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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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valley police - involved in yet another deadly shooting.we are live with the latest on how it happened. could ryan lochte have developments in the story that is taking over the games... and we have proof...that it pays to be waiter's surprise tip..will have you smiling this morning... ???adlib welcome let's get right to our top story... an officer top story... an officer injured and a suspect dead after an overnight shooting. team
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with the chance for monsoon storms in the forecast all weekend....meteorologist jen wahl is in the 12 news tracker. have you seen tracker.have you seen any rain out there? ???adlib traffic
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hot headlines right now -and the six firefighters injured in yesterday's big fire at a phoenix pool store... are back home.they suffered respiratory problems whileig in the air. we have a sad update to a story we brought you over the weekend.. 12 news has learning one of the 2-year-old twins found underwater in a hot tub on sunday.. has died. according to tempe police.. the boy's sister is improving . police say their mother lost track of them for a short time before finding them in the hot tub. this morning a former nfl player is facing almost 20 years behind bars.darren sharper was sentenced to 18 years in federal prison yesterday.sharper pleaded
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then raping them... there were at least 16 victims involved... some of them here in arizona. a story out of texas this's proof that when you do something for someone can come back to you.. tram has that in your morning juice. ... in the case of kasey simmons, a waiter at applebee's restaurant.. it was hang on... we're going to tell this story backwards. kasey got the huge tip from a family who came in and ordered a water with a flavoring.. at 37 cents .... the cheapest thing on the menu. but they left a 500 dollar tip with a note explaining why. the day before, kasey had seen a distraught woman at the kroger. she was crying at the checkout. kasey approached her and asked if he could help. he
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that woman was distraught because it was the three year anniversary of her husband's death. her daughter came to the applebee's with her family the next day and gave kasey this tip. she said her mother hadn't stopped smiling since his act of kindness. ready to get your body movin'? a star wars fan has us ready j trailer and added ... the beastie ch check it out. "rogue one a star wars story" plus the beastie boys sabtoge
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check it out. now time for your juicy question of the morning... if you're getting together with friends tonight to watch the olympics or cardinals tonight.... cardinals tonight.... 25 percent of your friends are going to do this. both men and women admit to doing thiswhat is this.... ???adlib
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time for that second juicy question of the morning.three out of ten people will do this today.those who do this... do it on a regular basis.those who do this... are more likely to do this in the morning than at night. he lost to michael phelps... and now ryan lochte... losing big time when it comes to his reputation.the latest on lochte-gate.. and one valley school...has a big time rooting interest in this guy.the connection
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olympian.. in two minutes. plus... if you're having trouble getting to sleep, the problem might not be in your head... but rather, the head... but rather, the other end of your body.
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????anchors pause for animation???? plenty of good things going on in rio...but the one thing everyone is talking the u-s swim team and ryan lochte.and its not for the right information now on that refuted robbery controversy down in rio
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we have new information in- from just in a short time ago about the fourth swimmer - take a look at the security footage. we understand 4 swimmers were leaving a party- including bentz and ryan lochte, when they stopped at this gas station. police say they vandalized that gas station's bathroom. brazilian officials say the swimmers tried to leave.. and the station called police. at the end of the footage- brazilian officials admit local security guards pulled a gun on ryan lochte and his fellow swimmers- forcing them to pay for the damaged
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?? ad lib about lochte ?? lochte ?? ?? ad lib about lochte ?? cheering hard for their favorite athlete.tempe prep sent us these pictures early this morning...they're rooting for university of arizona track and field star pau tonnessen - because he used to be a student there.pau's mom is from spain.. and his father is american.he competed for spain in the was his first olympics...and he came in 17th....behind american ?ashton eaton...he won his second olympic decathlon in a row...?? ad lib on 3 shot ??
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time for your olympic trivia question of the day.which city has the worst record trying to host the olympics?
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???adlib weather
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deals with something we all need.better sleep.better sleep. and the answer -- could be to simply slip on some socks. especially if you are one of those people who have cold feet.but having warm hands and feet can help people fall asleep more quickly.there are several studies that have shown that you can speed up the process by pulling on a pair of clean socks before climbing into bed. the bluecut fire... continues to bur in a big way...we will update you on the progress firefighters are making on it... and quite possibly the coolest thing we have seen in a while...that's at 6:24.....
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even with the advance even with
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6:24..... that's at ####break#### even with the advance even with even with the advance of the blue cut fire slowing, tens of thousands
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night. in barely 48 hours the blue cut fire burned more than 50 square miles on the steep west side of the cajon pass. hot, dry and breezy weather conditions made fire fighting difficult thursday, with red flag warnings in effect into the night. former president bill clinton turns 70 today. the 42nd president is, of course, married to democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton. no word on any plans the couple for celebrating. in recognition of mister clinton's birthday, the fayetteville, arkansas is waiving admission for visitors friday and saturday. two ?nasa astronauts leave the international space station today... but they won't go far. jeff williams and kate rubins will conduct a spacewalk this morning.they'll be installing the first of two international docking adapters that will be used for arrivals of commercial spacecraft from boeing and space-x sometime in the future. it's the first spacewalk for nasa since january. best buy is celebrating 50 years with a 50 hour sale
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buy is offering 50 hours of deals similar to black friday. this sale is timed to help parents with tech items needed for back to school time. the first best buy opened in 1966 under the name "sound of music" and was known for selling stereos and records. monsoon 2016 seems to like the late night action.the latest on where those storms that
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morning...heading this
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. coming your way on "12 today" one man dead and officer injured after a shooting in phoenix. the latest in a live report. >> reporter: plus tracking storms moving out of the valley. what it means for your friday and rest of the weekend coming up. how much rain hit the ground
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complete team coverage ahead. many try and fail. one city failed again, again, and again. who has the worst record when it comes to hosting the olympic games? the answer in 15 minutes. does matt matt damons have a new identity? whoa. why the new do has the internet hair tide. >> don't know what he's doing. 6:00, good morning to this friday. a deadly officer-involved shooting, brian west is live near thomas with the latest. >> reporter: matt, we just got an update from phoenix police. at the time officer that was hurt and sent to the hospital earlier today is going to be okay. he's actually out here on scene talking to investigators. if you look to the left side of the screen, you'll see three palm trees that are there. the car in question, there are


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