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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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right now on 12 today, the race for the white house swings through the valley today. where hillary clinton will make a final stop in arizona before election day. >> and she's not alone here in the dessert southwest. nominee mike pence will speak to supporters in a matter of hours. >> and do you know how to change a tire? well, it's a life changer that everyone needs to know to make life a little bit easier. we'll show you how right here on 12 today.
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downtown phoenix, that was a look at what is coming your way on 12 today. i hope you're off to a great start on this wednesday. everyone is talking about how it's cooler outside this morning. >> i can feel it. >> and it's a good thing you did. jimmy, the weather guy, didn't bring a sweater or a jacket and instead, he brought a jacket. really? >> it's coverage. i'm covered. you need it. it's verging right now and going toet colder and colder until 6:47 or so and is. it's on the east valley outlying areas and we're gettinga 10 degrees spread between the downtown overnight lows s and the east valley lows. it's far away from the city. i love it. and it's feeling great out here. you will feel the chill of the photographer, nick. he has the cap on as well and today, though, as we continue
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we're at schnepp farms. it's going to be chilly and lots of sunshine to 81 for the high today. and then we have the rain and forecast the next few days after this. we'll tell you about that and the timing of the storms in the low pressure system. excitement. feeling like fall here and we have to weight until the day after halloween for that to happen. so, more on that coming up. straight ahead. 6:03 and let's stay outside for you and give you a look pass right here and this is from our adot camera and our own jen wall is lee with the live realtime on-the-road traffic. and where are you now, jen? good morning to you, tram. we're on the onset part of the 10 from where that camera is and we're on the i-10 heading eastbound and approaching seventh avenue. and i will give you a look again at a top of brake lights.
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reports of a crash blocking the middle lane. we have not received an update yet as to whether that has been moved over. the message you see in front of us here is because of a crash. it looks like a fender bender that happened awhile ago. it's i-10 eastbound just past 35th avenue. now, crews were getting ready to move that out of the way, but it still caused things to back up and also, continuing on even into downtown phoenix. so, let's go ahead and give you a bird's-eye view. we're g 10 westbound. you can see traffic is picking up here. it was actually pretty clear throughout the morning but not the case any longer. so, again, we're heading to the 51 southbound. we're going to check out a crash coming up in my next hit and we'll continue to give you the awesome pans around the valley and show you what things look like, guys. you won't get views like this anywhere else. >> and no kidding. it's 6:04. destination arizona. decision 2016 swings through the valley today as hillary
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brian west is live in tempe with details. brian. >> reporter: good morning, tram. 15 out of 16 presidential elections here in arizona have gone republican. this year ,since the race is neck-in-neck, hillary clinton hopes to turn the state for the second time blue. she's going to stop at arizona state university speaking tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the intramural field next to the fitness center. in tempe, the setup is for 8,000 people. we did talk to an aid yesterday who tells us that she is of slain army private damian lopez rodriguez, an undocumented immigrant who successessa waiting his american citizenship when killd in iraq in 2007. the parents brought him here to the u.s. from mexico as a child. the campaign said that they are going to be releasing a battery of new campaign ads, including 27 million strong. that focuses on the 27 million eligible latino voters here in the united states.
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what could be a swing state and turn it blue the second time in the state's history. again, she is going to be speaking out here at arizona state university at 6:30 tonight. we'll, of course, bring you the latest coming up tonight on 12 news. we're live in tempe, brian west, 12 today. >> thank you. >> and the east valley will be the political hot bed today before hillary clinton makes hear way to tempe where brian was. the republican presidential candidate mike pence will visit mesa in a nico santos has a preview now. >> reporter: yeah, pence making his way to arizona to try to convince arizonans to vote and support donald trump so far here at the mesa convention center. one person in line and we imagine that line will grow as the hours come. we understanded the mesa convention center could hold up to 5,000 people here and so for pence himself, this is one of three stops he's making today alone, and that includes new mexico and colorado. both campaigns as we have seen have been really making arizona
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in the meantime, though, the latest polls showing that donald trump is winning and widening the lead in the grand canyon state. the survey was released yesterday and shows trump is leading over clinton 45-41%. so, we're less than a week out from the general election and that race is on right now. they're hitting it strong. pe in, ce that what hillary has is not enough to run the country. all right, in the meantime, set up inside here. we have secret services on site and they're going to do a security sweep. they're going to open the doors at 8:00 a.m. this morning, the events starting at 10:00 when mike pence will take the stage. if you can't make it out, go to >> tim kaine will be making several stops in arizona tomorrow. he plans to hole rallies in phoenix and tucson. here in the valley, the virginia senator will be making
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also happening tomorrow, mitt romney will be in up to for a get out the vote rally for mccain. at the cubs spring training park in mesa. the doors open at 5:30 p.m. that event starts know hour later at 6:30. and let's get to more of your hot headlines. phoenix mayor filed the paperwork that would enable him to run for scrat of arizona in 2018. yesterday's move doesn't mean mr. stanton, a democrat s committed to running but he plans to look arizona. republican secretary of state michelle reagan filed a campaign committee for re- election. a phoenix woman with ties to senator mccain plead guilty to drug charges against her. emily pe if, if a and her boyfriend were arrested in april after mcso served a search warrant at their house and found an actef meth lab and other illegal drugs shortly after her arrest. she was dropped as a political fund raiser from mccain's re-
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of possession of drug paraphernalia and will be sentenced in november and is expected to get probation. are you ready for game seven? the world series is tonight and what will be an epic finale between the cuns and cleveland indians. this is after they rallied the tribe. the final score of 9-3 and we'll look live new at progressive field in cleveland where game seven is played later today. the first pec is set for 5:08 our time. kory kluber will make the third start in theie on the mound for the cubs. and we want you to get interactive for us each morning and answer the poll question. >> grab your phone or tablet and go to voice. >> our question to you this morning: what are you looking forward to most in november. we have election day, thanksgiving, or black friday and christmas decorations. it takes all of two secs to cast your opinion. go to voice. we'll have live results for you through the morning.
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and all of that, boy d that drop 4%. landslide. still ahead on 12 today, how you can score at the pump today. . >> what? >> my capped's gone. >> i -- my candy's gone. >> i ate it all. >> ugh! [ laughter ] >> is any that is some anger management issues. >> and the best halloween prank again is back. watch parents tell their kids they ate all of candy in your morning juice.
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matt, name this tune. >> hey ya by outcast. >> very nice, indeed. 12 today back again at 6:49. and let's -- 6:14 and light check the morning juice with vanessa. >> and i will quit jamming out now. >> how can you not, right? >> i know. it's a great song. tired of lose your iphone charger? you may never need one again. iphone 8 will charge wirelessly. and it's being tested but challenges working against them. other rumors include a better camera, a rose gold option and faster processor. and you can score free gas by taking advantage of the gas buddy app thanks-giving event. one like in the phoenix area will be giving away $20 worth of free gas while supplies last. you must download the gas buddy app to get the deal. i know you have your phone right now and you're doing it to get that free gas. i would, too and get ready to
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the sixth year in a row. jimmy kimmel asked parents to tell the kids they ate all of the halloween candy and film the reactions. check it out. >> i hate you! you ate all of my candy that we worked so hard to get! >> well, i ate some, too. [ screaming ] >> we ate all of candy. [ crying ] >> why the [ bleep ] [ laughter ] >> you can't talk like that. >> i ate all of your halloween candy last night. >> it's jimmy kimmel. >> it's not jimmy kimmel. >> you're hiding the candy. i have seen this before watching youtube. >> that is funny.
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when i have kids, i am so doing that. >> i know, right? >> i can't wait. it's time for the juicy question of the morning, 40% of people surveyed say this stresses them out. you can easily avoid the stress by turning off your phone. what is this? earlier we said e-mails. >> what about friend requests on facebook? >> that would stress me out. >> what if you don't want to accept them? >> you you. >> no. >> and matt doesn't have a lot of friends. >> it's not me if do that. >> you see them at the grocery store and they're like you denied my friend request. >> you keep walking. >> so be it, they're not a friend, obviously. >> and lots of people chiming in here. game invites. >> okay. >> and one said facebook, annoying phone calls. >> oh. bill collectors. >> yes. that is true. >> and that stresses people
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>> mr. mauro, no, he gave up this number years ago. you're talking to someone else right now. >> exactly. >> and keep your guesses coming in. we'll have your answer in about 20 minutes. jen is out on your realtime all in the road traffic this morning and there is a 51 at mcdowel. flashing lights there and she's going to talk about that and have an answer to the juicy question, jen. >> reporter: yeah, so is the juicy question what stresses you out? it was hard for us to hear in here. we want to play along with you guys. >> yes, that is it. >> w you can easily avoid the stress by turning off your phone. >> ah. you can easily avoid the stress by turning off your phone. is it like when your phone keeps dinging all of the time and all of the e-mails? that is something that gets on my nerves. chris, what about you? >> passing by an accident scene during traffic. >> passing by a good accident scene. unfortunately, that is where we are. we're on the 51 southbound heading to the 202 east.
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outside right now. oh, getting my clicker to work. there we go and we're on the 202 eastbound and we passed the crash. 51 southbound and mcdowel. slowing things down a little. we had to go about 30 miles per hour to make it around it. you're not going to need to avoid the 51 this morning. give yourself an extra few minutes for the next half hour or so while phoenix police, other crews continue to clean this up. and a gorgeous shot of the sunrise this morning and heading into the east valley nod roadways are pretty nice and that is a completely different story as we give you a look at the whole valley. coming in from the west to the east and into phoenix, the 10 eastbound is jammed up all the way to about 75th avenue. we're seeing slowdowns on the 17 southbound and into phoenix and then also the 60 westbound right around mill. it's starting to get backed up. so, looks like it's all good here. where we are, guys, we'll let you know if anything changes. i will give you a pan off here to the left so you can see some
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folks from the east valley. gorgeous views this morning. >> and incredible view. love that new camera. thanks, jen. it's 6:19. this morning is a prime example of why you should do what jimmy says and not what he does. you took the blanket off. >> reporter: no, i have the blanket. it's back at the truck a little bit. i am running around here like crazy in the mud. we're here at schne, p farms. what is interesting is being you were the trees, it's of that heat. opposed to being out in the open. and that is just lifting up. radiational cooling is what they call it. a great day today and it's going to be on the chilly side. clear skies out there. perfect for this morning. but i will tell you, if you're standing around waiting for the bus, you will feel on the chilly side. we go to 81 degrees for the high temperature today, which is a beautiful, beautiful number. i will take that any day. most of the afternoon will be
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and we're going to bump up to a 30% chance of showers, maybe a thunderstorm with an area of low pressure coming in on thursday and that is going to continue for the first half of friday. maybe friday into the early morning hours. on into about noontime and we start to -- in the weekend and that is going to be spectacular. we're here at schnepp farms and we're talking about the american heritage festival. that is going to happen here november 19th, if you want to know more about it. go a lot of cool stuff and who do we have here? >> i am savannah fairfax. >> ginger dare. >> and where are you from? >> winchester, virginia. >> virginia as well. >> okay. >> and i am james. i'm from fredericksburg, virginia. >> your occupation? >> i am a soldier for the continental army. >> okay. >> and from concord, massachusetts, i am a continental marine. >> she make a wonderful pie. >> because that is fontaine.
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france. >> oh, vivala france. merce. you look really familiar. i swear i have seen you somewhere on a piece of paper or something. >> general george washington, your humble servant, sir. >> excellent, mr. washington and father of our country. what do we have going on here at the schnepp farms on november 19th. >> this will be our 49th annual american heritage festival. the largest educational living history event west of the mississippi. we are going to have people represng american history all the way from the days of pilgrims up to the era of the 20th century. there will be live music, historic fashion shows, trades, crafts, battle re-enactments of the american revolution. >> food, food? >> lots of food. >> awesome. >> and just things of interest for all ages. it's educational, it's inspirational. the largest educational multiera living history event in the west. >> general, thank you so much. we'll be back here with a
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we're going to send it back to you guys now as well. i will go find my blanket. >> you do that, jimmy. and with jimmy in queen creek today, the subject of our 12 today tribute question. it bam a town in 1989. the question, can you name the first mayor of queen creek. the answer is two minutes away. >> also, can you change a tire? get ready to jack up your car. you will soon. your 12 today life changer coming up. >> and we want to hear from you. what are you looking forward to most about november? chk bottom of the screen and go to vote. your voice to vote. we have election day, thanksgiving and black friday
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. >> i'm not sure if tram is trying to dance ig she's jazzer sizing to this song. it looks like step aerobics. >> thank goodness we're looking at a beautiful sunrise right now, matt. >> it's good. >> yes. >> and some justin timberlake. 6:25. let's get you a 12 today trivia. jimmy's out at schnepp farm. it became a town in 1989. who was the first mayor of queen creek. any last-minute guesses? >> this is a tough one. >> i can't believe you don't know this. you know who this person is?
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>> all right, the answer successes let's reveal it, mark? >> oh, my gosh! i love mark. i did not know he was the mayor. >> he was the mayor for 11 years. >> mark and carrie, greatvaelcoum there. and here on 12 today, we have 30 life changers that everyone needs to know to make life easier for you. like how to change a tire. it's not something we all know how to do. >> you don't know how? >> no. >> you're going to learn, if you don't ha shown how and it's really quite easy. >> reporter: let's say you get a flat tire and don't have roadside assistance, we're going to tell you how easy it is to change a flat tire. we have howard the expert here with community tire pros. >> and find a good place to stop. >> reporter: never stop on the brakes after a blowout. rent it out until you can safely pull up to the side of the road or exit the freeway. >> and grab the owner's man yawl if you're not familiar with the vehicle. where to find the parts and tools and the spare. >> reporter: user car matt -- .
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lock the lug nuts loose. it's hard to get them loose. >> reporter: jack the car up. >> and the lug nuts off, pull the tire off, and set the new tire in place. hand tighten the lug nuts, lower the jack. >> reporter: and fully tighten the lug nuts. almost done. the last step is the most important. >> pick up your spare tire. i see them on the side of the road all of the time after the flat tire, and go see a tire professional to take care of the problem. >> reporter: and voila. today. >> tada. >> are you ready to do this now? >> i'll call you. >> all right, it's not that hard. for a look at each one of the life changers on 12 today, go to our website, www coming up, botox. it's not just for wrinkles anymore. how it's helping to fix a problem that millions suffer from every day. >> and there are three things you need to know when you go to the polls on election day. what they are coming up on 12
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chime in on our poll here. what are you most looking forward to in november? election day, thanksgiving, black friday, christmas decorations? it only takes two seconds to cast your opinion. go to voice and right now, still looks like thanksgiving is winning.
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. right now on 12 today, decision arizona. two big stops on the campaign trail today and both are happening in the east valley. >> two words, game seven. the indians and cubs will play fo >> and that series could have ended last night. why actor charlie sheen blames the indians for not making the call. >> it's 6:31 and let's check the forecast. jimmy, possibly rain on the way? >> yeah. definitely. we're focusing on an area of low pressure that is going to develop over the southwest and make its way into arizona by 20, probablyby the next 24 to 48 hours. we're okay right now. a little bit cool to chilly early on this morning and we're in the east valley and away
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temperatures out here. fiftys and 60s. but still a beautiful day. a high of 81 degrees and expect a chance of showers later on for tomorrow. so, today, we're okay. it's going to be gorgeous and chilly this morning to cool and for tomorrow, expect to see our temperatures still about average to below average, which is nice and a chance of rain on thursday and friday. we're going to check the seven- day when we come back. and realtime on the road about. first, we'll check the 51 at mcdowel road. flashing lights are still right there. jen has that and more for you now. yeah, good morning to you, matt. that crash is moved off to the side, but it's still slowing vehicles down some. we're on the 202 westbound at van buren. go ahead and take a look at what we're seeing outside. all right, so it's nice and clear here. 202 west and eastbound heading into and out of phoenix. not looking too bad and that is
6:33 am
there are a lot of brake lights. the first going to notice from chandler on the 10 westbound. all the 10 eastbound from west valley into phoenix and starting to stake up at 75th avenue and all the way to about seventh street. then, we're noticing some oranges on the 101 northbound from tempe and into scottsdale. also, the 60 westbound. right when you get to about world mill priest, it's starting to slow down there, too. and also, there was a crash i-10 eastbound at 35th avenue. that has been cleared and that is creating a mess throughout the entire morning and they're working on clearing that one again. the 51 southbound and mcdowel. we'll let you know here if anything changes in the next half hour. >> thank you, jen. destination, arizona. decision 2016 swings through the valley today as hillary clinton makes the final stop in arizona before election day. brian west is live in tempe with the latest. brian. >> reporter: good morning, tramp hillary clinton is
6:34 am
hillary clinton is pulling out all of the stops and making a second appearance in the valley and speaking at asu tonight at 6:30. this is going to be on the intramural field at the center at 6:30. we heard with an aid from the campaign saying she's going to be introduced by parents of damien lopez rodriguez, an undocumented immigrant who is awaiting his american citizenship when he was killed in iraq in 2007. the parents brought him to the u.s. from mexico as a child. the caai new campaign ads, including 27 million strong, which focuses on the 27 million eligible latino voters in the united states and last night, hillary clinton was in florida, a swing state and had this to sayso to supporters. >> i am sick and tired of the negative dark divisive dangerous vision and behavior of people who support donald
6:35 am
for about 8,000 people here. on the tempe asu campus. again, a last-minute push as we head into tuesday's election. brian west, 12 today. >> brian, thank you. the east valley will be a political hot bed today before hillary clinton makes her stop in tempe. republican presidential candidate governor mike pence will make a visit in mesa in a few hours. team 12s nico santos is live with more. >> reporter: making a visit to try to excuse me, to support donald trump. at this hour, we're finally starting to see more people gather in front of a number of donald trump supporters coming out to see pence in the background and you see thees ina police department on scene with bomb-sniffing dogs. that is part of the security sweep they'll be doing before anyone is going inside. as for pence, today's stop in arizona is one of three he's making, including new mexico and colorado. both campaigns have made arizona a priority since this is a tossup state.
6:36 am
polls show that donald trump is widening his lead in the grand canyon state. a survey released yesterday shows trump leading over clinton 45-41%. so, right now, less than a week out from the general elect, the race is really on now and penc essaying last night that -- pence saying that what hillary has is not enough to get around the country or around the investigation. >> we want to commend the fbi for opening th simple principle and that is that no one is above the law. i am confident the fbi will am this investigation with professionalism and in a timely manner. >> reporter: pence is set to take the stage at 10:00. the doors will open to the public at 8:00 and if you can't make it here, go to still ahead, you don't have to be a baseball fan to enjoy
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bell. coming up, when you need to lineup to get yours.
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paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school
6:39 am
house majority pac is responsible
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. >> good wednesday morning to you. a live look outside on 12 news plaza on 200 east van buren. hope you're off to a great start on this wednesday. let's get to more juice with vanessa. >> and good morning. it's all about game 7 today, title? the cubs or the indians? either way, everyone wins and that is because today's the day that you can get a free doritos locos taco from taco bell. the fast food chain promised it would reward a nation if a player stole the base in game one or two of the world series. get your free taco today between 2-6:00 p.m. make sure you're there on the dot at 2:00. it's going to be delicious.
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>> i know he hasn't done very well against this guy, but i have a hunk he's due. -- hu in, ch he's due. . >> maybe they should have called it in the wild thing. actor charlie sheen still upset from not being asked to throw out the first pitch for the indians in game one of the world series and he troweled the team hard on twitter last night during their game 6 tweeting whoever is idiotically guilty of preventing me from throwing out the just saying. it's 7-1, top of the 5th. boom! >> and he posted a pic of some ghosts outside of the park suggesting his snub is similar to what started the cubs billy goat curse. ouch, he's upset. and now it's time for your juicy question and answer of the morning. forty% of people surveyed said this stresses them out. it can happen any day of the week. but people surveyed said it's especially stressing them out on saturday or sunday. >> oh.
6:42 am
>> getting works e mails. >> that has to be it. that is too easy. >> too easy? >> yeah. >> ken said running out of battery power. >> oh, and you turn off your phone to save it? >> right. >> and that is true. you're at 10%. >> and oh, what am i going to do? >> i do that less on the weekend and don't use is it as much during the week. -- as during the week. >> i wonder if it's candy crush saga. >> oh. e-mails from the boss. >> i just delight those. [ laughter ] >> i get mine -- mine directly to my junk folder. >> ignore them on the weekends. get back to them on monday. still ahead on today, there are three things you need to know before going to the polls next tuesday. i will tell you what they are in minutes. >> and botox for your bladder? how it's helping fix a problem that millions of people suffer from on a daily basis. >> and we want to hear your voice interact with us this morning. what are you most looking forward to in november? go to voice. you can pick election day, thanksgiving, or black friday
6:43 am
it looks like thanksgiving has
6:45 am
. welcome back, everybody. we continue our weeklong series on botox.
6:46 am
affects about 33 million americans and it's something that they don't want to admit or talk about. especially for women since it happens to them slightly more often. we're talking about overactive bladder and botox may help. >> gotta go, gotta go right now. >> got to go, gotda go right now, gotta go. >> i have got to go now! >> reporter: overactive bladder is no laughing matter if you're sufferinom stephanie was for the past 20 years. >> just uncomfortable and not being able to sleep at night. getting up multiple times, having to go to the bathroom. >> reporter: it got to the point where she started to make excuses. >> gee, i don't think i'm going to that dinner. i don't want to go to the movie, my back hearts and finally you fess up and say look, here's the -- back hearts and finally you fess up and say look, here's the problem. >> reporter: and she found a
6:47 am
botox. >> in a way, it's partially paralyzing the muscle in the bladder. >> reporter: this is how it works after the patient is given anesthesia. >> the scope into the bladder, i visualize the bladder and then my medical assistant dissolves the botox in saylin and puts it in a -- saline and the needle passes through the scope. and -- . >> you can immediately feel the effects. >> the first thing that you notice is you don't have to to the bathroom or after you go to the bathroom, you don't have to go to the bathroom again. >> and for stephanie, that was life-changing. >> i do have my freedom back and my life back. >> and now the botox varies with each patient as you can imagine. treatments last from 3 months up to a year and over time, though, doctors say that botox may not be as affective, so sometimes doctors have to increase the dosage. tomorrow, we're going to talk about botox to help stroke
6:48 am
>> no kidding. and 6:47. let's get a check of your realtime on the road traffic. jen wall is out and about. and this is the 51 at mcdowel. the flashing lights are still there on the right side. jen, how did the rest of the interstate look? >> not too bad. we're on i-10 eastbound and giving you a live look outside right now. in that area that you just talked about, the 51 in mcdowel,t it's still slowing things down some and back out to where we are live, it's all stop and go all the way into phoenix on the 10 approaching 27th avenue. and giving you a bird's-eye view, i will pan over to the left here with our exclusive camera that you can see here on 12 news. we can see the east and westbound lanes. westbound starting to back up a little, but not too slowly yet and still able to get up to 50 to 60 miles an hour.
6:49 am
eastbound into phoenix, the gilbert-mesa, chandler, wherever you're heading this morning, this spot is definitely going to be stop-and- go for you. other slow spots around the valley, the 17 southbound in the red zone. right around the durango curve. we're also seeing red out in chandler. the 10 westbound from chandler boulevard and the 101 northbound and if you're heading from chandler to scottingsdale. once you get to scottsdale, the 101 northbound into the orange zone and more movement there as well as the 60 and gilbert, guys valley, we haven't seen too many this morning. just for now, we do have your usual morning traffic. >> thanks so much for that. it's 6:49 and let's go to queen creek where jimmy is live at schnepf farms. hey, jimmy. >> yeah, you know. they have the american heritage fast will have and they're mingling -- festival and they're mingling here, the colonials.
6:50 am
goes back to the pilgrims. if you want to get back into the weather and what to expect, it's on the chilly side. if you're on the open, wear a light jacket that you will take off later. a high temperature of 81 degrees for today. 81 los angeles and that is going to be definitely starting out nice. the afternoon, you can't complain about 81. still on the dry side. tonight, cool and clouds increase and then we will have plenty of clouds and a chance of showers. on thursday. and then thursday scattered storms. that will continue for early friday before we finally clear out in the -- and the weekend is going to be gorgeous. fall is finally here and we're here at the schnepf farms where they're going to host on november 19th, the american heritage festival. we have all the folks dressed in different colonial suits and great to be here. >> good to be with you. >> as we talked about for the heritage festival, it's not just the revolutionary period or the colonial period.
6:51 am
>> and we're celebrating all of america's heritage from the days of the pilgrims and jamestown all the way up through the 20th century. so, yes, you will have the american revolution and colonial times. you will have westward expansion. you will have the old west. the civil war, you will have 20th century. it's arizona's largest educational living history event and it's coming november 19th to schnepf farms. >> this is probably one of the simi, correct? >> absolutely. -- west of the mississippi, correct? >> absolutely. education is our focus. if you want a slice of the east coast right here in the west at schnepf farms, november 19th is your chance. >> excellent. i like that and go to as well and this is great. you have real quick war re- enactments, right? >> and we will have several battle re-enactments and the civil war.
6:52 am
different time periods. trades, crafts, domestic life and children's activities. >> general? >> everything is educational and inspirational. >> and we'll see you november 19th here and i need to borrow your coat as well. >> and yes, you do, jimmy. >> you heard the general. >> looks like a good time out there. 6:52 and only on 12 news, your teams might be playing in a game that is not necessarily new but the trend is growing. vanessa is joining us with an alert for all >> hey, guys, they're using belts and neck ties to cut off circulation to the brain to get high and that can turn deadly. carson steel's parents are speaking out now to save life says. >> and when i opened the door, i stood for for's few seconds. and i didn't know what i was looking at. when i saw his feet not touching the ground and a belt
6:53 am
few secs to register. >> reporter: at first, they thought he committed suicide but investigators said after looking through his cell phone recordings, he was actually taking part in the choking game. and that is not the only thing that kids are doing. >> a closer look at deadly teen trends. a 12 news parent alert tonight on 12 news at 10. . >> thank you, ladies. it's six days to go until we head to the polls in arizona and there is no doubt about it. this year, we could have e here are three things you need to know before heading to the polls. >> senator, minimum wage and more. this year's ballot is definitely a crowded one here in arizona. so before you get in line and exercise your constitutional right, here are three things you need to know about voting in the grand can yo know state. first, find the right polling place. you can't vote anywhere you want. the polling place is specific to your precinct.
6:54 am
recorder's office. if you show up to the wrong place, you will be turned away. second, polling places are open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on election day. there are no ifs, and, or butts about it; however, if there is a line at the end of the day as long as you're in it by 7, you will get to vote and your vote will count. and third, don't show up empty- handed. you need to show a picture i.d. the easiest way is with a driver's license. arizona could have more voters than ever this year so make sure you make it's 6:54. hot headlines now. sheriff joe arpaio's upcoming trial on a criminal contempt of court charge has been postponed. the request was granted to delay the december 6th trial after the lawyers he needed more time to prepare. the sheriffs was charged with contempt for defying another judge's order to stop his immigration patrols. >> the arizona democratic party is suing the republican counterpart and trump's campaign to stop what it believes will be voter intimidation on election day.
6:55 am
republicans are using eviction -- illegal tactics. the don at trump campaign said the democrat's lawsuit is short on substance. phoenix mayor greg stanton filed paperwork that will enable him to run for arizona secretary of state in 2018. now, the action does not mean stanton is committing to running. police in iowa say two officers who were ambushed and killed early this morning were sitting in their patrol cars when they were shot. the shootings happened about two miles and 20 minutes apart. one officer was with the moines police and the other with urbandale. authorities say they're developing suspect information right now. and the federal reserve is expected to leave interest rates alone when it wraps up the two-day meeting today. with voters set to choose a new president and congress in six days, the fed will likely keep a new profile trying to ensure it's not part of the political debate. and three weeks from now, millions of travelers will head to the nation's airports and on the roadways. today, aaa is releasing the national travel forecast.
6:56 am
how far they go and how the cost of airline tickets, hotel rooms and rental cars compares to last year. and you don't have to wait until thanksgiving to get your turkey tips. butterball's famous turkey talk line is up and running and it will continue to accept calls through christmas eve. i love this part, you guys. this year, they're accepting questions via text starting thanksgiving week. >> and how do you cook a turkey? >> all right. tony bennett, sarah mclaughlin and sesame street will be at macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. singers hamilton and lori hernandez they will participate in the 90th annual parade. the special air on the today show on thanksgiving morning. >> and we tiger woods plans to make a comeback in the bahamas next month. the former number one world golfer will be playing in the hero world challenge. he said he is excited to be making the return. the 40-year-old has been sidelined for 15 month says
6:57 am
>> and notice, little will take -- and now, let's talk sports. we'll find out who wins the world series. it's game 7, folks. and they pounded the indy last night in game 6. nine-3 the final there and we'll look at cleveland and progressive field where it will be rocking later today. winner take all, all hands on deck. the first pitch is for 5:08 our time. kluber will make the third start in the series for the indians and won the last cubs. and the final results of the poll question, what are you most looking forward to in november? and by a landslide, of course, thanksgiving. 67% want -- and i can't argue with that. >> and mashed potatoes. yes. >> and i am more of aed girl. >> and give me pumpkin pie. final takeaways, can't wait to see who will win the world series. either way, it's going to be historic.
6:58 am
we'll see. >> and don't forget to get your free taco from taco bell. we love free food, right? >> and we love free food. download the app gas buddy. and gas buddy is not saying exactly where it is. if you go to our website,, you can link up with gas buddy and find the cheapest prices all over the place. >> and we'll go with one of matt mauro's first songs from one direction. >> he is perfect. >> yes. >> oh, that >> you two stop. >> don't forget 12 news is always on and your favorite social media apps. the today show is coming up next. we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> have a perfect day, everybody. >> go indians.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. battleground blitz. six days to go, hillary clinton and donald trump pulling out all the stops, buying up ads, ramping up their attacks. they're thinking of voting for trump, i want you to stage an intervention. >> hillary is the one who set up an illegal private e-mail server to shield her criminal activity. you know that. she knows it. >> trump even going after the skyrocketing number of early voters, reminding some of them it's not too late to reconsider. >> you can change your vote to donald trump.


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