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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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it's primary day.. and before you head to the polls.. team 12's nico santos has everything you need to know in two minutes or less. ???bryan teases ???jimmy teases donald trump is set to make a key speech tomorrow in phoenix. so what's it about? we've got the new details in 25 minutes. mary poppins is getting a sequel.. and one of the original stars isn't happy about it. that's coming up in your morning juice.
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new this morning.. a tow truck driver is being called a hero after he tried to catch a criminal.. team 12's bryan west is live with the details.. this started as a rear end car crash on i-17 near bethany home. the driver that crashed reportedly going 100 miles per hour. as soon as the vehicles came to rest, the driver fled the scene and ran into a neighborhood.a tow truck driver, who saw the accident and the driver run and called 9-1-1.he was giving live updates to police. witnesses and the phoenix police firebird located the driver under some bushes in a nearby alley.a k9 team was used. the
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pepper spray and - when the driver was not compliant - they had to drag him out of the bushes. dps saying witness reports - including the tow truck driver - helped to catch the man. the driver refused treatment from phoenix fire and was interviewed by dps. the driver of the car that impacted had no injuries. was not transported to the hospital. live in the newsroom bw, 12 today. the polls open this morning at six a-m.. for arizona's primary election. team 12's nico santos is live with what you need to know. voters will be hitting the polls today for the primary election.if you're planning to cast a ballot today here are
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we're at one of many polling places -- this one -- the church of the beatitudes.but all locations will be open today at 6 the primary electionyou have to go to your assigned polling place. that depends on your registered address.i have link to help you find your location on my twittergo to @-12-news- nico.if you recently moved -- according to the arizona secretary of state's website you should vote at the assigned location for your ?new? address.don't forget to bring a photo i-d that shows your address.the polls will close tonight at 7 p.m.for all you need to know including a primary election guidelines head to the next half hour we'll discuss two of the big races.. phoenixnico
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let's get a check of your hot headlines.. the pinal county sheriff's office has named a person of interest in the gruesome septic tank murders. investigators say fausto negrete-olivas is the prime suspect in the murders of two mexican drug gang members. the murders happened back in 2008. both victims were dismembered -- and one was found in a septic tank. olivas' brother -- dionicio -- is also being sought as a person of interest. a bullhead city man is behind bars.. accused of abusing his 2-week-old daughter. police say 29-year-old jeremy cowan threw the little girl head-first onto the floor because she was crying. cowan told police the girl had fallen off the couch -- then later changed his story and said he tripped and accidentally dropped the baby on her head. the parents waited a week before seeking medical help. the baby has a fractured skull. 10 students walked out of class yesterday at buckeye high school.. as part of a
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after a classmate was forced to remove her "black lives matter" shirt last week. no word on whether the students plan to do the same today. a-s-u fans can save some money this fall at the newly- renovated sun devil stadium. that's because.. for the first time.. a-s-u will allow fans to bring in sealed water to the stadium. a-s-u athletics made the announcement yesterday. they say they recognize how hot it gets during the games.. and that fans need to stay season opener against n-a-u is this saturday at 7:45. arizona diamondbacks president and c-e-o -- derrick hall is selling his home. the house in paradise valley is listed for just under $3- million dollars. it has four bedrooms.. five and a half bathrooms and is about 64-
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how often have you ripped into a bag of chips -- only to think where are the chips? this bag is filled with air?! team 12's bill mcginnity thought the same thing so he followed his curiosity counting, weighing and measuring to see if you're really getting what you paid
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???adlib south carolina is trying to get over a clown problem.. the creepy reports that are haunting some parents... they say sequels are never as good as the originials.. but will disney prove them wrong? the latest classic that's getting a reboot. your
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away. is five minutes morning juice.. your reboot.
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but will originials.. as the never as good sequels are they say
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some parents... they say parents... people in greenville, south carolina are on high alert.. after reports that someone dressed as a clown is trying to lure children into the woods. witnesses say the person wears white face paint.. and brib local sheriff's office says they have extra deputies patrolling the area -- but so far they have found no signs of suspicious activity. dozens of activists are expected to deliver petitions today.. from more than 600- thousand outraged consumers over the epipen price hike. the petitions will be delivered to mylan's headquarters in pennsylvania. since 2008.. mylan has increased the price of epipens more than 400 percent. the petitioning groups want laws in place to stop the
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further price gouging. iconic actor and comedian iconic actor and comedian gene wilder has died. wilder brought willie wonka to life in "willie wonka and the chocolate factory." a role for which he will always be remembered. the same goes for his comedic turn in "young frankenstein" and a number of other mel brooks movies. his family says wilder died late sunday in connecticut from complications from alzheimer's disease. he was 83. ???toss to morning juice disney has confirmed that they are making a sequel of the classic "mary poppins" film and emily blunt will play the lead.. emily will be joined by lin manuel miranda -- you may remember him from the broadway hit "hamilton." miranda will play the loveable chimney sweep -- bert.
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has already gotten the "nod of approval" by the o-g mary poppins herself -- julie andrews. the movie's director spilled the beans when he ran into her in the hamptons.. and she told him it sounded wonderful. dick van dyke -- on the other hand -- does not share her entusiasm. the 90-year-old says the original is tough to beat. and he's right -- that's why this film will be different than the original. it will focus more on the books -- which are a bit darker. and emily says her meaner. no word on when the film will be released. and we're getting a better look at the live-action "beauty and the beast" film. the movie's co-producer posted two behind-the-scenes photos to his instagram.. the first is concept art of lumiere and cogsworth. he writes the "designs are close but may not be final." lumiere will be played by ewan
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kenobi from "star wars".. and ian mckellen -- from the lord of the rings and x-men -- will play cogsworth. the second photo is a still image from gaston's musical number in the village pub.. luke evans village pub.. luke evans will play gaston. and josh gad -- who was olaf in frozen -- will play gaston's goofy side-kick "le-foo." the film stars emma watson as belle. it's set to hit theaters in march. now time for your juicy question of the morning... when it have been several studies that found women are much better than men. what is this?
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severe thunderstorms dumped heavy rain and hail across colorado. there was so much hail.. plows to clear the streets. storm streets. storm drains quickly clogged and streets flooded.. leaving some drivers stranded. the national weather service has issued flash flood warnings
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anthony weiner wrapped up in yet another sexting scandal.. and this time.. his wife -- has had it.. it's a rally in the valley.. donald trump making a key speech immigration.. right here in phoenix tomorrow. what you need to know -- that's just three minutes away. you're
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new details on the republican presidential
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tomorrow.. trump and running mate -- tomorrow.. speech in the nominee's big speech in the clinton. ###break### today... ###break### ###break### ###break### the trump campaign has confirmed new details on the republican presidential nominee's big speech in the valley. tomorrow.. trump and running mate -- mike pence will hold a rally at the phoenix convention center at 6 o'clock. the speech will focus on immigration. his top campaign aide.. tells
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also up his attacks on rival hillary clinton. former congressman anthony weiner is in the news once again.. caught up in yet another sexting scandal.. and his wife has had it.. n-b-c's andrea mitchell
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we'll be going more in depth into this scandal.. at 5:45. aging products on the market.. so how do you know which to choose? and more importantly -- what works? team 12's krystle henderson has what to watch for at 5:06. one mom beats the stress of being a new parent -- by dressing up her baby in adorable costumes. we've got the pictures in the morning juice.. 12 today will be back in just a few
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just a few will be back in
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a valley tow truck driver - helping police catch a driver on the run.the latest on how it all ended... as we head in to primary da y...senator john mccain's race... and political races all across the country - impacted by donald trump and


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