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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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and check out what is going on there. >> we're here in chandler on the northwest corner of chandler and gilbert road. they have donations. and we have had just a great -- great, great outpouring and giving here. >> having a good time we're talking to people here, chandler coming through city is very charitable and east valley in a great mood, we have more donations. we'll have that coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> and the east valley area here our volunteers are taking your phone calls. heather has put on the turkey. >> there it is. >> the outfit. there it is. >> call the number on the
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busy. 258-1212 to make a donation. >> if you know someone buttoned up and professional on a given day they put on that outfit, that's excited we are. >> heather keeps the operation running today though she is the biggest fan of turkey tuesday. we'll check in with all of them and we'll check in in just a bit. the big story at 6, voters shot down an nish tiv state. does that mean the issue is settled for good. >> there is a chance that lawmakers could take up the issue possibly this coming year. >> we're verifying the future of marijuana here in arizona. >> the lawmaker cosby pass the process and legalize it themselves. they only have to convince each other to vote not all of you. >> it has been tried once and it will be tried again. >> the system is inevitable.
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try again today, he introduced a bill before it never got to a vote before. >> they said you know we should legalize it and tax it. ky not do it. i'll risk a backlash. >> but because 205 which would have legalised weed lost and legislators may have covered to vote yes. this will be a bill not a proposition. that's easier to go back and change it if legislature to change the proposition that's almost impossible. >> a legislators would think that they should vote for it when the majority rejected it, the people against the proposition do not like the bill either, only a few weeks past election day it is too soon to try again, proponts are not jumping for joy over the bill either. >> and legalization is inevitable.
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out of nine states there is support behind it. this piece of legislation will not pass. >> but he is going to triment he will try again and again, i was given a two-year term. i have more chances. >> that did not get assigned they are hoping that it gets that far. developing now the outrage growing over the tense and increasingly vio dakota access pipeline. the father of a woman confirms she may have had her arm amputated after a clash between the officials and protestors. charlie, do we know how she is doing. >> she is in stable condition that's according to her father who confirmed outside of a hospital she will have to undergo multiple surgeries to save her arm.
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to show unsessorred. images show a wound with portions of her bone visible. >> she will have to undergo many surgeries, the doctor said she may need 20 over many months. >> and he said doctors are working to try to save her arm but it may have to be amputated. a gofundme account has she maintains that officials are to blame during another burst of violence between the protestors and officers. >> the doctors, the surgeon, they took debris out of her arm it is clear it is a grenade. >> a video posted to the facebook page of the sheriff's department is a rock being thrown at officers on sunday night. actions, they say, caused them
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any kind of grenades. >> and about the women's claims and they say they are working on releasing a statement but don't have one available yet. >> charlie, thank you. switching gears now we want to send it out back live to mark and vanessa, 12 news is on a mission, our team there in of aon dale in the middle -- avondale on turkey tuesday are >> i'm hear with angela. she is the phoenix hospital foundation what makes this special it comes from some of the employees of the foundation themselves. >> absolutely. we know very well at pch how important it is to support the families and make sure the families in the valley have a happy thanksgiving. >> an important organization in the community. >> thank you to the foundation
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the diamondbacks are an important part of the community. and they answered in a big way. judd norris has more. >> we have a check for $15,000. >> incredible incredible, thank you the organization and just derek hall, we are sending nothing but love and speedy recovery to amy, thank you for stepping up. >> let's go back to you. >> and congrats nice job out >> your name and company. >> i'm teresa with fit body boot camp we're donating $650. >> and phillip here this is one of my favorites. gal ler and kennedy. i love them. they have been with me for 15 years. >> we have a check for $7,688.
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next. >> we have 5,000 donations. >> what is your name. >> judeize tilton. >> thank you very much. >> is this the first time out? >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> we have $500 from cheryl, are you nearby. >> a local eye care. >> finally not -- last but not least. we have a check for $1,000. >> hold on. >> 1,000 will not do it? >> what? >> what? >> oh know. >> $4,000. >> any donation serves the same purpose and we're here live in
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>> can you do a lot of good with the checks, so many families will have a wonderful thanksgiving because of the generosity. >> they are making the crew nervous with the last change there. >> let's get another check on the turkey tuesday phone bank. make a donation calling the number on the screen that is 602-258-1212. we're trying to families in need. it will make everyone to make sure that families have the thanksgiving meal. one of the highest honors in the nation. who was awarded the medal of freedom. what can we expect for the holiday weekend. tonight at 10.
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dolly, the all access look at her christmas special. >> circle of love. >> uber and lyft, gaining in popularity, what the companies are doing to make sure your
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right now let's get a look at the headlines, investigators are increasing the reward in the shooting death of dinya farmer. >> she was followed, shot and killed in september. there is a $21,000 reward leading to information. a man rescue interested a
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near baseline. someone saw what happened, called for help. he was taken to the hospital to be treated for hypothermia. the president awarding the presidential medal of freedom. some of the recipients include ellen. tom hanks, bill and melinda gates and kareea abdul-jabar. still ahead at 6:00, we're heading out to a turkey tu those in need this
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all right we're live here in south chandler corner of chandler heights and gilbert. we have some special guests with us, we have mark and on i wanted to ask you, people are pouring out with donations today on behalf of saint vincent. what are the donations going to do. >> we're grateful to the donors, this allows to us do
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it helps douse that through our food box program and to do 4500 meal as day out of the kitchen in south phoenix. >> are you all over the valley, though, right. >> you have five dining rooms. >> spread from the east valley to far west, they will feed families throughout the season, not just the entire year. >> yes. >> thank you very much. thank you for coming on and hanging out with us. believe. >> thank you, you know at this hour we have a very special donation coming through here in the west valley in avondale. i call dan harkins my evil man. there is no evil only goodnessment when there is a charity that needs help he steps up. >> i brought 1,000-dollars. >> buy more than 60 turkeys.
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popcorn dressing but i don't. >> 'tis the season,. >> this is a big holiday. hollywood releases 7, 8 films at once. i go back with saint vincent. i collected cans for them in the ninth great. 2,000 pounds of cans back in the 9th grade. a gagillion years ago. >> we appreciate it. >> yes. >> back to the di he helps us out. let's check back now with the phone bank. >> and heather gray is there. you have been keeping track of the totals. how are the phones ringing, they are. >> everyone is busy right now that's okay, keep calling we'll get to you. if you have a computer you don't want to wait go to 12 news and donate there. there is a donate button t is
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doing. 9674 turkeys which is more than $140,000, however, all of those big donations that came out in the field including the d backs have not been included. we'll have a big total coming soon. >> excited about that. >> i'm not sure how can you see the total with that mask. we're worried about you. keep the phone calls coming. >> we appreciate the volunteers there. we appreciate the phone arizona and winter in some places if you believe that. glendale the only outdoor ice- rink in the valley is open. and the tree lighting gets started there in a few minutes tonight at 6:30. >> that's fun. >> that is kind of feeling like fall out there finally the last couple of days. long overdue but we're serving
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we'll start to see a spike on the thermometer. >> we're looking at a storm if are you hopping on a flight. there is sweet and snow plaguing minneapolis. storms are rumbling about a 30 minutes delay there. high pressure and that means dialling up on the thermometer sunshine then on black friday jacket with all your shopping bags. in the 50s. and forecast look we have highs in the upper 60s. >> on thanksgiving. >> dolly parton is coming back to 12 news. >> and ryan cody is talking with dolly about the project
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>> it is a big day here in dollywood the premier of the christmas of many colors. but it feels like a bigger day to sit down and talk to the country music legend herself. >> i love phoenix it is great, i have been,ky not tell you how many times throughout the year, it is a favorite city, folks there are great. i want to say happy holidays to everyone. >> i had a about the president elect donald trump and how america responds. that's tonight on 12 news at 10. in tennessee, ryan cody. 12 sports is sponsored by your toyota valley dealers. ask anyone around asu this is the biggest week of the season, rivalry week. they keep the cup here in tempe
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going bowling. and what is on the line. >> what is your favorite memory, i would have to say your last year when we went down there and beat them. my freshman year. late in the fourth we came back it was a 10 point game. they thought they had it under wraps they checked the score. they won it. >> kickoff friday 7:30 12 sports will >> it is the weak for high school football. championship week. the annual state kicking off in 5:00 a.m. the only that's not a regular season rematch. and taking on defending state champion centennial. coyotes are going for a third title. this very not lost since week
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first varsity game. their eyes were big because of the leaders and our seniors, they have repped our young guys come along. what about finalize it? >> i'm not talking to you. >> you crowned them i saw it they win it. right. >> we're see you,. >> if that's the mentality you know bruce cooper to get us >> we would not be in the situation. >> and it is all good fun. they are saturday so friday night fever at 10:30 after 12 news. we'll are have the reaction. and bruce is back to work getting ready for the game. he will coach on sunday. >> and the doctor said coshow emotion. he is allowed to.
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last time on the turkey tuesday
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turkey tuesday here, he is one of the finest humans i know, and steve the face of saint vincent depaul. >> it is great to be here, we just love being with the viewers and being with everyone and today is my favorite day of the year. >> i know that you have a very
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us, correct. >> we were given a check just today for $10,000. >> from a donor who loves you and loves saint vincent depaul. >> and the bar is high. >> you have done a great job. >> a great time out here. look at the girls, we had one donation come in. martin automotive. and guys you brought us what 34? >> yes, what do you have to say? >> it is turkey tuesday! >> it does not get any better than that. back to you live in we had a great time. >> wonderful donations coming from everywhere. >> a final check on the total.
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about kanye's nervous breakdown. >> we're with the family as kim races home to kanye's side. what really triggered his psychiatric emergency? ?"extra" "extra" ? "extra" ? kanye's mental meltdown. >> psychiatric emergency. >> he's exhausted. he's just really tired. >> kris jenner breaking new details to extra as kim hoops jet home. reports kanye assaulted someone at his personal trainer's before being handcuffed and hospitalized. >> harm to himself. >> plus -- >> i just want him to get some
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support kanye today. trump's media showdown inside his closed door showdown with george stephanopoulos, wolf blitzer. >> one describing it as a firing squad. >> live with mario, the king of pop. >> what's your favorite song of your dad? >> from the music to the memory, prince jackson opens up about life without his father. >> what's the people ask you. >> plus kirstie alley watching john stamos shoot his naked shower scene. now on "extra" from universal studio hollywood the entertainment capital of l.a. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. all the details on the marc anthony split. what's the real reason behind the end of his marriage.


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