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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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good morning, mr. q. >> ghoom to you. a little bit on the cool side this morning. we're out here in west world in scottsdale where the pit people come to play as we look to say. i don't know what i'm doing here. having a blast though. we have scottsdale, bentley polo championship happening tomorrow. we have a great event. going to going to meet the players, the mod ems, the dogs and the horses as well. . and if you have never been to a polo match, you're going to see it, all the stereotypical things. weather is going to be nice. 81 or 82 degrees, and
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gorge this weekend. last year on the polo matches, a little bit on the warm side. i don't think that's going to be the case. we'll have the forecast and you're going to see polo, come out and bring your hat and stomp the divots. >> sounts amazing. any time i can dress up and have a cocktail, i am definitely in. sounds fantastic. as far 17 southbound, approaching thunderbird, clearing up, but closer to phoenix, thomas, indian school, backing up to five to ten miles per hour. in the northbound lanes, they're clear as well. that's not the case, i-10 eastbound into phoenix and the 17 southbound, closer to phoenix in the orange zone. as you can see in the map, in
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and we have crier roads today and we are still crash-free. quickly, let's talk about what's happening. listen up if this is in your commute rar i-10 is closing tomorrow. 17 southbound. northbound lanes, use a frontage road. and closed between gilbert and mcdowell. friday night at ten all the way you're going to need to use the 60 or mcdowell to make it around that part of the valley. again, as far as your friday commute, seeing the lights. good stuff. >> thank you for the heads up. appreciate it. days away from the election. we are taking an informal moll. >> who is going to win in congress? >> simple vote.
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and looks like paul penzone is still in the lead. a jury of 11 white men and one black man in the jury of a police officer accused of shooting a black man. the police officer shooting walt walter scott after fleeing, faces 30 years. jerry sandusky is facing trial, after pen state was filed more than $2 million after how they handled the case and the laws requiring colleges to report crimes. convicted of 45 counts of child sexual abuse. the massive sea of blue right there. that's where the cubs will
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rally. that's going to begin at 9:00 a.m. our time. they're showing up early. that's two days after the ten inning win, 8-7 over cleveland. >> they did it on the road. . it's fun friday and we're going fast. team 12's rbiian west is out there. you're about to get in one of these boats? already getting in with the helmet. >> that's right. got all the gear on right now. this is jeremy, this is some of his gear. tell me about this. there's a whole preparation before you get on the water. >> absolutely. you have to get geared up so we're safe.
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retardant gear. and a helmet restraint to keep the helmet on and a jacket here that has a parachute here, keeping you away from any kind of problems in the event of an accident. >> and that's if you're going incredibly fast too. this can take you away from the cash. >> absolutely. slows you down, speed-wise and away from the accident is the idea of the deal. >> jeremy is coming off three wins. this is lickety-split. the winning boat. . >> explain what you're doing right now? >> turning air on rar power on, making sure everything is oak and we're going to flip the switch and light it up for you. >> let's see it. i'm told this doesn't do it
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could feel it maybe 20 to 30 yards away. so it's just revving right now. . >> and our photographer daniel clark is down there too. >> i can tell you the vibrations coming off this is plenty awesome. and tomorrow, the weekend. for now, sending it back to you and in the next half hour, going to be heading out on one of these boats and getting out on the water. >> can't wait for that. >> a little too much for us. so coming up, art, food, music, and did i say nood in where you can check them out in the fun things this weekend. .
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to people that don't have money. >> for those of you that don't know, you're watching a thing called a television. >> dana carvey, nailing celebrity impressions.
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paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
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. i'm cocoa brown, i'm coming to 12 today. phoenix, arizona, here i come. talking about the presidential election, everything, who is doing who, and what i'm going to bring to phoenix. the best show you have ever seen. are you ready for me, arizona? i'm ready for you. cocoa brown is coming. >> you ready? >> i am.
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6:10 on friday. morning juice with vanessa. >> saturday night live alum, dana car vee -- carvey was on howard stern. nailing 17 celebrities. >> michael caine as a toddler. gaga. goo goo. i don't know. i'm two years old. >> and -- fine people with money. take their money and give it to people that don't have money. >> for those of you that don't know, you're watching a thing called a television. >> little -- dog never lived
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just data da. da da da. >> can't show you all of them, but check them out. good stuff. president obama preparing for hillary clinton in cleveland state university as part of the get out and vote event. and just found out that his wife will be joining him. the campaign has not commented. her and her opponent, donald trump are expected at rallies today in ohio. great concert. always a good duo together. >> that is going to be huge. >> it is. >> and time for your juicy question of the morning. your mom often uses this often, but studies show that only one of ten use it. some at the house and some at work. what is this? i don't think it's my pond's cold cream anymore. >> rollers? >> i say a land line telephone.
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that's a good one. >> the old school mop, the one with the little strings? >> i still -- yeah. >> i am completely stumped on this one. this is a good one. because it's like, you can't think. at home and at work. >> right. jenn, would you have any ideas as you are on the road with our real time traffic? >> two ideas. th wall with the actual cord, not the cell phone and a pager maybe? and our photographer has one too. >> growing up in my housz hold, wooden spoon. >> sweet. great mom. and he he's a good guy and a great driver too. just passed a crash on the 17
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people are slowing down to look at it. and slow traffic because of a crash out in the west valley to the 101 northbound. that is where we're headed to check out that mess and seeing some activity around northern, might be something slowing you down there as well. and some weekend closures as well in this area. the ten eastbound is closed between 17 and 51 tonight through monday morning at 5:00 a.m.. on at the airport or the northbound lanes using the frontage road. this is slowing down from tempe into phoenix. and 202, red mountain and santana is not bad. going to let you know if anything changes. >> good news there. thank you, jenn. let's head to jimmy q who
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championships. you're wearing the wrong pants. >> they're not. but they're not skinny but they are comfortable. and a question i'll let you answer later. the polo matches, they're epic. really good. started how many years ago? six years ago. it's grown. and some events this time of the temperatures are going to be great. timed it perfectly. in payson, high country, some big storms out there right now that are heading up and away from the valley. in fooeks, we have clear skies and beautiful conditions. temperatures in the 80s and should be really, really beautiful and rain for the weekend forecast.
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scottsdale, going to be all sorts of stuff. jacob, you have some music? >> that's right. i am an indy hip hop artist and they brought me ot here to do what i do best. we'll see what happens. backing me up is funk dust and a bunch. >> not just horses and polo, but a hibt of hip hop. >> that's right. portraying the culture her >> can you do a rap here? ten seconds or so? ? ? ? >> (rapping) .
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gave me 30 seconds. so much. >> what else can we expect? >> a fashion show and dogs -- >> you can bring your dogs out here? >> and free to register your dog for the fashion show. >> and that's getting into the ooeventh. >> and you can register online at and you can bring your dog, dress them up, great prizes and celebrity judges. >> where do people go to remg? >> and there's a fee for the humans, dogs are free. >> going to talk to the polo players and the cars when we come back. >> love the furry friends next to you. perfect. thank you. events in the area, vintage shopping and down to the farm,
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goodies and fun and trinkets. four to 11 pm in downtown chandler. plenty of activities like a pie eating contest and games. calling all cowboys and cowgirls. get up for today and saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.. plenty of music, games, crafts, meet and greets with cowboys and activities and more. all of that is including with regular zoo admission. in glendale, have fun shopping at the hand maig made market, selling unique vintage items today and saturday. tickets start at six bucks. celebrate first frit friday in downtown phoenix. tickets for all of the galleries, art spaces and
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lots of fun. a very simple move there that matt mauro is showing us. a few slaps on the back can make all the difference. >> excuse me. a little bit of gas. >> jimmy is out playing polo. so got us wondering, where was the first polo match plays in the united states? we'll have more on that in just
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. welcome back, everyone, to 12 today. look at that steady stream of blue right there, running to the park as they celebrate the huge cubbies world series win. that town is going crazy today.
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>> other way arntd. >> parade then the rally. there we go. >> ending there at grant park. going to try to get to the stage, seeing the players up close and personal. going 108 years without a world series title, you run don't walk to get there. and to the question of the day, jimmy is out there for the polo championships. so the question, where was the first polo match played? >> washington, d.c. >> your other guess was right. new york in 1876. >> geographically close. >> both were. the life changers that everyone needs to make life a little bit easier for you. most people know the heimlich
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and abdominal thrusts. the red cross showed me the right way. . >> keep someone from panicking. >> that's the first thing to do. then call 911 and let that person know that you're there to help. >> i'm here, i'm trained, keep coughing, can i help you. >> if the person can't breathe, t >> up here, between the shoulder blades, the wings here, the heel of the palm and five times, hard. >> and then the abdominal thrust. >> finger in your belly button. swing around, down, seat to sit
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thumb in, knuckle up, and cranking as hard as i can five more times. >> if the person is still choking, do it again until the first responders arrive. >> that one hurt. >> you let him? >> yeah. >> i don't understand the full effect here. >> i'll do it on jay a little bit in the break there. there you go. save someone's life. so can b how one woman used it to get her active life back up and running. the question of the day on who is going to win? we'll have the answer here on 12 todd.
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. botox isn't just for celebs and wrinkles, how it can ease your pain. >> juice of a holiday favorite has just gone healthy. >> drag boat racing, going to get your heart racing.
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jimmy is out there for the polo championships. hi, jimmy. . >>reporter: take a look at this. everyone is getting ready here. going to have cars, polo matches, men and women's teams on top of that. we have expensive cars, and we have models. you look familiar. why do you look familiar to me? >> i was the weather kid for 2012. >> boom. knew it. these weather kids grow up just like that. doing a great job. it's awesome, big event in kots dale. going to preview it and talking to some of the models and players and the weather is gorgeous, look for increasing sunshine, slight chance of a storm this afternoon, most of the weather heading up in the high country. more on the seven-day that's
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eastbound and we are heading into phoenix. we're pretty far out in the west valley past the 101. you can see it's pretty clear here. but we want to show you where the traffic is starting to stack up. where it turns into the 101 northbound and southbound, by glendale, a crash with some slowdowns and lights. an exclusive birds eye view of the traffic here and starting to jam up as we get into the phoenix area. and some light, see it in the car, i'm not sure about that. the storms coming in from the east, mesa and apache junction and -- could be a little bit wet for the community. coming up in the next hit, going to show you the rest of the valley and let you know if
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as we get closer into phoenix, that's where you get down to ten to 20 miles per hour. >> jenn our meteorologist and traffic reporter. thank you vvp. a teenager who took a plea deal after being accused of carrying out a terror attack. nooik has more. >> -- nico santos has more. >> pled guilty to it and the judge will have to decide how long he'll stay in jail. talking about the man pleading guilty to three counts relating to terrorism. first , terrorism, second, conspiracy to commit terror and conspiracy to commit misconduct involving weapons. investigated by the fbi joint terrorism task force.
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requesting weapons, trying to get in contact with the members of a terrorist group and directions to make a pressure cooker bomb. the punishments with minimum of seven years and after he gets out, on supervised probation and going to have to vurnd his -- surrender his passport. he -- he are already pled guilty and the judge will make his decision about 10:00 this morning. nighn phoenix, nico santos, 12 today. . in a matter of days, we'll find out if prop 205, the measure to leelz recreational pot will pass or fail. there are a lot on both sides of the heated debate, including
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pot has been legal for years. talking about the pros and cons about it and people getting high and hitting the road. there'sr there's an exclusive look, has it led to more traffic deaths in colorado. you'll see what we encounter tonight at ten as we take you on part two of our verify road trip. i can't wait to see that. week away. we're taking an unscientific poll. >> the question, who is going to win sheriff of the county of --mericopa. . >> takes just a few minutes to vote. we'll have the final results just before the today show here
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. it's another fun friday here on 12 today. we are speeding into the weekend on the water. bryan west is live out there for some drag boat racing. he is in one of the boats and shelby is going to be there and bryan going along for the ride of his life. hi, shelby. . >>reporter: we're going to watch bryan do with tony scarlotta, a drag boating champion. the law firm and an adrenaline rush. and it's going to be a rush for bryan, different from anything he has ever done. i think he'll enjoy it. it's a fun thing to do, the drivers experience the adrenaline rush and the gs when they take off.
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. >> shelby, how fast do they go? >> i'm not sure about that, but that one is capable of going 150 to 170 miles per hour. >> need to crank it up. what are the chances on a scale of one to ten that bryan needs to change his pants after that? >> he might. the crew said he might scream like a girl. >> he that's normal. >> people going out there, they can't climb in, but can talk and visit with the drivers. >> yeah, you can come to the pit and learn about drag bode both racing many. -- drag boat racing. . >> look that the. he is loving it. >> and you have been doing this for a number of years.
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what gets you going? >> sorry. i didn't hear that. >> of course you didn't. it's so darn loud out there. you have been doing this for years. what is the best part of it? >> for me, it's a family thing. me and my dad, it's a bonding experience for us. our crew is like our team, we travel bonding and having fun with each other. >> boat racer reporter. great job out there. >> thank you for taking bryan out. >> doesn't want to go back after that. >> have to go home first. >> right. change the pants. can botox help easing pain in? one woman says, yes. helping her get back to her
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>> j-lo has the internet drooling. what is it? we'll have that coming up after
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paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school
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paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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what's up, i'm cocoa brown from tyler perry, people very oj. i'm coming to phoenix. talking about the presidential election. hollywood, who is seeing who, you know how we do. the best shows they have ever seen. are you ready for me, arizona? i'm ready for you. cocoa brown is coming. come on in. vanessa, we are looking forward to that. >> we are. tram, speaking of that, you want to pay attention to this. pumpkin spice lattes are tasty, but not healthy. this is one -- 2% milk and whipped cream has a lot of
6:41 am
20%. >> skim or almond or soy and do no whip. >> speaking of. matt, you're getting ahead of it. can now have eggnog. almond breeze has put its spin on it. classic and vanilla chai spice. for those with pail owe or just like the taste. and try it. we'll all try it. >> this morning, it appears that jennifer lopez is trying to break the internet. decided to post a sexy selfie on instagram. this one got over a million likes, yes. know why? she's 47 and a mom of two, this picture is about loving yourself.
6:42 am
body, healthy mind with a nice behind. added the nice behind. . >> does she have twins? goodness. >> don't go there. >> what a weekend focus with the juicy question of the morning. hard after that. your mom uses this often, but a survey shows that one of ten of ti any final guesses on what that is? >> changing the pond's cold cream to rollers. >> i'm going to change. slippers. house slippers. >> the holiday ones with rudolf. >> an apron? i don't want to get my clothes dirty. >> it's not just an apron. can your mom do the whip and
6:43 am
? >> don't -- you don't cook with the apron anymore. >> the spill -- >> make a mess, the mess should be on you. that's how you know how well you did it? >> that's why we have jeans. >> just to the whip. pain in the neck, not talking about matt mauro. there is a lot of pain out there. one valley woman wants to bring on the botox. how the wrinkle fighter is helping her get her old life
6:46 am
. good morning, guys. this is jen wall with your real time on the road traffic. it's a parking lot on the i-10 eastbound. averaging ten to 15 miles per hour on first avenue. vehicles in front of us and i'm going to pan behind because we have a huge line of vehicles behind us this morning. that's not going to change for the next hour at least as
6:47 am
here for your morning commute. we'll have the birds eye view here that you can only see here on 12 news and seeing the vehicles, some crashes. 17 southbound before glendale, a crash to the right slowing things down. and one bhientd us on the 17 eastbound to the 101 northbound. that's slowing things down. panning around, into the west valley, don't have anything to worry about. and other spots that are going to be slower. 17 into phoenix, 60 southbound rural and mill. a little bit of a back up on 70 southbound and there are some freeway closures too and those are going to be posted on the website. tune in so you can learn everything you need to know for your weekend travel. and some spots you are definitely going to want to
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. welcome back inside our 12 news studios. it's 6:48 on the botox benefits. been used for migraines and headaches and also chronic neck pain. >> shelly loves being active. but she's had pain as long as she can remember. >> and -- going to the kier prakter. >> the relief was temporary, maybe a few hours. got to the point where she got depressed and took a break from playing sforts for five months. >> getting the invites and gosh, i just can't go. it's not worth i it.
6:49 am
being aggravated and can't do my job. >> the pain was excruciating. >> constantly grabbing my neck and massage it back down. like a muscle spasm. >> wouldn't go away until she discovered botox. >> the nerve from the -- the nurl muscular junction. >> to relieve that pain, the doctor injects about ten units of botox deep into each muscle. she noticed the difference immediately. >> t got immediate relief. >> within hours? >> within hours. it just relaxes everything. >> back to the things she loves. a dramatic change. for the first time in years, she's pain-free, something she
6:50 am
>> it's fun. wake up and don't have to think about it. it's just a breath of fresh air. it's great. really is. >> the benefits last between three to six months. and doctors say a big advantage to using it, there's no need for painkillers and less addictive. >> sounds like a good use for it. heading to jimmy q about the forecast and talking about some >>reporter: let me get my mug out of here. look at the horses out there. so beautiful out there. waking up, the weather is going to be fantastic. the gates open at 10:00 and you can log on to tickets for 20 bucks. french bulldogs and other dogs
6:51 am
jackson -- barrett jackson. >> this is within of the packards here, we're going to be selling. >> porsches, lamborghinis, mazeratis. >> and a lot more on the champagne lounge as well. >> and you can register your pet for the fashion show. we have models out here. clothes. madison is here, she was my weather kid in 2012. >> and dave, auction here too. can't have a polo match without art. >> that's right. >> how much is this worth? ? >> estimated 100 to $120,000. >> and you can bid here? >> right. >> and don't know who the
6:52 am
>> you have heard of ricky bobby. but there arest there's ricky cooper. tell us what's going on with this polo match. >> this is the fifl, you have all types here, the university attending, general admission, always a big packed crowd, 12 12,000 people in here and there's something for everybody. >> and a lot of polo players as well. nick roldan here -- you're a good polo player? >> i guess. >> one of the best in the country, play all over the place as well. people expect that. what is the most common thing you get besides what's your phone number? >> the crowds i think. they're really insane and they get into the games and it's a party and it's a great event and a couple of great polo players here and it's a good event.
6:53 am
all seems affordable, except for the boots. how much? >> depends. between couple of hundred dollars or a thousand. >> and for the ladies, do you clean pools in your off time? >> yes. >> take your shirt off? >> yeah. >> there you go. all the things going on here, dogs, fashion, polo and 20 bucks 10:00 to six clock here at west world, six years in a row. awesome. better see you here, tram and matt. better get down here and out of your apartment. >> if i don't, know what i am going to do, drag boat racing. >> this is bryan out there.
6:54 am
>> good thing these aren't my shorts. and i didn't think i had to go to rest room. this isn't good right now. shelby -- i have to tell you. unlike anything. that's better than a roller coaster. and we were only going 80 miles per hour. how do you get used to that? >> it goes away. i started years ago, it's going away. 160. and we were going half that. >> and some get up to 200. >> it's like a rocket ship taking off across the water. how do you describe it when people ask you. >> i don't know how to describe it. it's something different unless
6:55 am
and it's all gs. >> and -- scaring more the halloween. and is your chin strap secure? i didn't realize, soon we hit 80, i thought the helmet was going to come off. >> how did i do? >> better than jimmy q. >> for sure. >> and you can come out here, they are going to with on the water and shelby is going to be and -- tomorrow and also sunday, but i'm going to toss it back to you and go change my shorts. >> that was the best way to get an instant face lift. >> take away ten years on the boats. you only went 80. and the top was 265 -- >> yeah. and those are closed boats. the open, top is 160.
6:56 am
>> impressive. we'll see highlights on snapchat as well if you missed it. we want to ask you a question, we'll have a new president in a few days. they're hitting the campaign trail. one of the big races in the valley is for sheriff. whether or not will win the mericopa sheriff race? the unscientific poll is showing we will have a new president. and both candidates are hitting the road. both hillary clinton and donald trump with rallies. eight surrogates will be spreading hillary clinton's message across the country, including the president and jayz will be performing in ohio. and donald trump in ohio and pennsylvania and new
6:57 am
the gop nominee has all hands on deck. melania making a speech and mike pence tried to court conservatives. and donald trump jr. will stump for his father right here in the valley. a rally in downtown gilbert at 9:ha at the gilbert water tower. >> i'll admit. i'm a band wagon fan. i want to >> with the cubs you shall -- >> i'm going from jennifer lopez, but dana carvey with the impressions. i want to see him and frank caliendo doing a show. and the great events going on. this is one of the favorite
6:58 am
to where bryan was. so great. check out those boats. you can talk with the pilots. you can sit in them, kids -- >> not on, in or -- not allowed in the water with them. such a great time. nascar is coming back to the valley next week. i can't wait for that too. >> thank you so much for watching, everyone. hope you make it a fantastic friday. >> we're always on 12ne.c apps. we'll leave you with the news tracker and your traffic out
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good morning. the end is near. four days to go and "time's" cover captures the mood of the nation as a new poll shows 8 in 10 americans say the campaign has left them repulsed. are serious concerns about a cyber attack on election day. this morningwhat security officials are doing to protect the vote. in the dark. a popular las vegas hotel and casino forced to close overnight after workers damaged its main power line. thousands of guests evacuated. repeated advances? fox news anchor megyn kelly levels stunning new accusations against her former boss, roger ailes.


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