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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  August 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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for some shootings and the type of bullet used is blacked out but all the shootings are connected, done with a handgun. >> all of the shots probably fired by the same gun. we don't know necessarily who pulled the trigger. >>reporter: part of the challenges the witness statements that law enforcement authorities have. we have one shooter, a shooter and a driver or two shooters? >>reporter: phoenix police said there could be more than one shooter the suspects gets the best description the >>reporter: the challenge right now is trying to identify is this a drug gang, a street gang, some angry individual. >>reporter: a lot of variables. the only constant the serial shooter still out there. an informal community meeting here at 20 street maryland tonight the starts at 6:00. 12 news will be there. now to the hot headlines developing across the valley. and investigation unfolding in
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maricopa county sheriffs deputy was forced to shoot a suspect. the sheriffs office tells 12 news they were helping dps earlier today, serving a high risk warrant. the guy they wanted remained inside, eventually tear gas was in the suspect ran out and got into some sort of altercation with the deputy wound up shooting him. the suspect, whose name is not released is being treated at the hospital. note law enforcement officers were h stay away and call 911. i don't believe we have the picture but the man is 49 -year-old john bowman, wanted after a standoff in florence this morning. investigators believe he is driving a stolen 2008 silver chevy pickup arizona license play 370 z the y -- the z y. a gilbert firefighter
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hospital this afternoon. the firefighter is in stable condition. one person in the house also hurt. the cause of the fire is under investigation. have you seen 10 -year-old jesse wilson? he disappeared from his home in buckeye or than a month ago and has not been seeing since. police are hoping anyone with information will give them a call at the hotline on your screen. 623-349-6411. suggesting native americans are poorly educated has sparked outrage from people up north. the post appears to have been made eye a staff member at the best western plus hotel in response to a negative guest review left on trip advisor. charly edsitty spoke to an employee of the hotel who was upset by the post and claims she ended up being fired as a result. the guest complained to
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she was confused why her former manager chose to place the blame on the native american employee. >> blown out of proportion stating we were uneducated. >>reporter: a firestorm of criticism has emerged online after an account tied to the best western posted what some say is an offensive comment nate -- aimed at native americans. before reading this it really upset me. very uncalled for and un after a negative trip advisor review. the username guest relations manager was apologetic and went on to state quote unfortunately mistakes can happen with our staff as our hotel is working with the mostly native population who have not had privileged education available. the writer went on to say that the hotel's training program helps to improve their quality of life and that their employees are nice people quote learning to serve a more
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public. she criticized the post from her boss on facebook and was let go. >> then on august 10 i get a phone call from my supervisor stating i was fired. >>reporter: team 12 called the best western for clarification and manager steve wayne did not pick up the phone but sent the statement that reads in part quote we appreciate and value our employees and the community of which we are privileged to be part quote. state quote best western values diversity and fair treatment of all individuals at their independently owned and operated hotels. having spoken to hotel leadership we are sure the comments were never intended to be offensive or demeaning and they truly regret they can be misconstrued. as for the claims of being fired best western corporate did not address that and 12 new still pushing for answers. the owner of the hotel disputed the claim say they are coming
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. a criminal posing as a police officer continues to have the city of flagstaff on edge. investigators tell us early sunday morning the suspect was able to lower a 23 -year-old woman from her car in downtown flagstaff to a secluded area where he sexually assaulted her. downtown flagstaff a very popular place for college students and tourists to hang out on weekends. the victim had been partying with her girlfriend, drinking and walked back to the w police wording on it. the victim about the suspect was an officer. with classes at nau starting in less than two weeks police are looking to find the guy and want to get the word out about this criminal imposter. >> just communicate with the officer in a nonconfrontational way. officer i appreciate your position but i am going to need more verification to feel safe. please let me see your
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call a supervisor or another officer to facilitate the stop. >> officers are always required to carry their badge and id if on-duty. anyone with information is encouraged to call silent witness. decision 2016 the republican and democratic candidates continue on the campaign trail. donald trump will hold a rally in milwaukee later this evening. earlier today milwaukee county sheriff dave clark trump as he arrived at the county's more memorial center. this just days after weekend unrest in the city over a fatal police involved shooting following this trump and rudy guiliani set down for a closed- door session with the sheriff. hillary clinton went to philadelphia today to push for better voter turnout in november but her e-mail controversy has revived. the fbi agreed to turn over
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crime. hillary clinton and her allies continue to bury the trump campaign when it comes to tv ad spending. clinton erred her first general election add two months ago. since in the clinton campaign has spent $61 million on airwaves with pro- clinton outside groups chipping in another $43 million. as for the trump campaign they have yet to air a single general election add. try to narrow the deficit spending $12.5 million on republicans behalf. another big night in prime time olympic coverage from rio. 12 news your headquarters for the rest of the week. >> you love gymnastics? tonight is another big e. simone biles and aly raisman are going for gold in floor exercise. carry washed innings in april ross also taking on brazil and beach volleyball. >> one to watch tonight is the
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again coming to from rio de janeiro as the summer olympics fully underway. tonight a huge night for brophy graduate devon allen. hopefully he will be in the semi is going into the finals and again it will be his chance for olympic gold. the final tonight 110-meter hurdles he qualified last night for the race. his family here i spoke with him earlier they are rooting for them first as a football player and now in track and field in his race will be one of the last ones of the evening we will bring his results tonight 11 p.m. right after coverage we are rooting for you and we will be there to catch the race for now i will be signing off but i will see you in 30 minutes and telling you about the today
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the beach. that is easy as it seems. >> you won't have to wait until prime time to catch plenty of olympic coverage right here on 12 news. >> ever wondered how the pull falters travel with their polls? we have long awaited answer coming up coming up at 6:30 on 12 news. >> the nation watching louisiana. unbelievable conditions thousands are dealing with. >> plus he will take you to the latest wildfire battle near los angeles. crews calling out air tankers to battle this one burning in cohen pass. looking to escape this weekend a new list of the best chance to visit across the u.s. which hidden gems should you check out here in arizona? tell us what you think on social media use the hashtag ocial sound off.
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we will be showing you
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. >> monsoon rain has helped arizona avoid a horrible summer wildfire season. >> unfortunately that isn't the case in california tonight a
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thousands of acres have already burned in the mountainous cajon pass. earning very close to i 15 an area known for having high winds helping spread lanes. plenty of smoke as you can see on the left side of your screen. you can clearly see flames burning. several rvs in front of the path of those flames as they continue to move, aided by wind in los angeles. meanwhile damon pasha lake behind bars tonight accused of setting the clayton wildfire in northern california. the inferno destroyed more than 175 homes and businesses and is still far from being contained. investigators also believe he could be linked to other fires in the same area over the past year. the death toll in louisiana now at 11 after days of rain brings historic flooding.
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least 40,000 homes are damaged or destroyed by water that continues to rise as rivers push south. sarah rosario reports on the extent of the damage along with the rescue and recovery efforts underway. >>reporter: clear blue skies but parts of baton rouge and the surrounding area are still underwater. the aftermath of flooding no one expected. >> i was not prepared no idea at this was going to happen. >>reporter: with more than 20,000 rescued from the rising water today is the first time many are getting a chance to see the damage. >> a lot of people water is up to the roof so thankful for what we do have and what we were able to save. >>reporter: for others, not much salvageable. their valuables and memories are gone. >> things like this, pictures
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get things like that back. >>reporter: louisiana's governor and fema given extent on the damage. >> we have 40,000 homes impacted to varying degrees thus far with the flood water. >>reporter: water rising as a pushes south. >> nobody is going to be forgotten we will work around the clock and do everything humanly possible to render aid. >>reporter: and what to days to destroy will take months together to rebuild. meanwhile, things look pretty quiet here from our live webcam you looking toward uptown phoenix. but not all completely quiet we have a little activity on the radar i will show you in a moment the first looking at today's numbers another 110 degradate that puts us at 30 so
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the all-time record 105 is where we typically would be at this time of year. we will spend most of our evening in the triple digits, still hanging on to 110 in mesa, 111 in tempe, scottsdale 107, p area 109 and currently 108 and surprise. the radar active in northern arizona but some moisture starting to make its way to the mountains of northern maricopa county. the eastern fringes a couple isolated storms moving through. most dissipating but again we could see y especially if you are in the far north and east valley. recently if you more storms developing to the east of apache junction. superior we have lightning with the storm so again watching for heavy rainfall as well as gusty winds. gila bend a few storms and recently like a shower developing along the a stray as. so watching to see if any of that makes it to the valley.
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a look at what is happening north of flagstaff more showers moving in and to the white mountains still seeing quite a bit of activity. tomorrow very similar to today. more action over the mountains with a slight chance that some of this makes it to the valley floor. temperatures will stay on the warm side. 81 tonight casa grande, 86 in phoenix, 49 flagstaff. not bad. tomorrow high temperatures topping at sedona, prescott 87, bullhead city 113, lake havasu city 112, yuma 110. temperatures eventually sliding down, we will get back to the normal this weekend, expecting to see dry conditions saturday and sunday and back to storm chances monday. cardinals in san diego getting healthier. may be it is the weather? here is coop.
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feel healthier too. i know for a fact cameron cox is having way too much fun in san diego. from the beaches to dining, it is all good but he's there to do work as well and the latest from cool san diego. >>reporter: welcome back to san diego no beach today, back to work, back to a normal routine for the cardinals, getting key players back. frosty wrecker, justin bethel and tyrann physically unable to perform list. tyrone eager to get on the field his teammates knew there was something up this morning. >> talking about being more involved, hyped up and excited. jumping around, he is excited. i am excited. >> don't expect to see some players expecting to practice this week. >> on target to get mental
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ty looks good, justin favors but looks fine. >>reporter: john brown still on concussion protocol. he did not travel with the team to san diego. there are concerns and they are being very cautious with him. no concerns about how today's practice is going to go with the chargers. we will tell you why coming up at 6:00. the in la who does not, stick
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. let's talk asu football. their battle for the starting quartek the season opener two and a half weeks away they have to be getting close to making a starter. either way we are not getting any hints from the coaching staff or quarterbacks themselves. >> just got a lot of talent, something i knew i opening to see her but he goes through each day and gets better. >> everyone on the offense as
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>> who is the starter for crying out loud. former is you stand out james harden one of several nba superstars who turned on the chance to represent our country in the rio olympic games he is still going -- check out this exchange during an ellie -- la summer league game. shooting free he hit you? come on man boy scout. >> i can't believe that guy take summer league that seriously. >> i'm telling you the trash
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league games are real. i didn't think. >> willing to say it to his face i will give him that. tonight at 10:00 we catch up with brophy's devon allen after he competes in the semifinals of the 110-meter hurdles. find out what he has to say at
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. from high school to the pro injuries can take a toll. >> some teenagers being sidelined can be more than just a week of down time. >> tough when they go down to lose that part of their identity. >> what is the best way to help them get back on track? new on 12 news at 6:00. every four years during the summer olympics there is a surge in parents signing kids up for gymnastics. which got us wondering how young should kids start trng >> 12 news always on. >> latest news as it happens the matter where you are on 12 and 12 news app and your favorite social media channels. we will see you back here at
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- you start your day with it, you end your day with it, and it's always there when you need it: water. rthern forests, the source of the water we deliver to the valley. our commitment to protecting our forests from devastating wildfires ensures that water flows, day in and day out.
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> tonight, racing to escape. a frantic turn in the worst flood disaster since superstorm sandy. now 30,000 rescued as more communities scramble to get out of the way. >> arson arrest. a man is charged with setting an wildfire that burned over 100 homes and buildings to the ground. and trump and ailes? a bombshell report that the former fox news chief is now helping the gop nominee. plus what we have learned about trump's first classified intelligence briefing. inside the fbi interview, what hillary clinton told the feds and why they recommended against charging her. and crossing the line, a photo finish for the ages, an


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