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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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democratic democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will make a campaign stop at arizona state university tonight. bryan west begins our team coverage of decision
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donald donald trump's running mate governor mike pence is scheduled to hold a rally this morning in mesa. team 12's nico santos
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center. the other side of the aisle is making its presence making its of the aisle is the other side the other side of the aisle is making its known in the valley today as nominee 'mike pence' is set rally in a few short hours. team 12's nico santos is live convention centerpence is coming back to arizona as our state has emerged as a battleground's all's all happening here at the mesa convention center. it's one of three stops he'll be making today including new mexico, and colorado.both campaigns have really made arizona a priority since 's time the meantime the latest poll shows donald trump is widening his lead in the grand canyon state.a survey released yesterday shows trump leading over clinton 45 to 41 percent.we're less than a week out from the general the race is really on.pence saying what hillary has isn't enough and that it's certainly not enough to get past the f-b-i's
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we're getting ready to set up in the next hour or so.the secret service will do a security sweep before anyone can go in.doors open at 8event starts at 10 checking hot headlines this morning... two iowa police officers are dead following what is being called an "ambush-style attack." it happened overnight in des monies. police say their officers were responding to a ?shots fired call..and that's when they found the first officer. twenty minutes later another one of their
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have died from their wounds. potentially good news for home owners whose loans are through wells fargo. the company has agreed to a 50 million dollar settlement for allegedly overcharging customers for appraisals. according to the lawsuit, wells fargo hid the extra fees under quote "other charges" so they were difficult to detect. three puppies - stolen from a local shelter.. have been found safe. the 11-week- old cattle dog mixes were taken from the arizona animal ago.. and just yesterday.. a couple of good samaritans spotted the puppies in a canal behind the shelter. a-a-w-l says the trio were very hungry and will need to be evaluated by a vet. police still have not tracked down the dog-nappers. ?? toss to morning juice ??
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you that prince harry was dating american actress meghan markle...well... today... we can tell you with all certainty... it's serious that harry has already intriduced her to prince charles...and according to people can even say... engagement is certainly a possibility.close friends say they have been dating for about two months now...but the prince's office at kensington palace says... they don't comment on private matters. markle's people.. also saying ?? ad lib ?? anthem has it's giagantic christmas york city... has it's own. officials there have chosen the tree that will light up rockefeller center. the norway spruce comes from a family farm in upstate new
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midtown manhattan. once it gets to rockefeller center the tree will be decorated with more than 50-thousand multi-colored l-e-d lights. the tree lighting will take place november 30th -- on nbc. time now for your juicy question of the morning and your answer. surveys show this is the number one reason that half of all people show up at the office. some say no reason to go to work. it's often one of first things tram does when she gets
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now time for your juicy question of the morning and your answer.. 40 percent of people surveyed.... say this stresses them out. you can easily avoid this stress by turning off your phone. what is this? how to look just a few simple's part of our 30 life changers series...and today... we're talking eyelashes... parents - here's a question: how many times have you let your kids get away with spending the day on their devices?before you say..."not me"... think about 8 minutes...the reasons ?why you need to limit screen time..and
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let's get to your 12 today trivia. jimmy's out at trivia. jimmy's out at schnepf farm in queen creek today. that area became a town back in 1989. so our question to you.. who was the first mayor of the first mayor of queen creek? think about it and guess. we'll have your answer in a half hour. here on 12 today... we have 30 life changers that everyone needs to know to make life a little easier. ladies, fake eyelashes can definitely change the way you
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but it can be tricky. here's stylist jessica gallegos from leidan mitchell salon with some eye-opening tips.
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2 more tips for you - using tweezers can for you - using tweezers can also really help to place the eyelashes where you want them.and you can also cut up the long strip in 2 or 3 pieces the long strip in 2 or 3 pieces and glue them on... to give a more natural
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for a look at for a look at each one of the life changers we feature here on 12 today.... just go on over to our website... 12 news dot com.
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this week we're working to keep you from feeling can be exhaustingespecially when kids are young is too young? how much screen time is too much?take a breathbecause team 12's melissa correa. has your back. >trackshe'll search things liketrackand turn what she watches and turn what she watches on her i-padtrackinto
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six-year old presley could--- she'd spend sot 6:49:53 presley stavinoha/six-years old ??raises up all 10 fingers?? track10 hours a day starring at a screen. the first grader nd in here assignments are now done online.sot 6:32:53 nicole stavinoha/allows daughter to use technology too much screen time is definitely a thing. trackmom nicole is working to find the balance.sot 6:23:46 nicole stavinoha/allows daughter to use technology she knows how to work the dvr. that actually got us in trouble a couple of months ago because she upped our bill by like $30. we had to tell her, no more ordering 6:26:55 nicole stavinoha/allo ws daughter to use technology also, she wanted to watch the tv and use the ipad at the we had to create some boundaries track--- graphic)smart, considering the american academy of pediatrics suggests you do the same.make bedrooms screen-free, turn off the television during dinner, and parents should monitor their own use of technology. limit the time your child spends watching videos and avoid technology for children under two-years old. sot 6:28:15 nicole stavinoha/allows daughter to use technology it is a privilege.sot 6:26:35 nicole stavinoha/allows daughter to use technology and the ipad is usually the first
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it! and try to watch it in the middle of the night while they're sleeping.trackpresley showed us mom's go-to hiding spots. sot 6:50:05 presley stavinoha/six-years old because i miss my ipad.tracked graphicbut better safe than sorry.doctors say an overwhelming use of technology can lead to problems like: eye strain, attention problems, sleeping or eating disorders and obesity.trackbut when done safely--- get ready parents. nicole stavinoka/pare she's learned different you know mandarin, counting in track you're kid you a thing or two! overwhelmedi'm melissa > looking looking towards tomorrow.... nearly half of all adults that are part of the sandwich generation are caring not only for their children, but their aging parents.tomorrow morning... important tips from getting overwhelmed... when it comes to taking care of mom and dad. we have a new feature here on 12 today. we want you to get interactive with us each morning.. and answer our poll questions. you just have grab your phone or tablet.. and simply go to 12
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morning:"what are you most looking forward to in november" - election day- thanksgiving- black friday and christmas decorations. it takes two seconds to cast your opinion. once again.. go to 12 news dot com.. slash your voice. we will give you live results throughout the morning. if you do all of your holiday shopping...on your phone... you'll need to see the story we found.lots of ?fake apps out there right now.. ready to take advantage of your shopping wish list.that's in and some incredible video...this morning of a kid... on a tricycle... in a very dangerous did
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####break#### checking your hot headlines.. the driver of a pickup truck that killed four people after it plunged off the coronado bridge in san diego... and down onto a crowded festival last month... is expected in court later
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year-old on-duty navy serviceman -- was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, causing injury or death... and could face four counts of vehicular homicide. two of the victims in that crash... were from here in the valley. a slew of knockoff shopping apps are very quietly infiltrating apple's app store. just last week a very slick-looking app resembling the luxury label coach was trying to snag consumers by offering an extra 20 percent off on bags, shoes and accessories. here's the ki-- have an iphone app! fake apps for other luxury brands- --- celine and salvatore ferragamo just to name a few------ are spreading too along the app store. this is ?not what you want to see your kid doing... take a look at the video... a toddler... riding a tricycle through rush hour traffic in a busy city in eastern china. you can see the child riding along as cars and trucks swerve around him.
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child! fortunately, a police officer spots him and crouches down to pick him up. a big day for politics across the state.not one... but two candidates making a stop in arizona. way to mesa this morning for a rally at 10...we are there live with that story.. ?? ad lib ??
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phone 7....and it's already time for the i-phone 8???what the heck????we're looking into that... in your morning juice... juice...your morning into that... in we're looking


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