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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  November 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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12 news at 10:00 tracking the big picture for you. >> up first, porch pirates. >> ways to protect yourself before the holidays arrive. >> ways to keep calm. >> water woes. >> may reduce sky high water
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we have new information about bobbi christina's sudden death. >> a courageous valley boy starting his wish journey. >> high school football finale. >> the hot shots from the five state high school championship games. >> the number one night team in action for you. >> 12 news at 10:00 starts right now. the big story on 12 news at 10:00, porch pirates preying on packages coming when you're at work or picking up your kids. they can strike at any time of the day, and they can be very quick. >> it's especially concerning because we spend a whopping $5 billion online on thanksgiving day and black friday that's a 17% jump over last year. what can you do to protect your
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joining us now. >> reporter: if you're worried about having your packages dropped off at your front door there are other places you can have them delivered. tis' the season for colorful lights and christmas gifts which of course means lots of pesky porch pirates. >> it's my business, water my yard as usual -- just minding my business, watering my yard as usual. then neighbor's house. he went to the house next door, started knocking on the door. but before that the ups truck came back. -- came by. and as he was knocking, he kept looking around. and then i said, who are you looking for. he said ron, ron.
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guy that lives there, that's not his name. and then he looked away but then he was looking at the package that ups dropped off. that's what neighbors are supposed to do. >> reporter: minutes later he saw the guy drive off in a truck he parked around the corner. >> i remember the truck go behind the ups too. >> so what was in the shampoo. >> the would be thief would have thought. >> why did i take this there's no use for it. >> reporter: ups and fed ex offer alternate delivery options. many home security cameras are now motion censored allowing you to watch from your phone. as for brown he's not adding cameras just yet. >> i know some of my neighbors do, like the guy next door. but i'm my security. because i'm here. >> reporter: and for more holiday security tips just go
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this story. reporting from levine, monique griego. thank you so much monique. do cameras scare away porch pirates. the results minutes away. >> developing new details tonight on those wattser -- water woe that is have surprising homeowners and water bills skyrocketing. >> kevin kennedy joining us live now from buckeye with those details. >> finally some good news the city of buckeye is lowering water rates now it gets a bit confusing because of the tier put in place. for customer s if you use the same amount of water last year as you're using this year, at worse your water bill should stay the same. at best, it should go down
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tonight's city council meeting upset about something that happened. >> it's something we can't live without. a natural resource we depend on. but getting it from the sky to our homes costs money and for some people in buckeye it costs too much. >> i can't afford to live here anymore. not with bills that can continue like that. >> your water rates. >> dozens of customers complaining about high water bills and an unexpected usage. >> they said either i have a leak in my house or someone is taling my water. come on that's just an excuse -- someone is stealing my water. come on, that's just an excuse. >> the rates going down it does help tremendously over time. >> reporter: the city council voting to approve a new water rate structure. but confusion outside. >> nowhere on this paper work and i got this off your guys website. nowhere it says call to public.
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>> absolutely. it's a public meeting. you sign up to speak and you are allowed to speak. >> reporter: evidently they were, great for a rate decrease still upset they have no answers as to why their bill spiked. it could be short lived, the council expected to look at the rate change again at the end of next year. kevin kennedy, 12 news at 10:00. thanks season for freeway frustration. as we come off one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. a lot of us are reaching a boiling point while behind the wheel. so have you been feeling a bit agitated while driving? are you seeing more snow birds on the road? >> i know a lot of people are shaking their heads yes right now. do the holidays give us more
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trying to get answers. >> we all know about distracted driving and driving under the influence but there's another danger on the roads right now and it's completely legal. holiday driving. spend 10 minutes behind the wheel and you will notice. >> everyone is in such a hurry. >> everyone is in a mad scramble trying to get stuff. >> it's going to be a very difficult time for people. >> reporter: the holidays are driving our patience >> one month of nonstop activity, added family, financial pressure, time c ommitments, additional social obligations and it may seem like there's not enough time in the day. >> where do we all try to make up that time? on the road. >> there was four or five accidents not including a pile up of just, you know fender benders. >> reporter: take a look at adot's twitter page, dozens of
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real recipe for disaster. >> but it doesn't have to be. >> give yourself extra time. allow 15 minutes to get there early. >> reporter: that's easy to say when you're not on the road. but what if you're right here ready to rip your hair off. >> take a deep breath as yourself approaching traffic. play a relaxing cd. if you have music that calms you, that makes you feel happy, do that. >> reporter: th little contradictory, but one of the parts of music that calms me down, holiday music. crosby, elvis presley has a nice holiday album. >> i like that. i think i prefer oh' holy night but i like yours too. >> well done. that's a good one as well. >> okay, thanks so much. well weather alert people in the high country are dealing
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new video of the icy roads that is forcing flagstaff unified district to cancel classes for tomorrow. here in the valley, we're dealing with our first big chill. a live look outside as temperatures tumble into the 40s. let's take a look though at how low that mercury will go. and it looks like tonight some of us may actually be dipping into the 30s. so we'r 39 there in levine. 36 in chandler and 44 though in phoenix. tomorrow expect another cooler than average day. 62 in phoenix. 61levine. 60 in scottsdale but we will see plenty of sunshine. more on your seven day forecast coming up in just a bit. mark. all right, caribe thanks.
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disbarred rather than going through -- tonight he's telling just one station that after beating cancer shortly after that trial he didn't want to come back. >> i went back. i wanted to make sure it wasn't related to the trauma of representing jodie arias. and, it really, it just my passion wasn't there. i didn't want to spend the next 15 to 20 years in that i wasn't happy participating in. >> arias says that broke attorney client privilege. it's time for some of tonight's hot headlines. the attack at ohio state university and a vigil to honor the 10 victims recovering at
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officer who shot the attacker. officer koroshtu killed abdul razak ali artan. a trail that leads to the area where the firefighters perished. you will get a firsthand look at the memorial tomorrow night right here on 12 news before it opens to the public on wednesday. whitney houston's daughter. 12 news has exclusive and shocking new details surrounding bobbi christina's untimely death. a sweet valley boy who's been through a lot in his short
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>> the five hot shots from the five championship high school football games. >> we're counting it down to jimmy. >> hey guys, adel is here. we have john goodman, music from david grey and free styling with the roof. do not change the channel.
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tonight we exclusive about whitney houston's daughter's death. shocking information about bobbi christina's death. a judge ordered bobbi christina's boyfriend to pay a restitution in the case. finding that bobbi christina is one of the many young people
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a wealthy neighborhood there. >> and the case is shining a light on the relationship of bobbi christina and gordon as well as never been heard interviews. >> we discovered something. >> suddenly, heroin. it doesn't make sense to see this much heroin. >> in the past six years the number of heroin related deaths has gone up by about 4000%. >> it was definitely my escape. and now it's, it's kind of like a chore. >> i'm tired of losing friends. >> reporter: there's nothing like there's nothing like losing a child. >> we didn't look for it when we started investigating why so many young people were dying. the cause of death was heroin related. and it was happening in our more wealthy suburbs in an area we call the triangle. we profiled these faces and one of them was bobbi christina brown. even though we didn't look for it, we found a connection to a
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death. >> reporter: name, date of birth, date of death and where the person died. >> this is the list. we found about 40 young people who all passed away of heroin related deaths. and all of them are in our triangle in that geographic triangle. >> 25-year-olds. >> my age. >> all died and they're all from this area. >> ye bobbi christina brown. >> whitney houston's daughter. >> yes. >> and she was friends with some of these kids. >> she was friends with some of these kids. some died within a year of bobbi christina.
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unresponsive. we found people making startling revelations. now a judge has verified claims that nick gordon was responsible for the abuse bobbi christina suffered before her death. these are our unplayed interviews from january. >> did you actually use with bobbi? >> yeah, i did. >> has it been accurate the things that have been in the news? >> partially, the stuff about her boyfriend nick was very true. he was very abusive. he didn't condone sometimes. it kind of got the point where she just rebelled and did whatever she could to -- him off. that's what -- him off the most. >> do you have any doubt that she died from anything other than a heroin overdoze. >> no, absolutely none. >> today bobbi christina brown
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we've added to the young people inside the triangle. heroin played a role in all of their deaths. >> the judge ruled to unseal the autopsy report after 11 alive filed a motion to make it public record. >> our action in court today wasn't just about bobbi christina it was about finding a piece of the puzzle missing. >> do you know anybody else of her friends that died. >> steven besa. to their apartment. i ended upcoming up in her and nick had just bought like, probably $500 worth of heroin. and we sat there and did pretty much all of it. in like 30 minutes. >> i always knew her to like pills better. but toward the end it was deaf any -- definitely heroin. i know that even though she wasn't using heroin daily she
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basis. i think people took advantage of her and always wanted something out of her. she was just vulnerable. especially after her mother died, she was just the sweetest girl with the spotlight kind of being on her. she didn't want to be like i'm being abused or -- she wanted to make everything look like it was perfect. and she was doing okay. systematically alienating her. and making her feel like she had no one. >> he's a very dominant person. and you know he claimed to protect her so much. and i think that was the persona that he tried to put on for everybody. so that anybody around would say, it's okay, nick is around. she's protected but he, he started with that mind set so she felt protected. and then it slowly by surely
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friend out of her life. >> now comes time for the criminal case. the atlanta area considers bobbi kristina's death under investigation. officials declaring that donald trump is the winner of the state's 16 electoral votes. all of this as trump meets with david petraeus. trump is considering him for secretary of state. 12 news at 10:00 is
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show with david fallon. tonight's guest list include john goodman you may remember him for his role in rosanne. he's now starting in a new broadway show. alexis ladel is talking about reprizing her role in gilmore girls. and british singer song writer david gray is stopping by us with football highlights. >> championship saturday in the books. we saw it all from first timers to upset to a program setting a new meeting to the word dynasty. but no weekend is complete without some hot shots right. here's cameron cox with some hot shots from championship saturday. special teams are always a
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first up alder the punt blocker that really sealed the deal for the eagles in 2a. then how often do you get a second chance at returning a punt for a touchdown? jacob c hristopherson got tackled. this time he would not go down. how about the best oski. three amazing shot shots. two of them from chandler at mount point. check out the one handed grab from a amani lee. one more look. forced four turnovers then isaiah palomal looking like uncle troy. but the best came from the state champs. valentine the pick, but then he fumbled the ball but thankfully tray bug is there with the scoop and 60-yard score. the hot shot for best catch of the day, round valley's red bingham.
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this one was unanimous. chandler's tj green. 233yards on the ground. three touchdowns. finally the hot shot for best bucket drop. >> oh my. i love those bucket drops. make sure to watch our season finale of friday night fever this friday night at 11:35 as we hand out our postseason awards and name our all favorite team. caribe. thank you so much coop. looks a lot like christmas up in the high country.
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9-inches. 5-inches for munds park. bellemont 1.6. and flagstaff 8.6. a lot of that moisture has been winding down. we have nothing but a few sprinkles left over in southeast arizona. that system is going to be shifting its way to the east. and filling in behind it will be some very cold temperatures. we have freeze warnings in effect starting tomorrow. for areas of eastern maricopa county, gila en dangerous enough to damage those pipes, pets and plants so make sure you're protecting those as you're watching from that area. here in the valley tomorrow it's going to be a very chilly start. we'll be in the 40s, some 30s. tomorrow we're topping out at 62. that's several degrees below the average but we will see a lot of sunshine in fact, sunshine through thursday. before our next system moves in on friday. this one is weaker so we're not going to get as much rain but
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chance all the way through saturday. only on 12 we're tracking one valley boy's inspirational journey to meet one of the most prominent figures in the world. you have just a few more minutes to take part in tonight's live interactive poll. do video cameras help die -- divert those porch pirates? off your porch. you have a few more minutes to
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well bobby early in his asu hit the road leaving the mainland for the bahamas and a date with the undefeated and number one ranked kentucky wildcats. oh boy this was not pretty for the maroon and gold kentucky. too tall, too talented, too good for the sun devil. they score and wield many the highlight reel variety particularly in transition. kentucky drops 100 for the third consecutive game handing the devils a lopsided 116-123 te 123 -- defeat.
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temperatures to get tickets. a little 6-year-old valley boy is on his way to meet the pope fulfilling his dream. >> nicholas humphrey bitsuey is getting his wish thanks to make a wish. nicholas was born with multiple birth defects including a rare pain disorder. the little guy has been through a lot. 10 surgeries in all after one of them he started seeing to the vatican. >> where are you going right now? >> to meet the pope. >> are you excited? >> yes. >> nicholas' parents are so thankful for make a wish and the opportunity for their son to get his wish. of course we'll be following nicholas's journey and keep you posted.
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tonight's question, do surveillance cameras scare away the porch pirates.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- john goodman -- alexis bledel --


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