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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  November 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MST

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into a greyhound bus. the speed of the impact left her car unrecognizable. she was pronounced dead at the scene. there were 35 people on the bus and several had to be taken to the hospital. impairment may be a factor but the investigation continues. the family simply saying they have no idea what could've gone wrong. they are struggling with why she was taken to soon. >> she was doing grea enjoying life. >> she wanted to help people so she studied pharmacy tech. she wanted to help people and she was very friendly. for now the family is just trying to get through this process. >> trying to get the kids taking care of and take -- deal with the tragic loss. >> they are planning a vigil this evening. the time and location is still to be determined. the family hasn't had a hard to
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they are three and one-year-old. you can make a donation to help these kids at our website. 12news. taking a look at today's hot headlines. and in cso deputy sergeant and his wife are recovering after getting hit by a car while crossing the street. his wife is in critical condition. we have started a gofundme to help the family. you can find a link to that account on our website. on crash earlier. a 31-year-old has been arrested and charged with manslaughter and aggravated dui among other things. the woman killed in a crash has been identified as kim barrera's. arizona is the eighth worst state in the us when it comes to driving. the state is one of the worst
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the big thing today for people, black friday shopping. folks all around the country have been shopping for deals since yesterday. many of them staying out all night and into the early morning hours. everything has been fairly calm. not many fights breaking out. >> you didn't get into any fights quick >> not that i can report. >> in chicago, people are protesting the shopping we can all together. people were out asking for a vote -- boycott of black friday. tonight is the night. the duel in the desert going down in tucson. the trash talking has already started. the sun devil and wildcat friendships put aside. >> team 12th camera caucuses and wildcat country ahead of tonight's big game. >> hey guys. there was a lot of that walking into the stadium.
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two teams with losing streaks. you can throw all that away tonight. asu, a win and you're eligible for the wildcats. i think it's been a rough year down in tempe. the wildcats haven't won since september. in the 114 year history they only have five wins over asu. the last time we were in this building, neither team had a losing record. in fact, the pac 12 -- om his pass is caught. touchdown. >> both teams were nine and two coming in. arizona pulled off of 42-35 when to capture their first title. the fans stormed the field. my how things of change in two years. asu has lost five straight and they dealt with a ton of
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quarterback. it's nothing compared to what the wildcats have been through. at one point the wildcats had a backup tied in playing at quarterback. arizona has lost eight straight. it's a rivalry game. anything can happen. >> with your favorite and makes it where you worry about not understanding that we're going to get their best game. every year that we played since i've been here, we get their best game. >> that they're going to get their best game. tonight were waiting on the sun devils to arrive at the stadium. we we'll have much more here coming up at 6:00. live in tucson, kevin cox, 12 sports. >> he knows it's coming. a good game tonight and we will check back into the evening. >> even if they both had bad records, it's always a great game. fearless.
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a few adjectives to describe hockey athletes. the only requirement is a passion for the sport and the ability to have fun on the ice. brian west met up with a brand- new team and our state, the first of its kind making a difference on and off the week. >> it's great. i've always wanted to play on the team. >> next just got promoted to captain of his hockey team. >> it makes captain of the arizona coyotes. >> nick along with his band of arizona brothers and sisters make up the bobcats. the first special needs hockey team. >> when i first started, i had to get my balance a little bit.>> people started donated generously with care and ice
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asking the community to help out with equipment. when it comes to playing the sport, for these athletes, the real goal is having fun. >> it's less about hockey and promoting independence and coordination. when you play hockey, that will boost your confidence. >> for neck along with taking out with his friends, his favorite thing to do is skate is spraying the snow. >> in peoria, brian west, 12news . chills on the scared. with nick said he's the shinto that his team, you got me. they want to for more teams in
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the equipment is donated, they just need players to sign up. head over to our website, we have a link set up on the story. what does the future hold for the affordable care act. we take a look. >> republicans have been promising to repeal a place the affordable care act since it was passed in 2010. it's one of the top items on trump's to do list. with more than 20 million americans depending on the aca for health coverage. >> the bottom line is that trump administration owns obamacare for the next two years. the kind of replacement plan the talking about is so significantly different that you can't just pull little pieces out of this>> paul ryan's a better way plan offers one replacement roadmap. >> our plan gives you more rope
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allowing insurance to be sold across state lines to increase competition. >> they want to have freedom of choice. as you know, the plans of been very structured as what -- as a what they offer. >> ryan's and others from the gop repeal the controversial individual mandate will keep in the popular aca band discriminating against those with weakened that's pre- existing conditions. they would drop health plan requirements to cover things like control to allow more basic plans and insurers could charge older sicker patients more. instead of a cadillac tax on expense of employer health plans, they were how much companies can deduct for those plans. >> if you needed $87 billion are with that's what they projected that you would have a cadillac tax to pay for many of the provisions in the health care plan. now with congressman ryan's plan, it is essentially a way
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getting more revenue. >> as for those aca tax subsidies, a plan by tom price candidate for health and human services secretary would replace them with tax credits ranging from $1300-$3000 depending on your age. >> any repeal bill will likely a lot easier to mess of healthcare reform than it is to get it right. a coming up on 12news of 5:00, a surprise proposal all caught on camera right here outside a 12news studio. >> it's so magical. how the high country is preparing for a winter storm this weekend. what you need to know before you head up north. 81 2 degrees at the airport today. a huge cooldown is moving into
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...i mean, if i watched that show. same with my banking. with my bank of america mobile banking app, i can see my accounts all in one place. i can easily manage them and if something doesn't look right, i'm going to know. plus, i can set up alerts to help detect unusual activity. so i feel secure. wait, he won? that's an average tango... at best. getting ready for proposal can be hectic and nerve- racking. imagine trying to pull it off with tv cameras following your every move. >> i'm nervous just listening
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do just that. capturing the emotional moment for both of them. here is their story.>> reporter: our first date was the spaghetti factory and walking around arizona center. ultimately down to the 12news studio. we were waving a joking around in front of the camera. >> part of a magical first day turn love study -- love story for these too. once i thought about i wanted to integrate that. tonight he's re-creating that trip through downtown phoenix at this time he will do more than just wait at that way but the camera. >> right in front of that studio, i will just plop on my name right there. >> the perfect setting for a proposal. she's a little suspicion that suspicious. i've been sneaky trying to organize everything.
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their friends and family down to the building. they are anxiously waiting a watching everything from the studio as we set up a fake interview. >> i'm thankful for my family.>> and waited for the couple to pass us>> can you tell us stroke were quite your thankful for. >> and then is her turn. >> what are you thankful for. i'm thankful for [indiscernible]. will you marry me? >> what? >> yes. of course. >> back inside, how surprised or you? >> a once-in-a-lifetime moment captured forever. >> [applause]
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that is really, really sweet. >> between a hockey team and the proposal, or crying and i got chills. what is going on. >> congratulations. were so excited for that and thanks for including us. the first significant snow storm of the season will be hitting flagstaff. hazardous road conditions for drivers. ice and melting snow is always a concern for drivers when the storm moves through. the department of transportation recommends drivers keep a commercial that an emergency kit in the car at all times. it should include several key items. >> things that you can change into in case you get wet along the highway. a first aid kit, picture you have the ice scraper, things
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you might not be thinking about things before you head out. these things in the vehicle become very valuable. >> officials say that your kit should include some food to hold you over while you wait for traffic to clear. there might be an accident in front of you and that -- that will shut down all the lanes and you could be stuck for hours. >> i can't believe were talking about those emergency travel kids when it's 80 degrees into the forecast. tomorrow, it will be gorgeous out there. go for a hike. 72 by noon but clouds will be on the increase. warming up to 77 degrees. there is a slight rain chance that will be increasing as we head into the overnight hours. those clear skies are around the entire region. we have to storm systems off
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you can see the best when we switch over to water vapor. the first one has already moved to san francisco and that will impact us tomorrow night. the second one is the more powerful and that will move on through on sunday night and monday morning. we break it down nicely. the time is up in the corner. there is those increasing clouds. tomorrow by midnight to 4:00 in the morning we are looking at's light snow chances up in the high country. snow levels at 7000 e night into monday you will see that storm system quickly moving through. this will be a late night storm and this is monday at 12:50 in the morning. heavy rain in the valley and heavy snow up north. the snow level could drop down to 4000 feet. by the afternoon, those guys will clear quickly. the show you the strength of the storm, the national weather service has a winter storm watch for the northern and eastern part of the state.
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snow. the 6000 level could see two inches of snow. probably about one quarter inch rain on sunday and money -- monday but that would bring it back up to 65 degrees by wednesday and thursday. time to talk some sports. let's get right to it.>> he's looking and he' zone. touchdown.>> rivalry weekend is underway. a big game in the pac 12, the apple cup. washington and washington state. washington huskies claim the pac 12 north title. .12 championship game with the 4517 -- 45-17 win over the cougars. >> is the duel in the desert tonight and tucson.
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you will be on an eight-game losing streak. the game does have a little more significance to the sun devils. that would give them five wins in the last seven meetings with the wildcats and it would give them a four and one record while earning him his 40th win in five years at asu. it would also guarantee the devils a spot in the ballgame. the wildcats are just playing there are rivalries. north carolina and north carolina state. tar heels defensive once a piece of somebody badly. he can hardly be restrained. both benches cleared onto the field. when order was restored it was state walking away 28-21 winners. >> no friday night fever tonight but you can catch us tomorrow night. five championship games being played on saturday.
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the highlights and postgame reaction tomorrow at 10:30. catch the fever.>> coming up, we are remembering one of america's favorite moms.
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the country is remembering what of america's favorite moms , florence henderson. she died last night at the age of 82. her former cast members who played her children remembering her by tweeting out pictures with her. each one who played jan sharing a special message saying florence was such a terry williams saying he was proud to call her mom. marine mccormick tweeting out a picture saying you are in my heart forever. such a legend who did so many things. she started back in the 1950s. she made an appearance on today as a today girl and she did so much. >> coming up on 12news at 5:00, sense of visiting shoppers in style today.
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>> coming up, have you heard of hatchibles? they are the hottest toy but they are almost sold out. for a pair of glendale brothers, this most wanted item is turning out to be a cash crop. we will explain it at 6:00. center made a stop at some festivities in the valley. they arrived in style by
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folks there who were shopping and he got to hang out with the kids. it was a reminder that it's that time of year. christmas is only one month away. >> it is always nice to see all the kids. see their smiles and how happy they are. >> merry christmas, to everyone. >> there were games and other festivities going on. >> he really gets around. is just one day after thanksgiving. >> hatchibles is . >> we will explain it all.
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? tonight, black friday frenzy. tens of millions hit the stores in person and online, but not everything goes as planned. why must-sell may mean life and death for some retailers. found alive, a woman emerges in northern california more than three wee abduction. the details still daring escape. they cut through bars, lowered themselves with sheets and clothing. tonight two inmates remain on the run. not allergic? the surprise finding about penicillin that could affect millions of americans. new research shows many diagnosed as allergic might not be. america's mom, remembering the life of florence henderson for her years of "the brady bunch" and so


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