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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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welcome jimmy ???adlib weather
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violence outside a bar this morning leads to a couple people being 12's
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a new conference will be held this morning dealing with "septic tank murders." it's a notorious case down in pinal 12's nico santos is following this top story
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a quck look at hot headlines around arizona this morning... and its time to wish
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today. the arizona republican will mark at least part of his big day on the campaign trail -- as it's just one day before his primary election. arizona secretary of state michele reagan says a new reporting system for voting results will be implemented primary election night. reagan's office says her technology team has launched an enhanced website to show voting returns from all 15 counties.reagan says in a statement that the page will assess statewide results in real-time. and 12 news is gearing up for tomorrow's arizona primary. we'll have up to the minute results.. from the moment the polls close -- until the last race is called. our coverage starts at 7 p- m. a deadly accident involving a cyclist over the weekend in mesa. police say a 25-year-old man riding near 43rd avenue and bethany home road was hit by a car and later died. investigators tell us impairment is believed to be a factor the driver of the car was arrested for d-u-i. yesterday.. women and men celebrated "go topless day" in downtown phoenix. nearly 50 people removed their tops to make a statement for
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argued it should be legal for women to go topless in public.. just like men. in arizona.. it is considered indecent exposure for a woman to do so. a superstar in the world of latin music is gone this morning - emma is here with that... in your morning juice... sad news sad news over the weekend.... juan gabriel, mexico's leading singer and songwriter, died yesterday at his california home at the age of 66, according to his publicist. he was a superstar in the world of latin music. ballads about love and heartbreak as well as catchy mariachi tunes that became the soundtrack of the lives of his millions of fans. famous for his flamboyant performances, gabriel loved to wear shiny or sequined outfits and jump around on stage. the president of mexico tweeted out.. "i regret the death of juan gabriel, one of the great musical icons of our
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its kind of like a scene out of gilligan's island. only... its real... two people have been rescued from a desert island in the pacific after a u-s navy helicopter spotted a message in the sand. you can see a big "s-o-s" written in the sand. the couple's boat was reported missing a week ago. the navy spotted the pair on an island in micronesia and alerted the coast gaurd. the two had no emergency equipment and limited supplies. ?? ad lib ?? now time for your juicy question of the morning... if some if some surveys are true... 15 to 20% of men have not bought this for over ten years. there really is no good explanation for why men
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let's get to your 2nd juicy question of the day.question of the day.the average woman will do this two to three times today.what is this.use
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hard to believe, but it has been 11 years since this happened.a look back at hurricane katrina in 15 minutes. ear buds...seems like most people can't live without them. and while they may seem like a good thing, that's not always the case.we're taling
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####break#### it's time for your morning mix... and our first topic... bringing food to school a school district in illinois is
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celebrations.whether it's cake or celery... is does not matter.some parents agree with the policy.... others think it's going overboard. what do you guys think...
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2nd topic in the morning mix. do you like listening to music... those ear buds could be doing serious damage.a new
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losing hearing earlier in life. the theory is that headphones, specifically the ear buds... could be the source of the problem. do you guys ever think about that when working out and listening to music? ((adlib
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now that kids are back in school... this week.... we look at 5 shopping secret tips that can save you time and since it's also money saving monday...the first tip:see if you can get a lower price. bigger stores like target and walmart match their competitors' prices, and through september 17th, staples has pledged to offer an extra 10-percent off the total price difference. saving monday tip to keep your expenses down... save money on groceries by writing your list beforehand -- and sticking to it. when you shop without a list.. you're more likely to make impulse buys. did m-t-v set brittney spears up to fail on the vma awards last night?that story has a lot of people talking this morning.we're taking a look at that at six... and the story of the day...a
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beofre disaster.its all caught on tape... and its in five minutes. ####break#### now for your 12 today trivia question... 12 today trivia now for your now for your 12 today trivia question... michael jackson was born on this day back in 1958 and is one day back in 1958 and is one of the most successful artists of all time. he had 29 top 10 hits on the billboard hot 100 chart. and we're wondering.. how many were number one? think about and guess.. we'll have your guess.. we'll about and were number wondering.. hot 100 chart. top 10 hits on artists of all of the most day back in jackson was question... now for your
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minutes.its in five on tape... and its all caught disaster. beofre moments from the rescues a man officer... a hero of the day...
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and the story a hero rescues a man subway tracks beofre its all caught its in five ####break#### ####break####
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now for your 12 today trivia question... michael jackson was born on this day back in 1958 and is one of the most successful artists of all time. he had 29 top 10 hits on the billboard hot 100 chart. and we're wondering.. how many were number one? think about and guess.. we'll have your answer in about a half hour. checking hot headlines this morning panic and confusion at a major international airport overnight.. this morning- flights are back to normal after a security scare at l-a-x. people in the terminals heard a loud bang-- and someone they it was a gunshot. police never found anyone with a gun or any victims though. a lot of people self-evacuated onto the tarmacs, which led to a ground stop. officers still aren't sure what that bang came from. breaking overnight -- an explosion outside belgium's criminal institute rattles residents as the country is on
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terror attacks. investigators say the suspected arsonists set fire to a laboratory used to analyze dna samples found at crime scenes. the brussels prosecutors office says the explosion and subsequent fire were likely an attack designed to destroy criminal evidence -- not an act of terrorism. no one was hurt. today marks 11-years since one of the deadliest hurricanes ever hit parts of mississippi and louisiana. forecasters clocked hurricane katrina as a category three storm -- bringing winds flooding's affects can still be felt today. more than 18-hundred people died... and hundreds of thousands of people became homeless. experts say katrina caused more than 100-billion dollars in damage. caught on camera--- a new jersey police officer saves a man laying on some subway tracks. officer victor ortiz pulled the man off the tracks just seconds before a train came. the officer was determined to pull the man to safety, even though the man resisted. the new jersey transit system says the
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first he was, then he wasn' he says... he ?is coming to the valley for another big speech.. on immigraiton.the latest on donald trump in 10 minutes. colin kapernick -america's best known quarterbck this morning and it's not because
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donald trump will touch down in the valley to get what he is calling a major speech on illegal immigration. >> overnight shooting sends two people to the hospital . police now looking for the gunman. >> humid air is more, less, or varies answer coming up. money-saving monday. extra bucks in your pocket, tips coming your way. >> how good is our shot of the morning. it's going to have you flipping out. . >> that is coming up and 20 minutes. >> we will unfreeze that. 6:00 happy monday hope you had a fantastic week and i'm tram


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