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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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your compliments will get you everywhere, matt. romance.
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beautiful skies out here. "is in the studio. they did not want me to offender. i'm a loudmouth so they stuck me out here at all in the rock. i will get into the studio. it is just a little cool. the sun is coming up. we will tell you more about hole in the rock, and your forecast and election forecast on top of that. and your choice of coffee mugs as well at 711. today, 86 degrees. we cannot complain about their peer beautiful out here. the sun is getting ready to,. i am somewhere on a rock in pavitt hill park. it is going to be beautiful. jen is out there. what is going on? we are hoping traffic is going good on this pre-election dates traffic forecast. pre-election day. great commute so far on 60
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-- right around the corner. leave yourself extra time tomorrow morning to get in those lines at the polls. as far as traffic goes this morning, 60 westbound into gilbert, where approaching cooper and mesa drive. lanes are full, but speeds are 65, 70 miles per hour. the rightly has blocked for crash and also the 202 southbound, three lanes are blocked because of a rollover crash. only there. if you want to exit the freeway at mcdowell, you can do that to bypass the crash. get back on brown wrote. coming up here and the rest of my traffic report, we will show you the rest of the valley freeways. we are heading back into phoenix and will show you how things are looking there. 6:02 am now. the hot new star of the person campaigning for hillary
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both girls in sisterhood of the traveling pants are going to be making for stops this morning. trying to turn arizona blue. according to the abc wall street journal, it shows that trump is up by five. the goal is to try and switch that. to try to turn our state blue for the second time in the state's history. the first of they will be making his here at the arizona derrick -- democratic party near thomasson central. that will happen at eight -- mo central. that will happen at 8:30 am. it is a get out to breakfast latino event. after this, the second stop us phoenix community college, sophomore square. and similar to child -- chelsea clinton and hillary clinton, the two will head to make a noon speech. the two will wrap at the hillary fair on glendale avenue and grant avenue. the message today is focusing on immigration, college debt, job creation, and asking voters to check their status and see if they can vote.
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senator. tim kaine . he did an entire speech in spanish. the two are coming down to try to get the latino vote and also the millennial folk. that is why there is this big push in the four events that are happening today. we are live in phoenix, brian west. 6:04 am. the polls open in just under 24 hours. they are using social media to try to persuade your boat. we are asking you this morning if you care about political opinion -- celebrity opinions on political matters. so far, 83% of you say no. was check your hot headlines. for people were hurt after a fire tore through an apartment complex. the four plex is a total loss after the explosion ignited the fair on saturday night. a people inside all suffered minor injuries except for one person who was transported to a maricopa county burn center. the two outside of the apartments also sustained minor
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magnitude earthquake rocked oklahoma in the city of cushing. that is about 50 miles northeast of oklahoma city. that quake was felt as far away as dallas, kansas city, and little rock, arkansas. there is concern that the epicenter is located near a large storage facility for oil. safety inspectors are on the scene to check it out. struck the mill scandal that rocked the hillary clinton campaign just a week and a half ago may have been a dud. after the fbi hillary clinton emails, the head of the fbi announced yesterday that he is once again not recommending charges for ms. clinton. james come he says the latest investigation did not change the conclusion that he reached in july. this clinton's campaign official said they are glad the matter is resolved. f -- donald trump is not buying the fbi's decision. he said it is a rigged system and they are protecting her. you want to get what you pay for. my surprise couple had trouble getting their wedding video after paying thousands of
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>> reporter: when you say "i do" you want the special moments captured, but it probably will not come cheap. most photographers ask for the money up front. a surprise couple paid $2199 and then did not get their wedding video. after months went by the videographer stopped returning their calls, they decided to call 12 for action. morey, one of our volunteer investigators took on the case d the couple the video or give them a refund. the couple got their video. and here is what we can all learn when hiring someone to be a part of your special day. >> check them out. if you can talk to somebody that is used this company before, talk to them. do not be afraid to ask the photographer for references. but if you run into trouble with a possess, call 12 for action. our team is here to answer your calls monday through friday from
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call 602-260-1212. you do not have to wait. fill out your complaint at call 12 fill out your right now. it has been days since the city has been filled with blue. many of them are celebrating the chicago cubs. many of them will be flying right here to the valley of the sun for spring training. we also have nicole live from it looks like you are home away from home now. >> a little bit. i'm still waiting to put a mighty super cow will bring that out. just in case anybody has been living under a rock the last two weeks, the chicago cubs have won the world series. there first and 108 years. the city of me says celebrating. it is officially chicago cubs day here. i am here with mesa mayor john giles. this is a big deal for you guys.
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can actually went tickets to a spring training game here the cubs? >> you are right. today is the day that city of messe is issuing a proclamation that the cubs won the world series day. all day long, we are encouraging people to please when their cubs gear. to make it fun and get the word out, there is a big competition. free cubs ticket -- tickets to a spring training day. put it on you wearing cubs gear and we will give you two tickets -- and we will pick the best one and give two tickets to a spring training game here in mason -- in mesa, arizona. >> what should people do to up their chances here? >> like baseball, this is a competition. if you throw up a picture, it is not going to probably win. this is not t-ball, people. this is baseball. this is a competition.
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we will pick the best one, you will get two tickets to a spring training game right here in beautiful cubs park in downtown, beautiful mesa arizona.'s dracula people excited about spring training. a lot of questions. are there any exciting events that the city is planning? how do you get your hands on those elusive tickets? we will have more formation coming up. here on channel 12 today, how to chop and onion without changer. ryan seacrest, the man has a new title. man of honor. details on his wild weekend in new mexico on your morning juice. [music] ?? wait a minute to let take you
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good morning. we are on
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complete mess out here on our live drive. let's give you a look at roadways. we have wall-to-wall traffic here. where a half mile from priest. there is a crash and it is blocking the left to lanes. vehicles are encouraged to take it slow this morning. pan to the left. you cannot quite see the crash yet, you can certainly see a lot of brake lights. we also just passed a crash about half a mile from here, right around rural. it looks like a four vehicle pile up on dps was just arriving on scene for that. if i pan around to the back him you can see the eastbound lanes. it looks like a lot of brake lights, but not sure if anyone was hurt in that one. deftly some issues here on the 60 westbound. the eye 17 southbound. right around thomas, very slow because of the crash. way out in the east valley the
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-- has three lanes blocked. take it slow. it is starting to be a messy monday morning for the commute. >> [music] [ singing ] ?? girl you know it's true ?? any simpson fans in the house? margie expected to start a new season. that will bring their episode county 669. more than enough to break gun smokes recordholder. they have 116 emmy since 1989. the simpsons are dated aarp.
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out of grad school. a wedding this weekend caught our attention and it has is asking, is this weird? check it out. we're going to take a look at ryan seacrest. he stood in as a man of honor for his sister meredith. outside of being his sister, she serves as executive director of the ryan seacrest foundation. he posted several photos of them doing is man of duty. it shows his bride -- is sister as a bride and his bride maids showing "trying to fit in." do you think this is cool? do you think they should leave it to tradition and just leave it to having a maid of honor? >> no. i think that is totally cool. let's keep it real. ryan is not, but many of us have that gay friend. why can't he be the man of honor? you won't look better than me, that is for sure, but you can
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the other ladies in there. >> if you have that closes with a brother or a man., and you don't have a best girlfriend, why not? >> and maybe if you cannot choose between your best girlfriends, go and user brother for that. it is time for the juicy question of the morning. 40% of women and 20% of men will do this before leaving the house? many think the percentages should be higher. many of us just don't admit to what is this?>> i was going to say kiss the kiddos before i leave. >> but you would totally admit to doing that. >> kissing the kids before i leave to go to work? >> the only thing i could think it could be is maybe leaving stuff out before going to work. maybe leaving stuff on the counter. >> maybe a left the curling
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you leave?>> you have to do that when you wake up in the morning, don't you? >> not too many people will hold it until you get to school . >> let us know what you think. we will have your answer in about a half hour. meanwhile, 6:17 am. jimmy is always the bridesmaid, but never the bride. >> -- >> reporter: many on some cologne. >> you pour it on, jimmy. you don't splash it. >> that is true. but you like it. i think you guys like it. you would tell me if you didn't, right? great. this is my shadow. we're appear up have ago park. right on the rock. this is called hole in the
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this is right by the zoo. this is a cool area. i don't know how much you can hike up there. these rocks could be very dangerous. i would just as well stay on the lower areas. the beautiful will be -- the sunrise will be beautiful. a little chilly from time to time. skip right into the graphics here. i will let you know what we can expect today. almanac temperatures, we should be in the 70s already, believe it or not. our to pitchers continue to drop. 79 to be the average high temperature. rainfall, we are down pressure, let's put this into motion. what is going on here? high pressure will be moving in for the next couple of days. it will max out tomorrow. it would be close to 90 degrees for that high temperature. very warm. look for a couple of high clouds out there. this is satellite radar. no rain out there. chinle, from the four corners area, albuquerque end up toward gallup, new mexico. our to pitcher today, 61 for the high temperature for flagstaff.
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76 in casa grande. 83 as you continue to figure out who you were going to vote for. today, 86. tomorrow, the big election day, 89. look for pretty warm conditions and are temperature slowly come down. we will be rain free for the next seven days. still dark out here at petco park. day. the birds are starting to chirp. >> we show you how to chop and onion without crying. struck we're celebrating the cubs world series win out in mesa today. our trivia question to you, how many world series titles have the chicago cubs one? think about appear guess the answer. answers coming up next on 12
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paul babeu is abusive. by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
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good morning to you. happy monday. welcome back to 12 today. there is a live look at sloan park where the cubs other training facility out in mesa. today's question, how many world series titles have the cubs one? any last guesses? i i say to. >> i'm going to go with him. >> that would be the right yes. the answer is three. they won in 1907, 1908, and once again here in 2016. here on 12 today, we have 30 life changers that everyone need to know. this morning, it is a problem so many of us have. shopping and onion in crying over it. >> team 12 has a tip so you can get through this without tearing up. >> do you cry a lot?
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-- well, pop some gum in your mouth and get to chewing. let's do this. >> i'm usually dripping with tears by now. look at all of this onion that i cut up, and my eyes did not water a bit. just make that you -- just make sure that you have another piece of gum on standby after you eat onions. are you ready? we have a gum, and we have the onions. >> you said that you never cried. >> i don't cry chopping onions. >> ever? >> just don't cook so i don't cry either. >> have to say that i've tried this before, and it did not work.>> i think because you are not supposed to be breathing in three or mouth.
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it. >> it just is not working. these are bad onions. >> my nose is tickling. >> normally, i am wearing sunglasses or my onion goggles. >> you wear sunglasses? >> yes so i don't cry. because i usually do cry when i cut onions. >> i am good. i'm not crying. >> maybe a does work. >> i guess the way is to see if the person not chewing gum did not cried. >> it seems to work. >> we're just heartless, that is all. >> we never cried. >> that is an idea as well. struck for look at our --
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all online. >> and we have fresh breath. >> until you start chewing the onion. coming up next on 12 today. she could not see this. a playboy playmate accused of body shaming a woman at the gym. the college student that just got hooked up in a very
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right now and 12 today, the race for the white house. celebrities are doing their best to try to sway your boat. struck new man in charge. when they get to meet the newly appointed skipper. how miss piggy inspired a welcome to 12 today. with a special co-has. comedian coco brown joins us. we have a half-hour to go. >> i'm hanging in there. miss piggy has a fashion line. all right. what is the world coming to? finally curves are in style. jimmy is live at papago park. how's it looking out there, jimmy? take a look out the weather window here. people are starting to hike early on this morning.
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beautiful. i will tell you what. short sleeves maybe if you're going to be active. we're at hole in the rock. it is right by the zoo. you can, beer and hike up your. just some great views as well. always be careful when you're hiking too. a light to medium jacket for today. here is your temperature. we're going to get up 86 degrees for the high temperature. bright skies and dry weather. no big problems is for as well we will have for today or tomorrow. big election day. that will be a big ue the big question is how fine is it out there on the highways in the byways. jen, how's it looking out there? good morning to you, jimmy. unfortunately this morning, the 60 westbound is a mess. several crashes. we are, right now, the 60 at mel, getting back on eastbound. we can show you this crash that
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the middle lanes are blocked. we counted seven 728 vehicles involved in this crash. there are still two of those vehicles left in the middle of the roadway. if you are heading east on the 60, you're not going to deal with any issues. it is just off left here, and i will pan over with our exclusive birdseye view so you can see what vehicles are dealing with. once they pass the crash, it is wide open. you will see the red and blue flashing lights here in just a second. there you can see the vehicles highway. they were initially involved in the crash. i will continue to pan around. you can see fire crews an emergency crews on scene here. we're showing you behind and just how far it is backed up. let me try to pan back to the right and show you how many vehicles are stacked appear back to at least mcclintock if not further than that this morning. a.just -- a dot just sent out another tweet that there is a
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also want to let you know that the 202 red mountain has reopened way out in the east valley at makela. is set -- if that is part of your commute, no longer an issue there. we had a rollover crash their earlier. it is going to be a rough drive in for the east valley. the hot new star for superstore is live campaiin >> reporter: good morning, matt. we have two stars that are coming to the valley. they are both -- they were both in sisterhood of the traveling pants. they are making for stops across the valley. they will be at the arizona democratic party location. they will be here for a get out to vote breakfast. the second stop they are headed to his phoenix community college, sophomore square, and then close to hillary clinton
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head to the area near grand avenue. they are asking voters to check their status and see if they can vote. this comes on the heels of senator. tim kaine's speech that was last week in spanish. 's morning, tamblyn and pereira are going to try to appeal to not only hispanic also to the millennial's. this comes with election day happening tomorrow. we are live in phoenix, bryant watts, 12 today. as he just mentioned, the polls open within 24 hours. the social media took to -- celebrities took to social media to try to get you to vote on election day. we ask what you think about celebrities campaigning. 68% said no, they do not care.
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series party. chicago cubs are trained to mesa for more than 50 years. today, mesa celebrating big- time. nicole is live at sloan part. hi, nicole.>> reporter: good morning. a finally got my chicago cubs shirt on. this is actually step one a potentially winning some tickets to a cubs spring training game. it is chicago cubs day here in mesa. if you want to participate, go to your favorite location in mesari use the hashtag. take the photo and use the hashtag cubs day mesa, and i am here with mesa mayor john giles. and talking about spring training, you guys are already looking ahead and's -- and planning some events for spring training. >> we are very excited. it was fun to see all over the country the way this is got
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mesa. take a picture. and then of course we're looking forward to the end of february, first of march, when the cubs arrived. we will have of big celebration then as well. we sell at the stadium every game as it is, but we will try to figure out a way to slide so more people in here. we're also expanding the team shop. we will be able to sell all of the world series gear. on a bad day, people line up to buy cubs gear, but this year, it will be even extra busy. greatness for all of the cubs fans. a lot of excitement. looking forward to the spring. once again, if you want a chance at winning those tickets, all you have to do is take a picture wearing blue somewhere in mesa. use the hashtag cubs day mesa. back to you guys in the studio. thank you, nicole. nice shirt. this body shaming playmate. see the charges she is facing for taking a naked picture of a
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and how they rewarded one college student.
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such a beautiful sight to wake up to right now at 6:39 am. while. look at that sunrise. now, we want to check the morning juice. here is vanessa. >> call this street revenge. our excess -- our student live last week who went into his dorm and he found his kit kat had been stolen. the thief felt bad even left a note. i saw the kit kat in your car and i love kick cats. i saw that your door was on
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sorry that i took your kit kat. kit kat responded and gave him 60 bosses of -- 60 boxes of kick cats. >> you can scrounge up a dollar 25 -- $1.25. >> he was hungry and he wanted a kit kat bar. >> -- fashionable diva miss piggy just got a little more fashionable. they just announced the disney miss piggy collection which was inspired by this very stylish method and no one is more excited than of course miss piggy herself.
6:41 am
creative officer says the company celebrates interest -- interesting women living interesting lives and no one is better than miss piggy herself. her line will be available online and on >> i want to kn did you see miss piggy's eyelashes quick >> miss piggy had some work done . >> here is your juicy question- and-answer of the morning. survey show that 40% of women and 20% of men will do this before leaving the house. sometimes people on tv do this before going on air. what is this? i look in the mirror, right? [booing] mouthwash on top of brushing
6:42 am
the bell feet. >> i'm going to think kim kardashian -- i am going to thank kim kardashian for this. >> if you're walking out of the house, why are you looking behind yourself? [booing] sometimes you have to make sure there is nothing there. >> you have to make sure it looks good in those jeans. >> to make suha is properly down. >> some check it more than others, obviously. >> seven times. and that is just before 4:30 am. still ahead on 12 today, there is a new skipper in town for the diamondbacks. the fans get to know him a little better today. what they have planned for tori lavelle appeared >> she thought she was being funny, but she is not laughing now.
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the gym. >> you are here live with muskoka brown. [music] -- you are here live with miss cocoa brown.
6:45 am
only on 12news. you do not want to miss the s&l election like special tonight. saturday night live, of course,
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all access pass behind the scenes with one of the stars who happens to be from the valley. she is making the whole country laugh. >> it is saturday night live with amy bryant. >> reporter: for about as long as she can remember, phoenix is amy bryant wanted to be a star. >> you went to xavier. you are drama? >> yes. >> was that always her path? >> i did it -- d xavier, and i did some commie -- some comedy. >> -- >> reporter: is she's -- is she's still a phoenix person at heart? you will see this after the election special only on 12news
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we are on the 60 wes brown approaching world. there is a crash that is impossible -- blocking traffic. every lane is blocked and backed up for a couple of miles. i'm giving you an exclusive birdseye view from our 12news -- camera. definitely give yourself some extra time as you are heading out the door this morning your commute, this is only one crash -- this is not the only crash that will back you up. the 60 w. at country club, there are three lanes block with a motorcycle involving very serious injuries. that is also jamming things up on the 60 westbound. there is also a closure -- the 101 eastbound at 67th avenue. in the north valley is closed
6:48 am
trouble spots here for your monday morning commute. >> thank you, jen. [music] [ singing ] living in america. right now, criminal charges have been filed against a former playboy playmate. danny matters as jay -- facing charges of invasion of privacy after posting a image of a woman over the summer. the picture was taken of a 70- year-old woman in a gym over the locker room. it sparked a huge debate over body shaming. >> we want to know we've got to a point where the normal female body is not accepted? [booing] i think so. i think that coming from atlanta where a lot of bodies are modified, and men are not
6:49 am
look. if you can stick a needle in it and it the -- and it does not deflate, it is not real. i'm not transferring fat for you. this is the way god may be. nowadays, people want perfection. you can ask me to get surgery when you cannot even afford a cell phone. that are -- there are girls that are showing their stretch marks. they are not airbrushing. some are showing the acne scars, women without makeup. it is getting there. it is slowly, but is that what
6:50 am
do they not want those not so perfect people. >> plus size models are in. or member they are beautiful. they are showing that this is a way i am but i'm still beautiful. >> if you think that china and ambrosia are skinny, they are twui at lane bryant. in the meantime, at 650 in the meantime, at 6:50 am, let's head out to pat ago park where -- head out to papago park. >> will a lot of people still in short sleeves. if you're going to be active, you should be fine. of your standing around, a light jacket will probably help out. son will be popping up. this is great hiking.
6:51 am
papago park park. a lot of folks are just walking with a cup of coffee. it is nothing to technical up there. but you always want to be careful once you get up about 10 feet anywhere here in the valley. it can be tricky. the morning will do you so well to see the sunrise. i have to put that on my list here. it is a small bucket list to do too. right now, temperatures today are going to be a little bit warmer. here's what we're going to have. 86 degrees for the high temperature. it should be at would be nice. we won't complain about anything in the 80s here. it is going to be a little bit toasty. high pressure will dominate and it will push us close to 90 degrees for tomorrow. is going to be a little bit on the hot side. no clouds but we do have a little inversion layer. usually the more prominent or more inversion layer, that is when the cold air slides down from the surrounding mountains
6:52 am
down here. air-quality can get a little more poorer as we get colder. 61 in flagstaff. globe, 76. pace, 73. overgaard, you will be in the 60s and 70s. show low, 62. 87 for parker. today's forecast, like we talked about, bright. a little warmer than normal. tomorrow, we for the big election, no worries as far as rain, wind, no problems or excuses as far as the weather for not voting. 85 for wednesday. nice conditions. look at thursday and friday. 82. still above average. you wanted nothing but 80s in there and we got it. not a lot to complain about. just good weather as well. a little bit chili this morning. it will warm up by this afternoon. >> it is looking beautiful
6:53 am
it is 6:52 am. janet reno, the first woman to serve as general has died. crime dropped steadily that she was criticized for her role in elian gonzalez. she is died from applications from parkinson's disease. she was 78 years old. in iowa police officer killed in a attack. he was one of two officers gunned down last week. the suspect, scott green, was captured hours after the shooting and was charged. the trial begins today in the case of dylan roof facing 33 counts related to the shooting spree at a charleston church last year. 12 jurors will be selected from a poll of 500 people. the process is expected to take weeks. they are investigating
6:54 am
cushing, oklahoma. tops of buildings fell onto the street and no major injuries were reported, luckily. will it help knowing that 58% of teens who say they use flavored e-cigarettes say they plan to start smoking. all 50 states have states that have laws about when students can return to sports after a concussion. only eight states have standards consistent with the cbc guidelines, but no states have guidelines on students with lingering symptoms. one team announced the hiring of tori labelle on
6:55 am
. he will make his managerial debut with the d backs. 24 hours away from polls opening on election day. week when have the final abc news wall street journal is out. it shows hillary up by four points. it shows a trending that is up for donald club -- donald trump. this morning, we are learning the director of the fbi, james,, says the review does not change the review back in july and that no charges will be made. they said all of the emails were duplicates of photos -- of those arty check pages. this past weekend, celebrities to social media trying to persuade your boat. we are asking you this morning " do you care about celebrities thoughts on political polls?"
6:56 am
at all. >> i use my voice to tell jokes and to do -- i want you to vote. don't get me wrong. but taking a stand, i commend them. but i really hurt with your fan base. it is good to stay neutral. i commend them for taking a stand, but just vote. >> that is the most politically correct answer right there. >> if you are heading into downtown from the east valley, your commute is going to be treasures this morning. -- your commute is going to >> reporter: good morning to you guys. we are giving you an exclusive a birds eye view out to the east , the 60 e. and westbound. right now, we are at male getting ready to show you this crash that has been blocking things. first of all, we have us 60 westbound with to write lanes in an on-ramp block because of a crash. also the closure at 67th avenue, disclose because of a
6:57 am
valley freeway . definitely avoid that this morning. here, you can see that if you enter on the 60 eastbound. we do have lanes blocking the middle lanes. that is going to slow you down this morning as well. guys, we will pan over and show you line of traffic backed up for a couple of miles. we like that pedal to the metal right there. >> we are righov come back. >>, back. 657 6:57 am. the final take away, this is first time with had a comedian. i am loving it. will you come back again? >> absolutely.>> after you get a nap? i yes. and it it -- >> yes. >> what is your take away?
6:58 am
the shoes for more than two hours. >> a pedicure is in your future as well. >> yes. >> i was battling back and forth. simpsons is going on 30 years. that is a long time to stay on air. >> it is older than a lot of people who work here. >> i'm excited to see martha stewart's and snoop dogg's new cooking show. it is cubs a out in mesa. celebrating a big world series when >> we want to thank you so much for joining us. thank you for joining us as well on the show. we will see you back here at 12news. have a great monday. cocoa, you can take your
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good morning. down to the wire. with one day to go, donald trump and hillary clinton on a final battleground blitz. >> this election is a moment of reckoning. it is a choice between division or unity. >> the fbi giving clinton a last-minute boost, concluding their e-mail search saying there is nothing on anthony weiner's laptop to warrant action. trump blasting that decision. >> hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. the people know it. >> the last-minute push is on. the race is still tight. with hours to go, how will each side try to seal the deal. their campaign managers are


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