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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  November 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> thank you. another big concern as donald trump prepares to be become president. will his administration end obama care's mandatory coverage for contraception. he would not need congress to name that change. right now it's under prevent i have health. some win say they're now rushing to get long acting birth co who have never had to deal with it first hand and that's terrify. a long term discussion i can make now so i don't have to deal with it later. >> andive then trump has promised to end obama care, it is possible that it's never overturned. those certain coverage could be weakened or removed. >> a close watch on who could feel key positions in trump's administration. a list of names already
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surprises. >> trump trump's white house taking shape. his transition team working fast to figure out who goes where. multiple campaign sources say high profile people are in the midst for high profile positions. like crist christie. and rudy giuliani. >> former congressman mike rogers giving a no word he could be cia chief. all on a special list for special security clearance. the prepresident elect's team has named nearly 30 people who they'd they would like to give access to the sensitive details of american foreign policy.
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are outspoken. like john bollton. an ambassador to the u. n. under president bush. political insiders hunting for clues in trump's ever move. like his decision to bring son- in-law kuchinor. he won't get the job. there are families from taking paid staff position. aim for diversity. trump values loyalty and that will likely be recorded with steve bann, nan. reportedly one option for chief of staff. another, rnc chair previs. >> it would be on norred to continue to -- honored to continue to help him. >> several names from arizona
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possible picks. could be a good fit as treasury department of budget advisory. former governor john brewer has been out toed at possible secretary of the interior. and chef bilo could name at security. and senator john mccain apes secretary of defense. he's qualified but he and trump, so far, don't agree on much. >> weaver staying -- we're staying onto of o breaking news right now. we want to show you pictures. and anty trump protest is hatching right now. near asu's tempe campus. you can see dozens of people are making their way down university near mill avenue. and police are keeping a cross -- you can see signs in the area. and for the most part, appear to be on the sidewalk. this is just the latest of
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and -- protests held around the country. >> this will be the third night in a row of protests. the most unruly, i guess, so far, were in oregon. last night where they were arrests. this looking peaceful. >> we have seen donald trump responding from series of frommest it is around the country. just earlier today. about 12 hours ago. tweeting, love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night d referring to protest last night -- have passion for we will all come together anded by proud. but this is happening right now near the asu tempe campus. university and mill. we'll follow this through you out there -- this for you throughout the evening. switching gears now. military members being honored around the country for veteran's day. here in phoenix, hundreds of people lined up to watch the phoenix veteran's day parade. tricia henn distribution and i -- hendrix and i had the honor
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today was a veteran. >> his daughter nominated him for the honor. hoping to bring some recognition to a humble man who would never ask for it. >> right after high school, i joined the navy to see the world and what did i see? i saw the sea. >> at 91 years old, veteran co californiaing jokes. still cracking -- still cracking jokes. he served as a pilot for four branches of military. he enlisted as soon as he could like many men his age. >> grio was a destitute country. there wasn't anything left of seoul, capital for example it was just nothing but shambles
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starving people. >> reporter: a much different world than today when americans at home were much more united. >> in wwii, people were all together. republican, democrats, everybody was for one thing and that's victory. >> reporter: his family could not be more proud of his service. >> we're proud to be married to a man -- you and for our country. >> he's amazing. >> he's loving. he's kind. he's a true american hero. >> the thing that we're all doing, it's because of him, and everything that he did to protect the country and got us to where we are today. >> this veteran's dame coming at one of the most -- day coming at one of the most devicive times in history.
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with a united counsel country, so i'm hoping we become back to becoming unified. >> you know fied today. definitely. a long that parade route, everyone just taking a moment to thank our veterans and honor, especially the vietnam veterans today. and a special gift for another valley veteran. >> we were there, as retired army staff sergeant joseph moncrief and his family were given the keys to their home in good year. >> i don't know what i was expecting. but when i calm in here -- came in here, this is more than i was expected. you go through your life, never ever thinking you're ever able to achief this -- achieve this. that's all i ever wanted. for my girls to be able o get into a place where they're just happy and stable.
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backyard. it's such a big backyard. and i really -- and it's really cool. >> that is more than i could have asked for. ever. >> and it looks like that home given to him by way of operation home efront. a wonderful charity here. parades and memorials around the country who have sacrificed so much. there continues day coverage. >> this is our great tribute to all of our veterans. >> we owe you our thanks. we owe you our respect. and we owe you our freedom. >> a sacrifice remembered each year a debt that can never be repaid. but the men and women our nation stops to honor and remember, aren't looking for any payment, any public adoration.
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makes them heroes. >> whatever you doubt, let courage and selflessness is possible, then symptom and look to a veteran. so today, we march because they did. thousands gathering in cities and memorials across this country carrying flags and banners, symbols of courage and the freedom they fought for. the respect of a grateful nation comes from parents and childso fully understand. and from those who serve, who will never forget. >> proud men and women, who serve their country, did what they are asked to do, we're all in this together. >> reporter: together. because of the -- sacrifice made by america's veterans.
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thanks to all who serve. >> coming up at 5, it could be a game changer for folks living with diabetes. the amazing new technology in the works to help track -- glucose levels. >> st it not super just yet. but coming up, if you just can't wait, a special place you can get a sneak peak of the
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remember this? this is time lapse video of the super moon we saw fill the night sky last month. if you missed it, there's good news. there's a bigger, better super moon happening this weekend. >> crystal henderson is live in gilbert how you can get an up close view. >> reporter: well, opens for the main event early monday morning. but each night leading up to it is going to be pretty super to. so find a telescope or binocular near you. or don't. there's no need. wait until you see how big and bright it i will a peer -- appear. >> super moon. closest approach to the earth and the moon's elliptical orbit.
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because of this. and we haven't seen one of its kind since the year 1948 and we won't get a chance until 2034. the moon has been teaching us a lot about how it evolves. we're used to thinking at this moon is very static. it doesn't change. we actually have the lieu nor orbit to right now and it's been showing us maps and detailed images and one of the most surprising things hat moon is more dynamic than we originally thought. it'ns and one of the most interesting things is also at this foot steps that were left behind by the apollo might actually be gone in the order of tens thousands of years until the millions we originally observeed. >> reporter: you can get a great view from the super moon it from just about anywhere. but if you would like to get a very special look at it, you
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at the gilbert preserve here. they're open tonight, tomorrow night, and monday night until 9:30. it's completely free. they just ask for some donations. for the up keep of observatory. and it's really cool. we'll be showing you a sneak peak coming up at 6. >> all right. thank you so muff. something to be excited about. and you were saying, if you missed this wound, there's another really super awesome moon coming. so it won't be as big. but still. >> i have a feeling, i have a feeling, you will be getting photos. >> we always get photos. we love them out there. the temperatures finally starting to cool off. look at the evening forecast. 73. gorgeous degrees. by 9:00. by 10:00, 71 out there. finally drop down into the 60s by 11. but check it out right now. 81 degrees in phoenix.
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the high temperature, 59 at the grand canyon. here's what's happening around the state. if youly in the northern and the eastern part of the valley. you have probably seen some fairly gusty winds especially during the morning hours. the reason for, that high pressure sitting just to the northwest in a low pressure area sitting just to the southeast and what that's doing, is pushing a lot of wind directly between those two and that's where we're starting to see those very strong winds. but that'll start to change as we head in towards tomorrow and the rest of the weekend as well. hers later winds out there. high temperature, 83 degrees. but look at where we should be. 77 for this time of year. that sun will set at 5:27 and the temperature will start to drop from there. but here's a look at future cast. and how we have a big warm up. there's the high and low pressure we just talked about. look how that low quickly moves off into texas. that's why the winds are going to cam down. but as high pressure moves over the valley. we're talking about temperatures approaching the 90-
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next week. so know we could be back in the 90s wednesday. 26 cold degrees in flag staff. 25 at grand canyon. highs tomorrow, head up north. 67 in globe. 79 in tucson and check out the next seven days. there's that huge warm up. 9--- 89 degrees. >> time to go inside huddle. bring on the 49ers. but the cardinals will be without their captains. ruled out for sun'd game. b -- sunday's game. his shoulder close to being healthy but not strong enough just yet. it is veterans day and to the men and woman who have and continue to fight for our freedom, we say thank you. the nfl is honoring the military this weekend. calling their salute to service. >> growing up my father and
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>> my dad, my uncles were always in the armed forces. i couldn't think of anything better to salute. those people. >> along with honoring many this weekend, they'll honor pat tillman with those special 40 decals on their help meants. p -- helphelmets. benefit charity. >> those guys fighting for our freedom every day. just being able to be out here and have some of them out here with us, it's great. >> for guys to stop, pretty much their entire schedule and come out here on veteran's day. take away from their families. so it's awesome. it's a lot of fun to see everyone. you're with them every day for 6-8 months. and all of a sudden you don't see guys or you don't text or call that much. so it's a lot of fun.
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everything. and his teammates let him know about it. a lot of would have, could have, should have. but it's clear, todd graham has never been more frustrated. sunday,. >> a arizona about being bullied as kid. >> will don't want any kid to ever feel that way. >> his story spreading across america. giving hope to kids.
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college basketball is back. year 2 under bobby hurley agains tonight. improvement is the key.
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second year. so type of issue did what type of team should we expect. >> not the biggest team, not the longest team, not the strongest team. so we're going to have to outplay people. we do a lot of skill work. ready to play that style. >> we'll see what kind of team they are tonight when they host portland state. >> speaking of the sun devils. what did we watch last night? let's go inside the huddle. should have won that football game. >> we just got stoned up front. you know, they whipped us up front. >> set for the eighth time tonight. >> i just took some critical, critical sacks that i just got to get the ball out of my hand. >> i -- we did a lot o of things that were self- inflected. >> and then wet get a 70-yard touchdown. because we rarely got a tackle. >> he'll never lose.
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that's it. have to get a lot better. it's the most frustrated we have every heard todd graham at his five years in asu. giving up 11 sacks and being outscored 21-o 0 will do that to a man. this morning, the big talk, if they lose, todd graham could be out of a job. >> i'm not concerned about our team. i'm concerned -- absolutely hate loosing. and i think we could have beat them. but that doesn't count. but yeah, it's frustrating. i'm really frustrated. but, you know, we -- that's when you find out what you're made of. >> in their last 23 games. asu only 11-12. they only need one win at number 4 washington. next saturday. then the territorial cup. two weeks from today. bottom inlook, jobs could be on
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weeks. joe? >> wow. those are two tough games to end on. amazing new technology could change the way people living with diabetes track their glucose levels. you wear it in your eyes. >> reporter: kathy has lived lived with type 1 diabetes for 25 years. after years of finger pokes to monitor her blood sugar levels, she now wears a sensor implanted under her ki clothes. but she wishes it wasn't so visible. >> a year ago i went on a vacation and i looked at all of my pictures and my bathing suit and there was my glucose sensor. >> and it looks like this. your typical contact lens there we're in making the only transparent sensors on these tubes. >> create and tiny sensor that is totally clear.
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integrates this into the prescription lines. and the idea is to make these at a low enough cost. >> it can be added to the prescription and nonprescription. instead o measures in a blood it would measure them in their tears. and send that information to a cell phone or in her case, to her insulin pump. >> it's a very teeningnology. >> it's an invention catching the attention of medical experts around the world. >> osu engineering hope to have the contacts available within the next five years. kathy says she'll be one of the first to try them. >> that would be amazing. >> it's fascinating idea. a few years bag google came out
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but you could see though. in this case, the new contacts aren't visible at all. but can't forget, i wear contacts. do you? >> no. >> it's a tough transition to make the move from transition to start sticking things this your eye. so it's not like it'll be the smoothest transition. so there's a bit of getting use to it as well. >> so that'll be interesting. >> but very cool technology. >> up next, our omg v the day. an unexpected prude her leaving behind a big -- visitor leaving behind a big mess. who came crashing through the
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coming up on 12 news at 6, big changes coming to the county. >> we're taking a look at the first 100 days for paul as he takes over as the sheriff. >> tonight at 10, vote shamed into the shadows. why some trump supporters here in arizona say they're afraid to pubically celebrate their candidate's win and why they kept their political views a secret out there the campaign only to show up in droves to
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could not predict. the silent majority speaks. tonight on 12 news at 10. finally, at 5, take a look at this -- whoa. wow. look at that. a deer smashed through the glass contemporary front. someone saw the animal inside and began recording on his cell phone. look at this. that poor thing. the deer then ran off after crashing through the glass. it's not clear how the wild animal got inside the store but i don't think he crashed into the store. i think it was just right here. a crash out. >> he was trying on some hats. >> and then he's like, it's too expensive. i'm out of here. >> love those -- we'll have those videos on black friday coming in a bit. >> different kind, right. 12 news always on. get the latest news as it happens and we're back here at
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tonight, obamacare backtrack? breaking news from the president-elect's first big interview. what he's now saying after repeatedly promising to repeal and replace the law. all in the family. donald trump shakes up his transition team, boosting his children into prominent roles and demoting chris christie. the inner circle coming into focus. amazon refunds. the company ordered to pay back customers tens of millions of dollars. we'll tell you why. are one of them? deprescribing meds. all those pills, all those side effects. more and more people are opting for something different. for some, surprising results. and legend lost. beloved singer/songwriter, poet and author leonard cohen is gone.


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