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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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trouble already, new complaints of long voting lines after voters were told it would not happen again. move, goat! get out the way. the cubs end their 108-year drought with a dramatic world series win. don't get stranded in the arizona heat, how top changer. ? pour some sugar on me ? ? come on, fire me up ? >> we are so fired up after the cubs win. welcome to 12 today. 6:00 on the dot. we want to go out live to our very own jimmy at the phoenix zoo. good morning to you, jimmy. >> reporter: it is blowing up
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major wind coming in, these wind gusts easily 30-40 miles an hour. look at the dust out there. look, just panning across our area, these storms that are collapsing just to the east of downtown phoenix are pushing a ton of wind. these are out flow boundaries and it is just gusty as can be out here. a little bit of rain and this is going to be mud rain. remember, it is picking up all the dust, when it hits it will make everything pretty mess hear them out here. dust, here is another, here we go. wow, this is just getting hit hard. i got dust in my teeth. expect more rain coming into the downtown area and across parts of tempe. we will have more to report on as well. i will tell you what, jen will be busy as well. chance of storms out there, 40% chance of rain. obviously hitting parts of the valley now and the rain just starting to come down.
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take for cover . lot of heavy cells and lot of wind. heads up, folks, could be a messy commute. jen wall will have more on that. >> somebody walked into the studio, the door opened and i could hear all the wind here in downtown phoenix, i will show you where the roadways are wet but first we have a crash to report. this is 101 eastbound 35th avenue in north phoenix, the right 2 lanes are blocked and it is somewhat of a parking lot this mor the 101 here in the north valleys. we are seeing speeds down to about 30 miles an hour from the 10, eastbound into phoenix, around the durango curve and starting to stack up some on the 17 southbound. now kind of surprising, where jimmy is is at the zoo and the east valley is where all the wind and rain has been blowing through, we are still crash free there. not affecting traffic as far as crashes go, but it is certainly going to slow things down.
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water on the roadway. 202 red mountain wet, 60, wet. 202 san tan, in through chandler to gilbert, it stretches to the 10 from chandler into phoenix and the 101 starting to get hit by rain too. coming up throughout the morning we continue to follow all of this for you and let you know where the rain is headed and how it will impact your commute. >> thank you. 6:03. something voters were told would never happen again. dozens of people left wng long lines to cast their ballot. live with how this is affecting the election. >> reporter: some voters telling us they had to wait up to 3 hours, some couldn't wait that long because they had to go back towork and didn't cast their ballot. they have a few more days, until tuesday for the general election, we were promised this wouldn't happen again. wondering if this is a sign of things to come. the early voting is supposed to
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sitdy hall and-- city hall and other locations yesterday, 2-3 hours for some to get to the front of the line. some, bailing out. the real question, is it going to be like this on the general election day? remains to be seen. maur copa county, helen promised it wouldn't happen again and she was saying yesterday there is new technology to help speed up the process, promising it would be only 30 minutes to anho some voters describing it was so disorganized. one man said he didn't mind waiting more than an hour because he had the time. >> i only had to wait 1 hour, i put my name and just waited out s. it was great-- outside. it was great. the weather is fantastic, i didn't mind waiting, no frustration, it is my day off so i am taking the time. >> reporter: we might need to take tips from him if you are
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next few days, bring your patience with you as well. some of the locations opens as early as 7:00, phoenix city hall opens 8:00 we have all the locations on >> thank you for the update from there. democratic presidential nominee, hillary clinton made a stop in tempe yesterday. she spoke to an estimated 15,000 people at asu making it her biggest event to date. taking a jab at the s sheriff, hoping to turn arizona blue for the first time since her husband did in 1996. >> for the first time in this campaign i have been putting out the ideas that i have to help you and your families get ahead and stay ahead. i truly believe you deserve a candidate you can vote for, not just someone to vote against. >> donald trump travels to north
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that stage, mike pence sought to defend traditionally republican turf in mesa. >> 6 days away from a great victory all across the state of arizona and all across the united states of america. now, this movement is coming together, this party is coming together, arizona is coming together. we are going to make donald trump the next president of the united states of america. >> governor pence stops in new mexico and colorado yesterday. >> polls show donald trump with a lead in arizona but democrats raen stopping the fight. -- aren't stoping the fight. tim kaine will be in the valley, brian west is live with details. >> reporter: the vice presidential nominee will be speaking here later this afternoon at the marriville community center near indian school 51st avenue. we have been seeing workers inside setting up for the past couple of hours, you can see the stage right there, and somebody who has been with security on a
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speech unlike any other from a vice presidential, or presidential nominee. it is going to be entirely in spanish, tim kaine is no stranger to speaking spanish, he is bilingual, did missionary work in haun durs interrupting his law degree. he was in 2013 the first sitting senator to deliver speech on chambers floor completely in spanish. today's event at 2:00 here will be a little more intimate, invite only, immediately following this, tim kaine will head to tucson to speak at sunnyside high school. hillary clinton coming yesterday for the second time during this campaign and tim kaine also visiting today, just how crucial arizona is, a push, neck and neck that the democraterize trying to thurn-- democrats are trying to turn the state blue.
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play. the cubs win the world series! brian makes the play! it is over! and the cubs have finally won it all! >> right there, they end their 108-title drought beating the indians in game 7, 8-7 in extra innings. as you can imagine, the celebration in chicago was electric. this was the scene outside wr big win. remember that game was played in cleveland, but that didn't stop thousands of fans from pouring into the windy city streets and lets take a live look right now from wrigley field. right there. world series champions. how long has it taken for us to finally see that? it is monumental . a lot calmer, though, this morning. >> much calmer. you got that right.
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the cavs won, it took time to congratulate the winning cubs and console his home town tribe. >> just want to congratulate the indians on the unbelievable season, you guys did something that nobody would ever think you guys could do and we are very proud of you. you guys got nothing to hang your heads low about. use this as inspiration and get ready for next year and also want to congratulate the chicago cubs on winning series. magical season, you were the best team in baseball all year, like i said, congratulations to the chicago cubs and much respect to my home town, cleveland indians. looking forward to seeing you back out there next year. >> use it as inspiration, i thing he knows a thing or 2 about that. >> classy guy right there. one more look at wrigley field, i am sure it will be packed later today. still ahead on 12 today,
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big event last night? besides the world series? one of your favorites. 50th annual country music award. >> the star-studded event, surprise appearances and big
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paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us.
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walking in mesa, might grab the umbrella, showers and wind as well. we minutes. 6:13, lets get to morning juice with vanessa. >> did you know the country music awards were on last night? you might have missed it with all the world series hype, but this morning when everyone wakes up they are going to see this. ? ? ?
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them? queen bee with reverse swift performing with the dixie chicks to perform "daddy lessons." the dixie chicks covered the track on tour earlier this year and the video of it went viral. just like this video is sure to do too. speaking of taylor swift, she made a return to the cma's last night after her successful crossor breaking album, 1989. she took it back to her musical roots preventing entertainer of the year award which went to... >> garth brooks. >> no, it wasn't luke bryant, kenny chesney, but garth brooks who captured the night's biggest award, the coveted entertainer of the year. a big congratulations going out to him.
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night besides the cubs game. time for your juicy question of the morning. according to one survey, 10% of women still have this keepsame from an old boy. some women say this keepsake always puts them in a good mood. what is it? i am going back through all my stuff. >> your old t-shirts, rings. >> a lot of stuff she has too. lot of stuff. >> coming from the other single guy. >> i am thinking a love letter, that is what a said on my facebook page. how about an old picture? >> yeah, a picture. >> john michael said class ring. >> yeah. >> the old class ring. >> like the jacket too. >> the letterman jacket. yeah. >> way back, old school. >> jacqueline said a flower, when you smash a flower in a book. >> all dried up. >> what do you think? >> what about a cd?
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good one, matt. i-10 eastbound to 7th avenue, a parking lot once again. we do have a crash, you can't see because it is blocked by part of the overpass here but vehicles having a lot of trouble making its way around this one. you can see the emergency lights flashing right there. as far as drive times on your valley freeways, once you get up to 35th avenue, that is how far back this crash is taking vehicles. you are looking at speeds up to 32 miles an hour and then it gets a lot slower t carried-- than that, carried to the durango curve. in the north valley, a crash at 101 eastbound and 35th avenue. the right lane is blocked here. crews working to make their way to clearing that one. we have seen rain this morning, jimmy is at the zoo, we will talk to him in a second. a lot of wind as well and wet roadways, especially in the east valley. 202 red mountain, 60, 202 san tan, 10 in through chandler and 101 through scottsdale, all wet
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here in phoenix as well. we are going to send it to jimmy and he is going to show us what things are looking like out there. 6:16, we certainly are. jimmy, you have the umbrella, is the wind going to take that thing away? >> reporter: you know what? there is a lot of wind out here. we had a tree that blew down here at the zoo, we drove past it on the way. really is a chance of some showers and a lot of dust in the atmosphere, even after this storm sort of passes through. this is ted, by weekend at the zoo. we will tell you about that. he will do a little back up while i do weather on top of that and then we will talk to linda about what is happening. first, the forecast. a chance of showers for today and, yeah, a lot of wind also continuing to blow in there. 40% chance of showers and storms for today. they will be developing. low pressure will be spinning around. there is your futurecast. it is going to be moving right on through there. you can see the radar, a lot of
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wind. remember this cold air in the thunderstorms that develop, that drops out, hits the ground, and, boom, pushalize the dust in the atmosphere. more clouds in apache junction, east valley, and downtown. 7-day forecast, okay, 85 degrees, scattered storms on and off throughout today, and windy conditions with blowing sand and dust and 83 degrees for friday, though, scatterest i think things calm down later on tomorrow and the weekend looking beautiful. unfortunately temperatures a little above average. with that being said, they will at least be in the 80s. linda, hop in here. tell us about ted and what is going on this weekend here at the phoenix zoo. >> friday and saturday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., we have farm days, just a great way to celebrate harmony farm area of our zoo. we have cows, we have our goat
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fun games such as cow patty bingo, some goat agility demonstrations going on. you can feed some goats, you can pet them, and we have ted newman, the sing ing cowboy. he will be here as well, wowing the crowd with his amazing skills of guitar and song, really fun to listen to him. >> reporter: a regular cost of admission? >> yes l the activities is included with general admission to the zoo. >> reporter: it is getting windy out here, more storms around the valley and remember farm day here at the zoo this weekend. back to you in the studio, it is really starting to blow out here, again. >> no kidding, never played cow patty bingo. >> you ever done cow patty tossing? great game, let me tell you. into country spirit with jimmy at the farm days at the zoo, our 12 today trivia question, what agrucultural product that does arizona produce enough of to feed 4.6 million americans every year?
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we are-- away. we are making your life easier, do you know how to jump start your car? it is easy, we will show you how
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6:23, welcome back 12 today on a windy and, in some parts of the valley, a rainy thursday morning. lets get to your trivia question, in the country spirit j zoo. our question, what agrucultural product does arizona produce enough to feed more than 4.6 million americans every year? >> lettuce out of yuma. >> that is a big one, our photographer said the same thing. any other guesses? we will get to the answer, here it is. >> beef. its whauts for dinner. >> remember that campaign from the 90s? it is beef. lettuce may feed more people than that. lettuce is a huge crop out of
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but lot of cattle ranchers in the grand canyon state. >> where is the beef? we have 30 lifechangers, a very simple thing we should all know how to do, but some of us have never tried it. >> all right. the arizona heat can be brutal on your car's battery but team 12's krystle henderson shows us how easy it is to jump start a car. >> are you kidding me? >> reporter: if you are like me and your battery is dead, this is what you do. help! anybody? anybody around? anybody know how to jump start a car? anybody? a ghost town out here. okay, chris, you have saved me before, now i need your help again, please. this time, i want to know how to do it.
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need is jumper cables. you have a red end and a black end. red end connects to the hot. the black end connects to the black. then you take your other set of jumper cables and, the car with the running battery, connect red to the red, and black to the black. negative, negative. make sure these connectors never touched when plugged into a battery or you will have apa car, start it up. >> reporter: yea! we did it! >> some people like to take the negative cable and put it on some sheet metal. you can do that or ground it with the battery itself. either way works fine. >> thank you so much, chris. now i know how to jump start a car, and you do too. >> next time you have a a dead battery, call krystle henderson. >> or chris.
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are featuring on 12, head to our website, still ahead on 12 today, botox is not just for wrinkles, how the same drug that helps you turn back the clock is helping stroke victims. it is national sandwich day, in 15 minutes, how you can get a free sabbat subway and-- sub at subway and give to people
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right now on 12 today, can democrats turn arizona blue? with just 5 days until the election, they are making a strong push to make it happen. uber wants to do a lot more to point b, the new features they are offering. taylor swift is pulling in some major cash, and the big boys in second place is not even close to her. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to 12 today. right now lets get straight to your forecast, a lot of rain and a lot of wind, jimmy. yeah, more wind out here, especially we are out here at the phoenix zoo. we have had some very strong
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blown down earlier on that we passed by, and gusty conditions. when the winds die down the dust will linger. the air quality, not good. i wouldn't recommend a jog this morning until it settles through. we have a chance of rain today, area of low pressure coming through, it will be gusty time to time, especially when the winds or those storms come in from the south or to the east of the valley. scattered storms about 40% chance of rain and it will continue today, tonight, and tomorrow. not everybody wiee dust and-- getting a lot of dust and mud rain. a little dirty out there too. but these storms, scattered, creating a lot of wind and gusty conditions, very spooky skies for this morning. now for a check on the early morning commute, jen, hopefully things are doing a little-- things are doing a little better. all the crashes are in the west valley, the east valley staying clear, even though that is where all the rain has been
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with water on the roadways, the 60, 202 san tan trying to dry out some. 101, scottsdale edge of tempe a little wet right to where jimmy is and we are seeing back up's in the west valley because of a couple of crashes. speeds down to 30 miles an hour, even slower than that. once you get down to 35th avenue on the 10. also 35th in the 101, is blocked eastbound 101 because of a crash. 10 eastbound at 7th avenue, we are still seeing wall to wall traffic here because of a crash. it has moved off to the right but it is still slowing things down, backed up past 35th avenue. coming up in my next traffic report, we get a look at your futurecast and take you to the 8:00 hour, how things are shaping up for today. 6:31, less than a week away from the election, we hear about the results of different polls
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>> who are you voting for to be the next president? hillary clinton? donald trump? or are you not voting for either of them? very easy to vote, go to >> all it takes is seconds to weigh in. we will have the final results before the today show. also, there is growing concern this morning that arizona could see another voting disaster like we saw earlier this year. dozens of early voting locations open 8:00 this morning after seeing long lines yesterday. team 12's nico santose has more on this. >> reporter: if early voting were as easy as the 12 news poll. we are hearing from voters yesterday standing in line upwards of 3 hours after the presidential preference election where officials promised us that it simply wouldn't happen again. it remains to be seen how the rest of the days wfr before the
6:33 am
wasn't the case in chandler city hall, 2-3 hours for some voters to get through, some giving up before they got to the front of the line. we are wondering how it will pan out for tuesday, the main day we have all been waiting for. mare copey county reporter, helen persell took responsibility last time and promised it wouldn't happen again and they have new technology, particularly tuesday, anticipating a wait time of 30 minutes and no longer. some voters were describing how it was so disorganized and one man saying he didn't mind waiting because had the time, not the case for everybody. some showing up on their lunch and bailing because they had to go. >> any given moment, half the booths are unoccupied, there is bottleneck at processing. >> 2 hours beginning to end, registering, and then voting, and i don't have the time. >> reporter: if you don't have
6:34 am
25 early-voting locations on some opens as early as 7:00, take some patience with you, guys. >> definitely need a lot of that. one day after his running mate, hillary clinton spoke to 15,000 in tempe, tim kaine has a full slate of events here in arizona, including a stop in phoenix, team 12's brian west is live with the preview. >> reporter: the vice presidential nominee is going to be here in the marriville community center speaking at 2:00, we are being told that the speech is significant because it is the first speech done by a presidential nominee or vice presidential nominee that is completely done in spanish, it will be taking place right behind me. you can see the stage there. we have seen workers working overnight for a few hours getting everybody set up for today's event. now because it is in spanish, this just goes to show tim kaine
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spanish, he did missionary work in honduras, he interrupted his law studies to do that. the first sitting senator to deliver a speech on chambers floor comfleetly in spanish-- completely in spanish. the event today is invite only. after this he will head to tucson to speak at sunnyside high school for an open event there. the public is encouraged to attend. it goes to show with yesterday, hillary clinton coming to the valley, now tim kaine coming to marriville and to tucson, what a battleground state we a how crucial the next 5 days are leading up to tuesday's election. live in phoenix, bryan west, 12 today. to a 12 news investigation, a lot of us have parents who are getting older, we are caring for them as the years go on. >> unfortunately we worry about the lev of that care. it is-- level of that care, it is tough when you look at these numbers. 1 in 9 seniors report being
6:36 am
year. 1 in 20 is ripped off financially. >> the most concerning number, 90% of abusers are family members or someone that is supposed to be trusted. that leads us to a 12 news investigation. >> an 83 yrmd woman in the last stages of alzheimers has literally nothing left of her life savings. >> she didn't deserve this. >> the agency charged with protecting vulnerable adults overlooked an employee accused of ripping off his min bank, sir? >> an agency that touts a record of... >> finding wrong doers to bring the hammer down. >> reporter:... failed to bring down that hammer on one of its own. >> i authorized the arrest of 7 employees. >> not this time. >> i wish it had never happened to my mother. i am sorry but it is just evil. >> a 12 news investigation reveals how one slipped through the cracks. >> you don't want to miss
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on 12 news at 10:00. still ahead on 12 today, what else can botox do? how doctors are using the anti-aging drug to help stroke victims. new information about the future of prince's music, what this means for fans, in the
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good mor, to 12 today on a windy, and in some places, a rainy start to your thursday. winds kicking up a little bit at the 12 news studios at 200 east van buren. hope you are off to a good start. morning juice back inside the studio, here is vanessa. >> good morning, actress and author, julianne moore stops by ellen and talks about the challenges connecting with her son while he is away at college. she and ellen sent him a snap.
6:41 am
all right. go. talk. >> here i am, on the ellen show. >> snap chatting. there she is. >> nice kitty. >> yeah. >> julianne talks about her movie with matt damon, george clooney, and ellen asks adam laveen to give her a phrase to work into julianne's interview. check what he picked at right here on channel 12. ? i just [kiss by prince] ? >> a buyer, not jay-z, universal publishing group won the rights from prince's collection. announcing the deal and saying
6:42 am
prince's estate for new creative outlets for his music. spotiify or youtube may start streaming the music. right now spotiify only has one song, i believe it is called "stare." according to one survey, 10% of women still have this keepsake from an old boy. there is a very slight chance jimmy or matt have given this to an ex, and our producer, >> my gosh. >> we are taking it back old school y. am going with a love letter. >> what have you given to an ex? >> heart ache? >> pain. suffering. >> headaches. the mixed tape. we talked about that earlier. >> play and record. >> so true. >> sometimes you miss the first couple beats of the song or get dj's last couple sentences tossing to it. >> as long as it was a good
6:43 am
>> stomp on it. >> the string. >> the good old days. now what? a mixed playlist on itunes? something like that? still ahead on 12 today, botox is helping people in so many ways, coming up next on 12 today, how the drug used to fight wrinkles is helping stroke
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paul babeu is abusive.
6:45 am
by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
6:46 am
eat at your own risk, is your favorite restaurant thon dirty list? last week we showed you a handful of local spots violating your trust. and now, we are digging into that maricopa county health department and finding more disgusting things, like mold inside the ice dispenser and employees blowing their nose while working with the food. is this happening at your favorite restaurant or convenience store? see which spots are on the dirty list this week, eat at your own risk, that is tonight only on 12
6:47 am
welcome back to 12 today, a beautiful look outside as there are rain, there is rain in some parts of the valley here-- parts of the valley here. we continue our medical series on botox and we are going to show you how botox is helping stroke victims move in a way they couldn't before. brent williams. >> he called our dot toor say he couldn't pick-- daughter to say he couldn't pick up our grandson from school, like he did every day. she said why? he said i thing i am having a stroke. >> he couldn't speak, lost consciousness and was in a coma for 3 weeks. >> right sided paralysis. >> if they have the contractions it is very painful and can't
6:48 am
conditions has helped tremendously with botox. >> yep, botox, the same botox that is used to fight wrinkles also now being used to help relax muscles stiffened by a stroke. >> botox is one of the treatments that is available for patients who have significant contractures of their joints where they can't straighten their knee or extend their shoulder all the way. >> after just onere leg muscle... >> he can lift his leg as you just saw, he couldn't do before, and he can stand. just kind of like supporting him. i am not holding him. he can take a few steps, if he had the cane heeshgs could take more, but-- cane, he could take more. but he can stand here for several minutes and he couldn't stand for 30 seconds before the botox.
6:49 am
he couldn't support any weight on the leg. >> reporter: brent is now able to get back into physical therapy and the gym, but most importantly, get around and spend time with his family. >> the quality of life is just amazing. >> such a huge difference. when botox is injected right into the muscle it stops the spasicity for 3-6 months at a time. tomorrow, we are going to talk about how botox is being used for crunic neck pain--ch 6:49, a check of your thursday drive. >> good morning, a lot happening right now, we have crashes, wind, and rain. the rain on the roadways in mesa, apache junction, seeing more starting to come through maricopa right now, the 202 san tan into gilbert and higry. as we look to the west-- higley. as we look to the west, 101 through scottsdale a little wet. i-10 in the phoenix area is staying dry, for now, along with the 17.
6:50 am
over to the side. vehicleerize still moving slowly around-- vehicles are still moving slowly around this one even though it is not actually blocking any lanes of traffic. drive times on the 10 eastbound, a crash at i-10 and 7th avenue, because of that it is very slow from 303 to 7th street, nearly an hour commute with traffic slow from phoenix back to 75th avenue. as far as a look at the rest of the valley, drive times chand at speeds to 12 miles an hour, the 17 southbound into phoenix even getting jachled up to about-- jammed up to about 30 miles an hour. to talk about a serious crash in chandler, arizona avenue south on elliott, the alternate route is alma school or mcqueen, it is involving a pedestrian and police are investigating right now. >> you mentioned the rain, lets talk more about it. here is jimmy live at the phoenix zoo.
6:51 am
bit of clearing across our area, you will see the clouds out here and we will tell you about farm days coming up at the zoo this weekend tlchlt is still more storms. -- weekend. there is still more storms. here is your forecast, 80-85 with developing storms, 40% chance of rainfall. low pressure will be meandering around the area for the next couple of daywise a chance of shower-- days with a chance of showers and storms. look at the radar, the heavier storms we saw earlier this morning moved up closer toward payson, we have more storms around casa grande and maricopa that could make their way to west valley in the next hour or so. so more of the storms, they break up and can create more storms for today. here is your 7-day forecast, 85 degrees, there you go, low pressure in the forecast today and tomorrow, scattered storms thursday and friday and things start to become a little more cheerful for saturday and sunday. just hold on to umbrella, could
6:52 am
we have here this weekend? farm days? >> right farm days is friday and saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., entertained by the lovely sounds of ted newman. >> he is great. >> singing cowboy, she great. then we have the nigerian dwarf goat. >> reporter: he is trained? >> yeah. >> reporter: i didn't know you could train a goat. >> absolutely. we have amazing goats, we have more than 20 goats yard. kids will be able to go in, pet the goats, and we will have several keepers with the goats performing some behaviors. >> reporter: fun, saturday and sunday, same cost as admission? >> all activityerize included with-- activities are included with general admission, games, activities, un-close animal encounters, demonstrations with some of our horses and how you can harness a horse and take care of them.
6:53 am
goat now. how old is this goat? >> he is about 4 years old. >> reporter: how long did it take for you to get him to do this? >> they are motivated and can learn things in about a day. >> reporter: goats having fun out here, that is at the zoo this weekend and a chance of storms for the next couple of days, but should be fine for saturday and sunday. back over to you. >> so cute. >> thank you, jimmy. a final check out hot headlines. san tan couple now facing sentencing next month for leaving their 2-year-old son alone whi pokemon go. brent and breanna daily took a plea deal. the incident was over the summer when a neighbor found the boy crying outside the couple's home. authorities say the child was bare foot and wearing a deeper and t-shirt. -- diaper and t-shirt. tim kaine coming to phoenix to deliver a speech in spanish, a first for a candidate on the white house ticket. the 12 news political team will attend today's speech. hillary clinton spoke in
6:54 am
10-15,000 people last night, she told them arizona is up for grabs this year. aids say she was excited last night with the cub's victory, she grew up in a chicago suburb and expects to have her own victory party next week. donald trump is holding a slight edge in our state, a new cnn poll shows donald trump tops hillary clinton by 5% in arizona, he has rallies in florida, pennsylvania, and north carolina today. watch shares of facebook today, thadown sharplyn the social media quarter earning blowing past wall street, 84% of the company's sales, but facebook is warning that growth will slow significantly. uber doesn't want to just deliver you from point a to point b, it wants to be part or your daily life. the-- of your daily life. the ride sharing service over halled the app, users can track
6:55 am
restaurant reviews at their destinations. today is national sandwich day, subway is celebrating the good deed feed, if you buy a suband a drink, you will gate free sandwich and subway will donate a meal to feeding america. did you know eating dinner early or maybe skipping it all together could actually help burn more body fat? researchers at the university of alabama found people burned more fat and felt less hungry than when theyate the same amount of calories between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. for 4 days. it is not clear if the translates to weight loss. forbes magazine has come up with the list of highest paid women in music, at the top is taylor swift. she pulled in $170 million in the past year, adele is not even close in second place, with measly $80 million. >> that is a drastic difference. my goodness. mixed review and twitter reaction to a minor league
6:56 am
>> it is. >> the jacksonville suns have changed its name officially to jumbo shrimp. many fans thing the name is ridiculous. the team's owner thinks it makes the team more marketable. definitely more memorable. >> definitely. have you been to jacksonville? >> i have. >> i love the place but it is like southern georgia, like jumbo shrimp. the end of a drought, others either way celebrating the win of the world series, the first victory in 108 years, cover story journalistvise been waiting more than a century to write. here are the front pages, cubs beat the cleveland indians 8-7 in extra innings in game 7 last night. >> obviously a live look right now over wriggliville at wrigley field where thousands of people
6:57 am
this game, game 7, was played in cleveland. okay? still, they came out over in chicago celebrating. i am sure plenty of tears of joy . >> can't wait for the victory paradeane couple of days-- parade in a couple of days. a final look at our poll question for you today. our question was who are you voting for in the u.s. presidential election? hillary clinton? donald trump? or neither of them? >> looks like hillarynt trump with 44%. and 4% will vote for neither one. >> more than 500 people voted in that. thank you so much for doing that. you have a new question tomorrow morning. final take away, go, cubs, go! that is huge. i still can't get over the catcher being the oldest player in the world series at 39 years old. my gosh. >> not even old. >> making a solo home run, that
6:58 am
never too old to make a come back, garth brooks, cma entertainer of the year. >> he is such a nice guy, we both had a chance to interview him. >> at his age, he is still playing, he did it in phoenix, 2 shows in one night. play for 2 and a half hours, take a break and play 3 more after that. >> he really loves what he does. prince songs might be available on spotiify and youtube next. the cma's last first and only time a dress like that made an appearance at the cma or conry music award show for that matter. >> thanks for watching, everyone. >> 12 news is always on and your favorite social media app, have a great
7:00 am
new polls showing hillary clinton and donald trump locked in a dead heat good morning. cubs win. the chicago cubs are world series champions, beating the cleveland indians in a thrilling extra inning game seven to end their 108-year-long drought. >> and the cubs have finally won it all! >> cubs fans erupting in the stadium and back home. the party still raging this morning. down to the wire. new polls showing hillary clinton and donald trump locked in a dead heat in at least three swing states. the candidates making their final pushes, trump with a message to trump. >> stay on point, donald. stay on point.


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