olyam second tier gold. the u.s. women's basketball team making it look easy, but as good as they've been, they've never had a game like this. the u.s. beat senegal by 65. they set an olympic record for points scored, and margin of victory. mercury star led the team with
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spain. the competition got blown away, literally. matt is here to explain. >> some of the winds over 40, 50 miles an hour, so strong that the second day was called off. the decision -- difficult conditions on opening day yesterday. some rowers saying the race should have been postponed. the winds again, water gephardt. the winds -- again. the weather didn't keep locals indoors. let's head back ought to have a necessary -- out to vanessa in rio. >> reporter: when you combine soccer and beaches, you have an amazing recipe for what has become one of the favorite pastimes error here in re -- here in rio.
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often turns intense. friends become rivals just for a few hours, with matches on most beaches. beach soccer started hitting in the 1980s. and soon, brazil was watching it on tv as the popularity exploded. >> since i was a little kid, when i was a child, we have been playing since we were babies, said a local who plays with his friend a couple times a week in an organized beach sport. to say it is popular is an understatement. they take their beach soccer here in rio very seriously. men and women hit the ball in the sand because the passion for this sport knows no barriers. >> i know, i know, it was a really hard, very difficult assignment, guys, but someone has to do it. we have so much more for you
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he trained with phelps under bob bowman, he won the silver in the 400 i.m., and i got a chance to ask him, now that he's going to be heading home, what he's going to mission the most about -- miss the most about living in arizona. i feel like it's the most beautiful show. >> also coming today, natalie sits down with gisele bunchen. >> if you miss any of the olympic events, go to to the unwind. homicide detectives investigating a violent death involving a 3-year-old child. >> the child was stabbed in young town.
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where the horrific event unfolded last night. >> reporter: witnesses say the little boy's sister was injured, and ran from the home to get help. homeowners still coming to grips with what the maricopa county sheriff's office said was a violent murder of the 3- year-old. the victim was a little i would. >> boy. >> at shocking -- shocking, scary. >> reporter: tonight, neighbors telling us what they say detectives told them. >> they informed me it was a stabbing, and they said that it was a homicide that happened in the house, not one perpetrating from outside. >> reporter: this man says the victim's mother was a single mom with five kids. 17 to 3. she works a lot of hours, because she's never home. >> reporter: the woman's older
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younger ones. neighbors say the boy's 9-year- old sister was hurt, possibly stabbed. >> there was a girl that was on the ground, there was blood, she was bleeding, and the paramedics were tending to her. >> reporter: the little girl and her brother were carried to safety by their 17-year-old brother. >> the older boy was very, you could tell he was in shock. his head was down, distraught. as a little guy, i think it was just that state that moment. my heart really goes out to that mother. >> reporter: mcso has not confirmed if any child was hurt, or any motive for the violent attack. reporting from young town, 12 news. thanks. taking a look at the hot headlines, state route 347 is shut down and i-10 right now due to a deadly wrong way crash involving four cars. dps selling 12 news the driver
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car before hitting another car head on. he died at the scene. no word on any other injuries. two teen girls were burned in a both fire. an explosion in the engine compartment caused the fire. just the 13 and 14-year-old girls were hurt. jessie wilson starts back to school tomorrow -- bradley elementary and goodyear. the school has been the central location for the search. >> we have to make it right to the parks and get to the bottom -- parks and get to the bottom of who got this paint job done. >> whoo, disappointing that was
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packers was canceled. bad paint job left part of the field feeling like sticky cement, which would have created dangerous conditions for the players. fans were able to get their money back. cardinals don't play their first pee season game until friday. the team -- preseason game until friday. >> how does matthews spends the first day off of camp. by going to camp, his camp. >> they're almost your size now. >> a couple are bigger than me. height, weight, muscle. >> you can count on kids to ask the tough questions. >> why are you so good? >> one guy asked me about a touchdown i gave up last year,
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my bad, i'm sorry. >> for the first time, todd brought his heart of the badger camp to the gel -- valley. >> kids just running around, having fun. the parents are here. i mean, everybody's working together. >> reporter: it's been a big week for tod tuesday, 40 million guaranteed. not bad for a with two major sneak such risk, and -- knee surgeries. >> you have to cut loose certain types of people, and i've been doing that for the last four years. some might be close friends. guys i've grown up, but for the most part, i've been fortunate to come to an organization like
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patrick and larry, so i've been fortunate and blessed. >> reporter: he shares the blessings through his camp. you talks to every kid -- he talks to every kid, signs every t-shirt. >> you know, i've been playing quarterback all spring. for me not able to practice. i just want to see the kids catch t see time. >> we saw six touchdown passes yesterday. there's no reasonable you can't. -- reason you can't. >> the thing is, you can really tell when someone gets it, and he understands this great opportunity that he has to not only shine on field, but off.
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lsu, he is totally a different person than now. and so humble. crazy big contract, and humble. >> one of the big stories in sports. quick rook at politics, a new national poll that provides fresh evidence of how the most recept controversies involving donald trump do not sit well with many voters. >> new numbers show hillary clinton up 8 points nationally with just two thirds of voters temperament and personality to be president. two thirds think donald trump does not. >> but 60% of voters still say that clinton is not honest or trustworthy. 12 news taking you back to rio. what chase told crews about living in arizona. >> usa, we're going to take it. >> plus, even if you're not a
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phelps dominatedment 400-meter, but now it belongs to chase. >> he swiped silver in rio tonight. >> reporter: one of the best things about having the opportunity to cover an events like the olympics is when you get the opportunity to sit down with one of the athletes after they've won a medal, something they have been training for all of their lives, and that's what i had a chance to do with chase, who trained at asu in tempe. he is considered michael phelps's little brother, and, get that, he won the silver in the 400 im. he will go back to school in georgia, but i asked about his time living in arizona, and this is what he told me. >> all i heard was the hot, dry heat, and they were right about that. i went golfing with michael the
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like 115 out, and i was like i've never experienced anything like this before, but it's been awesome. we had our goals set in mind, and asu has been awesome with providing us space and letting bob work with us. we got what we needed. i'm going to miss the winters, they were awesome. it was a little cold in the morning, but i like wearing sweat pants and like a jacket, a hoody. and that's what i could wear in the outside, there's a breakfast place by the pool, and we would sit outside, wear my sweats and everything. it's like you can't beat that. >> you can come back any time you want. we'll check back in in a few minutes, but here's a look at the medal count, u.s. has 12 medal, three gold, five silver, 4 bronze.
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entertaining thanks to two days of live tweeting. leslie jones could be heading to rio. >> i love her. the ghost busters star was offed a personal invite to attend. some tweets are not for kids. her hilarious commentary is getting people talking. >> usa, we going to take it! i god my medals re are. >> there's the normal way to watch the olympics, then there's the leslie jones way. >> all right, i got all three venues set up. i'm not going to miss nothing. >> reporter: and she hasn't. >> dude, you are not in the race. if did i this event, i would be like huhuhu.
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ain't nobody bleeding or nothing. a shoving match? what kind of game is this? he is chilling! i want that job right there. >> i hope nbc gives her amic, because she always keeps it real. >> we got silver, baby! >> home girl was going really fast! >> those are just few of many. she was's been doing it -- she's been doing it for two days. >> and the one are the funniest. >> very smart of nbc to realize the impact she's having on twitter. hope she goes, and i hope they hands her a mic. so matt, we have some tropical moisture? >> it's been dry, hot, but things are going to be changing. today, yeah, it was a warm one, remember back on friday, it was
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unfortunately, well above the average of 105, and tomorrow, much of the same. no chance of storms. 109 by 3:00 p.m., and the sun will set about 7:21. now, things are going to be changing. this monsoon meter, highest numbers in the white mountains coming at 3, a one in the valley, but as we head into tuesday, wednesday and thursday, here's what's going to happen. a lot of dry air beginning to filter that's what will shirt down the monday -- shut down the monsoon pattern. we are tracking a storm off the coast of baja, it's got winds of 50 miles an hour, moving to the northwest at 13. and any time you see the tropical system move directly up the coast of baja, that generally means a huge surge of moisture here.
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begins working in, and then the jetstream will move over arizona, and that's important, it takes the moisture sitting down in the surface, and pulls it up in the atmosphere, and that's why we are looking at a good chance of thunderstorms coming into the forecast tuesday night through your thursday. the three most shocking moments at rio, caught on camera tonight. >> plus, what you can expect
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in gymnastics, and alex naddour will be there. for now, signing off, back to you guys in the studios. >> thanks, vanessa. it looks like michael phelps got a little family support in rio tonight. his fiancee nicole posting this picture of their son, this little man kicks butt when it comes to flying. he just sleeps and sleeps. must have been a to the big game. cute kid. we've seen world records in the pool, a dominating win by the u.s. women's basketball team, mercury representing there, but there were other big moments. >> exactly right. moments you'll always remember. the first one, serena and venus are out. this is probably the most shocking.
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is over. this is the williams sisters first ever loss at the olympics, hard to believe, and fan reaction moment of the night. ali's parents are probably the most emotional. i love that, during her routine, her parents could barely watch, look at mom, holding on for dear life. dad is like mimicking her movements while on and when she nails -- i think she is still stressed. >> i can't even imagine what that would feel like. >> i would get nervous at little league games. >> right? so i want to laugh at her, but i don't. i can't imagine what that would be like. >> really not. look at the stare from dad. >> oh, gosh. for the first time since 2000, las vegas gamblers are now able
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favored, they are definitely getting the most action. >> and before we go to break, check out this tweet from nbc olympics, summing up the life of the olympian. >> these are the faces of weight lifting. they make the funny faces, let us feel better about our own workout faces. don't go away. lots of amazing olympic tonight. >> still around to see what we
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>> simone biles making her debut. >> she killed it on the floor routine, and this is a shot from her this is shocking to see how small that beam is. just incredible. >> you can barely see it! >> and the landing? >> i love the action shots, too. they are great. 12 news is always on, get the latest news as it happens no matter where you are on 12 the 12 news app. >> we look at the copa cabana
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