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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MST

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broke client attorney confidentiality. he had all by beaten his cancer. try today go back to being a lawyer. >> i went back. wanted to make sure it wasn't related to the trauma of representing j tostadas di arias. i didn't want to spend the next 20 to 30 year ins a profession i wasn't happy participating in. >> reporter: at firstings he was only facing a four year suspension of his law license, asked to be disbarred ending his law career forever. >> i couldn't resign from the bar. this was a way for me to make a clean break. and, to start a new life. >> he says he is still speaking and writing books but not about the law. he is focusing on weight loss and discussing what his battle with cancer taught him. william pitts, 12news. >> thank you very much will. let's take a live look outside where clouds have been
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in the valley. and that major cooldown is taking hold here in the desert as well. temperatures have plummeted in flagstaff. road crews have been working all day to keep the streets clear and safe for drivers. plows are also dumping out tons of cinders. those cinders are taken from a nearby mine and are pieces of volcanic rock. i are keeping those plows going. >> it is funded through the gas tax. in coconino county, it is a sales tax. so it is a combination of those taxing authority that's provides the funding to be able to buy these trucks, run them. pay the operators. pay for cinders. the snow has been falling today in mount lemon near tucson and
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a short time. let's take a look at the satellite radar here in the valley. we are not seeing any rain at the moment. but take a look at where the moisture is falling. we have snow coming down. around the rim. sections of i-17. and we are seeing rainfall. we are not completely out of the woods as the moisture continues to move down to the south. we actually have a chance here in the valley that some of that could kind of just skirt the area. we are looking at a very chance. nothing heavy. it could be very light in nature. but we will keep the chance, 7:00. we will be in the low 50s much of the evening dipping to the chilly 40s by 10:00 tonight. time to take a look at hot headlines. this crash in new river this afternoon sent three people to the hospital with serious injuries. one of the victims was not breathing when they arrived at
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east of i-17. phoenix police continue searching for the gunman who shot and killed another person overnight on a light rail platform. the violence erupted at the light rail stop of 24th and jefferson. a memorial for the 19 granite mountain hot shots who died in a fire three years ago will open to the public wednesday near yarnell. it will include a trail to the area where th and phoenix police blew up a backpack that was left unattended in a downtown parking garage. officers continue to investigate. one man is dead, and another least nine others hurt after an attack earlier today in ohio state university in columbus. >> victims were slashed with a knife. others were hit by a car. team 12's chris pilone shows us while the attacker is dead, his
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>> reporter: chaos in ohio state university. >> i was going to class. saw people running. and was nervous. it was originally reported as an active shooter situation. a a man in a car jumped the sidewalk and plowed into them. >> someone came through. hitting them with their car. hitting people with the car. >> reporter: police say the man got out of the car and attacked bystanders a shouts, screams, shots. that kind of thing. >> reporter: an officer confront first-degree attacker and shot an killed him. >> he engaged the suspect. and he eliminated the threat. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell nbc news the attacker was 18-year-old somali living in the u.s. legally. a student at ohio state named abdul razak ali artan. they believe the attack was intentional. now they are trying to figure out why. >> this was done on purpose. to go over the curb and strike pedestrians and then get out
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that was on purpose. >> reporter: all victims are expected to survive. though the emotional wounds might take longer to heal. >> it is not real. you go numb. it is not supposed to happen. >> reporter: classes at ohio state have been canceled for day as the investigation continues. chris pilone, nbc news. tens of thousands of cubans today filed through three rooms inside a monument in the plaza of the revolution to pay said if his ashes will be on display in the monument. a week of services bidding farewell to the man who ruled the country for half a century began with a 21 gun salute. we will continue our coverage on fidel castro and the attack
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broadcasts from cuba. arizona's only pro shocker team is moving from a baseball stadium in the west valley to a new soccer stadium in the east valley. >> it is is a hot bed of youth soccer. brahm resnik is live to explain. hey brahm. >> reporter: hey, this tribal land will be the new home of the phoenix rising football club formerly known as arizona unite. right now, the soccer celebrity co-owners. it is kind of a homecoming for blair gavin. >> right down the road. right down the road. >> reporter: the horizon high grad will be playing pro soccer at a new scottsdale stadium not far from the fields where he played as a boy. >> it is about the kids getting better. >> reporter: gavin's team,
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stadium. 5,000 seats built for soccer only on tribal land near the loop 202 in scottsdale. >> i think it is important to recognize that we need to walk before we can run. >> reporter: a smart move for an ambitious team whose best known stars are celebrity co- owners. international electronic star diplo and pete wence of fall- out boy. >> it is really about soccer. it is a passion. >> reporter: david diplo's manager for a decade. he says it was a great team for a global message. >> it is unbelievable it is diverse. it is a diverse marketplace. >> reporter: for folks who are wondering, taxpayers dollars will not be spent on this stadium. the phoenix rising season opens here next march. live in scottsdale, brahm resnik, 12news. >> thanks brahm. up next, plenty of reaction after a new report shows arizona is the worst state in
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charitable giving. >> and, the holiday spirit is in the air as the governor lights the capital christmas tree. we will let you know when you can catch the big 30 rock tree lighting this week. >> and, here is tonight's social sound-off question. which holiday celebration in the valley is now being recognized on a national level? we will have the answer ahead
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>> the big finale of the voice is just weeks away. a lot will happen between now and then. the top ten remaining artists will step up to the mic hoping to move a step close tore the finals. tune in tonight starting at 7:00 right here on 12news. well, tomorrow is giving tuesday. a chance for us to remember
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helping hand in our community. >> except according to a new national survey, here in arizona, we are not as charitable as we would like to think we are. and, actual giving, we are ranked number 50. as in, dead last. the people we talked to today found that extremely hard to believe. >> i see a lot of charitable activity around. it is disappointing. >> are you charitable? >> uh, i believe i am. >> i do my donations. >> that might be gonzalez. but, according to the personal finance website wallet hub, and their annual report on most charitable states, arizonans ranked 35th in volunteering and 50th in charitable giving which takes into account the amount of dollars we donate annually. >> it has hit the economy. several years back as we all know, for everyone actually. and, i think everyone is kind of recovering now. >> reporter: recovering indeed. to date, our annual turkey
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over $395,000. over 26,000 turkeys. a study weighs things like volunteer rates an persentage of income donated. clearly, arizonans find value by contributing in other ways. >> it is not always monetary. it is time. and ... you know, i think we give more time than money as a family as well. >> a thousand people gave up their thanksgiving morning to come volunteer. >> reporter: when it comes to charity, arizona also looks to invest in the future, charities like saint vincent. >> when we don't get the same amount of food and checks that come in. >> reporter: you know what? i don't buy that at all. >> me neither. i mean, you and i, we do a lot of mcing for charities. >> reporter: turkey tuesday is the largers one day turkey drive in the country. the tillman run generates
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dollars. >> susan g. komen. >> the list goes on. >> i don't buy it. it is one survey. >> you can continue to donate to turkey tuesday through wednesday at bash's and also food city stores or donate online visiting us on >> we want to thank everyone who has already helped to feed those who could really use a hereraing hand over the holidays. a helping hand. >> three, two, one. ti arizona state capital as governor doug ducel flipped the switch lighting the christmas tree in the executive tower. >> meanwhile, this huge tree from idaho arrived at the u.s. capitol. workers unstrapped it from the flat bread truck and began removing it to the lawn. a lighting ceremony is scheduled to take place on december 6. and get ready for another christmas tree lighting right here on 12news. and nbc.
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at the rockefeller center will happen wednesday night. this week. a big show starts at 7:00. that will be followed by dolly parton's christmas of many colors. >> yeah, it is already starting to feel like christmas around here. >> all the shows were on. people in the mood. >> i know. today, everyone was wearing their boots an their sweaters. and yeah. it is definitely starting to feel that way out there. i want to show you today's high temperature for the day. actually, we will start with the satellite radar first and show you what is pp a lot of rainfall here in the valley. snow up in the high country, that continues this evening. take a look. as the snow moves off from the williams and flagstaff area down along the mugon rim. i-17 with slick road conditions. some of the snow grazing the eastern mountains here. some of the highest peaks there will be getting a nice little dusting there of snowfall. but, for the most part, we will keep the snow throughout the evening. up along the rim.
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there in the show low area. here is a live web cam coming from the flagstaff area. you can see all of the snow on the ground. they have already picked up several inches of snowfall. here in phoenix, we were 13 degrees cooler than average with that cold front that moved through yesterday. we topped out today at 57 degrees. it would typically be 70 degrees this time of year, but temperatures are plummeting. take a look. we are 23 degrees now in gear. it is 27 right now in flagstaff. even temperatures in the n we have freeze warnings in effect for eastern maricopa county through gila county. stretching all the way toward tucson. we are talking temperatures in the 20s and the 30s that could impact your pipes, your pets, and your plants. here is a look at tonight across the valley. we will see many locations in the mid to upper 30s . tomorrow will be another below average day for us. 62 in phoenix. but we will see 50s in some parts o ever town.
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we will stay in the clear for the next couple of days. expect sunshine through thursday. and another system moves in on friday. just a slight chance of rain through saturday. and then we clear up once again by sunday. as high temperatures approach the 70s . i think once we win one, we will be fine. and i think we will add them up at 9:00. and i think you have shot still. because we will be playing the teams that will be in the same spot we are in. we just have to win one. >> yeah, that one nice and a good start. i thought we would see a cardinals team yesterday that looked more like a team we expected to see this season. i thought perhaps the cardinals would be inspired and use head coach bruce arian's scary hospital stay last week as a rallying point to the season.
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weaknesses and the falcons are weak through the air. their pass defense is next to last. 31 out of 32 teams who have given up 23 touchdown passes through ten games. coming in. now, only the winless cleveland browns have allowed more touchdown passes. oh yeah. and the falcons were also playing without their best corner. desmond truffaunt. maybe this could be the break- out game for the cardinals receiving core which has struggled outside fitzgerald. but no, that was not the case. they combined to catch a mere ten passes for 133 yards and zero touchdowns. the inability combined with costing mistakes. yes, spelled another cardinals defeat and a season without the playoffs. now, for the eternal optimistic cardinal fans who are not giving up on the season or the playoffs, here is a
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stands today. there are six teams ahead of the cardinals for the two wild card playoff spots with the giants and redskins currently holding up to the spots. the cardinals played the redskins at home on sunday. a victory over each. the only team the cardinals have a tie break over is tampa bay. straight ahead, we are talking asu football. an outlook at what went wrong on the sun devils
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>> that's a complete outrage. >> i'm an asu alumni. can i say this? i have never been more ashamed and disappointed to call myself a sun devil than i was during and after that disgusting and embarrassing. you know the numbers. the wildcats rushing for a school record. 511 yards with three different players rushing for over 100 yards. the quarterback and a converted wide receiver. what is trouble sergeant time and again, the wildcats would rip off long touchdown runs without a single sun devil player laying a hand on them. it looked all the world to me like the asu defensive players didn't even try to make the tackle. they played without passion. heart, or desire.
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outrage. maybe the defensive unit grew tired of being chewed on by the coaches and saying i quit. coach says sure looked that way to me. but for crying out loud players, where is your pride? give the max effort for your family, fans, teammate. the school. my goodness. again, i can get over the loss. i have experienced plenty of those before. but, it is the play or the lack of it that troubled and embarrassed me the most. caribe? >> all right, thank you very much coop. well, coming up next, we are video of the day. >> aled for us tonight, late information on the suspect of the bloody attack in ohio state university. was it an act of terror? and emotion here in havana as people wait to pay respects to fidel castro.
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trump making bold claims on twitter. we are verifying his statements about the election and millions of illegal immigrants voting. >> it is cyber monday. a lot of you will be getting deliveries this week. but porch pirates are preying on you. ways to keep thieves from stealing your packages before you get home. that is tonight. coming up on 12news at 10:00. now, to our omg video of the day. >> we take you to russia where a family has turned an injured baby deer into their pet.
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>> the young female deer has one of the house and lovers getting cuddles from the kids. the family found the animal in the forest near their home suffering from malnutrition and dehydration. russian law states that wild animals have to live in their natural has been bat. but in this case, they have made an exception. >> oh my goodness. >> that is cute. >> giving kisses to the kids an everything. >> i know. >> very cute. >> name it bambi. >> of course. >> well, 12news is always on. >> you can get no matter what is going on our 12news website. and our facebook page. >> we will see you back here at
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tonight, campus attack horror at ohio state. a driver slams into a crowd, then goes on a terrifying stabbing spree. we have new details on the suspect, as the fbi investigates. were there ties to terrorism? with no evidence, president-elect trump pushesas illegally, in an election that he won. plus, palace intrigue. are there warring factions inside trump tower? we're live from havana where thousands are lining up to bid farewell to fidel castro. what's next for cuba? banned for life. delta reverses course after a video of a belligerent passenger, screaming at women onboard, sparks an uproar. and football to


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