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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  November 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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ruling with just four days left until voters at the polls. and appeals court has blocked arizona's banner collecting early ballots. the decision came as donald trump junior made another visit to the valley. here are the details. >> they can resume collecting ballots immediately for the presidential election after the federal appeals court action. the us supreme court still might step in to stop it which coha tomorrow. it stems from a law that makes it a felony to collect someone else's ballot. groups have collected all it's to help get out the vote. michele reagan and other republicans argue the ballot collecting invites voter fraud. day-to-day arizona attorney general asked the us supreme court to let the law take affect before the election but groups are already celebrating.
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blocked today as well as a policy has been pushing are clear examples of how arizona's youth has allowed for right- wing tactics. >> and that to the presidential campaign trail. donald trump junior made his second stop in the valley in the last eight days. and an exclusive interview donald trump's son had something to say about 12news checking into that video of him last week pushing the car on mesa street. >> donald trump junior hasn't forgotten his last trip to the valley. >> most people were incapable of it show the republican presidential nominee son pushing a stalled car and hundred degree heat and mesa. >> 12news followed up on viewers suspicion it was a pr stunt. trump told me he hasn't forgotten that either.
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>> by the time he spoke to several hundred trump supporters at the water tower park. that is where we've come. someone is incapable of doing something and it had to be a pr stunt. i've never been that insulted in my life. >> he can take comfort in his father's rising poll numbers in arizona. donald trump is up eight points over hillary clinton. >> matters to me and told tuesday. >> trump voters are worried about a rigged election. >> people are waiting in line all day and some of them did not get to vote. >> i asked him how he would asked them to -- we should accept it. >> trump was joined by orrin
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live in the newsroom, 12news. a busy day for donald trump senior. he held campaign events in three different states today. in new hampshire he pledged to improve services for military veterans. the full court press by hillary clinton's campaign continues here in arizona. is making a stop in phoenix on sunday. he was just in arizona a couple of weeks ago looking to rally voters. tonight hilary clinton is getting star-studded help. beyonci and jay-z are hosting a get out the vote concert in ohio. donald trump currently leads in that traditionally red state. clinton is trying to turn the tides by winning over millennials and african- american voters. here is a live look from
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public library. still quite a few people are waiting there. people are waiting up to four hours to cast their ballots. this is been a problem in a number of cities but is this valley wide. we put it to the test when we cast a ballot in phoenix today. >> hey, everybody. it is my day off today, friday and i am exercising my right to vote. i deci i . it was the closest location to where i was. i'm going to go inside and vote. we're going to see how long it's going to take me. the time right now is about noon . i will let you know how it goes.>> i got my sticker. pretty easy process here. from start to finish it was
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this was today, friday. so right now i can say that my personal experience here at the recorder's office went very smoothly. no complaints. let's see how things go as we move forward in the next couple of days. >> as election day nears if you see any problems when you go to cast your ballot, let us know. you can email us. let's get a look at your ho a terrorist suspect was spent eight years in prison after taking a plea deal. a judge handing down that sentence today which includes lifetime supervised probation. he was plotting an attack on several government buildings in arizona including an office and mesa. a toddler has died after a reported case of child support
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lizet moreno is accused of throwing the toddler on the floor. she told authorities she got mad because the child was crying and refuse to eat . she faces one count of felony child abuse. a verdict handed down in the bridge gate scandal. a federal jury found to former aides of chris christie guilty of conspiracy. they are charged in the plot to use traffic jams to punish the democratic mayor who did not indoors christie's. new man they want to charge of the team next season. here are the details. >> the diamondbacks got there guy. he's coming over from boston. their relationship and friendship dates all the way
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were with the indians. is coming over from boston where he spent the past four season as their bench coast. he does have big-league experience filling in and 2015 when he was receiving treatment for lymphoma. he was drafted in the fifth round back in 87 by the tigers and played for six different teams. he managed nine years in the minor leagues and has spent six total years as a bench coast -- coach. >> there will be a press conference to introduce their new manager. he will take a job with the giants. he becomes the night manager in 19 seasons. >> coming up, pledging their lives to protect and to serve. which valley city will have a new class of police officers hitting the streets. >> the state high school football players are underway -- playoffs are underway. we previewed the 5a division.
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find out if prop 205 the measure that would legalize recreational pot will pass or fail. all this week we are verifying claims on both sides of the heated debate. recreational pot has been legal in colorado for a few years. we've been looking at the pros and the cons and what about the concerns of people getting high and hitting the road. a police department in the denver area i look. has this led to more traffic deaths in colorado? >> we we'll take you on part
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and it is been a big week for the phoenix police department. today the chief welcomed the new batch of officers. >> here is the moment that.the recruits 20 weeks of intense will soon see on the streets of phoenix, sing to protect and serve. their training ended and south phoenix friday morning. they are excited but mostly proud. >> i remember being that person 28 years ago.
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ambition of all the things they want to do in our community. >> this is the first graduating class under the new police chief. she is confident they are ready and able. when they leave here, that there happy and healthy and ready to take on that next chapter of their lives. >> finishing almost 5 months of training meets are accomplishing a huge goal. >> i worked in the er and i was >> it is a very man dominated field. it and i can do anything that all of the other people in my class can do. >> my father has been with phoenix for almost 28 years. he will be leaving and i will be coming in. >> it's a dangerous job. he's wanted to do a for a while. i've just really proud of him. >> in a time of high tension between law enforcement and the community, chief williams would
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a personal connection to the phoenix community. we will spend more time with one another then we won't get to spend with their loved ones but i would like to think our community is our family also.>> we appreciate their service, of course. we really want to point out the temperature at the bottom of your screen. today is the first day it has felt like fall in the valley. for the first time that we been in the 70 since the beginning of may. step outside and look at these temperatures. 52 in flagstaff. we do still have activity out there. most of the activity has shifted over to the northern and eastern portion of our state. there is one line of
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see it moving down i-40. there is some snow on the mountain and that is the snow coming down the lifted up towards the north. here's a look at your forecast. get outside and enjoy this week. a nice cool weekend out there. 84 degrees a little bit above average but we will take it after that mornlo around 62 degrees. things are going to be changing. there's that low pressure the brought that rain and snow and that will mean a big warming trend coming back into our forecast. temperatures could be flirting with the 90 degree mark by next weekend. 38 show low, 33, flagstaff. 50, page. the sun in the 80s and it's going to be 87 degrees.
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temperatures. >> finally some fall like temperatures. >> time is running out to donate to the treats for troops. today is the last day. there's just a few hours left. those streets will support programs that reach military installations throughout the state. high school football playoffs begin tonight. we are breaking down the teams to watch in the major divisions. bruce cooper is live at mesa mountain view high school with the preview. how's that going out there? >> is going well good. and just about an hour this place will be jampacked. a six-day divisional playoff between the bellevue toros and let's talk about the 58
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they're all legitimate to win it all but i'm giving desert edge to walk away. they have a terrific running quarterback. he is a true difference maker. he gets defensive coordinators nightmares. the biggest challenge, the way i see it is a centennial coyotes. championship and last year they won the five a1 state championship under the revamping of divisions. they find themselves in the 5a division. the head coach has a group that knows how to win and deliver championship effort and championship performance. my surprise team, the bulldogs. the bulldogs aren't flashy or loaded with any division i talent. they are well coached him play with true grit and determination.
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you could find yourself going home early for the playoffs. >> coming up we will preview the 6a division and we are here for our six-day playoff game of the week. is the desert vistas under and the mountain view tomorrow. we have a lot of football player 96 teams of battling. six different division state championships. we will send it back in the studio. still ahead, eat at your own risk. discussing things happening at valley restaurants. make sure reset your favorite
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eat at your own risk. 48 million americans will suffer from food poisoning this year alone. is your favorite restaurant on this week's dirty list?>> chicken blood dripping on already prepared food. this week we are getting a glimpse of other disgusting things that are happening. >> but nobody should be doing that while preparing your food which is what health inspectors found that jason's deli in chandler. an employee did not wash her hands in between using the tissues and picking up the potato salad. >> this one inspectors saw happening at this dell taco in mesa. health inspectors found employees cutting avocados on a cardboard box. a cardboard box. have you ever tried to clean
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you can't. that's why you use a cutting board. the county is not just keeping up on restaurants. anyone serving food or drinks gets inspected like the circle k. it was flagged because the ice dispenser at the soda machine had heavy accumulation of mold. our last stop this week is that cams on broadway road in inside of a colander like they expected. they found it inside of a bucket with holes drilled in the side. what would happen if the environmental services department wasn't working for you? you would always have to eat at your own risk. >> sometimes i just go like this. this report in particular, sometimes these restaurant owners will say that the inspectors got them on a bad
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a reminder to have no bad days. >> accountability. for sure. if you want to look up the latest reports, head to our website. it is a day chicago has been waiting for for more than 100 years. we will take you to the heart of the windy city for today's celebrat we have a celebrity coanchor coming to join the fun. the wanting to many of us do right before we leave the house each day. runoff on monday morning at 4:30 on 12 today.
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors
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and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics. tom o'halleran -- a leader we can trust. paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run
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man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. coming up at 6:00, did you hear about this horrifying kidnapping case of assault out of south carolina. the suspect has a serious background. tonight, legal recreational pot could be coming to arizona. many fear people will hit the
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verify road trip. are omg video of the day. thousands of happy fans, happy doesn't even do it justice. they are filling the streets of chicago to celebrate the cubs first world series win and more than 100 years. it started at wrigley field and made his way through the windy city. >> that is incredible. i don't think i've seen that many people come out for very much. the count was around 5 million people.
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the finish now under way, both campaigns in full attack mode. advantage clinton, but battleground polls too close for comfort. tonight, what to watch for in the final days. nbc news exclusive. america's top secret weapons of cyber war. ready to take action against russia, and intelligence sources tell nbc news, we're already inside. horrific discovery. a woman missing for months, found alive, chained up in a storage container. a convicted sex offender under arrest, and tonight, another grisly find. and exploding washing machines. another warning about samsung. hundreds of top-loading washers suddenly blowing apart. tonight, a massive recall, an alert for millions of families.


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