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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 17, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MST

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a 3-year-old running to an ice cream truck -- gets hit by a police car. we have the latest developments in this tragic accident. arians waking up in the hospital -why he needed to be seen by doctors in san diego. ? ???adlib
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a girl hit by a phoenix police cruiser was rushed to the hospital with massive head injuries.massive head injuries. team 12's jen wahl is live
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a major a major meeting set up today that could begin to determine the future of chase 12's bryan west is live outside the ballpark a major meeting set up today that could begin to determine the future of team 12's live outside
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hot headlines this morning - and we are all keeping an eye on cardinals head coach bruce arians.b-a ....rushed to the hospital in san diego yesterday after experiencing
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spent the night in the hospital.we'll keep you updated on how he's doing... and when he's released. one man is on the run this morning - after a standoff last night near florence. pinal county sheriff's deputies say john bowman threatened his girlfriend with a gun. bowman was last seen driving away in a stolen, silver pick-up truck with license plate 3-7-0-z-z-y. the search continues for 10-year-old jesse has been a month since the buckeye boy disappeared from his home.investigators say they continue to receive tips --
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name your favorite t-v shows from the full house with an update on the new version... in juice. "fuller house"... the ?updated version of the 90s classic full back for a second season on netflix. but if you're holding out hope the olsen twins will say ?you got it dude? on the show.. forget it.?fuller house star jodie sweetin... says... the show has exhausted all its efforts to bringingthe former child stars back one last time.
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back on board... even telling the today show earlier this year... he had a good feeling they would be back."fuller house" is expected to return to netflix before the end of the year. that.... is a kid named anthony.and .. yes.. he swalowed a dog toy.this facebook video has been seen more than 25 million times and
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for your juicy question of the morning... each year, men spend over $100 million on this. those that do spend the money... really aren't fooling anyone... they likely just want to feel better about themselves. what is this product?
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here is your second juicy question of the morning.1 out of 4 people do this.both men and women do it.some of udo it more often with people watching them. they dominated the olympics... and now they're dominating magazine covers...what simone biles, michael phelps and
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weight lifters have all the fun.need proof?check out how they celebrate after each lift! truly olympic gold... in two minutes... plus in our secret of the morning... this unique scrub that is suitable for all skin types and you can find it in the produce section of your local grocery store. ####break####
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valley native valley native silver medal and gets engaged. he's on the phone with us right now from rio... congratulations....
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????anchors pause for animation???? the gymnastics competition is over at the olympics, and once again the americans came out out yesterday, simone biles won her fourth gold medal--- dominating the floor exercise. teammate, aly raisman won the aly is now 22 and simone is 19.the big question that everyone is wondering-- will they be back in 2020 for
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three pretty impressive stars at the olympics so far... all three... manged to show up on the cover of sports illustrated this week.the cover has michael phelps... katie ledecky... and simone biles.the cover line reads: "the greatests.... stars of a red hot american summer."the photo was taken on sunday, so they didn't even have all
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by far -- weightlighters seem to be having all the fun. dancing and flipping after nailing their big lifts. the best moves we've seen are from three-time olympian david katoatau for kiribati.
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?? ad lib ?? time for your olympic trivia question of the day.the 5 rings of the olympic flag represent africa, asia, australia, europe, and the americas, they are linked together in friendship. do you know the special significan ?? traffic ??
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time again for time again for our secret of the morning. today... a simple bea dry skin.go get yourself a's what you do. massage the skin with papaya. then make a scrub by mixing oats and honey along with a little milk and scrub the skin. wash off with ice cold milk and pat dry. the valley's own devon allen.... running for gold.... how did he do?the answer ... at six... bill clinton can play the
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invitation for him to strut his stuff .. in your morning's hot headlines.
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checking hot checking hot
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in just one day the so called "blue cut fire" has burned 18,000 acres and continued spreading overnight.what started as a small brush fire exploded into the fast moving wildfire tuesday... charring hillsides and putting more than 80-thousand residents on notice to evacuate north of los angeles.the fire shut down a portion of interstate-15 in both directions. mexican authorities say the son of the jailed drug lord "el chapo" was taken in a mass kidnapping.the kidnappers were armed at once from a restaurant in a beach resort.the victims were partying when the gunmen burst inside the restaurant early monday morning. authorities are struggling to identify the victims who may belong to cartels and use false identities. if for some reason, former president bill clinton ever wants to be on dancing with the stars, all he has to do is say a recent interview, the show's casting director says they ask clinton ?every year to be on the show. however, they did not ask him
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hillary run for president. ford motor company intends to have a fully driverless vehicle on the road within five years. the vehicle will have no steering wheel, and no'll initially be used for commercial ride-sharing won't go on sale to the public until much later. chase field...up for sale?the county is considering it...the latest twist in their ongoing fight with the diamondbacks... at 6. and the answer to this morning's olympic trivia question.. in our next half're watching 12 today.... because every great accomplishment takes courage. because one person can't do it all.
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coming your way on being rushed to the hospital after being hit by a phoenix police car. chase field up for sale? the first step for selling the stadium may happen later today. +5 olympic rings in five different colors. do you know what those colors signify? she modeled in front of crowds and appeared on television but is terrified of
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what kendall jenner is afraid of that will leave you speechless. welcome to 12 today on this wednesday morning. imat world. it's been a pretty busy morning. we have showers and the reader is still going. if you are up in scottsdale, east valley temperatures will be nice. look for this: bright skies and a little bit on the red side temperatures 87 hot, hazy and humid. we have plenty of clouds toward the west and some storm activity. they picked up around 2 am and a little bit of that energy backup. a little bit of rainfall through the 63 at glendale through peoria. there will be a few showers this morning. these guys don't get any better


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