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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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???adlib & toss jimmy
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with nascar in town.. we are talking about drivers in our 12 today poll question. we want to know.. who drives better?-women-menor jimmy q. grab your grab your slash your voice to vote. we will be updating the results all morning long.
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checking hot headlines this morning... anti-trump protesters in flagstaff causing controversy - after one of them was caught on camera.. burning the american flag. about 100 people gathered in front of flagstaff city hall.. chanting things like "dump trump." agreed with the burning of the flag. in fact - many of them hoped for some sort of unity to come out of all the division. right now.. police are investigating a road rage incident involving a scottsdale police patrol car. it started with a 9-1-1 call - the woman on the phone telling police.. a man rear-ended her on thomas road - near scottsdale road. when an officer showed up -- the suspect took off - going the wrong direction down the street! that's when the driver ran a red light and hit
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the patrol car's path. police believe the man was intoxicated. tonight - the arizona capitol dome will be lit green in support for veterans. officials say it will stay this way for the rest of the month - as part of the "greenlight a vet" campaign. the movement hopes to spark conversations about how our veterans are treated - and to remind civilians of the sacrifices vets have made. a huge celebration this fun friday -- as we celebrate veterans''s the annual phoenix veterans day parade. that's what we find team 1 details. this particular parade started back in 19-97 .... and has grown every starts here along central avenue ?just south of bethany home road.ending at 7th street and indian school the parade route is about two and half miles long.tens of thousands of spectators are expected to be out there.the parade begins at 11 a-m. besides this parade. there
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events in tempe chandler scottsdale mesa apache the west valley avondalegoodyear has a 'salute our troops run' glendale with pearl harbor displayspeoria with a 5-k sun city is also getting in on the celebrations.businesses around the country and in arizona are honoring our men and women who serve with veterans day deals freebies and discounts.for a complete list of celebrations. just log onto 12 news dot com. 3
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and we want to know how you're spending the day - or who you're thinking about today. send us a picture of the vet or active service member in your life - using the hashtag "be on 12." 3 she may have just been ?outed as prince harry's girlfriend... but apparently meghan markle already has that princess style thing going on... markle... and dutchess kate ahve the same sense of style.. or at least... the same stylist.they have even wore the same february of 2012, markle wore diane von furstenberg's zarita dress in navy blue to an event in west hollywood.two years later, duchess kate wore the same
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in july, markle wore a stunning red tea-length dress for an appearance on today. just a few short months later, kate wore a similar style to an evening event as part of the royals' tour of canada.??? ad lib ??? well.... now we know what we are getting bryan west for the holidays.a pair of snapchat spectacles!in september, snap - inc announced that it would begin selling sunglasses that can also shoot first person videos and upload them to snapchat.well... they've finally been released... but getting your hands on them won't be'll have to
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called a's sole purpose is to sell spectacles... following all of this?and right now... it looks like snapchat has just one of those machines... making its way across america.if you are lucky enough to find it...a pair of spectacles will set you back 130 dollars.the first ones were sold in santa monica, california yesterday.... time for your juicy question of the morning... the average man touches this five times an hour without realizing it. often times because it might itch.
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let's get to your juicy question of the morning.when it comes to marketing... a good character like the jake from state farm... or flo from progressive are key.a recent found these two be the best characters.who are they? president-president-elect trump... makes his first visit to washington after the election.we are talking about that... in three minutes... ####break#### 3 ####break#### 3
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in we are talking election. after the washington visit to makes his first washington after the election.about that... in three ####break####
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donald trump spent his first day in washington since being elected president. he met with the current president and republican leaders. team 12's correspondent edward lawrence joins us live to break it all down.
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though about half the country remains divided. still donald trump wants to start moving forward with his policy agendas. 3 donald trump went back to new york last night. this morning he is waking up at trump tower planning more for the transition.. including looking over possible cabinet choices. edward lawrence nbc news washington.q: edward, what about the vice president elect did he see the white house?a: tbaq:d,
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a: tba a: tba let's get to your 12 today
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for the can-am 500 at pir.. that you can see right here on 12 news sunday afternoon. so our question to you.. what's the fastest speed ever recorded at a nascar qualifying or race? think and guess.. we'll have your answer coming up in a half hour.
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with nascar in town.. we are talking about drivers in our 12 today poll question. we want to know.. who drives better?-women-menor jimmy q. grab your phone and go over to 12 news dot com.. over to 12 phone and go grab your
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vote. we will be updating the results all morning long. toss to jimmy 3 ???adlib weather
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the countdown is how are you doing your holiday shopping this year... and when you are an ?nba get to go to the white house.when you're the president... all you have to do is say the word... and things get done.which is more impressive?find out what the champion cavaliers think...
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####break#### 3
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####break#### this year... american shoppers
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billion dollars on holiday shopping. millions are already done... but for those of you waiting for the deals to really come in... what's better... buying in a store... or on line? team 12's marty coniglio is asking what's better... in today's this or that. > plus, there's plus, there's 3
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and the energy plus, there's plus, there's the energy and excitement of and the energy plus, there's >> plus, there's the energy and excitement of malls and excitement of malls and stores that can make the experience really fun. speaking of shopping...up next on 12 today...the newest... and possibly coolest nintendo console out...just in time for
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and clean the house at the same time?i'll show you how to make your own household cleaner... at 6:20. ?? ad lib ?? 3 stay with're
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dung strive to drive sundays- only at casino arizona!
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? [ music ] ?? right now on 12 today, angst in america as thousands take to
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night protest the presidential election. >> the valley honors our veterans, the events you want to check out and where you vets can score free food. >> how would you react if watching the president gives orders, why in nbr star has you laughing at loud. that and more coming up! ? [ music ] ?? >> live from studios in downtown phoenix, 200 east -- welcome to all the veterans out there. happy fun friday. that's why we sent jimmy out live at pir. having fun out there, jimmy? >> reporter: yes, it's cool. for as quiet as it is, it's pretty active, lots of people walking around little by little and it will continue to be more active as the soon gets closer


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