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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  November 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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presence out here at the capital. take a look at the crowd. mostly young people are voicing their just pleasure -- displeasure at president-elect donald trump. they are marching with a message. >> i am very disappointed. i don't think anyone should be hated but i think some of his decisions are wrong. >> capital. the election has left some angry and worried about the future of the country. >> i was not happy with the elections. >> reporter: a second protest also happened. there were shards -- shouts of displeasure. this is part of what's
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>> this election has shown so much of the dark underbelly of this country. it is really hard to know where we need to go and what will bring us all together. >> i think we have an awesome opportunity with some change. >> reporter: enforcement making themselves visible as the students voice their opposition to what happened on tuesday. i'm live in phoenix, charly edsitty for 12 news. demonstrations have been held invalid, the midwest, and the west coast. >> trump supporters have taken to social media saying
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hypocrites for not accepting the democratic process just because they don't like the way it turned out.>> do you think it is unpatriotic to protest the results of the election? we want to know what you think. tell us what you think. you can do so by going to . the results are right now on your screen real-time. president elect donald trump voucher repeal the affordable care act if elected so what does that mean for those signing up now for healthcare plans for 2017? we have a look at the potential short-term and long-term impact to healthcare. >> reporter: the healthcare law of obama extended health care coverage to 25 more -- 25 million more americans. but donald trump has vowed to repeal the law.
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asking. how soon could my marketplace coverage change? experts with kaiser say it is unlikely that much, if anything will change in 2017. even small changes to the affordable care act i congress could take months. still with donald trump heading into office cannot ignore the healthcare requirement? remains the law, it should be followed. one year from now things could be different. is medicaid expansion going to and? 350,000 more people have received health coverage and that benefit could go away. details about what donald trump will do with medicaid money has not been totally released.
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can't -- contraception. those benefits could go away as well if the law is repealed. changes to the health care law will take time. there are 60 seats that are needed to completely overturn the law.
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wall street is setting records after the election. the dow closed at a record high today. it be the all-time high it set in august. bond investors expect that trump's plans to increase spending lead to stronger economic growth and possibly inflation which are both bad for bonds. let's look at the hot deadlines. man a -- a man is facing child abuse after a two-year-old in his car was found with several injuries including a broken leg. matthew right admitted to abusing the child and has been
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phoenix police are searching for two man accused of robbing a business. the men are accused of forcing an employee into a storage room and then taking off in a white dodge truck with money and merchandise. if you have any information in this crime call silent witness at 480-witness. the funeral will take place at monday afternoon at the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints in show low . it is open to the public and large crowds are expected for the officer that was killed. coming up, and arizona mom shares her special message about her son in the military. and we are cliven tempe as the sun devils get ready for their matchup tonight against
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our own risk when going out to dinner. this week we are finding slime at several locations. cooked chicken touching a soiled motor in a frigid black organic matter inside an ice machine. so which restaurants are on the dirty less this week? eat at your own risk, tonight, only on 12 news at 10:00. office chat today and the touchy subject that did not come up between donald trump and the
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check out the newest asu k-9
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introduced later tonight at the asu football game against utah. the game is the final home game for asu. that means it is time to honor the seniors. robbie baker is live at the stadium with more. >> reporter: welcome back to sun devil stadium. we are kick off . it is senior night or 20 sun devils. this player is very important on and off the field. you may not recognize his name. >> he is a man of incredible
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he gives a sermon before the game and i will miss that. the group has really grown. when i think of this senior class, he will be one that i think is an example of what a leader should be. he has benefited our team. he is a worked extremely hard. he is a guy that has surprised me. >> many in this game tonight are redshirt seniors. so they may have a little extra emotion between the coach and his players. coming up at 6:00 we will preview the game.
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back to you. tomorrow is veterans day. >> this is the day when we pause to honor our military veterans. today we have a call with a mom. >> i have a strong connection with the military right now. i think through their daily life not even thinking about who is protecting the country. for me that means a lot. [ crying ] the message is for us to come back together.
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since he has been dressing up was no surprise he went into the military. this is a tiny sacrifice. they spend years protecting our company -- country. >> what a great statement. well done. we send out our love to that mom and her son and to all of the men and women in the
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pictures of your families and friends that serve in the military. you can share that with us on social media using #12 news. several national chains are offering freebies on veterans days -- veteran day -- veteran's day. little caesars is offering a combination from 11:00-2:00. and all of garden is offering a free entrie to veterans. and outback steakhouse will offer a free blooming onion and beverage. we will have more up ahead at 12 news at 6:00.
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we are all americans, not democrats or republicans but we are all americans. >> it is a reminder that we need to do this all of the time. >> you are so right. >> it is very important to thank them for their service. it will be gorgeous here veterans day. temperatures will be perfect, 78-83 tomorrow afternoon. and again, thank you for your service. 82 was the high today. we will see conditions tomorrow like today.
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some high winds closer to the mountains. gusts up to 12 miles per hour for lake present -- pleasant and carefree. nothing too terribly strong for the rest of us. but the breeze will continue throughout the evening. temperatures in the 70s tonight. the low pressure off to the east is helping drive some temperatures have cool down in the last few days. that trend will continue into the weekend. 83 on saturday, 82 on sunday. lots of sunshine. take a look at temperatures tonight. high country is getting below freezing. grand canyon at 26,
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tomorrow, 81 in casagrande. it will be gorgeous tomorrow. here is your 7-day forecast. temperatures increase on monday- tuesday. by next thursday the highs could be back into the upper 60s and closer to 74 at phoenix sky harbor. so it will feel a little bit like fall at that point. we are back at the cardinals practice today. straight ahead, larry fitzgerald response to be given a veterans
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the coach did say that. we can't keep it to ourselves. larry fitzgerald and carson palmer were both back on the field today. they were held out of practice on wednesday.>> if he wants me to practice i will practice. if
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am fine with that too. i don't know. i have practice my entire career . but as a veteran player, you have to understand that we have a lot of games and practices under our belt. it is always something welcomed if it can keep us fresh. >> i like that idea o >> you know who gets more days off than anybody? >> you. [ laughter ]>> if looks could kill. [ laughter ]>> thank you. let's go to the omg video of
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keep it right here for 12 news at 6:00. and ala number of arizona veterans that are committing suicide. some anti-trump protesters are upset after they saw an event that took things too far after an american flag was burned on a campus here in arizona. do you think that is patriotic or just freedom of expression wax --?
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this is the grave digging championships. they were judged on time and accuracy as they dug graves by hand. a slovakian team one this event. they hope it will put a positive light on the funeral industry >> who won the golden coffin? >> that is quite a talent. >> that's all for us tonight.>>
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tonight, face to face inside the oval office. obama and trump, bitter political foes, meet for the first time. the president who accused trump of being unfit to serve and trump, who accused illegitimate president. what they said behind closed doors as anti-trump protests erupt around the country. also, where hillary clinton was spotted today smiling after that devastating defeat. plus, "nbc nightly news" exclusive, we have the names of the people president-elect trump wants to have access to america's top secrets. some surprises and some controversial. officers ambushed while responding to an emergency. a gunman opens fire. and the app trap. just in time for the holiday shopping rush, crooks and thieves are infiltrating the app


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