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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  November 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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life-threatening way. >> coming up on 12news at 6:00 we will discuss three things that you should know about the policies behind the police officers use of force is coming straight from the experts. who killed gabby field? it is a question that continues to elude buckeye police detectives two months after the teen was found dead. we spoke with gabby's mother who hopes somee daughter's killer. >> these homemade flyers hanged just a few feet from where the badly beaten body of her 18- year-old daughter was found. >> i can imagine a worse pain. than losing your child. i have to earn right over there. every night i light a candle
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the dark. i miss hugging her and holding her hand and hearing her voice. so i left thursday night and i didn't even know she was leaving the house. i guess she left a couple of hours later. she told my mom i'm going to go with a friend and i will be back. it is hard to think that someone hit her multiple times with something and she felt all that pain. i just k her calling my name saying mom, help me. >> it was in this canal were gabby's body was found. the water had distorted her appearance and police believe her body was dumped. >> i made 1000 copies. they are up in wickenburg, buckeye, goodyear, avondale,
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number. they can be anonymous. eventually it will come to light. and that's what keeps me going. >> if you have any information regarding gabby's death or details about her whereabouts, you are urged to contact the police. in buckeye, 12news. charlie, thank you. the countdown is on until donald trump takes over the white house and the new poll shows hopes he makes a top priority in his first 100 days in office . healthcare tops the list with 21% of people polled wanting trump to focus on that. jobs took second place with 16% followed by immigration which received 14%. people were keeping a close watch on who he is choosing for his cabinet. here is the latest.. >> when donald trump is
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these two were made at his side. now they face their own fight to stay there. the president-elect has chose flint as security advisor, sessions as attorney general and he has a good reputation from what i've heard. it looks like a good choice. >> flynn was known as a bull in a china shop and someone who did not work well with others. >> the former general is an sessions racially charged remarks cost them a federal judge up. the congressional black caucus opposes his nomination. >> i am particularly pleased to offer words of graduate -- congratulations to jeff sessions will make an extraordinary attorney general of the united states >> senator ted cruz and nikki haley are among the republicans lining up behind trump and his
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picks themselves>> i did vote for him. i was absolutely thrilled to see him when. >> whether or not mitt romney feels that way he's headed to trump's golf course to meet with the next president to talk about the future. the meeting itself is surprising. far more so with the president- elect picking romney to be his secretary of state moore, nbc news washington. the decisions ahead. let's get a look at the hot headlines. trump has agreed to a $25 million settlement to resolve those lawsuits over the now defunct trump university. they accuse him of running a fraudulent university. trump will not have to acknowledge wrongdoing as part of the settlement. the city of glendale has a new police -- police chief. he has appointed rick st. john.
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the former police chief move. he has been with the department for more than 20 years. the divorce rate has dipped to its lowest point in nearly 40 years. the national center for family and marriage research reports is just under 17%. marriage rates are up which in their highest point since 2009. experts say the two measurements are not related. the success and popularity opened up sports a more and more athletes who just want a chance to compete. tomorrow asu students with physical disabilities can see what it feels like to be in the starting blocks and maybe one day ways for gold. it is all part of the school's adaptive track club. >> wheelchair racing at the paralympic games is heart thumping, wheel to wheel action. just what athlete's -- athletes cravenly take to the track. >> on the track i can get about 17 miles per hour.
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you are first, it's great. >> christian got hooked three or four years ago and stephen has put a lot more miles behind him. not as many as eric hightower but the guys in the coach tim binning are hoping students with permanent disabilities will come out for fully interactive introductory clinic. >> we will be breathing -- bringing equipment that they can try out and get in and experience what it's like to be on an hope to build upon the university's commitment to make every student's experience as enriching as possible. >> one thing we notice more than anything else is how much these people want to be part of a team and they haven't been able to be part of a team before. that is really important to them from a confidence standpoint>> we have the opportunity to build the program and have it grow quickly. have a whole bunch of athletes
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>> that team atmosphere is so special for these athletes. the push yourself intro clinic is going tomorrow morning at asu in tempe. we put a link on the website with all of the information for you. they are the guys making the calls in some of the valleys high school football games. we we'll show you the special connection this group of rafts -- referees at share light of the world has come to the phoenix valley for the first time ever. why you've never seen anything like this before. here's a look at today's social sound off. what is the most popular store and arizona? we have the answer coming up on
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quite the site in chandler tonight at the opening night for the lights of the world lantern festival. the event celebrates the chinese lantern festival tradition. crystal henderson is life with a look at the spectacular attraction.>> reporter: i
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million light to shine brightly after some site. this is an incredible place even without the lights because all of these works of art like the ones behind us. 20,000 plates>> this exhibit here like you said has 20,000 plates and includes teacups, dinner plates and even spoons. the dragon is 217 feet long. it was made by hand and all stitched together. a lot of this artistry is pme you will see here. >> what else will people see as they come through? they are just opening the gates right now. >> it is lights of the world. you will see reflections of different countries. you will see egypt, africa, mexico, the united states. the leaning tower of pisa, the phoenix dragon over 55 feet tall . these lanterns, they are made in china.
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they disassembled them and ship them here to america and they are put back together here. they have been at the since july of this year. >> this is so awesome. you can come out until 11:00 tonight here. this performers and foods and prices range from $14.99 for children and $25 for adults. back to you >> what are the major landmarks there? where are you for people who on >> we are actually just south of rawhide right off of interstate 10 and wild horse pass. there is no exact cross streets nearby here. generally speaking, if you know the phoenix out loud station, it's right off the freeway there . >> now i know what were talking about. take you so much, crystal. turning to the weather, it
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>> you can see our life poll. we will bring it up at the bottom of the screen. cast your vote i heading over to the website. a lot of snowbirds thinking it's not jacket weather. >> it was 45 degrees this morning. the coldest temperature since february 7. i'm with joe, no way . >> you will want to wear a jacket at to open but it was too hot up there. they weren't able to get the snowmaking done. they say there is a 70% chance of them opening tomorrow. i don't want to get your hopes up here, this is mostly man- made snow, not a lot of snow up there but certainly it is getting closer to seeing the entire mountain open again.
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valley of the sun. it is gorgeous out there today. 77 degrees. look at that morning low, 47 degrees out there. for tomorrow, a cool morning and will we -- we will be wearing the jacket. tomorrow will be well above average. hired pressure in control of our weather -- high pressure in control of our weather. here is the storm system were tracking off of the coast of the pacific northwest. that will slide int as soon as sunday afternoon. that rain chance will start to increase late sunday into early morning. some heavy rain over towards the east and that will quickly move out of here as we move in towards monday afternoon. the best timing here once again, sunday night through monday morning rainfall totals about attend to a quarter inch. snow level also high sitting at
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will be dropping down to 69 degrees. at thanksgiving, 76 or just degrees out there. it sounds good to me, dr. matt. and then there were four. tonight is a semi final round of the high school football playoffs. you know how we do it around here. be a believer, catch the fever. >> the biggest surprise of these playoffs is in the six a division gone through the skylight in the five seed wheat in the semi finals against melton point. here's what made the mountain lions playoff run so special. >> reporter: we are ready for it. our coaches have prepared us for it >> they are very resilient. >> it is make or break tonight >> that's why we started january 6 to do everything we do
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competing for a chance to play in the state championship game. but there can only be one. >> nobody is unbeatable. >> all season long mountain point has been the most dominant team in the state. for red mountain, they're not going down without a fight. >> we never really panic about anything. >> we have come back from so many games >> it has been eight years since red mountain has made it to the semi finals. >> my brother was on that team in 2008. someone following in his footsteps and it's been fun and were excited to be able to play. >> this lead me team is no newbie to being the underdog. these liens are ready to take on the number one at red mountain high school, 12 sports.
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the parents and fan, alumni recruiters and referees. speaking of referees, we have a cool story coming up sunday on 12 sports tonight. we will introduce you to arizona's all black officiating crew. here's a preview of what you will see. >> i was watching the college game on tv and a guy mad can do a better job than that.>> in 2003 i started putting it all together. >> is like for brothers with the father or an older uncle. he's like an older uncle. scooter would be, he's always been professional. >> it's got to be for the kids. >> stefan is the facilitator.
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>> how important is that pregame meal? >> to the success of the game. >> on the mouthpiece. >> five guys from different parts of the country with different stories. every friday night they are five brothers doing what they love. see how this crew has made history and more days more ways than one. it's a thanksgiving tradition. when howard in the sky stop by to donate the first turkeys for turkey tuesday. these guys give us the early lead so watch friday night fever at 1130. see if they could -- see of that tradition continues. >> right now we are staying on top of some breaking news. this of that crash causing
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this is the westbound lanes right here. you can see it has set just about everything down. it looks like folks are getting by on one lane on the side. still ahead, you can say these are the luckiest turkeys this thanksgiving.
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if you think you've seen tonight state line before think again. in june 2015 was over reassess conviction for murder of his wife was overturned after he was acquitted. new allegations took the story and a stunning direction. >> this initially began in her driveway. while she was in her car. the person, the decedent approach or their and there was some sort of confrontation and she ran into the house and he followed her. keith reports on a remarkable new chapter in a case with many twists and turns. that's coming up at 8:00 only on 12news. switching gears, as less than a week before thanksgiving. the birds are heading to washington dc will president obama will officially parted one of them. the tradition became an annual event back in 1989 when president george robert walker bush pardoned a turkey. the farmer that raised the birds is shocked that his family gets to spend
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. >> i could've never imagined it. it's been a wonderful experience getting to do this. i never would've thought in a million years that this would happen. >> after the white house duty ends the turkeys will of what -- retired to a virginia tech teaching school. >> the farmer gets to go to the white house as well>> we want to remind you to donate two to -- to you can make a monetary donation online. go to up next, or omg video of the day . too cool to handle, look is running
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coming up, tensions at asu. tonight college students of fighting back and turning their words into power. gretchen carlson and megan kelly opening up about experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace. how bad is it? a panel of women here in the valley share their people stories with us only on 12news at 10:00 tonight. or omg video of the day.
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chilly enough that she was caught running from her car to get in the building.>> and all fairness to her, this is up to: 30 in the morning. what temperature do you think it was quite >> there's no timestamp on this video. it could've been that she's late for work and is running. >> i'm very impressed by this. if we ever have a really team, we know who is running anchor. >> 12news is always on. get the latest news as it happens on
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breaking news tonight, the president-elect donald trump agrees to pay $25 million to settle lawsuits accusing his trump university of fraud. a stunning reversal on a day we learn major new picks for the trump administration. tonight, battle lines are drawn. a deadly winter blast sweeping across nearly half a dozen states and more troublehead for the holiday rush. hits to the head. surprising news from treating contusions. the new approach parents and kids should hear. foam mystery. a massive blob creeps through streets sending firefighters scrambling, captivating the web. what authorities say it is. and food fights. families bracing to talk turkey and politics at the thanksgiving table.


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