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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  August 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm MST

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>> 12news at 10:00 starts now. >> 12news tracking the big picture for you tonight from the valley to rio. brittany griner and diana
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women's basketball team get a gold medal. >> matt lauer grills ryan lochte over the scandal in rio. >> tucson's own bernard dagat going for gold at the age of 41. >> simone biles getting another honor. the contrasts between the game in sochi and here in rio. >> monsoon 2016 blowing back into the valley with dust and rain. >> exclusive video of a murder suspect in court. >> the hunt for the serial his victims want the shooter caught. >> 12news at 10:00 starts right now. >> good evening from rio everybody. what a memorable night here tonight. team usa an women's basketball clinches the gold medal. and two of its brightest stars brittany and diana part of the phoenix mercury coming home to the valley with some major bling. i got a chance to speak with diana exclusively tonight.
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in women's basketball. >> so, about putting on the usa jersey that makes you kneel like you have a lot of people behind you. i have been lucky to do it four olympics. four gold medals. i have been really lucky. >> you are farther of a very select group. this is your fourth olympic medal. not many women can say that. has that sunk in? >> now that i'm a little older i get to feel retro spective. you know. a lot has to go your way to get to this point. i have had great teammates. great coaches. today is really ... really a day to look back at all the people who made this possible. i'm really happy today. >> reporter: when are you going home to phoenix and once you get there, what's the first thing you are going to do?
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seventh street. >> reporter: that's one of my jams. >> really? >> yeah. i'm going to get a big whack. three big whacks. >> reporter: the phoenix coach and teammates of diana and brittany cheering them on tonight. you guys have that side of the story back home in phoenix. >> you are absolutely right. the x factor in full force showing their die-hard devotion to the phoenix mercury and team usa. packing inside a streets of new york restaurant to watch the gold medal game. >> being part of this team. having this event. coming out here with our fans and support my teammates, it is really an exciting thing. >> it makes me feel amazing that we are representing the phoenix mercury and arizona athletes. >> six mercury players made it to the olympics. greener and tarasi the only two
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blue. once again, ryan lochte is dominating social media and the latest chapter in the embarrassing episode involving him. lying lochte as he has been called the past several days telling his side of the story going face to face with matt laeur. this time add mything there was no armed robbery. >> it was more like a negoed up dumb behavior. >> that's why i'm taking full responsibility for it. i exaggerated that story and if i never had done that, we wouldn't be in this mess. those guys would never be in rio or were in rio. none of this would have happened and it was my immature behavior. >> the 32-year-old is also
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there's a lot of action going on tonight here in rio. night 15 of the competition. team 12's bryan moore brings up to speed. >> reporter: paul chalimo almost lost his silver in the 5,000 for this aggressive jockeying. whatever medals the host country did or didn't got the gold medal it wanted most. brazil bating germany in soccer. bryan moore, nbc news, rio. >> bernardino in order legatte is now the oldest man to ever race during an olympics. he is 41 years old. team 12's cameron cox joins us live from back home in phoenix and tells us how he did during the men's 5,000 meters.
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look like the new 20. lagat went from six to third to fifth in a matter of hours. he finished sixth, then three runners ahead of him were disqualified for stepping on the inside lane. then, paul calimo were cleared of the violation meaning he got bumped back >> let me tell you, getting gold, and then, a teammate getting silver. let me tell you, it is an amazing night for us. >> humble to the core. he also mentioned matthew chensowitz who became the first american to win gold in the 1400-meter since 1908. his dad going crazy in the stands. >> you know, i have never seep
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[ laughter ] he looks like a kid! look at my sister! good lord! >> that is one of my favorite parts is the parents' reactions. just classic. >> oh yes. >> from the mom and dad who are so proud of their kid. >> roller coaster of emotions. thanks cam. there is one more day of competition before the rio games come to a close. but will they go down in history as being better or worse than the games in sochi two minutes. now, to monsoon 2016. a big downpouring of rain tonight along with blowing dust. team 12 in scottsdale catching the storm. it is raining down on drivers there. >> now to north phoenix. our camera catching the downpour up near the area of i- 17 and the loop 101 interchange around dinner time. the good news, no major slow downs or accidents. >> the west valley getting in
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team 12's charly edsitty catching it coming down. let's check in with matt pace. >> likes like things are eye iing down. most of the activity was sun city. surprise picked up a quarter inch of rain. all that activity is now pushing downright over the south western portion of our state. in fact, a blowing dust advisory is still in effect. a little bit of flooding north of yuma. but thinks are really winding down around still in the northern portion of the state. that is why we will continue a slight chance of thunderstorms throughout the overnight and evening hours. but coming up, i will let you know. could we have round two tomorrow? >> thank you matt. another big story in the valley, the tireless search for the serial street shooter. >> the guy is still on the run but there is a new push to try and catch him. william pitts joins us with the details. will?
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in the middle of the area targeted by the street shooter. the family members miss their loved ones every day. raven morris has one message for the street shooter. >> man up, turn yourself in. you hurt a lot of people and innocent people. >> reporter: stephanie ellis, her daughter malia, and angela were all kit in the car. they never got to meet her new baby. >> it will not be the same. it is not the same in the house. nothing is something is missing. >> reporter: it was supposed to bring everything in this park to a stop so people would pay attention, this vigil. maybe someone knows something. the vigil was called off due to rain. >> you have to say something. i know there is somebody out there who has seen something and you are as guilty as that person shooting the gun if you foe who that person is. >> reporter: phoenix city councilman nowakowsky says it
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but bringing closure to these families. >> reporter: like logan morris who cowedn't believe the shooting even happened in the park. >> it is harder and harder. this person is still out here, he would be watching us. we don't know. everybody is still scared. we are not going to feel safe until he is caught. >> reporter: there is still a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the serial street shooter. if you know anything, you can stay witness. william pitts, 12news. >> thank you will. now to a 12news exclusive. our cameras there as an accused killer goes before a judge. joseph, eric, patagoni is accused of murdering a 7/11 clerk in cold blood. >> reporter: tonight, phoenix police say the alleged killer confessed to the crime.
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santor laid him to rest, his family has some peace with the arrest of his killer. 23-year-old joseph patagoni appearing before a judge after police say he admitted to shooting the zeke immigrant during a robbery. a community activist was with the services. >> it was a painful moment. it was a very sad day today. >> reporter: an armed patagoni forces tor and another employee into a back room where tor was shot and killed. >> taking somebody's life for $300. >> reporter: tor who immigrated to the u.s. six years ago moved his wife here just four months
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the local sikh community is helping her to pull through. >> it is the best country. anything bad can happen anywhere. and this country serves justice. >> reporter: and tonight, the suspect is facing charges of murders kidnap, and robbery. his next court date is scheduled august 28. monique griego, 12news at 10:00. remembering an arizona k-9 cop who died in the line of duty. >> a closer look at the comparisons and the contrast between the games in sochi here in rio. and the best player on the arizona cardinals is not a name you have heard much this preseason. >> the olympics may be ending. >> but don't miss these stories. >> condoms getting a revamp and an asu researcher is behind it. >> the one thing causing balding. >> uber ambulances. are they the right prescription for the valley? thursday night football returns
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>> developing now, police in northern arizona are in mourning after losing one of their k-9 officers. >> amigo passing away from heat exhaustion after a hiker rescue. he had been getting better but the three-and-a-half-year-old suffered a medical event. the kingman police department escorted him to an animal hospital. there will be a memorial service next week. a group they will not support his shops as long as he publicly promotes reselecting joe arpaio for maricopa county sheriff. well, 12news back in rio. as the games are now officially starting to wind down, a lot of people here are wondering and comparing these rio games to the ones in sochi russia just two years ago. there's a lot of comparisons and a lot of questions. who did it better and what happens when the athletes go
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fades away? they put on games of opposite seasons. they sit in lands of opposite hemispheres but sochi russia and rio de janeiro brazil share a similar tale. hosting the olympics and hoping it will pay off. sochi did it glitzy, it the arena sparkled at night. rio spent billions for sure, but they have offered a more austere olympics. their venues impress less on the outside, though they still shine but, what will become of them? in sochi, we wondered if the massive spending would go to waste. two years later, leaders are still trying to fill the venues and make it work. in rio, we wonder about the venues. we worry about the economy. nearly every brazilian we have met fears the government has poured so much money into the games that it will struggle to support its people. essentially, these games bring the same conflicts as any other.
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competition and the closing ceremony. we will be taking a look at how our arizona athletes did during their time here in rio and also, the best of our times. you won't want to miss it. it will be a lot of fun. for now, i'm signing off and i will see you tomorrow night right after the closing ceremonies. joe? stacia? >> tame to take a look at the medal count. team usa has 116 medals. 43 gold, 37 silver, 36 bronze. way to go, right? >> wracking them up. the arizona cardinals are not winning in preseason yet, but we are seeing an emerging star that you are pretty excited about. >> yeah, a lot of the guys on the team are. he could start for other teams throughout the league. kind of a hidden gem. jerron brown is rising up.
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how about be the most consistent wide out. usually, brown is the fourth guy behind vince floyd, but thanks to injuries, brown is getting a ton of time to shine and making the most of his opportunities. he made a lot of plays last night. he went from being undrafted in clemson to being the best receiver on the team according to ba. >> i mean, it is definitely good. that was one of my deals coming in this camp. i wanted to be more ns eliminating the mental errors. get a little recognition for it. it's okay. >> humble to the core as well. one of the most impressive players in the field last night. sun devil mike bercovici. nine of 13 passes. he looked like an nfl ready qb. >> you were playing for your life right now. that is kind of the feeling
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if not, i will be as prepared as i have ever been. >> he better make the roster. asu scrimmaging for the first time since they laid down the new turf. here is what we know. it was the closest thing to a real game as it has been. one player with a really good game is still out. >> cameron smith was really good today. i don't know what he has ed attention. i could have told you. but he scored a few touchdowns. [ laughter ] >> cameron of course missing all of last season with a knee injury. he is going to be a weapon for this offense. asu opens up the season in two weeks against nau. all right, time for the 12news mvp of the night. that is d-backs pipper robbie ray. seven strong innings. one hit, one run, one walk. an outstanding night. d-backs win 2-1. ray has now
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cameron. >> yeah. >> you think that could be it? >> i thought ... you know. that just seemed right. >> it has to be something. [ laughter ] >> well, a busy night tonight in the weather department. quite a light show. >> really big light show. we could see a little more. check out the photos. we get some of the best photos. check this one out coming in. this is the skies over peoria just a little while ago. a absolutely gorgeous shot. one of the many cloud to cloud lightning strikes. so keep seg in. use the hash tag be on 12. look at the temperatures. they are cool. 54 degrees now in flagstaff. 56 in greer. a far cry from what we were earlier today in the hundreds but here is what is beginning to happen tomorrow. it will warm back up about 102 out there. we could see an isolated chance of storms in the early morning hours. the skies will clear. and we have another chance back in the forecast. by the time we move into that three and 6:00 hour, almost a
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the highest ones in northern arizona. the same for the white mountains. so expect the storms to build to the north and east and drop into the valley later in the afternoon. now, here is the setup that is going to change as we head earlier in the week. there is that low pressure center. it is going to move through here. result in the storms for tomorrow. but as high pressure begins to build in, the southern portion of california, that is going to bring dry air right back down into the region. and that is going to mean a drying trend coming in starting on monday. an high temperatures tomorrow, pretty nice. 69 in flagstaff. 73 in show low. check out your seven day forecast. the good news is the temperatures just about average. then by next weekend, that chance of rain comes back into the forecast. >> all right thank you matt. still ahead on 12news at 10:00, the big honor for simone biles. the first american woman to win four gold medals in gymnastics
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?[ music ] ?? >> finally tonight, simone biles, the gymnast who won four golds and a bronze in rio will be carrying the u.s. flag during tomorrow night's closing ceremony. team usa announcing the decision via twitter. >> this is biles' first
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honor. the valley's own michael phelps carried the flag during the opening serial ceremony. they are calling bile it s the best. >> thanks for joining us. >> we will see you back here tomorrow night after the closing ceremony and a sneak peek at the voice. (exhaling) um yeah, i love coming up here. because it is beautiful. and uh, it helps put things into perspective, you know? from my point of view, a big thing is the gasoline that i use. i find it pretty reassuring to know that no other gas can beat the cleaning i get from chevron with techron. it's engine cleaning that you really can't top.
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i'm sorry. am i in your spot?
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ryan seacrest here. one last time at copacabana beach with a few of my friends. if you today, these are the this you need to know, rio de janeiro, day 15. wen jorgensen won the u.s. a first gold medal in triathlon. in the women's basketball gold medal game, the united states continued its unprecedented run of domination. >> once again, the united states women's olympic basketball team


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